TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 522

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Chapter 522

Raon rubbed the back of his neck as he looked at the calm sea like the calm before the storm.

'So peaceful.'

The journey to hunt Kaibar was surprisingly peaceful, even sea monsters or sea fog tribe didn't assail them, not even a dolphin or fish approaching.

‘Leaving them moving like this must mean Kaibar is confident in winning.’

Kaibar knew that humans were moving to kill him. The lack of any counteraction so far indicated undeniable confidence in overwhelming strength.

'A dragon...'

The only dragon he had actually seen was the gold dragon that spewed breath to kill Wrath.

Just thinking about having to kill a monster that covered the distant sky made his lips dry.

You don't need to be so nervous. 

Wrath shook his head back and forth as he looked at the sea.

To the King of Essence It's just delicious meat. 

He said that he was craving for a sticky dragon meat and licked his lips.

Dragon meat! Dragon meat! 

Wrath began to sing an impromptu song about dragon meat.

Raon's tension eased, a strange confidence in hunting the dragon rising, thanks to Wrath's song.


While Raon chuckled at Wrath, Aris, Kuberad, and Labawin approached.

“That's it. Don't frown, laugh.”

Aris smiled coolly, saying that he was doing well.

"If you're nervous, your skills won't come out."

"That kid is different from you. He'll handle it well."

Kuberad shook his hand as if to say not to touch him.

“Why you always nitpicks my words!”

Aris snorted lightly.

"Is the work finished?"

"No, it's still in progress."

As he said that, it looked like he had been working until now, as sweat was dripping down Kuberad's forehead and shoulders.

"No matter how many weapons we have, it will be insufficient."

He wiped away the sweat that was wetting his forehead, saying that he came out for a breath of fresh air.

"That's right. All the sea monsters around will gather."

Labawin sighed, saying that it would not be enough to prepare even if he did not sleep.

"Yeah, yeah. Everyone prepare diligently. Don't regret it later."

Aris urged them on, patting Labawin and Kuberad on the back.

"You are the lazy one who just plays around...."

"I consider that preparation. I'm honing my swordsmanship to kill the dragon."

She shrugged her shoulders, saying that she was preparing harder than anyone else.

"Huh, you're good at talking."

Kuberad frowned and turned to Raon.

"You're the same. Don't participate in preparation and combat until Kaibar appears."


"Your role is different. Leave the monsters and the sea fog tribe to us. You absolutely must not move until Kaibar shows up.”

"If it's just a little help..."

"Your role is different. You're not dealing with monsters or anything like that."

"That's correct."

Aris nodded with a serious look in her eyes.

"We need to focus all of our mind and body on fighting the dragon. We can leave the small fry to our comrades."

She put her hands on the shoulders of Kuberad and Labawin as she said the word "comrades."

The other crew members behind them also smiled faintly at Aris' words.

"I understand."

Raon nodded heavily.

'It's like looking at the Light Wind division.'

The relationship between Aris and the other crew members was built on trust, just like his relationship with the Light Wind division.

The faces of the Light Wind members he had deliberately tried not to think about came to mind one by one.

The King of Essence miss his subordinates.

Wrath seemed to be thinking the same thing, as he licked his lips while calling out the names of the Light Wind members.

"Still, I'm a little worried about the sea fog tribe."

Kuberad clicked his tongue loudly.

"I agree. If it weren't for them, the battle would have been much easier."

Labawin nodded in agreement.

'Sea fog tribe...'

Raon scratched his cheek as he thought about a sea fog tribe member he had killed earlier.

'He said something strange.'

The man had said that humans were unnecessary beings on this continent when he died, revealing a deep hatred.

Raon had never heard of sea fog tribe members hating humans so much, so he had been curious.

"Did the sea fog tribe hate humans?"

"Huh? The sea fog tribe?"

Aris tilted her head as if she didn't know what he was talking about.

"When I killed a sea fog tribe member, he said that we were unnecessary beings on this continent."

Raon told everyone what he had heard from the sea fog tribe member.

"That's what Kaibar always says. He must have been brainwashed by that dragon."

Aris waved her hand, telling him not to worry about it.

"Why does Kaibar hate humans?"

"I don't know. It's recorded that it wasn't always like that from the beginning, so something might have happened along the way," she shrugged, emphasizing that the reason wasn't important now.

"No matter how much I think about it, our power seems ambiguous. It would be great if Sif were here at times like this..."

Labawin sighed as he stroked his shiny bald head.


"Don't you know?"

Kuberad opened his mouth wide in disbelief.

"My son." 

Aris replied nonchalantly.

"What? You didn't get married, but you have a son?"

“I told you.  “The romance continued.”  She spread her hands and grinned.

"I don't care much about Zieghart, but you're amazing too. That guy is pretty famous. Have you never heard that he is a talent that comes out once every 100 years in Zieghart?"


Raon nodded blankly. When she said that, he remembered that there was such a genius among Glenn's grandchildren.

"Where is he now?"

"I don't know either."

Aris shook her head firmly.


"He's old enough. I don't have to worry about him. I raised him well so that he wouldn't get beat up by anyone, so he'll be fine."

She yawned loudly, as if to say that she didn't care.


Raon let out a dry laugh, finding her quite peculiar in various ways.

"Okay, then let's get back to work!”

Aris clapped her hands, directing the gathered crew members back to their tasks

Raon leaned against the deck and looked back.

Not only the crew of the Blue Wind but also those from the accompanying warships were busy at work.

‘There are a lot of old people and young people.’

People who were massacred by the dragon volunteered to become crew members of the warships. They were determined to seek revenge for their families and villages, even if it meant their own deaths.

People with various genders, ages, and stories were steadfastly cultivating a determined will to kill the dragon, focusing on their respective roles.


Raon let out a frustrated sigh when he heard small footsteps approaching.

"Um, cheer up."

Turning his gaze, he saw a boy and a girl, both still displaying a hint of youth.

"What about you two..."

Both children had actively participated in the city's restoration, leaving a lasting impression.

"I'm Morin. And this is Nuan."

The boy named Morin introduced himself and the girl.

"Why are you two here?"

Both of them seemed very young, with a faint aura of innocence. They appeared much younger than Yua and Yulius, making it unclear why they were on the ship.

"Our village fell victim to that dog-like dragon. I wanted to seek revenge with my own hands, so I asked to be taken aboard," Morin mumbled with trembling lips.

"Nuan is the same. Due to the shock at that time, she still can't speak, but..." He tightly held Nuan's hand, indicating that she suffered even more.

The two children said that they wanted to see Kaibar die with their own eyes and exhaled heavily.

Raon looked into the eyes of the children, who were burning with anger, with a bitter look.

‘So that’s why.’

It seems that the two children had helped Aikar City, which had been attacked by the dragon, more than anyone else because their village had been destroyed.

“I don’t have the power to do that, but Raon-nim and Lady Aris can, right? Please, kill that dragon.”


Morin and Nuan bowed their heads one after the other and entered the small workshop below deck.


Wrath looked at the children and sniffled.

It's admirable! The King of Essence wants to protect them!

He said he wanted to kill Kaibar right away and peel off his scales, waving his hand.

Raon looked at the children’s backs until the door closed.

'Everyone is sincere.'

They were all genuinely trying to kill the dragon, willing to sacrifice their lives for the result.

‘I shouldn’t just meditate either.’

It can’t be helped!

When Raon was about to practice killing the dragon in his mind, Wrath jumped up and approached him.

The King of Essence will give you a special lecture on how to kill lizards!

*     *      *

Advance chapters: 

For Indonesian:

After two days of sailing.

Blue Wind arrived in front of Kaibar’s nest, the destination. The warships that followed behind it also stopped as agreed.

“There are a lot of them.”

Labawin swallowed dry saliva as he looked ahead.

“It’s beyond my imagination….”

Kuberad trembled his wrinkled hands.


"Maybe that's why they didn't attack us."

“Damn dragon…”

It wasn’t just the two of them. The murmurs of the crew on Blue Wind and the warriors on the other warships could be heard in the wind.

Raon nodded slowly as he looked at the people milling about.

‘It can’t be helped.’

No one would have thought there would be so many.

A single island rose up in front of the ships facing the horizon.

Of course, that wasn’t a naturally formed island. There was no island here originally.

That was an island of monsters created by the dragon.

Not only medium-sized monsters such as sharkmole, siren, rain lizard, blowfish, and blowfish, but also giant monsters such as sea serpents, luna whales, and mantakun were taking up space.

As fishermen express it as half fish when they are full, it was a strange situation where the sea was half monster.

‘There are also sea fog tribes.’

Amidst the monsters, the presence of sea fog tribe members scattered throughout added an even greater sense of intimidation

In particular, a different aura could be felt from the old sea fog tribe in the center. It seemed like he held the position of leader among the sea fog tribe.

‘It won’t be easy.’

As Raon was catching his breath, Aris went up to the upper deck.

“Why are you all so surprised?”

Aris smiled casually and spread her hands.

“You all expected this much, right? Did you come all this way and chicken out? Are you afraid of the dragon?”

In contrast to her cheerful voice, a heavy aura rose up from under her feet.


High-pitched roars echoed as Aris' fervor swept away the fear that had enveloped the crew.

“Our goal is not that pile of monsters. It’s the dragon. We can’t do anything if we’re scared of something like that.”

As Aris’ low shout rang out, the military spirit that had been submerged began to burn and blaze.

“Fight. Even if you die, open the way in front of me with your swords and spears.”

She smiled with confidence and drew her sword.

“I will cut off the dragon’s neck and bring you victory.”


As soon as she finished speaking, the crew let out a roar that shook the sea.

No more fear could be seen in them. All that was visible was the desire to kill the dragon.

“Let’s go.”

At Aris’ instruction, Blue Wind advanced with the rhythmic sound of ship drums.

Following behind it, the warships spread out in a crescent shape and looked at the mountain of monsters.

A strange sight of warships and monsters facing each other. Labawin came up to the upper deck at a distance where an arrow could reach.

“I will be in front from now on.”

“Thank you.”

Aris smiled and went down.

“Open the ports!”

At Labawin’s shout, the bows of the battleships opened up lengthwise, revealing thick cannons. It was a magic cannon created by Kuberad and the magicians.


From the muzzle of the cannon, a concentrated light of various colors shot out a powerful flash.


The light shells fired from the twelve battleships swept across the mountain of monsters.


A tremendous explosion occurred, and the monsters’ island seemed to collapse as if it had been half destroyed. The red and blue blood that flowed from them was poured into the sea endlessly.


As Labawin ordered a second bombardment, the magic cannons once again spewed out brilliant flames.


The monsters melted away as if they had never existed before, with an impact that was beyond the first shot.

The body of the mantakun collapsed, and dozens of sirens exploded without even being able to scream.

However, the mountain of monsters had not yet been completely destroyed.


When Labawin fired the third cannon, the sea fog tribes, who had come to their senses, moved.


Gray fog rose around the monsters, forming a thick wall in front of the shells.


An even larger explosion occurred, but the number of monsters killed was significantly reduced. The shock would not be properly transmitted because of the fog.


As a sound like a wolf’s howl rang out, the gray fog spread out even thicker, beginning to obscure the view.


Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at the fog.

‘It’s moving.’

At the same time that the gray fog of the sea fog tribe spread out into the sea, monsters began to move from the water, surrounding the ships.

Labawin also seemed to feel their presence, his expression hardening as he raised his sword.

“Front line formation!”

“Front line formation!”

The crew of the twelve warships echoed his command and moved the ships.

Blue Wind took its place in the center, and the other warships formed a circle, like a peacock spreading its wings, to form a battle line.

It was a defensive line made of ships in the sea.


At Labawin’s shout, a huge roar erupted from the ships and the sea, and the fourth magic cannon fired a bolt of lightning.


The fog that had wrapped around the ships was pierced, and the monsters hiding behind it were flattened like dough.

“Fire again!”

The fifth burst of light exploded, massacring the monsters once again, but the magical cannon couldn't withstand the firepower, and its muzzle was crushed.


Kuberad bit his teeth as he looked at the iron cannon.

“Already crushed!”

He slapped his own cheek as if he was ashamed of himself.

“That’s enough. We’ve used up all the mana we’ve stored.”

Aris patted Kuberad’s shoulder, saying that it was okay.

“Throw away the cannon!”

Other warriors on the other warships also took their positions on the deck, breathing out their tense breaths.

The gray fog fell like a curtain, and the sea became calm again.

It seemed to have the ability to kill the presence, like the fog that had covered Aikar.

It was quiet. The eerie silence was like a peaceful night sea, not a war.


As soon as that calmness continued, monsters popped out through the fog.


Labawin, as if anticipating their movements, extended his sword along the horizon. The blue aura-adorned blade drew a crescent, cleaving the monsters charging towards the twelve-ship frontline in half.

It was a terrifying sword technique that ruthlessly slashing through over a hundred monsters with a single swing

However, the monsters jumped onto the ship again, disregarding death.


Labawin did not spare his aura to reduce the damage.

The sword strokes spread like a tidal wave, sweeping away monsters climbing onto the ship, leaving behind a spray of blood.


In order to protect the monsters that were climbing onto the ship, the giant monsters Mantakun, Luna Whale, and Sea Serpent began to move.

Mantakun rushed in, obscuring the view, Luna Whale poured out an ice wave, and Sea Serpent spewed poison.


Labawin thrust his sword into the air. The energy spread out like a wave, and the fog that protected Mantakun and the others was torn apart mercilessly.


Mantakun's corpse fell to the side of the ship, blocking the ice wave that Luna Whale had spewed.

While both attacks were successfully defended against, Sea serpent's poison cloud lingered on the opposite side of Blue Wind.

“Block it!”

“Block it at all costs!”

At that moment, the captains who were on the other warships gathered. They built a wall with their aura and magic to block the poison cloud from Sea Serpent.

‘Thank goodness.’

Raon sighed in relief. So far, the damage was zero thanks to Labawin, the magic cannon, and the captains of each warship, but the real battle was about to begin.


The gray fog swayed violently, and it began to rain sharp blades that were concentrated. The sea fog tribe had started moving on their own.


Labawin raised his sword. A blue glow emanated from the thick blade of the sword and created a magnificent sword barrier.


As the fog blade rain poured towards the twelve ships, it bounced off, repelled by the sword barrier, sinking into the sea. Labawin, a Grandmaster and a commander-like figure, stood tall.


The fog swirled again.

This time, it was not aimed at the entire ship, but at Labawin himself. The movement itself was huge. It was the aura of the sea fog tribe leader.


Labawin's astral sphere clashed with the condensed fog, causing a tremendous explosion.


Labawin wiped out the oncoming shock wave and moved forward. He seemed to be trying to stop the sea fog tribe leader directly in order to reduce the damage.

“Prepare for close combat!”

As soon as his cry came out, monsters emerged from the sea.


Not only Blue Wind, but all the warriors on the other warships drew their swords and cut off the necks of the monsters that came down to the deck.

However, the sea monsters were endless. The bigger problem was that Luna Whale, Mantakun, and Sea Serpent, who could destroy a warship with a single gesture, were also rushing in.


When Mantakun, who had approached, tried to run at him with his body, Kuberad and the craftsmen moved.


At his cry, harpoons and hooks anchored to the warship stretched out like a gale.


The large weapons, which were sharpened, pierced the monsters' hides and firmly embedded themselves in the flesh.


The monsters struggled to break free from the harpoons, but the weapons made by the continent's craftsmen did not show the slightest scratch.


When the large monsters writhed in pain, the warriors and magicians on the warship shot swords energy and magic to pierce the vital points of the large monsters.


Mantakun fell, and Luna Whale sank with a tilt.

However, Sea Serpent retreated with hooks and spears pierced through it, revealing its fangs. The blackened poison cloud stretched out again.


When Raon bit his lip and tried to step forward, Aris grabbed his arm.

“Not yet.”

Aris shook her head as if now was not the time.

“Deploy the barrier!”

At Kuberad's cry, a yellow metal plate unfolded at the front of the warship, blocking the incoming poison cloud.

The metal turned black like rust, but there was no damage inside the ship.

“Fire again!”

He ordered the weapons to be fired again, and the spears and hooks pierced Sea Serpent's eyes and neck.


Sea Serpent struggled in pain, then melted the ropes with its poison and escaped into the sea.


Kuberad sighed as he wiped the sweat from his brow. He looked over at them and smiled as if to say, “How about that?”

It was the moment Raon exchanged a smile with him. From the sea where the monsters had stood, massive bubbles began to boil up.


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