IBRV (Novel) Chapter 153

C 153





I shouted and plowed vigorously. Ugh, I'm annoyed.

I don't know why the ground has so many stones.


As I worked hard with a plow to remove and throw stones, sweat poured down like rain.

My legs were trembling, my vision was spinning, and I was running out of breath.

"There will never be a dragon with such little endurance."

I should have exercised beforehand.

Does anyone know that even dragons can lack exercise?

"She was a person of very bad character."

I planted the plow in the ground, leaned on it, and muttered quietly.

As I tried to stay still, the scene from yesterday just before parting from the dragon named Purple came to mind.


"What favor do you want?"

"Well, it's simple. Just give me what's on this list."

She handed me a piece of paper. I looked at the paper and furrowed my brow.

Everything on it was something with a name I had never heard before, but it didn't seem very difficult to obtain if I wanted to.

"Do I just need to get these?"

"Yes, you only need to get these. But!"

She laughed.

"The condition is that you must not use dragon abilities."


"And you will do it all by yourself. Even if you use magic, you must not threaten anyone to obtain something, and you must not scare them with magic."

Suddenly, my shoulders stiffened. It was an unexpected condition. When I blinked in confusion, she laughed.

"If it's difficult, you can always give up and follow my advice."

"...I will, I will."

If that's the only way, why not do it?

"Really? In that case, when you're done, say my name. Then I will appear in front of you."


"You're doing this because of humans, aren't you?"

Just before disappearing, Purple asked me that at the end. Although I had an expression of bewilderment, I nodded slowly.

"I used to be like that too."

She said.

"But we didn't know about parting. I didn't know that when the end came, I would be the only one left in the world."


"It's not recommended to date humans."

"...It's not something you should worry about."

I gave a brief response to Purple's words and turned away. When I looked back, she was no longer there.


Freed from my brief thoughts, I sighed deeply. I took out the list she had given me again.

Although it had been folded several times, there wasn't a single wrinkle on the paper. It was clear that some kind of magic had been cast on it.

<- Fresh green and white radish cultivated with a soil acidity of 5.6-5.8.

Harvested at 6 in the morning, shortly after the morning dew, 500.

- 1 ton of blue iron from Tian Maple.

- Verdant Mirror.

- Overripe and underripe fruits of Pure White Great Purse.

- Dragon Orb.

- Tears of the snow leopard living in the red mine. >

I crumpled the paper with my anger rising again.

Although I was picky, I wasn't usually like this. I even worried about having to look for all sorts of books because I didn't even know what these things were.

"No, how can I know if I do this?"

I couldn't waste 500 years.

No one lives for 500 years. That's why I didn't want to squander this precious time.

It's a precious moment that will only happen once in the world.

"Over there..."

While plowing vigorously, several workers who had been wandering around for a while approached me hesitantly.

Not long ago, Laurent also insisted on doing something for me, so I sent her to do something else.



"Well, if you need to do this kind of dirty work, we can do it."

"No, I'll do it."

"I have to do it."

"Are you worried? Thank you."

While smiling cheerfully, the maid's face turned bright red. She moved her fingers and pursed her lips as if she were embarrassed.

"Still... I think it would be difficult to do it alone because the field is very large."

Since I had to plant 500 strange radishes, it had to be spacious.

If I think about adding 100 more in case any of them get ruined, this field will fall short.

"I have to do it alone. It's that kind of promise."

I wiped the sweat running down the back of my hand and started plowing again.

"Well, then, can we help you pick some rocks...?"

I felt bad seeing their uneasy expressions with tearful faces.

"Does it seem like I'm bothering them?"

They seem to dislike me even if I don't, but it was quite heart-wrenching to think that my score would be reduced even further here.

"I have to do this..."

Since it wasn't known to what extent the dragon considered others' help, it seemed better to at least do all the necessary crop work by myself.

"Then, would it be alright if I clear the stones you've thrown out and bring you some food or water?"

"Oh yes, I think that would be fine."

When I nodded, the faces of those who had been uneasy became more relaxed.

"Is it because they're afraid of getting scolded?"

Well, I thought they might get scared if they didn't do anything while the family matriarch was working.

"I heard that this is why employees are always in trouble."

After keeping them somewhat busy, I took up the plow again and worked hard to prepare the soil.

"What is soil acidity from 5.6 to 5.8...?"

I heard that there is a pH meter among the magical tools.

"Aah..., I can't do it anymore."

Even after the maids who were removing the stones brought me water and a light meal, I worked for about another hour.

And that was my limit. My arms and legs were trembling, and I really couldn't take another step.

"Couldn't this be handled with magic too?"

You're really trying to warn me, aren't you?

I hope you don't want to hassle me for nothing.

Still, in the end, I wouldn't have been able to do anything but accept her offer.

I tried to walk with my legs trembling like a newly born deer, but at that moment, my body leaned significantly.


I fell.

The moment I closed my eyes, an outstretched arm held me tightly.



I opened my eyes wide and raised my head.

"...Uncle Chronos?"


"Wow, why does it seem like it's been so long since I last saw you?"

My body relaxed, and I couldn't help but smile. When I tilted my head back, Uncle Chronos's eyebrows furrowed.

"... Aren't the little ones here today?"

"They're over there; they're doing well. One of them even gave birth to a baby."

Chronos Etham said calmly. When I smiled faintly, he lifted me up in his arms.

"I can walk!"


Chronos Etham asked mischievously.

"Well, not really."

I shrugged and quietly leaned into his arms.

"Wow, when did you become so strong? You're carrying me."

I don't know where the low-endurance expert who couldn't chase after me while running has gone.

"I need to change a bit too."

As he spoke, he walked slowly. His calmness was visible beneath his smile.

I blinked silently, stretched out my arms, and hugged my uncle's neck.

"What are you doing again? You troublemaker."

"I'm not doing anything. My uncle is doing everything."

"...You do a lot."

I pursed my lips at the gruff voice's words.

"Is this something you have to shoulder alone again?"

The softly spoken voice contained more concern than teasing. I looked at him silently and kept my mouth shut.

"That's not the case."

"I guess it's true."

"Ugh, you really don't believe me, do you?"

I hate you, uncle.

"Yes, if helping you means being hated, I'd rather do it."

My eyes widened at Uncle Chronos's words. The corners of my lips suddenly dropped. Since so many people are doing things for me, I want to work hard too.

"Is it dangerous?"

"Not at all. It's just a nuisance."

"You don't trust me?"

"No, they say I shouldn't receive help with this. Otherwise, I would have run to Uncle and Dad and asked for their help."

When I raised my voice and made an exaggerated face, Chronos Etham laughed.

"I understand."

We arrived at the front door before we knew it. My uncle sat me on the bed, reached out, and patted my head.

"If you need help, let me know anytime. Because you're always nervous and anxious."


"And yet, you recklessly try to do it alone."

"Stop teasing."

My uncle frowned as he covered my ears.

"Don't work today and rest a bit."

"Yes. Oh, by the way, uncle, do you know anything about blue iron from Tian Maple, the Verdant Mirror, fruits from the Great Purese, or the snow leopard that lives in the red mine?"

Uncle Chronos's expression turned slightly sharp as he listened to my words. When he was about to leave, he stopped and looked at me.

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