TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 212


Alberu looked at Cale in disbelief as he uttered harsh words.

"I told you to just come down quietly," Alberu said.

"I thought you were asking me to explain before coming down," Cale defended himself.

An exchange of glances between Alberu and Cale took place in the Academy Plaza, but communication between them was not smooth. Due to a misunderstanding on Cale's part, he spoke some things about the current situation from the podium, and as a consequence, Cale was now raising his voice at Alberu.

Alberu stared at Cale as if he were amazed. "Are you angry with me now?"

Cale closed his mouth. The Crown Prince looked at him and clicked his tongue.

"No, then why did you mention saving the world?"

"Well, what should I have said?" Cale wanted to say, but Alberu stepped forward and spoke for himself.

"Why didn't you say it was an Arm-related incident? Then people wouldn't be so anxious and wouldn't pay much attention to you, right?"

Cale had no arguments to refute that.

"It's true that this is related to Arm," he thought.

Because the enemy behind Arm was the Hunters, and after discovering those behind him, and them touching the Royal Palace, various incidents accumulated and led to the current situation.

What Alberu said was true.

Moreover, if Cale had spoken that way, people would have come to their own conclusions appropriately. People tend to get more accustomed to continuous states than to new approaches, even if the danger is greater.

"Well, lying would be wrong, but you could have cleverly hidden it. Why broaden the scope of events?"


Despite the praises and cheers for Cale intensifying after this incident, Alberu had to handle all the consequences. After all, Cale was in the arms of the Roan Kingdom, and the person representing Roan was Alberu.

Ding, ding!

The Crown Prince's video communication channel was constantly ringing. Although the assistants were constantly filtering communications, communication requests kept coming in from all over the Eastern and Western Continents.

Alberu's expression became sharper.

Cale glanced at Alberu sideways and moved away from him.

Alberu spoke up. "I'm leaving."

He sighed and ran his hands over his face.

"I plan to gather representatives from each kingdom soon to share the truth to some extent."


"I'm saying we should organize a conference. Do you know what that means? Right?"

Alberu smiled brightly as he asked that question. Cale responded coldly.


It wasn't "yes," but "Yes!"

Alberu's radiant smile deepened, and Cale smiled back.



Crunch, crunch.

Raon, who was eating cookies, ignored the two.

"Both of you are weird!"

The two felt a strange emptiness in the words of the 7-year-old Dragon and stopped laughing. Instead, Alberu, rubbing his tired eyes, casually asked.

"For now, let's set aside the situation of the Kingdom."

Of course, the Kingdom's situation was currently very complicated. But it wasn't completely chaotic. In fact, despite the fear, it was filled with courage. Alberu considered this fortunate. At the same time, he realized that time had not passed without meaning.

'Because we've already overcome it once.'

The Roan Kingdom, a kingdom that had existed for a long time but was just there. Even from the outside, and also within the Kingdom, people were beginning to subconsciously realize that. However, Alberu believed that the greatest victory gained in the last years of war was the trust rooted in the hearts of the people of Roan and their faith in the Kingdom and this land. That would be the true strength of Roan's future, he believed.

Indeed, Alberu trusted in it.

Indeed, he trusted the people of Roan so much that he didn't hesitate to expand the size of the Roan Kingdom.

'Maybe this situation is even better.'

Alberu had been handling things with the absence of Cale and his companions in mind. Although he did not seek power through force, Alberu, aware of the attempts of neighboring nations to take advantage of the power vacuum in the Roan Kingdom, had been cautious without realizing it himself.

'In this situation, they would be harshly criticized if other countries tried to crush or contain Roan.'

Given the current atmosphere, Roan had already formed the image of being the protector of this world even after the Great War against the White Star.

'Isn't that the case, actually?'

Of course, this was a fact.

'All that effort is being made by Cale Henituse and his companions.'

The Roan Kingdom wasn't doing anything special. However, Alberu planned to subtly benefit from this atmosphere. Sometimes, the image was more powerful than military force.


Alberu was surprised. While thinking about how to benefit from this situation, Cale was looking at him with a bright smile. It was a look that completely understood what he was thinking.

"Don't look like that."

"How am I looking? Right now, I'm looking at you with a look of deep respect, you know?"


Better stop talking. Alberu gave up on the trivial conversation with Cale and casually asked.

"What happened with the Wanderer?"

Cale's expression stiffened.

"We haven't discovered the identity of the Wanderer who attacked us yet."

According to the words of Choi Jung Soo and Sui Khan, when they approached the Wanderer, they couldn't see his face.

"He was wearing a mask."

The opponent wore an animal mask within a robe.

"It was a cow."

A cow-shaped mask.

"Moreover, the God of Death said he would look into the list of Wanderers to see if the Five Color Blood Family is a group of Wanderers."

Cale remembered the exchange with the God of Death.

<Indeed, I had no idea.>

<Since Wanderers have experienced death once, I cannot directly pinpoint their location. Therefore, it will take some time to investigate the list.>

<However, if this turns out to be true, it will have a great impact on the entire God Realm.>

There will be chaos in the God Realm because Wanderers were individuals who, despite having the ability to become Gods, rejected becoming Gods and roamed as mercenaries.

<So, for now, take Cage on this Apitoyu expedition.>

The Excommunicated Priestess, Cage. Cale had to take her on this Apitoyu expedition.

<As you know, in Apitoyu, the connection with the other worlds was cut off after the last communication from Choi Jung Gun.>

<Although Holy Artifacts can communicate even in that world, it's better to take Cage just in case.>

The God of Death was even considering a situation where the Divine Mirror might not be usable. That's why he told Cale to take Cage.

"Mmm. Doesn't seem like there's an immediate answer."

Alberu, upon hearing the story, sighed softly and asked with a headache.

"So, this time, are you going back to the Duchy and leaving right away?"


Due to the Academy attack incident, Cale had to stay in the capital longer than planned. But now that the situation had calmed down a bit, it was time to leave.

"How many people? Did you say 50 people?"


The God of Death complied with Cale's request, although 100 were too many. He asked him to leave one seat empty.

"99 people."

When asked why it wasn't a hundred, the God of Death uttered strange words.

<You have to leave one seat empty just in case someone in that world, who might descend, needs it.>

Descend. The word sounded strange, so Cale sharply questioned it.

<I cannot tell you more.>
The God of Death did not reveal it to the end. No, he couldn't.

'It's a bit uncomfortable...'

...Maybe a God will descend? Cale's expression twisted at the memory of that moment. But soon, he stopped thinking deeper.

'It won't be an enemy, at least.'

Any being that the God of Death could summon would, at the very least, be an ally. Cale heard Alberu's voice.

"Aren't you going to say goodbye?"

At those words, Cale smiled ironically and replied.

"No. After all, you'll be busy playing that virtual game. Good luck."


Alberu simply showed a bright smile at that.

"Oh, this time our Human defeated the Crown Prince!"

Both ignored the words of the seven-year-old Dragon.


"Our Bishop, it's been a while."

"Yes, yes."

The Bishop who bears full responsibility for the Roan Church, which is under the control of the God of Death's Church. He looked at Cale and continuously sweated coldly.

"Was it difficult to get here?"

Cale asked kindly, and the Bishop quickly responded.

"No, it wasn't difficult at all."

"Good. I couldn't go to the Temple of the God of Death this time due to the large scale. Haha!"

"Yes, yes. Of course, it had to be me who came."

The Bishop swallowed saliva upon seeing the enormous black castle behind Cale and the massive Red Dragon curled up on the castle's roof.

He spoke urgently, feeling once again that he had come alone.

"What I saw today, I will keep it a secret, of course."


Cale tilted his head to the side. He was smiling.

"Bishop, why are you taking such an obvious story so seriously?"

The Bishop swallowed saliva. He thought that if he revealed what he had seen today somewhere, he might die at the hands of that smile.

'Damn. I should have stayed quiet!'

Cale's name had become increasingly known, and he wanted to be present when he moved on to the next world. But when Cale said he could do it alone this time, the Bishop felt obligated to accompany him. After all, Cale would use the power of the God of Death, and the Bishop needed to be there to oversee it.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the Excommunicated Priestess Cage standing next to Cale, but he then averted his gaze. Cage also felt uncomfortable and avoided the Bishop's gaze. The Bishop sighed.

'I've seen something so grand-'

When you become a Bishop, you can sense the strength of objects or people to a certain extent.

'The power of that Black Castle and the beings inside it-'

It's truly like a divine mountain.



"Please, look closely and convey the situation to His Highness the Crown Prince."

"Yes, yes."

In reality, the Bishop's role was to be Alberu's messenger. Alberu was busy with other matters, and the Bishop was someone he could trust.


Cale finished his conversation with the Bishop and turned to the voice calling him.

"Come back soon."

"It's fine."

Duchess Violan was there as the family representative. Of course, some tiger warriors stood around her as her escort.

"Take care."


Duchess Violan, hesitating for a moment, extended her hand toward Cale. Cale took it after a brief pause.

The Duchess bumped Cale's hand with her other hand.

"Don't overexert yourself. Your health and life are the most important. Understood?"


Cale replied respectfully. It was really uncomfortable, but he had no choice but to accept it.

"That's right."

Duchess Violan smiled faintly.

"Even if I tell you, you'll end up in dangerous situations or get hurt."

I don't intend to, you know?

Cale wanted to say that, but he didn't dare to say he had no intention of doing so given his history. So, as Cale hesitated...


He stopped. In Duchess Violan's stern gaze, Cale instinctively withdrew his hand.

"If you ever feel it's dangerous, leave."


"And stay hidden in the castle."

... In the Black Castle?

Cale sneakily looked at the Black Castle, which, according to the ducal couple, was undergoing renovations but didn't seem to have changed much. Although the castle had a noble look, it still looked ancient. There wasn't even a magical barrier visible on the castle walls.

That's why Cale didn't ask the ducal couple or Sheritt about it.

Because the Black Castle was more of an "extra," it wasn't the main line of defense.

Duchess Violan handed the blueprints to Cale as she spoke.

"So, the black castle will destroy anything that attacks the castle."

The Bishop's eyes trembled at the serious conversation.

At that moment, Cale smiled.

"I'll check the blueprints carefully."

With a rather satisfied expression, Duchess Violan didn't hide her pride. A small smile appeared on her serious face.

"Yes, because I've invested a good amount of money, so you should make it worthwhile."


Cale admired as Duchess Violan left without hesitation, and he bowed to her.

The Bishop wondered if this simple conversation was between a son heading to a dangerous place to save the world and a mother bidding him farewell.

But no one was concerned about the Bishop.

"Let's go."

Cale touched his Magic Mirror and said.

At that moment, the Forest of Darkness fell into stillness.

People different from usual approached Cale's side.

"We're ready."


On the right side, Eruhaben, enveloped in golden dust, appeared.

"I'm finished too."

On the left was the former Lord Sheritt, with her white hair loose, ready to pull out her shield at any moment.

Cale stood at the entrance of the Black Castle and looked back.

Choi Han and Raon were waiting on the castle wall.

And Mary in the window closest to the sky. And on the roof above, there was the Dragon Half-Blood.


Cale observed the figure of the Dragon Half-Blood, who tilted its head as if avoiding his gaze, but he didn't pay it much attention. Instead, he sighed at seeing Ron next to Mary.

'In the end, we couldn't talk.'

Since the incident at the Academy, he hadn't had time to converse with Ron and Beacrox.

'In Apitoyu, I have to make time for it.'

They wouldn't postpone this. They had to talk about Kim Rok Soo and Cale Henituse.

Uuuu--- Uuu---

With a strange sound, black lines started to extend from under Cale's feet. A black light drew a massive pattern. The momentum was different from previous movements. The moment the magical formation that enveloped both Cale and the Black Castle was finally completed...


The vibrations stopped. Cale realized the reason why the Forest of Darkness was silent. Monsters with only instinct left were holding their breath in response to this strange divine power.

As soon as he read the message, Cale saw the black light covering both him and the Black Castle. His eyes automatically closed. At that moment, the voice of the God of Death resonated in his head.

-Who knows how Apitoyu is.

A world where nothing could be predicted. A world ruled by Dragons.

-For now, the place you'll head to is the last place where Choi Jung Soo communicated from. That place is relatively stable, so Choi Jung Soo must have communicated from there.-

Choi Jung Soo, the First Dragon Slayer and Choi Han's ancestor. He was also missing, and Cale also had to search for him in Apitoyu.


Cale felt a familiar sensation and immediately opened his eyes.


Because he might face dangers immediately in this unknown world, Cale decided to have Lord Sheritt and Eruhaben on both sides of him.

'It's been a while.'

After a long time, his body was tense from the tension. It felt like when Kim Rok Soo, who had to survive in a world that had changed unpredictably, became a child. And he had to be in this state.


Cale had to protect and fight in that place.

The darkness began to clear.

He had arrived in Apitoyu.

At that moment, he saw the appearance of the world ruled by Dragons.


Cale stopped. Unconsciously, his body shrank.

'...Too cold?'

Everywhere was white. A scene of thick snow waving with the strong wind came into view along with the cold wind.

'It's very different from what I imagined.'

A slightly different landscape than expected appeared. It was at that moment...

"Oh, no."

Eruhaben sighed.

"...I can't use mana here."

What? What are you saying? Cale wanted to say that, but a strange sound echoed in the wind. An old man wrapped in a thick coat approached. Several others followed him.

The old man spoke as soon as he saw Cale.

"…Grand Duchy…?"


What? Grand Duchy?

Cale was bewildered.

"No, it can't be. No, that, that-"

However, the old man was more bewildered than Cale. Seeing that expression, Cale also became bewildered immediately. At that moment, the old man spoke hesitantly with an expression that seemed like he was about to cry.

"Did the descendants of the Grand Duchy come to reclaim the territory?"

Grand Duchy? Descendants? Territory?

In the midst of the landscape where the wind stirred the snow, Cale, as a reader of genre novels for many years, inadvertently uttered words that came to him without thinking.

"Northern Grand Duchy?"

The old man reacted to those words.

"As I thought, it's you! Ah, the revelation I saw in my dreams wasn't false!"

Faced with the intense reaction, Cale was left speechless and stood there, stunned.

-Human, are you cold? Sniff, I'm cold!

Listening to the voice of a 7-year-old child sniffing, Cale faced the cold wind for a while.

Until someone handed him a fur coat.


They started off on the wrong foot.




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