IBRV (Novel) Chapter 145

C 145

A letter arrived with large, bold letters written briefly on a sheet of paper.

The sender is...

"The imperial palace... That's right."

No matter how many times I looked at it, I rubbed my eyes and looked again, but it was still a stern letter with no rhetoric.


What should I do if they don't give me the slightest guidance on when and to which banquet to attend?

"Enosh too..."

I looked at Laurent, who was scratching his head and taking care of my clothes.


Whenever I met Laurent again, every time he saw me, his eyes would turn red, and he was on the verge of tears.

"When did you grow so much?"

Laurent, who was a bit older than I remembered, had some wrinkles around his eyes that weren't there before.

Of course, he still looked very young for his age.

"Laurent, how long will you cry every time you see me?"

"But, ugh... My lady... it's amazing..."

Perhaps because he has known me since I was little, Laurent always treats me like a child.

However, it is true that the height gained easily is regrettable. No matter how much the number of wrinkles extended while I didn't see them, no matter how much the number of seasons changed, there remained an inevitable regret.

"But Enosh told me to attend the banquet... Will there be a banquet at the imperial palace soon?"

"Oh yes. A banquet where the heads of noble families gather is held twice a year. Perhaps he's referring to that. But the young lady is still..."


"She doesn't feel well, so I don't think she needs to attend!"

Said Laurent, clenching his fists. I laughed as he looked at me with wide eyes as if I were sick.

I looked at her and lightly rubbed my cheek.

"This isn't bad either."

I laughed lightly.

"Did my father attend that banquet?"


"Then... Uncle Charniel?"


I blinked.

So who attended? When I tilted my head with a puzzled expression, Laurent smiled.

"No one attended."

"... Why?"

—The Etham family normally doesn't attend events like this. So, I think it was probably pressure that reached him.

I looked at the letter again in silence.

The anger was clearly felt even in the four words. Of course, the so-called "pressure" could be for political reasons...

"Probably not."

Still, I didn't want to believe that. If you think your friend's anger is for political reasons, it's a bit uncomfortable.

It's probably because we haven't seen each other in a long time.

"But we haven't officially announced that I would be the matriarch of the family."

"It's okay if you don't. I heard that many people attend banquets before making a formal presentation."

"I see."

I nodded slightly.

"I asked Scarlett to make a dress and other necessary clothes..."

Scarlett's shop, which had become the most famous and talked-about designer in the new social world, had already become the largest shop in the center of the capital.

It was really surprising to see how many employees had changed so drastically.

"I have to work hard too."

Yes, it should be like that.

"Do you want to attend?"


"Your body hasn't fully recovered..."

Will this damn body recover if it just stays still?

First of all, it's a problem of lack of energy and strength caused by not moving for a long time.

"Now I have to move, how long am I going to stay on this floor?"

No matter how much my dad overprotects me.

Laurent's expression sank in regret at my words. I laughed at that naked emotion.

"You know, I slept for a long time, Laurent."

"Yes? Yes..."

"That's why I'm so sad that time passes. I want to live freely."

Although I couldn't regain the time I lost, I wanted to do my best to live happily.

"So I'm going to live a little more faithfully. It's my job."

It was a position given to me.

She's not someone's daughter, nor is she a stranger in society, but she's Eirin Etham, the matriarch of the Etham family.

That was me.

"So please don't feel too sad."

When I thought about the long and painful moments in my previous life, I felt that I should live a little harder.

"Yes..., it's okay. Miss..., no..."

Laurent shook his head and then knelt in front of me.

"If the matriarch says so, I will do my best to help."

"Yes, thank you."

I extended my hand to Laurent.

"But you don't have to kneel before me like this. Laurent is a very important person to me."

The last thing I wanted was for someone like him to kneel in front of me.

Laurent took my hand carefully and quickly stood up.

"I look forward to working with you in the future."

"Of course."

Laurent smiled broadly. I also smiled at Laurent. I could genuinely smile.

* * *

Why didn't anyone tell me? The fact that the imperial banquet was only five days away.


When I remembered Laurent sighing and repeatedly bowing his head, I didn't even feel like getting angry.

In truth, there was nothing to be angry about. I barely opened my eyes properly, got changed, and was put into a carriage.

"I didn't know you'd say you wanted to attend a place like this."

"Enosh told me to attend."

I suppose he was very angry.

As I added this, my father sitting in front of me snorted.

"It's fine if that bastard gets angry. Say it whenever you want."

"Want what...?"

"The position of emperor."

"Dad, that's treason."

"If you want, there's nothing I can't give you, like the position of emperor."

So, isn't that treason?

While looking at my father, he turned his head to the window to avoid my gaze.

"I'm being sincere. If you want, there's nothing I can't do. There's nothing you can't do."

"I... I want to get along with everyone, Dad. I don't want great power or to become a great ruler."

It was the same even when I became a dragon. I put my arms on the window frame and rested my chin on the back of my hands.

"I like being with my dad like this and going to see my friends. I've never done that in that world before."

"Is that so?"

Dad reached out and ruffled my hair lightly.

"If that's the case, my job is to help you with that as much as I can."

"... Sometimes, I feel anxious."


"Everything feels like a dream. If it's a world I created..."

I wondered if I had forcibly controlled the minds of these strangely friendly people.

I shook my head. No, there's no need to think like that.

"It's nothing."

"Eirin, you..."

Dad, who had been licking his lips, suddenly froze. His slightly widened eyes were staring at me.


Dad, who was licking his lips, soon closed his mouth.

"No, it's nothing."

Dad shook his head, kept his mouth shut, and turned his head. It was strange behavior, like that of someone who had discovered something incredible.

Dad remained silent and said nothing all the way to the palace. The atmosphere was heavier than usual.


A strangely uncomfortable feeling ran down my spine.

When we arrived at the imperial palace, the servants greeted us soon. I headed to the banquet hall where I was guided.

"Dad, you know. The reason you haven't attended the banquet..."

My father, who was walking slowly beside me, was already in front of me.

It was my first time.

The fact that my dad walked in front of me after coming close.

Except when I was young and watched my father walk away.


My father, startled by my call, opened his eyes wide and stopped. He looked at me and furrowed his brow.

"Dad, are you okay?"

"... Yes."

My father pursed his lips.

My father approached me again and walked slowly, matching my pace.

However, my father was strange.

Although his steps were steady, he looked ahead and didn't look at me at all.

When we entered the banquet hall, there was something strange in the atmosphere.

Instead of curiosity and anticipation, all eyes were focused on me, as if they were looking at something unpleasant.

Before I could walk properly on the carpet, my steps came to a halt.


When I reached out and grabbed the hem of my father's clothes, he stiffened and turned his head towards me.

My father's distorted expression somehow seemed immersed in pain.

It seemed like he was battling some unpleasant feeling.


It was at the moment when I felt embarrassed and called my father.

Suddenly, the space around me turned dark, and time in the space I was in suddenly stopped.

And what appeared out of nowhere was God.

It was "Arma," the god Lucilion worshipped.

"Baby, you're in big trouble."

A god in the form of a child urgently approached me.

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