IBRV (Novel) Chapter 149

C 149


The moment Erno Etham's toe touched the central pillar supporting the round table, the table in front of him broke and fell to the ground.



Due to the sudden collapse, the feet of several nobles who couldn't escape in time were crushed by the fallen table.

"Oh, it was an accident," Erno Etham muttered softly.

There were screams here and there, but Erno Etham remained quite composed.

He lightly slapped the man's cheek with his palm as he lifted his head.


The man's cheek turned with a harsh sound. It was quite different from the gentle touch it appeared to be.

"My hand slipped," Erno Etham said.

"How can you be so rude...?" The man opened his eyes and raised his head in annoyance. He had an angry expression on his face, as if he were about to throw his gloves at Erno Etham's face at any moment.

"Who's the rude one?"

"I beg your pardon?"

"I'm asking if what you did to my daughter wasn't rude."


The angry man burst into laughter and then clenched his teeth.

The noble who had just arrived from the countryside didn't know much about the fears of the Etham family.

Erno Etham's madness was hard to see unless you were close to him.

This was because his stern face, polite voice, and gentle manner of speaking made it seem like he led a somewhat normal social life.

"Which daughter are you referring to?"

So sometimes those who came from the provinces touched on Erno Etham's vices.

The same happened with this angry rural noble.

"How can a dragon be born of human blood?! Is it really a dragon in the first place? Ha, there's a widespread rumor that it's a lizard."

Erno Etham's mouth formed a rounded line. His face had become brighter.

"By just looking at her, it's clear she's related to a Suin! Erno Etham, I've heard the rumor that you're a scoundrel."

Erno Etham's mouth, which had been smiling, stiffened. It felt different from usual.

When Erno Etham gets angry, he puts a smile on his face. In reality, if you think about it, it's a habit.

It was a habit formed through a long-standing promise.

Erno Etham blinked slowly as a memory suddenly came to his mind. Clear laughter echoed in his ears.

"[Erno, you know. You're really scary when you get angry. How about smiling instead? I married and had a child, but if you put that expression on every time you get angry, it's a bit...]
[... There are so many things you want.]
[You're lucky to have me up to this point. So, is it a promise?]
[... I'll do my best, then, what should I do about that expression?]
[Expression? What kind of expression are you talking about?]
[That facial expression that makes it impossible to refuse someone.]"

Dahlia lightly laughed at Erno Etham's words. Erno Etham frowned.

[Why are you laughing?]
[I give this look to everyone. Does this look like an expression that forces you to agree?]
Asked Dahlia, smiling mischievously as she leaned her face close to mine.
[... a little.]
[Do you know why that is?]
[If you're going to say something strange, stop it.]"

Erno Etham sighed and took a step forward.

"[Because you like me. You can't refuse me because you like me.]"

Dahlia laughed in front of Erno Etham as if she were telling a very interesting story.

At that moment, Erno Etham simply laughed as if it were absurd. However, there was no rebuttal.

And from that day on, whenever Erno Etham got angry, an awkward smile appeared on his face.

It has been like that for a long time, until it became a habit.

"How dare you use your hands carelessly!" The man who had been speaking alone raised his voice once more.

The noise snapped Erno Etham out of his thoughts, and he looked forward. Instead of responding with coldness, he turned his head slightly.

Sometimes I think about it.

Erno Etham held the small fork placed on the side and placed two of them on top of each other.

Even dogs are good at distinguishing between opponents...

Erno Etham held the man by the shoulder with a cold and stiff expression.

Why are there people in the world who are worse than animals?


The man's mouth opened wide.

The man's body trembled slightly as he opened his mouth so that his jaw joint fell out.

The sharp fork in Erno Etham's hand barely reached the man's throat.

Was what you said a moment ago justified?


The man pressed his lips without even being able to move his tongue.

You could mock very well with that loose mouth.

Erno Etham's gaze slowly scanned the audience.

Whenever their eyes met, people avoided his gaze. In the distance, the emperor sighed wearily.

However, the fact that he didn't bother to block it means that he also noticed this strange current.

Before, he couldn't pay attention to the girl because he was trying to organize his mind due to discomfort.

"It's unpleasant, as if someone had been digging in his head."

He felt an unpleasant sensation from the girl. It felt as if someone was whispering to him to hate the girl.

Yes, that whisper...

The most unpleasant thing was that it was messing with his late wife, Dahlia.

How much do you think your dirty mouth can hurt my daughter?

Erno Etham loved his daughter. That's it. From the beginning, he liked the girl.

He could see her wiping away tears firmly and saying she was okay, and he could see her crying and still saying what she wanted to say.

Did I look funny when I stood still?

He pressed the sharp fork against the man's throat. The man's eyes turned red, and he began to struggle.

However, he couldn't move properly for fear of the fork being stuck in his neck.

It's not so hard to rip your head off. I can also dig your rear hole and reveal everything inside you.

The man shuddered at the cold voice.

Erno Etham let out a brief sigh.

She's not a child you can talk about freely with that light mouth.

Don't judge my daughter as you please.

Erno Etham added, lightly scratching the man's throat with the fork's tip.


Blood spurted from the man's screaming throat.

Make sure to think carefully before speaking and using your mouth.

He slightly pulled out the bloodstained fork.

Since the wound was only inside the throat, he won't die, but it will be difficult for him to eat properly for a while.

My daughter will become the matriarch of the Etham family...

Erno Etham chuckled slyly.

All who are of Etham blood will obey my daughter's words, act, and protect that girl.

The words of the matriarch of the Etham family meant everything to Etham.

If he wanted, he could block businesses, confiscate supplies, and destroy the commercial sector.

It wouldn't be very difficult to block the future of a rural noble who had nothing.

Make sure to climb where you can climb.

Erno Etham murmured quietly and turned slightly.

What an accident...

The emperor sighed softly.

Erno Etham clicked his tongue briefly, stood in front of him, and bowed.

I don't feel well, so I'll just go back. I need to go to the mansion and check something.

...Alright, you can go.

The emperor waved his hand.

It was as if he wanted the problem to disappear immediately. Erno Etham didn't necessarily reject the emperor's words.

Then, I bid farewell.

Erno Etham's eyes glowed strangely like those of a beast.

He let out a sigh and left the banquet hall, walking calmly among the departing people.

I need to know what's going on.

If any problem arose, it was necessary to check other things in the family as well.

[I died because of that girl.]

He heard hallucinations in his head.

A vision appeared before his eyes.

Right now, the person he buried a long time ago was begging in front of him with a tearful face.


[Then why don't you hate that girl? I wanted to live with you... With you, with my children...]

She said, with that unique expression that made it impossible to refuse.

Erno Etham's steps suddenly stopped in the palace corridor.

Erno Etham moved his lips but then paused.

[If I knew I was going to die...]

Dhalia was crying.

[I wouldn't have had that girl.]

Whispering things she would never say.

Suddenly, Erno Etham wanted to know the truth.

The truth about Eirin.

The truth about Dahlia.

About the truth that was buried long ago.

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