TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 208


However, Cale couldn't help the growing irritation.

"What? A warning? Do they want to blow up the academy?"

Damn it, not even 'Arm' did such a thing.

And does sending a warning in advance even make sense?

Cale's face twisted in a way he couldn't hide. The wolf, Lock, observed Cale's reaction with a closed mouth.

Cale opened his mouth, and a dull voice came out.

"Raon, is there information that they are tracking the culprit who sent the warning?"

"Yes, and they say they caught him!"

What? There was a moment of doubt in Cale's eyes.

"What did I just hear?"

Unconsciously, he looked at Raon.

Raon spoke with joy.

"They say they caught the culprit who sent the warning, and the Crown Prince thinks you should know. He even sent you a message about it!"


A sigh escaped his mouth.

"Who is the culprit?"

"They say he is coming to the capital and wants to talk to you there."

Cale understood the meaning of those words immediately.

'Seems like it's not a big deal.'

So there was no need to contact immediately; they simply planned to talk when they arrived in the capital.


Cale met the Crown Prince casually.

"Who was the culprit?"


Upon hearing that question, Alberu let out a laugh that sounded like a sigh.

"It was the kids."

"Academy students?"

"Yes, but not from the Roan Academy."

The incident went like this.

Cale Henituse.

The news of the Hero's speech spread quickly beyond the Roan Academy, reaching the capital and other nearby academies. As a result, some envious students from private academies decided to send such a warning letter. Expecting that if the speech is canceled or postponed, the event will take place at their academy.


Cale crossed his arms. He couldn't understand it.

"Your Majesty."

"What's up?"

"Does my speech have so much significance for it to reach that point?"

Cale, who asked the question, shuddered.


Stopping abruptly while signing documents, Alberu stared at him.



"You are more popular than me."


"Moreover, I'm sure you are the most popular in both the western and eastern continents."


"You're probably more popular than most Gods-"

"You can stop now."


The conversation closed cleanly. Cale got up from his seat. At that moment, Alberu informed him about the end of the warning incident.

"The students from that academy will receive punishments according to the rules. And just to be safe, we decided to reinforce the perimeter around the academy. Additionally, we decided to broadcast in real-time through visual communication the scene of your speech to other academies as well."

Wait a moment. Was there something strange at the end?

Cale, surprised, looked at Alberu, but he only showed a bright smile.

"What's wrong?"

"Hmm, how far are you going to share my speech?"

"Well... Shouldn't it be broadcast in the Capital Square too?"

Cale stopped. His gaze went to the mountains of stacked documents and the Omnipotent Spear in a corner of Alberu's office.


The spear continuously made the sound of a running machine. The Taerang AI was in the process of being updated to run the game "Raising My Precious Absolute God" here. Cale tilted his head in silence.

"No. I don't like the capital."

"Well, I blocked the requests from people."


"Dongsaeng, do you want to be Prime Minister?"


Cale looked at Alberu with truly resentful eyes. This time, Alberu stopped. Although Cale's complexion noticeably improved after returning from the Central Plains, his somewhat wounded eyes somehow made Alberu's heart ache.

"...I was too harsh."

Alberu apologized, and Cale readily accepted it.

"Yes, it was harsh."

The two looked at each other silently before moving again to return to their respective matters.

"The speech is the day after tomorrow."


The day Cale and Alberu would meet again would be the day after tomorrow, the day of the speech at the Academy.

"Cale, you don't have to worry about anything in particular."

When Cale was about to leave, Alberu's voice came from behind.

"We already went through that last year. There won't be any more issues in Roan."

After the battle with the White Star and facing the Hunters now, there was no reason for anything to happen in the Academy where the students gathered. That's what Cale and Alberu knew.

"...I think the same."

Cale agreed with Alberu's words and left. But his expression was quite gloomy.


Somehow, he felt uneasy. So, Cale gave instructions to Ron, who accompanied him to the capital.

"Ron, check if there are any new rumors circulating around the capital and the academy. Can you do that?"

The Molan Family, controlling the eastern continent. They were transforming from an assassination organization to an information organization. And that information network had now expanded to the western continent too. Cale ordered this as if it were natural, and Ron Molan accepted the order without saying a word.

"Young Master, then I'll take the liberty of stepping out for a moment. Is that okay?"

"Yes, that's fine."

Before tomorrow's speech, Cale had unfinished business to take care of in the capital. He visited the location designated by Crown Prince Alberu, a place where only a few selected individuals could enter, such as Raon and On, Hong, and even Lock.


The thick iron door opened, and upon entering, someone was waiting for him.

"Have you come?"

It was Beacrox.

Sss. Taking off the white gloves from his hands, he ascended from below ground. Cale, who shivered for a moment, asked the question without much concern.

"Where is everyone?"

"I'll take you to them."

Cale obediently followed Beacrox. There was no other choice. Although he didn't know what Beacrox had done, Beacrox was peeling off the gloves layer by layer.

'No need to interrogate anyone, right?'

He hadn't given any orders, so why would Beacrox wear three layers of white gloves? Cale had a sudden idea.

'Cale, how about we educate this Beacrox too?'

Team Leader Lee Soo Hyuk. Cale, thinking of Sui Khan, opened his mouth.

"Where is Sui Khan?"

"He's in the basement."

A moment ago, it was reported that Sui Khan was in the basement where Beacrox had just ascended.

Cale looked at Beacrox. His body was quite soaked in sweat. It wasn't the neat and clean appearance that Beacrox considered important.


A corner of Cale's mouth lifted slightly.

He didn't know exactly how things were going, but at least one thing was clear.

'Learn well.'

Lee Soo Hyuk had chosen Beacrox as his successor.

Tolerance was for Cale.

And for Beacrox.

Beacrox suddenly stopped and stood still. Cale thought it was something new and a bit amusing to see Beacrox standing like that, so he patted him on the shoulder.

He conveyed words of encouragement.

"I think that power suits you well."

Of course, he was sincere.

Beacrox, who had been silent, opened his mouth. His rough voice came out. It sounded a bit gruff.

"They say that power goes well with stubborn people."

Then, he turned around and looked at Cale.

Cale blinked at Beacrox's sharp gaze.

And thought.

"Oh, how did he know?"

According to Beacrox's words, Cale had said that because he thought Beacrox's stubbornness, wanting to fight with a giant sword, would fit well with that power.



Wordless to respond, Cale stared at Beacrox, and Beacrox looked away soon.

Then, he took firm steps.

Cale followed him in silence. Therefore, he couldn't see Beacrox's face.

Instead, he could hear his rough words.

"I'll prepare steak for dinner."

"Yes, I'm sure it'll be delicious."

Cale replied quickly as he observed Beacrox's actions.

And then, he entered hastily into his destination, the living room.


Durst, the Xiaolen Priest, greeted Cale with a bright face.

This was the location where the Xiaolen Priest Durst, Blood Cult Successor Myung, the former priestess, and the current priestess were staying.

"And where's Toonka?"

And one of them was not present.

"He's in the basement."

Cale shivered at the words Beacrox had conveyed to him from behind.

"...Is Team Leader and Toonka in the same place?"

And Beacrox too?

What are the three of them doing together?

Cale didn't like to think about it, so he simply ignored it. Instead, he looked at the three people he had brought from the Central Plains and said.

"Let's have separate talks."


"Is the Princess of Orsena not improving?"

Cale's gaze was still directed towards the youngest princess of Orsena, who kept staring into space.

When he saw the youngest princess in the Blood Cult, she looked thin and frail, but now her condition had improved a bit.

Well, she was still thin.

The former priestess who caught his gaze nodded.

"What exactly is a Priestess?"

The former priestess had quite wrinkled face and neck despite her white hair. But her hands and arms were still young.

She wasn't as old as she appeared.

Cale diverted his gaze from the mute woman and looked at Myung, a Blood Demon Successor Candidate.

He wanted her to be the one to answer everything.

"As far as you know."

To her question, Cale stated what he knew clearly.

"I heard that the role of a Priestess is to make people worship the Blood Demon or a being called God. And that the power of worship is necessary to create an Absolute God."

One of the requirements to make a God was that there were beings who worshipped it.

"There is another function besides that."

The only one left among the Candidates. Her complexion was pale.

She hesitated before speaking.

"...A vessel."

The worship towards the Absolute God or all the negative feelings of those who have died. The Priestess becomes a vessel containing them all.

"And when the Priestess's vessel is full, a new Priestess is crowned."

"What about the current Priestess?"

"I suppose she should offer what's in her vessel to the original owner."

The gaze of Cale shifted towards the former priestess.

The woman with the old face smiled faintly.

The voice of the candidate echoed.

"...It means death."

The vessel offers what it contains to its original owner. So the empty vessel left behind dies.

"Is the original owner the Absolute God?"

"So I believe. It is said to be offered to those seeking to become Absolute Gods."

The successor of the great Hunter lineage.

Is it offered to that existence?

Cale stared fixedly at Myung at the unclear words. At that gaze, Myung let out a sigh.

"I don't know much about it either. Because this task is carried out by a Hunter sent by the Five Colored Blood."

"Five Colored Blood?"

It had been a long time since Cale heard that name.

The five existing Hunter Families.

Black Blood. The Huaians Family of Xiaolen.

Blue Blood. The Blood Cult of the Central Plains.

Purple Blood. The Dragons of Apitoyu.

Transparent Blood. Transparent Co., Ltd identified in the Third World.

Five Colored Blood.

There wasn't much information about the Five Colored Blood.

Seeing Cale's gaze as if telling her to say more, Myung continued.

"If someone sent by the Five Colored Blood takes a Priestess away, I don't know the details that will follow. Unless it's the dead Blood Demon, I would understand. I've only heard that everything is dedicated to God."

The corner of Cale's lips lifted strangely.

"I see."

Myung stopped at the question posed with a twisted attitude.

"So, a Hunter sent by the Five Colored Blood will come to the Central Plains sooner or later, won't they? To take away the former priestess."


"But this time, they will fail. Since we have come here."


Cale asked Myung, who answered with dignity.

"What is the probability of the Five Colored Blood finding us?"

"Do you mean the probability of them coming to look for the Priestess?"

Myung tilted her head.

"There isn't. There is no way the Five Colored Blood can find the Priestess."

"Are you sure?"

At the direct question, Myung paused for a moment but soon answered firmly.

"Yes, I am. The Blood Demon didn't like the Five Colored Blood keeping an eye on her Priestesses. Just in case, maybe to catch some cunning tricks?"

"Hmm. If it's for that reason, it's somewhat believable."

Five Colored Blood. Information about them was too scarce.

"How many people usually come to take the Priestess?"



"As far as I know, it was always two. The Blood Demon didn't allow an approach of more than that."


At Cale's question, Myung finally closed her mouth on this occasion.

And sank into a brief reflection.

To Cale, who was waiting patiently, Myung responded.

"I don't know much about the Five Colored Blood. I haven't experienced it directly like the Apitoyu World."

One of the reasons Cale brought Myung was because she had visited Apitoyu.

Especially, she was said to have gone to the mansion where the Purple Blood Family Leader, the Dragon Lord, lives.

Myung spoke.

"But the Blood Demon called it a wall."

"A wall?"

"It can't be overcome."

Cannot be overcome. Did the Blood Demon seriously consider the Five Colored Blood as such?

Cale's expression became more serious.

He focused on Myung's voice.

"The Five Colored Blood is a group of pure humans, according to them. But not humans, they transcend humans."

"Transcend humans?"

"That's right."

Myung hesitated again.

"...And so, I thought they were not human."

"What does that mean?"

If it's a group of humans, how can they not be human? Faced with the incomprehensible words, Cale's forehead furrowed, and Myung sighed.


"It's okay if it's your assumption. Speak freely."

Was Cale's statement effective in this regard? Myung, who was hesitant, finally opened her mouth.

"You, do you know about the Wanderers?"


Although it was a sudden statement, Cale knew some wanderers.

Choi Jung Gun.

Choi Jung Soo.

'Single-lifers' who had the ability to become Gods but rejected that opportunity.

They were sometimes called Wanderers.

'It can't be...'

When Cale's expression stiffened, Myung continued speaking.

"The Blood Demon spoke like that about the Five Colored Blood."

Since she was the candidate who had been closest to the Blood Demon for the longest time, Myung knew quite a bit about it, she had even visited Apitoyu.

"The Five Colored Blood exists everywhere and at the same time nowhere.

The world they reside in doesn't exist, and they wander without a fixed destination.

Moreover, they are not affected by time or fate. That's why they can deceive the eyes of the Gods.

Even the Gods wouldn't know their true identity."

Upon hearing this, Myung thought about the true identity of the Five Colored Blood.

And as a result.

"I think Wanderers are the most likely option among beings who can do such things."

Cale said involuntarily.

"But aren't the Hunters the ones who pursue the Wanderers?"

So, wasn't Cale the one worried that Choi Han might be in danger?

And Choi Jung Soo and Choi Jung Gun are against the Hunters by helping the God of Death and others.

Moreover, don't they have the qualification to become Gods?

Why would they reject it and try to create an Absolute God?

'Absolute God.'

Suddenly, the meaning of this word seemed different to Cale.

God and Absolute God.

What is the difference?

'And I haven't met all the Wanderers.'

Cale hasn't met all the Wanderers.

Wanderers. How many could there be?

Cale didn't know.

Moreover, he didn't really know anything about the Five Colored Blood.

The Blood Demon didn't say anything about it.

Even the Gods probably wouldn't know the true identity of the Five Colored Blood.

"Haha, hahaha-"

Myung laughed for the first time. She looked at Cale as if he were a pure existence and said to him.

"Is it strange that the Hunters kill the Wanderers?"

She asked Cale.

"Then, do humans not kill other humans?"

At the moment Cale was left speechless.

"Even if they are of the same race, there are many humans who would kill their own kind for profit."

Myung kept laughing as she spoke what she had discovered for herself.

Cale's reaction seemed really new to her.


The morning at the academy was bright.

It was the first day of classes.



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