TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 573

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Chapter 573


Karoon stomped his feet roughly. The vibrations filled with irritation and anger shook the lord’s manor garden.

"Damn it!"

He clenched his teeth as if he couldn't let out his anger even after stomping his feet several times.

"Calm down."

Balder sighed and approached Karoon.

"I'm also upset, but we can't help it this time. They're not going to ignore the one who ascended to Grandmaster at the age of 21 and cut down the Dragon Swordmaster."

He frowned, knowing all too well what was going on.

"You're upset?"

Karoon twisted his lips as he glared at Balder.

"You spineless bastard. Wipe that smirk off your face and say that."

"Uh, um..."

Balder hastily straightened his lips.

"Are you saying you haven't come to your senses after being humiliated by that little brat?"

"T-that's not it..."

"Of course, it's good for the family's reputation and prestige to rise. However!"

Karoon pressed his lips tightly and continued.

"That guy is a collateral line. That monkey-like bastard whose bloodline we don't even know!"


"And now that bastard has escaped our grasp."


"He's not someone you or I can control anymore. He's become a rival to compete with for the position of family head. Are you still not getting it?"

He gestured with his fingers, reminding Balder of the situation where Glenn and Aris had taken Raon’s side.

"Ah, so..."

Balder's lips trembled as he finally felt a sense of crisis.

"I-If we act now..."

"It's already too late."

Denier, who popped out from behind the garden bushes, clapped his hands lightly.


"You've heard the rumors that Father is personally teaching Raon swordsmanship, right? That's true. And he's been teaching him for quite a long time."

Denier leaned his back against a pillar in the garden, smiling faintly.

"I warned you before. Father already sees Raon as one of the successor candidates."

"Oh, no! He's too young!"

Balder shook his head, saying it couldn't be.

"Not Sylvia, but Raon! Are you saying I have to compete with my nephew for the head of family position?"

"He might be more pleasing to Father at a younger age. After all, he's already achieved some accomplishments, becoming the youngest Grandmaster on the continent. If Raon becomes the family head, our family's fame and influence will greatly increase. I don't see it as a bad thing."

Denier shrugged leisurely.

"Judging from the way he brought up the life-or-death duel with Roman today, I think he'll probably accept Raon into the direct line next year on January 1st and immediately declare him as a successor candidate. What do you think, brother?"


Karoon didn't answer Denier's question and only glared at him with crumpled eyes.

"I'm not Raon, why are you staring at me like that?"

Denier turned his back with a faint smile.

"What I want to say is, don't stir up trouble with Raon for no reason. You know there's no one to stop big sister when she throws a tantrum, right? Let's live quietly."

He waved his hand lightly and left the garden.


Karoon narrowed his eyes as he watched Denier disappear into the darkness of the garden.

'What are you thinking?'

*   *   *

Advance chapters: 

For Indonesian:

Raon trembled at the sight of Glenn's sunken eyes.

'You must have had a difficult time….'

It was a common phrase, but one that no one had ever said to him. Glenn's brief words melted away the darkness that had been filling Raon's heart until just a moment ago.

'I wanted to hear those words.'

Only now did he realize why he hadn't been so happy about the golden plate and the reward he received from Glenn at the audience chamber.

'I've become weak.'

No, not weak, but maybe this is what it means to be human.

His previous life as an assassin was nothing more than a life as a puppet on a string, killing when told to kill and kidnapping when told to kidnap.

Having lived his entire life as a hunting dog on a leash, he never had the chance to feel betrayed by anyone.

Thanks to the Ring of Fire, he broke free from the brainwashing and was preparing to escape. Even in death at the hands of Derus, whom he never trusted from the beginning, he was merely angry. But this life was different. He had met many people, all of whom had shown him affection and shared their hearts with him.

The same was true for Rector. He had thought of him as a grandfather and had learned swordsmanship and life from him, so the betrayal that came unexpectedly was even deeper and more painful.

"You are a lucky man."

Glenn calmly turned his gaze. He looked at the lake and continued in a calm voice.

"The children who once to looked down on you during your childhood have sincerely repented and become subordinates who can support you, and your master has become a leader who can risk his life for you. They won't change their minds no matter what you become. As for those in the annex building, there's no need to mention."


Raon nodded slightly. As he said, Burren and Martha, including the members of the Light Wind Division, apologized for their childish mistakes and asked for forgiveness, and Rimmer had been lazy but had trained each of the members in a way that was appropriate for them.

Sylvia and Helen, as well as the other members of the annex building were also people he could spend the rest of his life with, so it was not wrong to say that he was lucky.

"The reason you're having a hard time right now is that you're feeling the betrayal of someone you cared about and thought was a good person. Anything is hard the first time. It's even more painful when it's betrayal."

Glenn nodded as if he understood the sentiment.


Raon felt like Glenn's back, which seemed distant, was getting a little closer.


He had thought that Glenn would only yell at him, but he didn't expect him to comfort him like this.

"The ones who approach you with favor may not always be sincere. Guys like Balder, who are transparent inside and out, are rare."

When Glenn mentioned Balder as an example, his voice seemed to contain a hint of laughter.

"Follow me."

He flicked his finger and walked towards the Bukmangsan mountain across the lake.

He seemed to be walking normally, but he was transcending space and moving forward so quickly that he couldn't catch up with him.

Glenn stopped walking in a wide open space at the entrance of Bukmangsan mountain.


He broke off a small branch from the bushes and gestured towards Raon.

"Draw your sword."


"When your head is complicated, it's good to move your body without thinking."

Glenn raised the branch and held it like a sword.

"Show me what you're capable of and the will that led you to become a Grandmaster."


Raon gripped the hilt of Heavenly Drive tightly and looked at the branch that Glenn had raised. A few leaves rustled in the night wind.

'Is he saying he'll spar with me?'

He had received Glenn's teachings many times, but he had never crossed swords with him. It was an opportunity of a lifetime.

"Since you told me to clear my head, so may I go all out?"

"If you don't, it's meaningless."


Raon pulled out Heavenly Drive and the Blade of Requiem with trembling hands.

"I'll come right at you."

He held the two swords in reverse and planted them in the ground, unleashed his sword field.

The heat and cold that arose from his lower energy center rushed up to his middle energy center and then to his upper energy center in one breath.

His vision turned white, and his sword field, which was now one level firmer and sharper than before, stretched out towards the world.

A strange golden sun and silver moon rose behind him.

The golden light of the sun seeped into the Divine Sword he held in his right hand, and the silver light of the moon reflected off the Demonic Sword that rose in his left hand.

Thanks to his upper energy center, which had grown after he became a Grandmaster, new changes had also taken place in the divine and Demonic Swords.

"It looks good enough to see."

Glenn nodded, revealing a faint smile.

"Come on."

Raon used Glenn's words as a spark and leaped towards Glenn's front.

He rushed forward at a speed that uprooted the grass on the ground, pouring out the flames of the Divine Sword and the frost of the Demonic Sword.

The two swords, imbued with the principle of the dual swordsmanship, bent and fell, creating powerful waves.


Glenn held out the thin branch, which looked like it couldn’t even break a toothpick, towards the flames and frost that filled his vision.


A series of deafening explosions erupted, causing the surrounding bushes and trees to scream, but the branch Glenn was holding did not waver in the slightest. It was a sight that was hard to believe even with his own eyes.

"The power is impressive. Keep going."


Raon rolled his left foot and dug into Glenn's left side.

'Ordinary attacks won't work.'

It was impossible to break through Glenn's defense head-on. He had to aim for a place he couldn't defend.


He used the Supreme Harmony Steps, moved to Glenn's right rear as naturally as flowing water and stretched out the Divine Sword and the Demonic Sword at the same time.

The scorching hot blade and the blue blade aimed for Glenn's blind spot and advanced with a time difference.

Glenn chuckled lightly as he raised the branch. The branch swayed lightly, first sweeping away the approaching Divine Sword, and then intercepting the two blades of the Frost Pond that delved behind it.

'I don’t even know what he did'

It felt like time flowed differently for him.

Raon bit his lip and unleashed the Supreme Harmony Steps again. Folding space, he advanced and thrust the Divine Sword and Demonic Sword in front of Glen's nose.

The flames and frost on the tip of the sword spread like a kaleidoscope and engulfed Glenn’s entire body.

Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation, Thousand Flames.

Thirty-six strikes of heaven and earth.

He used the swordsmanship that stabbed 36 directions in one sword with two swords. The monstrous swordsmanship that simultaneously aimed at 72 directions stretched out to target Glenn’s vital points.

“You’ve become more comfortable using both hands. Both your speed and power have improved.”

Glenn briefly praised the swordsmanship he had previously criticized and shook the branch.

A strong but firm wind spread out and broke the flow of the Thirty-six strikes of heaven and earth in an instant.


Raon gritted his teeth and focused his strength on his legs so as not to be pushed back by the wind that seemed to push not only his body but also his soul. The Divine Sword and the Demonic Sword responded to his will and emitted even thicker flames and frost.


He once again entered Glenn’s frontal space and raised the Divine Sword and the Demonic Sword towards the branch.

The two blades that sprang up, scraping the ground, struck the ends of the branch.

However, the branch that Glenn held did not waver even though he was pouring out all his power.

“Shall we make it a little rougher?”

Glenn twisted his wrist slightly. Red lightning erupted from the branch and crushed the flames of the Divine Sword and the frost of the Demonic Sword.


However, the flames and frost, despite being unilaterally pushed back by the vicious lightning, did not lose their own light.

"So that's it."

Glenn looked down at the Divine Sword and the Demonic Sword and nodded slowly. His eyes seemed to sparkle faintly.

“Your choice was not to be broken. It was a sword that would never break.”

He realized what kind of will he had to rise to Grandmaster just by exchanging a few swords.

“Then come at me more properly, so that your flames don’t go out.”

“Of course!”

Raon burst out his aura and rushed forward. Following the path of the Divine Sword, the Demonic Sword created a swirling astral sphere with red and blue light.


The astral sphere extended towards Glenn. He smiled faintly in the face of the mighty force that carved into the rough ground.

"I've also made some progress in swordsmanship."

Glenn lightly swung down the branch like a child playing. A wave of red light erupted from the tip of the swaying branch and blocked the two auras.


The astral sphere formed by the Divine Sword and Demonic Sword melted before reaching Glen, dissolving in front of swaying leaves without even touching them.

‘As expected.’

Having predicted this situation, he exhaled and raised his two swords again. He approached Glenn and used the Flame Dragon Art with the Divine Sword and the Flame Spirit with the Demonic Sword.


The moment the blue Flame Spirit blocked Glenn’s rear, he unleashed the Flame Dragon Art.

Glenn, who saw the golden flames, smiled faintly and stretched out the branch.


The roar of the Fire Dragon faded away fruitlessly, unable to pierce through the trail of green leaves.


Raon took advantage of the gap created by the Flame Dragon Art rising like a whirlwind and entered Glenn's right side.

He approached him and thrust out the last technique of the Divine and Demon Harmonization.

Raon Zieghart Style Swordplay.

Sixth Form, Divine and Demon Harmonization, Linked Technique - Red and Blue Invincible Sword.

The blazing light of fire and frost that split the sky and earth covered Glenn.

"That's a good sword."

Glenn let out a faint exclamation for the first time and raised the branch.

The red lightning that erupted from the center of the branch clashed head-on with the flow of the Red and Blue Invincible Sword.


The terrifying lightning, flames, and frost clashed and shook the axis, but the ground where Glenn stood did not waver at all.

However, a single leaf from the branch he was holding fluttered and fell to the ground.


Raon burst out a hollow laugh and sank down.

'Just one leaf.'

The result of his best effort was a single leaf that had been attached to the branch, which only made him laugh.

It's not just a single leaf.

'What do you mean?'

It means you did your best in your own way.


Rather than ridiculing him, Wrath muttered words whose exact meaning he couldn't understand.


Glenn stared fixedly at the fallen leaf, then headed towards the bushes. Placing the broken branch back in its original place, he wiped his fingers, and the branch seamlessly reattached as if it had never been broken.

"That, that's...."

He couldn't help but open his mouth, never expecting the broken branch to reattach.

"If there's a sword that can kill, there's also a sword that can save. I only realized this not long ago, so it's not surprising."

Glenn lightly tapped the branch, now returned to its original state, and looked at Raon.

"So. Did that relieve you a bit?"

"Yes? Ah, yes...."

Raon nodded absentmindedly.

'I completely forgot.'

During the sparring with Glenn, he had forgotten about Rector, and the frustration in his chest had eased, returning to a more usual feeling.

"You think too much. Sometimes you need to clear your head."

"I'll keep that in mind."

"Now that you're settled down, let's talk."

He clicked his tongue briefly and looked up at the night sky.

"Even to me, Rector didn't seem like the kind of person who would betray someone."

Glenn shook his head, feeling a little disappointed.

"Excuse me...."

Raon raised his hand briefly, looking at Glenn.

"I have something I want to tell you."

"What is it?" 


Raon explained to Glenn what Rector had done and described his behavior during their encounter.

“I see.”

Glenn didn't dismiss it as nonsense and nodded calmly.

“I'll keep it in mind. However, that doesn't change the fact that he's our enemy.”

“I know.”

“Then it's settled.”

He nodded and turned away.

"Let's call it a day."

“Oh, thank you for today.”

Raon sincerely bowed his head to Glenn.

“It's just a reward for your achievements in this mission.”

Glenn spoke in a slightly cold voice and headed towards the main building.


As soon as Glenn disappeared from sight, Raon lay on the ground, exhaling a refreshing breath. It was harder than lying down in the room, but his mind felt at ease.


*     *      *

Glenn didn't go straight back to the lord's manor. He leaned against a tree that grew on the middle slope of Bukmangsan mountain and observed Raon.

“It must be hard.”

Raon himself didn't know well why he was feeling difficult and tormented.

The child, despite appearing calm, had shared a lot of affection with people as he grew up, making the sense of betrayal towards Rector even deeper and more significant.

‘Not everyone is good. And not everyone is evil either.’

He came to him because he was worried that Raon might distance himself from others due to his sense of betrayal, but it seemed like he had talked it out well.

'You should be able to overcome this.'

Glenn narrowed his eyes, looking at a single leaf that had fallen at Raon's feet.

'Aside from that…'

He created an exceptional sword field.

The incomplete sword field creation he saw directly was beyond expectations.

It exhibited tremendous power, durability, and sustainability. The biggest advantage was that it was still incomplete.

'No, rather than incomplete, I should say it's growing.'

Raon's sword field perfectly reflected his mental state. It means that the sword field will also grow as his upper energy center grows. Raon's sword field had endless possibilities.

In fact, Raon's sword field grew even during the spar.

The fact that one leaf of the branch that had maintained its original shape by predicting Raon's strength with a moderate amount of will had fallen was proof of that.


Glenn closed his eyes.

‘That golden flame.’

The flame on Raon's sword contained a faint gold color within the red. The golden flame that had only appeared once in the long history of Zieghart. The fire of the first head of family had permeated Raon's soul.

“The path that suits you is not the path of a tyrant.”

Glenn slowly raised his eyelids.

“I will take on the evil and greed of the world. Raon. You….”

He smiled, watching Raon with his affectionate red gaze.

“Walk the straight path."


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