TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 542

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

 Chapter 542


Raon stepped back, glancing at the neck of the Evil Goat Demon with a brief flick of his tongue.

'I underestimated him.'

He couldn't wield his sword perfectly because of Runaan. The Evil Goat Demon's neck was cut and blood spattered, but it wasn't a deep wound.

"Raon Zieghart."

A voice filled with joy came from the Evil Goat Demon's helmet.

"So you've finally come. I've been waiting for you."

The Evil Goat Demon wiped the blood from his neck and spread his arms as if to welcome him.

"Evil Goat Demon… No."

Raon twisted his lips as he looked at the violet eyes shining in the Evil Goat Demon's helmet.

"Should I call you Syria Sullion?"


The Evil Goat Demon took off the goat-shaped helmet. Despite his handsome appearance, there was something unsettling about Syria's elongated smile.

"How did you know?"

"Because you're the only one who can pull off this bullshit."

Runaan, who was forced to wear the Baphomet's helmet, was surrounded by dark aura, and in the other room, the unconscious figures of Rokan and Clara could be felt.

The only person who could ruin the House Sullion like this was Syria Sullion, an insider.

'Now the puzzle pieces fall into place.'

That's why the Evil Goat Demon's aura felt strangely familiar when he first met him while saving Federick.

Ice cream girl!

Wrath flew to Runaan and trembled his lips.

That good-for-nothing trash!

Wrath exuded a terrible murderous aura, as if he would tear Syria's throat out if he had a physical body.

Raon frowned as he looked at Runaan, who was floating in the air.

'Soul Eater....'

Just as he fought the Draconian in the mental world while wearing the Dragon's helmet when he was kidnapped by Eden, Runaan was now clearly battling Baphomet, the owner of that helmet, in the mental world.

'I have to help her.'

He didn't know how to help, but he had to cut off Syria Sullion's neck as quickly as possible and give Runaan strength and figure out a solution.

He bit his lip and clenched Heavenly Drive in his hand with all his strength.

"So you know I saved your life. Why do you think I did that?"

"Shut up."

"It was for this very moment."

Syria pointed at Runaan, who was convulsing with her finger.

"I thought that spending time with you would help Runaan reach the realm of Master faster. You've helped me quite a bit too."

He clapped his hands, saying there was no need to be thankful.

"However, the day has come for my sister to break the shell, so you are no longer needed."

Syria stepped forward. Crimson aura erupted from the Evil Goat Demon's shoulders, which were covered in thorns.

It felt heavy and fierce, as if the skin were being torn apart.


Raon drew the Blade of Requiem with his left hand.

He's strong.

Whether he was hiding his strength from the beginning or grew in the meantime, Syria's aura was now surpassed that of Cloud, the disciple of the Holy Sword Union leader.

But there was no fear in his thoughts.


The emotions of wrath that had been buried deep in his soul erupted like a firecracker and spread throughout his body.

His heart pounded rapidly, and an indescribable monster seemed to turn his insides upside down.

Anger. Wrath’s anger was connected to his emotions and was raging like crazy.

" Why the hell is there an Eden's monster here? And that's Runaan!"

Martha trembled her eyes as she looked back and forth between Syria and Runaan.

"Runaan's parents are inside. Please rescue them."

He pointed to the left room where Rokan and Clara were unconscious.

"I, I will!"

Dorian on the ground pointed at himself with his finger.

"Also Sullion's swordsmen will soon be here. Stop them from coming this way."

"Oh, understood."

Dorian nodded and played a long flute.


The clear sound echoed endlessly.


"We made it when you were gone. Soon, the entire Light Wind Division will be here."

Martha reassured him and jumped into the collapsed wall.

"We don't have much time for each other."

As Syria smiled and stretched out his hand, a greatsword as tall as a grown man rose from the crushed ground.

As he grabbed the greatsword, black flames of aura erupted from the blade. No doubt about it. The current Syria was stronger than Cloud.

"Then let's finish this quickly."

The moment Syria tried to approach, Raon plunged Heavenly Drive and the Blade of Requiem into the cracked ground.

Incomplete Sword Field Creation.

"Divine and Demonic Harmonization."

His voice, filled with anger, distorted the flow of the world.

The mental world, which had grown a level further, opened up, and the sky and earth shook.

A red sun and a blue moon rose, and under their mysterious light, two swords, one burning with flames and the other with frost, appeared in Raon's outstretched hands.

"...Sword field creation?"

Syria's eyes widened as if he had seen something he couldn't believe.

"So that's how you defeated the disciple of the Holy Sword Union leader?"

He finally understood and twisted his lips.

"But I'm different from him..."

The moment Syria opened his mouth, Raon kicked the ground. He rushed in like a tiger and swung the Divine Sword down at his head.

"You're quite hasty!"

As Syria raised his lips, the flames of aura burning from the greatsword condensed and creating a cluster of dark brilliance. It was a barrier made of astral sphere.


The flames of the Divine Sword and the barrier embedded in the greatsword clashed, creating a terrifying shockwave that exploded. The ground that seemed to be firmly packed cracked, and the walls crumbled.


Raon protected Runaan from the shockwave and slashed Syria's neck with his left-handed Demonic Sword.


Syria drew a mysterious spell with his left hand, which was not holding the greatsword.

Black tendrils sprouted from his left shoulder and blocked the blade of the Demonic Sword.

"Don't you know? Baphomet can use both magic and martial arts..."

"So what?"

Raon held his breath. He leaned forward and contracted the muscles of his entire body.

He poured the boiling wrath into the Divine Sword and Demonic Sword and pressed down on Syria.


The Divine Sword, burning like hellfire, pushed away Syria's greatsword, and the cold air as harsh as a winter storm cut off the black tendrils.

"Sword field creation, it's certainly unexpected, but..."

Syria let out a sinister laugh and twisted his body like an eel.

He deflected the aura of the Divine Sword and Demonic Sword and swung the greatsword horizontally. The smoothly rising astral sphere, like a black pearl, simultaneously pushed away the divine sword and the demonic sword.

"You are still inexperienced."

Raon didn't fall for Syria's provocation. He stepped forward as he was pushed back and twisted the wrists holding the Divine Sword and Demonic Sword.


The principle of dual swordsmanship he learned from Sheryl was combined with the the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation, creating immense pressure.


The astral sphere, dominating the space, created a tremor as if it were about to burst, blocked by the Divine Sword and Demonic Sword.

The clash of aura distorted the axis, and the walls and ceiling collapsed like dried cookies.

"Damn it! I thought I was going to die!"

Just as Raon gritted his teeth and tried to move forward, Martha came out carrying Rokan and Clara on her shoulders.

Blood dripped endlessly from her forehead and shoulders. She seemed to have gone through a fierce battle as well.

"I'll take Runaan too! You must win no matter what!"

Martha grabbed the still convulsing Runaan by the neck and climbed up the collapsed wall.

"Where are you going! Runaan is mine!"

Syria seemed to have forgotten that he was fighting Raon and stretched out his left arm, emitting a black flash of light towards Martha. It was the high-level magic, Hand of Darkness.


Raon raised the Divine Sword and created a wall of flames. The pillar of fire that erupted from the ground blocked the Hand of Darkness.


The dense flames and the mana of darkness clashed, creating violet sparks that covered the air.


Raon didn't miss the gap as Syria's gaze turned away, and slashed his thigh with his left-handed Demonic Sword.


Even though flesh was ripped off and blood was gushing out, Syria aimed his magic at Martha's back.

"Don't touch what's mine!"

"You disgusting bastard."

Raon frowned as he looked at Syria.

"Runaan is not yours."

From the first moment they met, Raon knew that Syria was obsessing over Runaan. However, seeing it now, it was beyond obsession, it was madness. Instead of vomiting disgust, Raon filled his wrath into his swords.


The flames and frost condensed in the divine and demonic swords exploded, tearing through Syria's magic.

Even though he was barely defending himself with his greatsword and dark barrier, he didn't take his eyes off Runaan.


Raon let go of the demonic sword that was blocked by Syria's barrier. He clenched his left fist and punched the bastard's jaw, who was calling out Runaan's name.


The sound of bones and teeth breaking echoed as Syria was thrown back and slammed into the ground.


Red-stained teeth fell out of Syria's mouth. But even in excruciating pain, he cried out Runaan's name.


Raon blocked Syria's sight and swung down the divine sword.


Syria rolled like a worm to avoid the sword and stood up, grabbing the wall.

"You dog of Zieghart, get out of my way!"

He grabbed the greatsword with both hands and chanted a strange spell.


Black mana particles gathered from the heavens and earth and seeped into Syria's body.

His aura surged like a tsunami, and the size of the astral sphere burning from the greatsword more than doubled.


Syria rushes in, swinging his greatsword back. The ground crumbles and the flow of mana is distorted.

He was unleashing his full power without thinking about the consequences.

It wasn't just his aura that had gotten stronger. From the greatsword he was wielding from behind, one could sense the mastery of the heavy and longsword principles that had been honed to the extreme.

Typically, the strategy would be to evade such brute charges and counterattack, but this time, Raon didn't want to retreat.

Whether he was possessed by Baphomet or not, he wanted to crush this perverted bastard who was obsessed with his sister through sheer strength.


Raon stepped on his left foot. He synchronized the beating of his muscles and aura in one breath and swung down both the divine and demonic swords.


The concentrated astral sphere collided head-on with heat and cold, creating a powerful storm of mana.

The floor and ceiling were erased, and the sky opened up as if it had been punched through.


Syria's strength and aura were monstrous, as befitting a Grandmaster, but Raon didn't budge an inch.

He used the sword field creation and expending a considerable amount of aura, and even though he consumed a substantial amount of aura by wielding the sword with all his might, a paradoxical outcome unfolded. Instead of being drained, an even more potent force surged within him.


The energy he had received from Wrath seeped into his soul, giving him the power to melt his reason.

Normally, he would have used the Ring of Fire to suppress it, but now, he stopped the Ring of Fire and embraced it.


It felt as if not blood but anger was rushing through his veins. The overwhelming emotion of wrath penetrated from fingertips to the brain.


Wrath was saying something, but he didn't care.

"I will Kill you!"

Raon, enveloped in a sense of omnipotence as if he could do anything, ignited a determination to kill the trash before him.


The flames of the divine sword and the frost of the demonic sword, fueled by his anger, erupted as if to reach the ends of the sky.


Raon, unable to control his anger, crushed Syria.

"T, this, how..."

Syria, who had exerted all of his astral sphere, opened his eyes in disbelief, as if he had never imagined being pushed back from such power.


Raon slashed through Syria's abdomen, who was pushed back, with pure killing intent.


The armor, harder than steel, was ripped apart, and blood gushed out of the roughly cut wound.


Syria stepped back with his greatsword. Confusion and doubt filled his trembling eyes.

"Y, you are..."

"Do you know how much hardship that kid has endured?"

Raon gnashed his teeth as he approached Syria.

"Do you know how much time she spent wielding her sword and suffering in order to erase the trauma she received from you?"

Having watched over Runaan from the side, he knew. That girl endured the pain of being stabbed by a knife every day, but she never showed it.

She didn't want to show her sadness to her parents or her comrades, so she erased her expression and endured the sadness alone.

He knew how much emotion she was hiding behind the simple words of wanting to eat ice cream, so he couldn't forgive Syria.

"The reason Runaan learns defensive swordsmanship is also because of you. She's a kid who chooses to block first rather than wield her sword to protect her parents from someone like you!"

He clenched his teeth and gripped the divine and demonic swords again.

"You have no worth in existing in this world."

"Shut up! Don't utter Runaan's name with your filthy mouth!"

Syria roared and raised his greatsword. A formidable astral sphere, unlike anything seen before, surged above the worn blade. It seemed to be swirling with a chilling darkness, as he poured all his remaining fighting spirit and mana into it.

"Runaan is mine!"

"That girl doesn't belong to anyone."

Raon jumped into the swirling dark astral sphere that seemed ready to explode and crossed the divine and demonic swords.

Raon Zieghart Style Swordsmanship.

Sixth Form:  Divine and Demon Harmonization, Linked Technique - Red and Blue Invincible Sword.

As if an upright stroke of a giant brush, the divine and demonic swords descended firmly, drawing red and blue lines on the canvas called the world.


The red flames and blue frost intertwined as if they were originally one color, emitting a magnificent light.


The overwhelming astral sphere, as if ready to engulf heaven and earth, split apart, and Syria's arms were torn away.


Syria screamed as he was slammed into the ground. A torrent of vicious blood gushed from his torn arms.

"Syria Sullion!"

Raon, seeing Syria's face that looked like he was about to die, still not satisfied, rushed forward like a beast.


Raon grabbed Heavenly Drive and the the Blade of Requiem that were released from the sword field and stabbed them into Syria's shoulder and hammered his fist onto the scoundrel's face.


The ground cracked, but his anger only fueled the flames. He used his endless anger as fuel and pummeled Syria's face repeatedly.

Kwang! Kwaaaang!

With each punch, Syria's cheekbones shattered, his nose crushed, and his teeth were knocked out.


Syria rolled his eyes back and let out a sound that was neither a scream nor a laugh.


A bloody smile, tainted with the warmth of blood, bloomed on Raon's lips. The boiling rage burning in his brain screamed at him. It told him to kill the bastard, to kill him with the utmost pain.

Responding to that will, Raon ruthlessly and cruelly battered Syria's entire body....


As Raon was about to smash Syria's collarbone with his fist, Wrath appeared before his eyes.

Come to your senses!


You idiot!

Warth’s yelling voice echoed, and at that moment, the narrowing field of view expanded, and Raon regained his senses.

What are you doing right now! This is not the time to waste time on this perverted bastard!

He hit the back of his head, saying that wasn't he going to save Runaan.


Only then did the anger that had been controlling his body and mind subside.


Raon spat out a thick wad of blood. Perhaps due to the aftermath of surrendering to wrath, he felt weak, and intense pain spread throughout his body.

You still have a long way to go in mastering it!


No, there's no time to be angry now. Move quickly!

Wrath raised his hand, telling him to hurry up and go up.

'I'm sorry...'

Raon bit his lip and turned around. He crawled up the collapsed space.


As he climbed up to the ground, he saw Dorian blocking the House Sullion's swordsmen with various equipment.

Next to him was Martha, who was forcibly holding back Runaan, who was getting up.

"Why did you come so late! Quickly block them!"

Martha was crying tears of blood, perhaps from overexertion, and Runaan was roughly pushing Martha away while wearing Baphomet's helmet.

Black mana spread around her.


Raon's lips trembled as he saw the purple light in the helmet.

'Is it too late?'

His hands lost their strength and he dropped Heavenly Drive and the Blade of Requim. His head was dizzy, and the regret of giving in to his anger came flooding back.

'Wrath, is there any way…'

Hmm, I don't know… in that state…

Wrath also bit his lip as if he didn't know what to do.

"Runaan. I..."

As Raon watched Runaan transforming like a demon, he bit his lip. At that moment, a mole popped out from under his foot.

"It's not too late yet."

The mole rubbed its head and nodded. It was Merlin's voice.

"Go. I'll help you."

"How are you here..."

"That's not important right now. If you wait any longer, you really won't be able to get her back."

She waved her hand, telling him to hurry up.


Biting his lip, Raon pounded the crumpled ground. Placing his hand on the Baphomet helmet that Runaan was wearing after pushing Martha away.

"Get lost."

Runaan's voice echoed, fractured as if it came from hell.

The moment she raised her blackened blade to stab him, Merlin's mana seeped in, and everything before his eyes turned pure white.


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