TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 584

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

Chapter 584


Raon raised his head with a smile. The World Tree shook its branches as if to welcome him, and scattered the refreshing energy of nature.

'Thank you for remembering.'

He had been sure of it since he saw his ancestor's memories. The World Tree was a sacred being, so it would remember the time his ancestor saved its life.

At first, it seemed to be confused and didn't react, but as soon as the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation's energy penetrated the outer shell and entered the interior, the World Tree remembered his ancestor and expressed it’s joy and gratitude through a tremendous flow of mana.

The waves of emotion emanating from the World Tree felt overwhelming in his chest.

"W-what is this..."

The Great Elder's pale face trembled.

"T-this can't be!"

"How can he..."

"I've never seen the World Tree so lively..."

"A-am I dreaming?"

The elders and other elves were also stunned, their eyes wide open in disbelief.

"Wow, how did you do this?"

Even Rimmer was shocked, gulping as he watched the swaying branches of the World Tree.

"I told you! It's because he's the contract holder of the Spirit King!"

Erian raised his hands in the air, as if he had been waiting for this moment. He was even crazier than Rimmer.

"Raon Zieghart."

Sterin approached him from the side, his voice trembling with excitement.

"What have you done?"


"While others may not know, the World Tree is now expressing gratitude to you."

He looked at the World Tree with trembling eyes.

"Why is the World Tree thanking you, someone it's seeing for the first time?"

Sterin's gaze returned to him. He narrowed his eyes, as if he couldn't understand.

"I found it strange when you confidently made the bet. Have you encountered the World Tree before?"

"No, this is my first time."

Raon shook his head as he stroked the outer shell of the World Tree.

"But how..."

"The World Tree is not thanking me, but the ancestor of Zieghart."

"Zieghart's... ancestor?"

"Yes. It's written in the martial art book of Zieghart that I learned..."

He told everyone about the ancestor's memories he had seen a while ago, saying that he had seen them in a book.


The elder shook his head, proclaiming it to be a lie.

"The World Tree was nurtured not by humans, but by the efforts of the elves..."

"You'll believe it when you see this."

Raon brushed away the part where his ancestor had filled the hole with the heat of Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation.

Even though it was on fire, the World Tree poured out mana filled with even stronger feelings of joy and gratitude. A faint, sweet scent of mana naturally brought a smile to his face.


"I can feel it too. The World Tree is shouting its thanks right now..."

"Did Zieghart really help?"

The elves trembled their lips as they felt the intense emotions of the World Tree.


Sterin chuckled lightly, pressing his forehead with his palm.

"So that was it. That's what happened..."


"When I reviewed the records from that time, there were too many anomalies. I thought it couldn't have been the work of elves alone, someone else must have helped. Now, the mystery is finally unraveled."

He stepped forward and clasped Raon's hands tightly. The warm that seemed to contain his heart seeped into his palms.

"It was your ancestor who saved the elves and the World Tree."

Sterin nodded, saying that he now understood the whole situation.

Raon curled the corner of his lips as he looked at the trembling Great Elder and the elders.

'I got them.'

If he had told them this fact at first, he would have been called crazy and kicked out right away.

However, thanks to the Great Elder setting the stage and the World Tree's intense reaction, the elves here could no longer doubt him.

'I'll be able to milk them properly.'

Even though he had made a bet, this was Seipia, so it would be difficult to get everything he wanted from the Great Elder. However, thanks to his ancestor's story, he seemed to be able to receive more than what was promised.

'Now they won't talk about me being the contractor of the Spirit King anymore.'

Raon maintained his smile and looked at Erian. He raised his thumb and greeted him with an even wider smile.

"It wasn't for nothing that you became the contractor of the Spirit King! The world operates on fair principles after all!"

Erian still seemed to think of him as the contractor of the Spirit King. He was truly an incomprehensible fellow.

"No one would doubt after seeing the World Tree rejoicing like this."

Sterin looked up at the World Tree for a long time and then nodded calmly. He folded his hands in front of his chest and bowed.

"The Protector of Seipia greets the descendant of the benefactor."

"We greet the descendant of the benefactor."

Not only Sterin, but also the elves surrounding the World Tree bowed their heads in exactly the same pose as him, as if fulfilling a promise.

"Please don't do this."

Raon waved his hands. He didn't tell the story of his ancestor to receive this kind of greeting, so he immediately raised Sterin up.

"It wasn't me, it was my ancestor who did it."

"But that ancestor is not here now. You should receive the greeting on his behalf."

Sterin nodded, saying that the elves also know what grace is.

"It's really okay. I don't need a thank you..."

Raon clicked his tongue and looked at the Great Elder, who was the only one who didn't bow his head.

"I just want to receive your apology."


At his words, the Great Elder trembled so violently that his shoulders seemed to be about to come off.

"Rimmer shook his head at the Great Elder.

"Not only did you ignore the descendant of the benefactor, but you were also about to kick him out..."

"You really killed the elf's dignity."

He clicked his tongue, saying that he alone would bring shame to the elves.

Raon approached the elder and turned his chin upwards.

"Are you deaf? I told you to kneel, why are you still standing?"

“I, I can’t believe it!”

The Elder muttered through clenched lips, lowering his head.

“To think that a human would be the one to save the World Tree… it’s unbelievable….”

“Uh. Don’t believe it.”

Raon cut off the Great Elder’s words and nodded nonchalantly.


The Great Elder’s eyes widened in surprise, as if he hadn’t expected such an easy acceptance.

“Believe it or not, it’s up to you. I said kneel down.”

Raon pointed to the ground with his finger and curled the corners of his lips.

“Whether you believe or not has nothing to do with me being the descendant of the benefactor. You wouldn’t be breaking your promise now, would you, Great Elder of the arrogant elves?”

"But, why are you suddenly dropping the formalities?"

“Because you spoke informally first.”

Although it was amusing that the elf was concerned about formality, Raon answered kindly.


The Great Elder looked around with a red face, as if he was about to choke.

However, the elders and elves were no longer standing behind him.

“Ah, where did the person who said he would do whatever I wanted go?”

Raon raised the end of his sentence and spat out a mocking remark.

“I will do it. I said I will!”

The Great Elder muttered that elves, unlike humans, do not lie, and knelt down on his trembling knees.

“Is this enough now….”

“No, it’s not.”

Raon shook his head and called Sterin and Siyan to his side.

“The condition of the bet was that you would kneel and apologize to the three of us. Apologize to each one of us sincerely.”

He folded his arms and looked down at the Great Elder.


The Great Elder bowed his head for a long time before turning to Sterin on his right.

“G-Protector. I apologize for my rudeness.”

He lowered his head, his voice trembling.

"You need to soften your attitude a little."


“I will accept the apology.”

Sterin frowned but accepted the Great Elder's apology. It was a response befitting his noble character.


The Great Elder exhaled deeply and looked at Siyan on his left.

“L-Lady Siyan. I apologize for saying you were an eyesore.”

He bowed his head to Siyan and asked for forgiveness.

“I-it’s okay.”

Siyan nodded, still wrapped in her blanket. Given her personality, one would think she would be uncomfortable in this situation, her voice oddly contained vigor.

“Then it’s my turn now.”

Raon said, motioning for him to proceed.


The Great Elder groaned as if he was suffocating and looked up at Raon, who was standing in the center.

"I, I've been rude to you. I apologize."

Unlike when he apologized to Sterin and Siyan, he didn’t bow his head but just nodded slightly, and his words were barely audible.


"Not even apologizing properly, and trying to stand up."

The Great Elder sighed and tried to get up, but Raon pressed down on his shoulder.

“What nonsense are you talking about! I did apologize properly!”

He raised a fierce aura as if he couldn’t accept it.

“You didn’t even bow your head properly or lower your voice, unlike when you spoke to the Protector.”

“T, that’s….”

“I told you to apologize sincerely. I didn’t feel your sincerity.”

Raon flicked his finger, lightly blowing away the Great Elder’s powerful aura.

“You said you would do whatever I asked, but you can’t even apologize properly.”

“Raon is right.”

Sterin nodded as he looked at the Great Elder.

“You certainly said that you would do whatever he wanted. You made an oath that you should never break, so you have no choice but to keep it.”

He raised his hand, gesturing towards the Elves who were watching over this place. It meant to keep the dignity in front of their family.


The Great Elder knelt down again, facing the sunken eyes of the other elves.

“I, I’m sorry. I was rude to you.”

He bowed his head solemnly as he did to Sterin, and he didn’t slur his words like before.


“It’s okay.”

Sterin and Rimmer nodded their heads as if they accepted it.


When the Great Elder tried to stand up, Raon grabbed his shoulder again.

"I'm not satisfied. Do it again."

Raon said that it wasn’t enough and gestured with his chin.

“This is ridiculous! I lowered my voice and bowed my head properly, just as you said!”

“You didn’t specify what kind of rudeness you committed. Have you ever written a reflection paper?”

He only said he was rude without specifying what he did.

Since the most important part was missing, there was no reason to forgive.

“A reflection paper….”

The Elder trembled as if he had taken drugs, then knelt down again.

"I, I've been disrespectful, treating you like a criminal just because you're human. I apologize."

He ended up apologizing three times.

“Is this enough?”

"This time, the angle of your bow was a bit off."

Raon waved his hand, saying that it was still far from enough.



“Are you insane?”

Despair filled the eyes of the Great Elder, and the faces of the other elves turned ashen. They all realized that they had fallen victim to a mad human.

 Raon finally made the Great Elder stand up after receiving his apology six times.

“I, is it over now?” He asked, panting as if he had aged another hundred years.

“You haven’t given me the fruits of the Sanrae yet.”

He shook his head and reached out his hand.

“Don’t worry. I’ll have them delivered to your lodging.”

the Great Elder replied, reluctantly agreeing.

“Then I’ll ask for 100.”

Raon nodded lightly.

“W, what do you mean 100! What are you talking about!”

The Great Elder, who was turning around, shouted.


“I’m talking about why the number of fruits suddenly became 100!”

“I thought it was 100 from the beginning?”

“You didn’t say anything about it and now….”

“I just didn’t say anything because you said you would do whatever I wanted.”

He shrugged his shoulders, pointing at the Great Elder with his finger.


The Great Elder couldn’t argue and just chewed his lips. He had completely fallen into his own trap.

“It’s 100. Don’t miss even one.”

Raon cheerfully waved his hand at the visibly distraught Great Elder. It would be difficult to get 100, but he was determined to get at least enough to give 2 to each of the members in the Light Wind Disivion.

“I told you, I'll show you what a true scoundrel is,” Rimmer declared, pointing at Raon.

He's the real scoundrel. The greatest scoundrel in the human realm!

Wrath shouted, warning the other elves to be careful.

Not just the human realm, but the entire dimension.

Wrath gnashed his teeth at the sight.

There’s no such scoundrel even in Devildom!

*   *   *

Advance chapters:

For Indonesian:

The Great Elder collapsed with a face as pale as a corpse and was eventually carried away by the other elves.

Raon savored the sight of the Great Elder walking away.

‘What should I use the last one for?’

You’re peeling off the skin, eating the meat, and even sucking out the bones.

Wrath shook his head, saying it was too much.

‘That’s the way to eat fish.’

Raon said he knew it all and nudged Wrath with his elbow.

But how did you know that your ancestor saved the World Tree?

‘I told you already. I saw it from my ancestor.’


Wrath blinked and then pushed his face closer.

Oh... was that for real?


Raon shrugged his shoulders and touched the World Tree.

‘So it’s here.’

Right above where the ancestor of Zieghart had filled the hole, there was the spot where the ancestor sword had been stuck.

‘It was the swordsmanship.’

His swordsmanship was different from both the Holy Sword Union leader and Sterin’s martial arts. He couldn’t explain it in detail, but it seemed to have a special power.

‘If it’s the Ten Thousand Flame Cultivation’s swordsmanship, I’ll be able to use it someday too.’

Raon looked forward to the future and put his hand on the spot where the hole had been filled.


The World Tree emitted a resonant sound as if expressing joy.


“The World Tree is happy just by being touched by that human’s hand!”

“It seems like he really is the descendant of the benefactor.”

Most of the elves here now regarded him as the Benefactor's descendant. It was a bit embarrassing since that wasn't the reaction he wanted.

‘I crushed the Great Elder and tried to get rid of the title of the Spirit King’s contractor, but all I got was more strange rumors.’

Still, it was fortunate that he could now touch the World Tree freely.

Thanks to the name of the descendant of the benefactor, no one stopped him from touching the World Tree as he pleased.

Raon took advantage of this opportunity to push the energy of the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation into the World Tree.

‘It should be here.’

The place where the ancestor put the bead must be around here. If he searched carefully, he would be able to find it.

However, even after searching for a long time with the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation’s heat and Glacier’s coldness, he couldn’t feel any special energy inside the World Tree.

He could sense small traces of fire and water, but the enormous energy he remembered was gone as if it had been washed away.

Raon frowned and looked up at the World Tree.

‘Did it all become fertilizer for the World Tree?’

It wouldn’t be strange if the energy of the bead left by the ancestor had been completely absorbed after hundreds or even thousands of years.

‘It’s a bit disappointing.’

Raon clicked his tongue briefly and took his hand off the World Tree.


When he turned around, Siyan, who had come at some point, was looking at the bottom of the World Tree.

“H, here….”

Siyan, with one eye half-closed, pointed to the World Tree’s bark that she had been holding a little while ago.

“Oh, should I step aside?”

“It’s not that. Here….”

When Raon tried to step away, Siyan shook her head.

“This was the place my mother often brought me to.”

There was a hint of bitterness in her low voice.


Raon hadn’t found any other family besides Sterin and Siyan. He didn’t ask because he didn’t feel good about it, but as expected, it seemed like their parents and other family members were not in this world.

"When my mother was pregnant with me, she used to bring me here often to enjoy the wind from the World Tree."

Siyan leaned her back against the part where the ancestor had filled the hole, covering herself with the blanket.

"Coming here always makes me feel at ease."

“I see.”

Raon nodded and then stopped.

‘Wait a minute….’

Upon hearing her words, something came to mind.


Why are you calling me?

Wrath yawned and grumbled as he rose up.

‘You mentioned before that something deep and dark has been blocking Siyan since she was born, right?’

That’s right.

He frowned, wondering why Raon was asking again.

‘Then there's a possibility.’

Raon approached Siyan and reached out his hand.

“Excuse me, but may I examine you for a moment?”


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