TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 548

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Chapter 548


Raon opened his mouth wide as he looked at Balder, who was touching his red forehead.

'What on earth happened?’

Balder, who was known to be second to none in terms of his foul temper in Zieghart, was cowering before the Gambling Monster like a mouse before a cat.

It was an unimaginable sight that left his head spinning.

“H, he hit the Special Inspector….”

“But why is the palace master staying still?”

“I, is this a dream?”

The members of the Light Wind and the members of the Special Inspection Unit were also perplexed and couldn’t take their eyes off the Gambling Monster and Balder.

Observing Balder, who had just been hit, Raon recalled Balder's words from a moment ago.

‘Instructor, perhaps….’

Judging from the fact that Balder used the title of instructor for the Gambling Monster, it seemed like they had a master-disciple relationship in the past.

‘Since the Gambling Monster is strong enough to belong to the high-ranking executives, it’s certainly possible.’

the Gambling Monster had not received any sanctions despite leaving the executive position on his own accord.

It meant that his accumulated achievements,strenght, and status were all high, so it wasn’t strange that he had taught Balder when he was young.

"W-what do you mean! You're only respectful in front of me, but you're still hit me behind my back!”

Balder took a step back, as if he didn’t want to be hit again, and lowered his gaze.

“The Special Inspector is indeed very picky. I did as you asked, so why are you complaining?”

The Gambling Monster approached Balder as he stepped back and flicked his forehead.


Along with a sound like a walnut cracking, Balder’s forehead turned even redder.


Balder, clearly shocked, groaned and shook his hand.

“Look! This time too, you were only respectful in front of me, but the hits are coming out from the back!”

“Special Inspector. Your head seems to have gotten harder. My fingers hurt more.”

The Gambling Monster blew on the finger he had flicked and frowned. He seemed to be ignoring whatever Balder said.

“I was respectful on both sides this time. Are you satisfied?”

“P-please stop it!”

Balder could only raise his voice and roll his eyes, unable to do anything about the Gambling Monster.


As Raon watched Balder, who seemed to have shrunk by half, he let out a dry laugh. He heard a refreshing sigh from behind.

Turning his head, he saw Rimmer sipping on beer.


"Isn't it amusing?”

Rimmer shook his beer glass, looking at Balder and the Gambling Monster alternately.

“Those two are master and disciple. Balder was under that old man for quite a long time.”

“I understand that, but it's surprising how the palace master is having a harder time than I thought.”

“He learned by being hit and beaten up from an even younger age than when you came to me.”


That makes sense. It's natural for someone who was scared of someone as a child to feel uncomfortable and afraid of them even as an adult.

"Of course, it's not just about getting beaten. Right before that old man retired, he taught Balder with great care. There must have been several occasions where he saved his life.”

“Even though they have such a relationship, I haven’t seen them together….”

“Do you think he wants to show his subordinates such a sight? Of course Balder would have been avoiding him.”

“That’s true, since the Gambling Monster doesn’t participate in family meetings either.”

Gambling Monster is an eccentric who left the executive position to run a gambling den and a bar.

If Balder hadn’t looked for him, the two of them would never have met.

“Seeing him like this makes me feel better.”

Rimmer laughed, saying that it was a funny scene he hadn’t seen in a long time, and reached out to Dorian.


Dorian tilted his head at Rimmer’s hand.

“Give me some snacks.”

“I don’t always have snacks….”

Dorian grumbled but still took out corn snacks from his belly pocket.

What are you doing! You eat it too!

Wrath patted his shoulder as if he wanted to eat the corn snack.

He was lying down all this time, but as soon as snacks appeared, he moved. No matter how much he thinks about it, I

He doesn't understand why he's the Monarch of Wrath.

“Palace master.”

"You need to come to your senses!”

"Right now, palace master is conducting an inspection!”

“You must forget about your personal relationship for now!”

The Special Inspection unit members persuaded Balder to use his position as Special Inspector.

"Ahem! Let me say it again, I am a Special Inspector! Even if it's you sir Herrian, you'll have trouble if you treat me like this!”

Balder seemed to have gained courage thanks to his subordinates, and he frowned and met the Gambling Monster's eyes.

“Oh my, now you’re even shouting. My eardrums are going to burst!”

The Gambling Monster pretended not to hear Balder and cupped his ears.

“Sir Harrian!”

"This is why they say raising children is useless. It feels like just yesterday I was struggling to save the life of the Special Inspector who almost died, and now you're raising your voice and making a fuss.”


Balder looked around at his subordinates and covered his mouth with his fingers as if to say, "Please don't speak." It seemed like there was a secret.

"That's enough. Special Inspector? Say it again. What do you want?”

The Gambling Monster raised his chin with his arms open as if to tell him to say whatever he wanted.


Balder squirmed like a bean bug and bit his lip.

‘Why the hell is this man here!’

He knew that thr Gambling Monster had joined the Light Wind.

However, he wasn't very interested in the Light Wind and had only heard that he appeared occasionally, so he had come early on purpose.

He was going to break the fifth training ground at dawn and visit the annex building around noon to cause a commotion, but from the very beginning, things went wrong.

It was more than just a ruined plan, it was a complete mess.

‘Damn it….’

It was true that he was uncomfortable and having a hard time because of his relationship with the Gambling Monster, but that wasn’t the only reason he couldn’t come out strong right now.

The Gambling Monster Herrian has accumulated numerous achievements to the extent that he left the executive on his own, without any consequences, showcasing his considerable strength and influential connections.

He still maintained a close relationship with the executives, so if he touched the Gambling Monster here, it could prompt the executives to take action. He had to stop that from happening.

“S, sorry….”

Balder eventually lowered his head, avoiding Gambling Monster's eyes.


The Gambling Monster nodded, clearing his throat.

“If the Special Inspector says so, I have nothing to say. Continue with what you were doing.”

He waved his hand as if to tell him to do as he pleased and stepped back.


Balder exhaled heavily and rolled his eyes.

‘I can’t just back down like this.’

He had been humiliated to the point where it couldn’t get any worse, so he had to find a way to bring Raon Zieghart down, no matter what.

‘The inside must be managed by someone else.’

After quickly organizing his thoughts, Balder entered the indoor training ground.

*     *      *

Advance chapters: 

For Indonesian:

Raon licked his lips as he watched Balder enter the indoor training ground.

‘Is he going to stir up trouble from the inside?’

It was clear that he and the inspectors were going to find fault with the indoor training ground, which seemed to have nothing to do with the Gambling Monster.

'This could be useful.' 

After organizing his thoughts, Raon approached thr Gambling Monster.

“General Administrator. Can I use your name today?”

“Do as you please.”

The Gambling Monster nodded coolly, unlike when he was dealing with Balder.

“Thank you.”

After thanking the Gambling Monster, Raon broke all the joints of the combat dummies that Balder had touched and dug up the center of the training ground, ruining the ground.

“Yo, young master. What are you doing right now!”

Dorian dropped the snack he was eating and widened his eyes.

“That’s right. Why are you ruining the training ground!”

Burren approached him as if to stop him and grabbed his arm.

“Don’t worry and just wait. I’ll replace everything.”

Raon waved his hand at the bewildered members of the Light Wind and destroyed the equipment that Balder had touched.

"Is he a normal guy? Leave him be." Rimmer, sipping his beer, grinned as if looking forward to what would happen

“Why is it so dirty!”

"Dust is everywhere!”

"Training in a place like this, you might catch a disease!”

Balder and the inspectors shouted for the training ground to be vacated as if they had found something to criticize in the indoor training ground.

Raon walked leisurely into the indoor training ground.

“The training equipment is rusty and the dust isn’t coming off!”

Balder frowned, pointing to the rust on the edges of the dumbbells and barbells.

He was nitpicking about the tiny rust that was stuck in the corners, out of reach.

“Don’t you know that if the rust gets into a wound during training, it can cause tetanus!”

He was confident that the Gambling Monster was in charge of the outdoor training ground and someone else was in charge of the inside, so he came up to him aggressively.

“That’s not all! The entire room is dusty! You’re not cleaning properly, you’re not managing the equipment properly, what the hell are you thinking!”

He gritted his teeth as he forcibly pulled out the dust stuck to the end of the window frame with his white gloves.

“Bice Division leader of the Light Wind Division! If you have a mouth, speak!”

“I understand.”

Raon nodded and shouted outside.

“General Administrator!”

As soon as he called that name, the Gambling Monster entered the indoor training ground.

“Ah, no, why are you suddenly calling that person….”

“Didn’t you tell me to speak if I have a mouth? This place is also under the General Administrator's management.”

Raon smiled and pushed the General Administrator forward.

“The one in charge has arrived…. This brat.”

The Gambling Monster wagged his finger and approached Balder.

“Ah, no, I was just worried that the Light Wind's members might be in danger….”

Balder avoided the Gambling Monster’s eyes, hiding the glove with a bit of dust behind his back.

“If they're going to be in danger from this much dust, they would have all died already! You think the guys who survived the hands of the Flame of Inferno Commander (Orgos) would be in danger from dust and rust? If you’re going to nitpick, do it properly!”

The Gambling Monster frowned at Balder, seeing him not as an inspector, but still as his own disciple.

“But even so, it’s better to have none than to have some….”

“Then shall I go to the True Martial Palace for once? What if I find dust behind the window frames?”


Balder seemed to have nothing to say and turned his gaze to Raon.

“W, where is the office? The division leader office, not the General Administrator’s!”

“It’s this way.”

Raon pointed to Rimmer’s office on the right side of the indoor training ground.

“Let’s go!”

Balder and the inspectors ran to the office with their last hope.

Thud thud!

Raon crushed the barbell and dumbbell parts that Balder had touched and followed him.

Since he had come out at dawn and cleaned up, the trash that Rimmer had been hiding was not visible, but unlike elsewhere, it was full of dust and in disarray. Honestly, there was nothing good to say about this place.

“It’s dirty! I can’t even tell when it was last cleaned. Guests usually come to the division leader office first, so this place is the face of the division. Are your faces trash!”

Balder raised his voice even louder than before, thinking that the executive (division leader) office had nothing to do with the Gambling Monster at all.

“Why are the documents piled up like this? And it’s full of unsigned documents! What have you been doing all this time!”

He slammed the desk roughly, wondering where Rimmer was and what he was doing.

“There are no documents that have passed the deadline yet. I can handle them all today.”

“This is suspicious enough that I can’t just let it go. I’ll summon all the executives of the Light Wind Division to the Special Inspection Unit for a proper investigation….”

“I’ll call the person in charge.”

Raon nodded calmly and turned his head outside.

“The person in charge? Wait, just a moment!”

“General Administrator!”

Balder shouted to stop him.

“What is it?”

The Gambling Monster entered the office more refreshingly than before.

"Once again, are you looking for the person in charge?”

“Ah, is sir Herrian also in charge of this place?”

“The division leader is so useless that I’m also taking care of this place.”

In reality, The Gambling Monster rarely came here, but he was coordinating things based on Raon's words.

“If you have something to say to me, spit it out. Special Inspector.”

The Gambling Monster arrogantly straightened his back and gestured to Balder with his chin.


Balder turned his gaze away like a rabbit that had seen a lion and gulped.

"I, I have nothing to say.”

“Then why do you keep telling me to come and go! This brat!”

The Gambling Monster frowned and flicked Balder’s forehead again.

With a loud bang, Balder’s head snapped back.

“I, I didn’t call you….”

Balder shook his head, rubbing his aching forehead with his fingers.

“If It's noisy and you have nothing to say, get out quickly!”

He waved his hand, saying that the Light Wind members needed to train.


In the end, Balder left Rimmer's office in disgrace. As he was about to go out from the indoor training ground, Raon gestured.

“Wait a minute.”

Raon pointed to the dumbbell and barbell with one of the weights broken for Balder.

“The dumbbell and barbell are broken. What are you going to do about it?”

"What are you talking about, being broken?”

“The weight broke after the Special Inspector touched it earlier. You broke a perfectly good one, so you should pay for it.”

"Nonsense! I just touched them to see! I didn't break them!”

“General Administrator!”

Raon called the Gambling Monster right away, as if it was not worth talking to him any further.

“Aaah! I get it! I get it! How much is it!”

Raon raised one finger.

“It’s ten gold coins.”

"W-what? Ten gold coins? What nonsense! How can a piece of iron be worth ten gold coins!”

"Actually, this dumbbell is not an ordinary dumbbell. It's called an ion Dumbbell, containing a precision artifact that adjusts weight internally and emits ions. It provides comfort and relaxation to the user and instills the determination to endure strenuous training…”



Balder gritted his teeth and gestured to the side.

The inspector, who had been arrogant just a few minutes ago, took out gold coins from his pocket and handed them over. His hands were shaking so much that he was afraid of losing them.

“Thank you. I’ll make good use of it.”

“Let’s go!”

Balder seemed to not want to stay here for even a second longer and went straight out.

As he was about to leave the fifth training ground with the inspectors, Raon called Balder again.

“Special Inspector!”“

“What again!”

"What will you do if you leave after breaking these like this?”

This time, he sighed and pointed to the broken combat dummies.

“I really didn’t do it! I didn’t touch it!”

“But the only one who touched the combat dummy was the Special Inspector.”

“You’re the one who breaking it and blaming me! You think you can get away with this….”

“General Administrator!”

At Raon’s cry, the Gambling Monster appeared like a ghost.


Balder grabbed his head and cursed.

"Stop it already!”

"Wow, would you look at this, I can't even step on the ground properly.… General Administrator”

The Gambling Monster shook his hands, his eyes narrowed.

“Whose side are you on, instructor! This is too much!”

Balder frowned, unable to hold back.

"If you had brought some cheap alcohol and come to me, naturally, I would have been on your side.”


“This kid always buys me the best local alcohol whenever he goes out. Whose side do you think I’m going to be on?”

The Gambling Monster smiled for the first time, patting Raon on the shoulder.


Balder listened to the Gambling Monster and quietly looked at Raon before nodding.

“Fine, I’ll pay. How much is it?”

“It’s 20 gold coins.”


Balder’s eyes widened as soon as he heard the amount.

“A mere combat dummy costs 20 gold coins….”

"This is not an ordinary combat dummy. It's an ion combat dummy that emits ions and contains an automated artifact that memorizes the flow of the battle.”

"Ugh, I get it! I get it!”

He shook his head and counted out 20 gold coins, handing them over one by one.

Raon took the gold coins and handed them over to Dorian, then immediately pointed to the damaged training ground.

“You also destroyed the training ground….”

“Are you kidding me! When did I ever!”

“Didn’t you stomp your feet when you said there were pebbles in the sand earlier? The Special Inspector’s strength is so great so it collapsed later.”

“You really….”

“General Administrator?”

"Enough! I understand! I get it!”

Balder quickly waved his hands as soon as he called the Gambling Monster.

"Wait, wait! Is that also an ion thing?”

“You’re well aware of it. This ion sand is the finest sand brought from the South, and it is also called the Golden Sand of the South Sea.”

"Ion. Ion! Iooooon!

Balder shouted in frustration, questioning what ions were.

“The price is high, but it’s also very difficult to obtain….”

“Just shut up and tell me the price!”

“It’s 30 gold coins.”


Unlike when he shouted for the price to be told, he gasped at the amount.

However, since the Gambling Monster was watching, he paid the full price.


"Are you... kidding me..."

"Is that really okay?"

The members of the Light Wind, who had seen Raon personally destroying the equipment, opened their mouths wide as they watched Balder pay for the damages.

"Is it all over now?”

Balder, with a face aged by twenty years, lifted his gaze.

"Yes. I am impressed by the Special Inspector's wise and incorruptible inspection."

Raon smiled broadly and waved his hands to come again.

"We'll see how far that smile goes."


"I'm going to the annex building now." 

Balder chewed his lips with a grim look in his eyes.

"Why are you so surprised? The annex building is the farthest away from the main building. It's the best location to do something shady. This time, I'll search every nook and cranny so that not even a single ant can escape. You'd better be prepared."

"...You're right."

Raon nodded without erasing his smile.

"You're smiling? You can't do anything there. If there's anything even slightly suspicious, I'll summon you all..."

"General Administrator! Let's go!"

Raon ignored Balder's words and called the Gambling Monster.

"No, that's overstepping your authority!"

Balder waved his hands at the Gambling Monster, his lips trembling.

"I don't know about here, but sir Herrian interfering in the annex is overstepping his authority..."

"No, it's not."

Raon approached Balder and smiled coolly.

"You're making a big mistake, Special Inspector. The General Administrator is actually affiliated with the annex building. Not the Light Wind Division or the fifth training ground."


Balder blinked blankly at the Gambling Monster.

“That's correct. As a General Administrator my affiliation is with the the annex building."

The Gambling Monster chuckled at his old disciple.

"Let's go quickly."

Raon grabbed Balder's sleeve and shook it.

"The annex building is also needs a lot of renovations due to its old age.”

"No, I won't go!"

Balder flailed his arms and broke free from Raon's grip.

"I won't go! I refuse! Stop!”

"No, you have to go! Don't you have to investigate whether the annex building is doing anything suspicious?"

"That's right. Once you start something, you have to finish it properly."

The Gambling Monster moved to the right and blocked Balder's path.



Raon and the Gambling Monster chuckled with sinister laughter while Balder stood between them, visibly frightened.


Wrath trembled his lips, alternating between looking at Raon and the Gambling Monster.

Are these guys really human?


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