TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 565

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Chapter 565


As the fifth Ring of Fire, drawn in a semicircle, touched the fourth, it crumbled like dry leaves.


Raon exhaled a sigh filled with frustration as he looked at the remnants of the shattered ring.

'It's not easy after all.'

To increase the number of Ring of Fire, one must create new rings while avoiding the existing rings that are rotating.

When there were only one or two rings, it was easy to create new rings with enough mana. However, the difficulty of creating new rings increased rapidly as the number of rings increased.

Currently, there were seven rings, and the speed of rotation had also increased, so there was not much room to create new rings.

'But I have to do it even if it's difficult.'

There is no other way.

The only way to overcome this dire situation is to create an eighth ring and break through the wall. Even if all the mana (energy) filled with elixir was sucked out, he had to complete the ring.

Raon drew pure mana and concentrated it around his heart. He carefully manipulated the mana like drawing thread from a cocoon to shape a new ring of fire.


However, the new ring shattered into pieces before it could even form a semicircle, hitting the second ring.


There was no time to be discouraged by failure. He immediately drew out mana and continued the challenge.


This time, as soon as he started shaping it, the seventh ring dug in and crushed the mana.




He continued to challenge himself without rest, but the trajectory of the rotating rings itself was so erratic that he couldn't see a way at all.

At this point, he thought that it would be easier to engage in a life-and-death battle with a Grandmaster.


Raon looked up. He smiled wryly as he looked at the rotating rings in the mental world.

‘They are quite stubborn.’

The seven rings did not open the gate, they resembled an impregnable fortress. As if they didn't need a new ring, they menacingly approached, rotating incredibly fast and crushing all the lines of mana that came their way.

'Keep breaking it. Let's see who wins.'

The time axis of the mental world is different from reality. It was almost impossible to shape a ring of fire outside, so he had to finish it here.

'Then again... hmm?'

Raon stopped drawing mana for the ring of fire and paused.

'There's still more left?'

Numerous version of himself were still lingering in the mental world, holding their swords and practicing swordsmanship.

Usually, when one gained enlightenment, the form representing that enlightenment disappeared. The fact that it persisted until now was intriguing.

Raon, who was about to concentrate mana again, scattered it and observed his own figure wielding the sword.

The young Raon focused on basic swordsmanship, the teenage Raon was absorbed in creating his own sword, and the young adult Raon was engrossed in higher level swordsmanship.

They were all practicing different swordsmanship, but they had one thing in common.

They poured everything they had into their swordsmanship.

The sight appeared as if it was revealed because he had consistently devoted all his effort to training from childhood to the present moment.

Never giving up, he had more confidence than anyone else in that aspect.

‘Well, there's no time for this….'

Raon paused once more, wearing a faint smile, as he was about to create another ring.

'Wait a minute...'

Did I truly not imbue anything into my sword all these years of practicing swordsmanship?

He looked up again. It was hard to believe that he had never put anything into the sword after wielding it so diligently from childhood to youth.


The moment he saw the young Raon holding Heavenly Drive and executing the unrefined the immature Fangs of Insanity, he remembered the conversation he had forgotten with Vulcan.

[What is your goal?]

[I want to be a swordsman who never breaks, no matter who or what the situation is.]

It wasn't just about seeking revenge on Derus, it was about revealing his will to become an unwavering swordsman to achieve all his goals.

That will was alive and breathing in my heart, so I was able to wield the sword with all my might at any time.

Willpower is the power that dwells in the soul with the will to establish oneself. I had the will to fulfill my will from the beginning.

[It's good to learn a variety of complex swordsmanship. But all of that swordsmanship must have meaning to it.]

[It's not difficult. The answer is all inside you.]

The moment the conversation between the Sword Demon and Glenn came to mind again, the mental world stopped.

The young Raon, the teenage Raon, and even the present Raon from yesterday all stabbed the sword they were holding back into the ground.

As if they had conveyed everything they needed to, they nodded their heads slightly and scattered into smoke.


The seven rings of fire, slowly stop. As if waiting for a new flow, the rings, igniting grand flames, opened the path.

He raised his finger as if possessed. He moved the golden mana and carved a new line in the stopped Ring of Fire.

The most beautiful circle ever drawn started to resonate within the mental world.

Feeling the intense heat of the eight rings, Raon closed his eyes and sank even deeper into a trance within the darkening world.

* * *

Advance chapters: 

For Indonesian:

"Stop them at all costs!"

"Drag him out no matter what!"

The first to react to the shouts of Rimmer and the Dragon Swordmaster was naturally the Light Wind Division.

The captains and Mark Goetten, who knew Raon's circumstances, flew their bodies before they even thought about it.

"Light Wind Division, follow as quickly as possible!"

Burren gritted his teeth at Raon, who was floating in the air, and gave instructions to the bewildered Light Wind members.

"You claimed you wouldn't be noticed, but now you're publicizing that you've fallen into a trance! What do we do, you lunatic!”

Contrary to his cursing, he stepped forward with an urgent expression.

"I knew this would happen.”

Martha chuckled sarcastically, tilting her head.

"There's no way that crazy guy won't cause trouble!”

Rather than expressing frustration, she raised her sword to the north, even letting out a refreshing laugh.

Following behind, Burren blocked the south

“Raon, the silent and handsome one.”

Runaan nodded his head blankly and stood to the east.


Mark Goetten also stood to the west of Raon with a faint smile.

"What's so good that you're smiling about?”

"Isn't it because the vice division leader trusts us so much that he fell into trance here? I'm just happy about that."


The three captains did not answer that. They just stared at the approaching enemies with deeply sunken eyes.

"W, what the hell is this!"

"Why is that guy floating in the air!"

"Ha-has he truly fallen into a trance in the middle of the battlefield? What kind of human behaves like that?”

"He said he killed a dragon, but he ended up becoming one. Did he ascend?”

The Light Wind members arrived first before the Holy Sword Union swordsmen, but they let out a vain breath as if they were speechless at the situation itself.


At Burren's cry, the Light Wind Division surrounded Raon and set up a Great Wind Barrier. The swordsmen exuded a firmer aura than ever, as if expressing their unyielding determination.

"Charge straight ahead!"

"Break through!"

"Kill them all!"

The Holy Sword Union swordsmen, who arrived late, poured out their murderous swordsmanship, but the barrier of aura created by the Light Wind Division did not show even a single inch of movement.

"What are you doing! Push! I'm telling you to just touch him!"

The Dragon Swordmaster shouted in frustration.

"Raon Zieghart can't do anything right now!"

"Ignore the Light Wind Division! Shoot Raon with your aura blade!"

"Avenge Sir Cloud!"

The Holy Sword Union swordsmen gained strength from the words of the Dragon Swordmaster and charged forward with a ferocious aura, but the momentum of the Light Wind Division was even greater.

The Light Wind Division focused only on defense, not even caring about their own lives to protect Raon.

"Hold your position!"

"Don't let it break through."

"If this bastard gets up, it's our victory! Protect him with your life!"

At the cries of Burren, Runaan, and Martha, the defense of the Light Wind Division became even stronger.

The Holy Sword Union swordsmen spilled blood on the crushed ground after being counterattacked in turn while pouring out a direct and destructive offensive.


As the aura of the Light Wind Division was concentrated in the center, and the barrier was woven more tightly, eight rings rose above Raon's head.

The rings, each one alive, rotated with hot flames and seeped into Raon's heart.

"What, what is that..."


Both the Light Wind Division and the Holy Sword Union swordsmen held their breath at the strange sight.

However, Raon's transformation was not over yet. This time, three flowers bloomed above his head.

The flower on the left was red and splendid, and the flower on the right was blue and fresh. Finally, the flower in the center was simple, but it had the most brilliant golden color.

The petals, which seemed to be covered in morning dew, fluttered thinly and released a faint scent along with a mysterious light.


The Dragon Swordmaster gnashed his teeth and kicked the air.

‘That guy! Surpassed the wall of Grandmaster!’

The three flowers represent the three energy centers in the form of aura, and the fact that they have bloomed means that the lower energy center, middle energy center, and upper energy are all connected.

‘I thought he was in the midst of breaking the wall, but it was a grave mistake. In this short time, that madman had already shattered the Grandmaster's wall and was advancing.’

The Dragon Swordmaster drew his Cursed Sword Kreatus to break through the barrier.

As the blade of the Cursed Sword poured down like a pillar of black fire, a cold wind blew and blocked its path.


Rimmer's Sword of Light pushed back the Dragon Swordmaster's Cursed Sword and created a massive shockwave in the air. The exploding shockwave burned all the scattered magic.

"Your opponent is me. Where are you going?"

"Get out of the way!"

The Dragon Swordmaster frowned and swung his Cursed Sword Kreatus with a terrifying momentum. Whether he had been hiding his strength until now, the power and speed of his swordsmanship had increased in an instant.


Rimmer stretched out his sword to block the Cursed Sword's path, but his wrists trembled as if they were going to break.

'Damn it....'

Was he holding back until now?

Because he had used more than 30% of his aura to protect Raon and the Light Wind Division from the dark magic of Kreatus, leaving him with little strength. His internal organs were also bursting and his chest felt like it was going to break.

'I have to hold on, even if I die.'

Thanks to the lightning and wind that enveloped the Sword of Light, the influence of the cursed magic was greatly reduced. He must not break his sword, even if he dies here.


The Dragon Swordmaster abruptly changed the direction of the Cursed Sword Kreatus, revealing a sense of urgency. Magic waves surged like a tidal wave towards the Light Wind Division.

"What needs to disappear is you!”

Rimmer stomped heavily on the ground and raised the Sword of Light generated a storm. The storm that rose like a pillar clashed with the waves of magic.


The magic and lightning devoured each other, creating a thick spark in the sky and earth.

"You can't go!"

Rimmer bared his white teeth as he wiped the black blood dripping from his mouth.

"You're protecting? You?"

The Dragon Swordmaster, raising the Cursed Sword Kreatus at the midpoint, twisted his mouth.

"You think you're protecting? What have you preserved, surviving by devouring your subordinates?”

He threw the Cursed Sword with a look of composure that had disappeared. The Cursed Sword Kreatus, which had left its master's hand, flew through the air as if it were alive and spewed out dozens of magic at Rimmer. Each one was a fierce attack that contained the power to kill instantly.


Rimmer aimed his Sword of Light at the Cursed Sword Kreatus floating in the air. The wind and thunder spread out in a fan shape and tore off all the approaching magic stems.


The Cursed Sword Kreatus let out a cry as if it didn't like it and was sucked back into the Dragon Swordmaster's hand.


Rimmer vomited black blood as his hands trembled.

'Damn it....'

The internal injuries he had been suppressing worsened. Judging from the fact that he could see fragments of his internal organs in the blood, it was really hard to hold on for long.

He wanted to build up his strength even a little, but affording such a luxury was difficult because the Dragon Swordmaster was staring at him with eerie eyes.


Rimmer clenched his jaw as he cut through the waves of the Cursed Sword. His mind was getting hazy. It was truly reaching his limits.

"Didn't you say you were going to kill me?"

The Dragon Swordmaster sneered.

“Giving up on killing me and just blocking my path is your idea of revenge?”

Rimmer forced a smile on his pale face. It was clear that the bastard was also in a frustrating state right now.

"It was because of that artifact that your subordinates were slaughtered. And..."

The Dragon Swordmaster licked his parched lips as he looked at Rimmer's reddening eyes.

"Those guys are also dying because they're under you!"

Without any small preparatory movements, he thrust the Cursed Sword Kreatus. The magic that shot out like a flash of lightning rushed towards Raon at the center of the barrier.


Rimmer stepped on the footwork with his lips pursed. He crushed the magic to the right and exploded the sword attack with wind and lightning.


Rimmer crashed to the ground as the magic exploded. His swordsmanship was shattered, but thanks to his quick judgment, the Light Wind Division's barrier suffered no damage. On the contrary, only the swordsmen of the Holy Sword Union who were around died.

"Interfering to the end..."

The Dragon Swordmaster chewed his lips as he looked at Rimmer's calm eyes that didn't fall for the provocation.

"That's right."

Rimmer nodded as he struggled to get up.

"Their deaths are my responsibility. I caused their demise by falling to your petty provocation.”

He raised his sword with trembling hands and revealed a bitter look.

"That's why I won't fall for it this time. You won't be able to touch those kids until I die."

Rimmer raised his sword, flashing with lightning, and aimed it at the Dragon Swordmaster. His hands no longer trembled.


The Dragon Swordmaster's calm demeanor twisted like a demon.

"Fine. If you want to die that badly, I'll start by tearing open your belly!

He roughly stepped forward and scattered his magic. The sharply shaped magic swirled around like a storm of blades.

Rimmer raised his Sword of Light, planting his feet on the ground. The lightning concentrated at the center of the sword exploded, splitting the sky and suppressing the storm of blades.


A huge explosion erupted, as if crushing the space with the collision of magic and lightning.

However, the magic of the Cursed Sword Kreatus grew stronger, while Rimmer's lightning began to fade and its flow became intermittent.

The range of the sword also shrank, leaving him with little space to control. The end was approaching.

As Rimmer clenched his lips in despair, the three flowers that were blooming above Raon's head each turned into their own light and were sucked into Raon's nostrils.


Realizing the urgency, the Dragon Swordmaster grabbed the Cursed Sword Kreatus with both hands and raised it towards the sky.


The blade of the Cursed Sword soared as if it would touch the sky, emitting an ominous aura.

The Dragon Swordmaster raised a compressed astral sphere, as if he was about to pour out all the energy the Cursed Sword possessed at once.

"Try to stop it if you can!"

With a mocking laugh, the Cursed Sword descended. The astral sphere, burning with magic like a black sun, created a massive shockwave that pushed against the barrier.


Rimmer clenched his lips as he watched the surging astral sphere.

'I can kill him.'

The Dragon Swordmaster was so excited that he ignored his defense and focused all his aura on the attack.

Now, he could cut off the bastard's neck and end his revenge. He could avenge his dead subordinates with his own hands.

However, if he couldn't prevent the black sphere that had already descended. Instead of achieving his revenge, both Raon and the members of Light Wind would die.

'This is a no-brainer....'

When contemplating moving to save the Light Wind Division, the faces of the deceased subordinates flashed before him. As his heart was being torn apart, the eyes of those who worried about him haunted his mind.

They stared at him with bloodshot eyes, as if desiring revenge.

He closed his eyes. If he chose the Light Wind Division here, he would never have the chance to get revenge on the Dragon Swordmaster again.

Even if the bastard were to die, it wouldn't be revenge at his hands. He felt in his soul that his lifelong wish would never be fulfilled.

He slowly opened his eyes. The faces of his dead subordinates were still there.

He smiled and waved at them.

'There's no way you guys would make that face.'

I'll save your juniors no matter what.


Having made his decision, Rimmer stepped forward unhesitatingly towards the astral sphere and raised his Sword of Light.

"I told you. You have to go through me first!”

The lightning that was burning the blade disappeared, and a thick wind replaced it. A wave of wind rising from below created a solid wall.

The sound vanished, replaced by a windless zone.

Not the Call of Wind and Lightning, but the Eye of the Storm.

It was a change in the sword field that looked back at only one thing, returning to its origin.

The majestic wall of wind blocked the astral sphere.


The burning black astral sphere melted away helplessly without reaching its target. The wall of wind also did its job and crumbled dimly.

It could be said that the one who endured won, but Rimmer's sword was no longer in his hand.


He grabbed his torn right shoulder and vomited blood.


The Dragon Swordmaster's eyes widened as if he didn't know he could even block this.


Rimmer shook his head, forcing a smile.

"I told you. You can't get through me...."

"It's over now!”

The Dragon Swordmaster ignored Rimmer and rushed towards the Light Wind Division. The moment he was about to stab Krein (Of course, he always has to be the first one. Lmao), who was at the forefront, with his Cursed Sword, Rimmer stood in front of him again.


Rimmer blocked the Cursed Sword Kreatus with his body and chuckled.

"Have you gone deaf? I told you to kill me first!"

"Fine! If that's your wish, then die!"

Just as the Dragon Swordmaster was about to detonate the blade that had stabbed Rimmer.


A huge flame erupted from the center of the Light Wind Division members. The flames, burning fiercely like the primal fire, spread out in all directions and devoured the cursed magic.


In the midst of the storm of flames, a golden figure approached and grabbed the Cursed Sword that had pierced through Rimmer's abdomen and protruded out.


The brightly burning flames ripped off the blade of the Cursed Sword and sealed Rimmer's wound.

"Heuk... "

Rimmer fell backwards, and the golden figure supported his back.

"Y, you're late."

"I apologize. I overslept a bit."

Raon, who had erased the flames and revealed his figure, smiled faintly.

"Leave it to me now."

"You really are..."

Rimmer realized that he was being given the same words he had said to Raon in front of the Blood Raving Demon, and he burst out laughing before closing his eyes.


Raon carefully picked up Rimmer and handed him over to Dorian.

"Y, you..."

The Dragon Swordmaster felt Raon's aura change drastically and took a step back.

"Even if you've reached Grandmaster, it's futile! I am...!”

Raon didn't answer him and drew Heavenly Drive.

A thousand flames connected to the sky.

Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation: Thousand Flames. 

Flawless Golden Strands.

The flames of the Fire God dwelled in Raon's eyes, which were turning golden.


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