TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 196


At the top was the title of the game.

<Raise Your Own Absolute God! / Raising My Precious Absolute God>

Just below was a ranking list.

There were a total of 5 rankings.

Cale examined the ranking list again.

1st place: The guy who took Taerang.

4th place: Blue

Even if he looked again, the first one was clearly Ahn Roh Man from the Third Earth.

The fourth was the owner of this tablet, the Blood Demon.

"Human, what is this?"

Raon was quite interested in the screen displayed on the tablet wrapped in a cute case.

Cale sympathized with that reaction.

"It seems to be of good quality."

On the title screen, the back of a child, gender indistinguishable, was shown.

And in front of that child's eyes, a vast meadow stretched out, with various planets visible in the sky at the end of that meadow.

As if those planets were the path the child had to follow, they emitted different colors that stimulated interest.

"...There are 5."

And there are a total of 5 planets.

It reminded him of the 5 Hunter Families existing at the moment.

'I guess I should try the game first.'

Although Cale was more into novels or comics than games, he didn't know much about games in particular. But at least he knew how to play them.

Letters appeared on the title screen.

"<Will you continue from where you left off?>"

Since there was no button to start a new game, Cale tapped "Yes" under "<Will you continue from where you left off?>" Bip~

At that moment, with a sharp signal, text appeared on the screen.

"<You are not an existing user.>"

Cale's forehead wrinkled slightly.

'This is fingerprint recognition, right?'

Unlike its external appearance, the tablet turned out to be a more advanced device than Cale thought.

"Human, what do those words mean?"

"This object can only be used by recognizing the fingerprints of the tablet's owner."

"Then what do we do?"

Raon said surprised.

"The Blood Demon is dead! She shattered into pieces and flew into the sky."

To which Cale responded indifferently.

"The arms are still here."

"Oh, right."

Raon smiled embarrassedly. The Blood Demon left only her two arms before disappearing. And the remaining corpse was properly taken care of.


"Yes, Young Master."

Ron responded to Cale's call.

"Temporarily borrow the arms of the Blood Demon."

"Understood. I will take the necessary measures."

Ron smiled kindly. At that moment, Cale stopped. Suddenly, Cale thought that it wasn't right for Ron to see him using the tablet so naturally. It was an idea that came too late, but it still made him smile awkwardly.

Ron let out a smile. It wasn't a conscious smile, but an ironic smile that Ron let out. Cale stopped.

'...Is he looking at me with a very kind look now?'

Cale stared at Ron in amazement at his smile. However, Ron's expression returned to being kind in an instant.

"Well, then I'll go see Chief Eunuch Wi."

"...Yes, okay."

Ron quietly withdrew. Everything related to the Blood Demon or the Blood Cult was being organized under Chief Eunuch Wi's direction. It was natural for all the information in this place to be gathered in the hands of the representative of the Imperial Palace. Ron would go to Chief Eunuch Wi to temporarily borrow the corpse of the Blood Demon.

"I'll be back soon."

It wasn't like he was asking for the corpse of the Blood Demon itself; he was just borrowing it for a moment, so Chief Eunuch Wi would surely agree easily. After handling the matters related to the Blood Cult, Chief Eunuch Wi was willing to listen to anything Cale had to say.


Suddenly, Cale felt a strange discomfort.

'Young Master, when do you plan to return?'

'Maybe you're thinking of staying here longer?'

'Young Master, what is your deepest wish? It's not that His Imperial Majesty ordered me to ask you this. It's just a small curiosity of this humble servant who has been by your side until now.'

'Has it been difficult for you to work alone in the Central Plains? How about staying here a little longer and enjoying the beautiful scenery and diverse landscapes of the Central Plains?'

...I should avoid meeting Chief Eunuch Wi for a while.

"Oh, right! Human, Chief Eunuch Wi told me he'll make me a delicious sweet."


"That's right. But he said the fruits that go into that sweet take at least half a year to ripen. It's a shame! I want to try it right now."

Apparently, even Raon was trying to tempt Cale.

'He looks like a terrifying old man.'

Cale shook his head in resignation.

'We should leave soon.'

It seemed he should leave the Central Plains as soon as possible. Given the current situation, the members of the Three Factions were still keeping an eye on Cale. Were they not approaching too closely due to the surprisingly shocking scene? However, they didn't get too close out of respect. Except for the Heavenly Demon. That individual was following Choi Han instead of Cale.


However, over time, it seemed that the members of the Murim World would stick to him quite closely. He had that feeling.

'Yes, let's go back quickly.'

Before those from the Murim World stuck to him and before getting more entangled with the Emperor. He would collect what was owed to him in the Central Plains in two days and quietly disappear. He would leave a letter to Chief Eunuch Wi, and that would be it.

'Well done.'

Satisfied with his plan, Cale reexamined the tablet's screen.


The settings icon was on the main screen.

'It seems there is a user information change in the settings.'

He pressed that.

"<You are not an existing user.>"

As expected, it seemed necessary to first perform user authentication through the Blood Demon's fingerprint.

'...Is it possible?'

Suddenly, Cale remembered the pitiful appearance of the Blood Demon's arm.

'Will the fingerprint be intact, right?'

What if the fingerprint is damaged and not recognized correctly? Cale's mind became complicated. But his body moved decisively. Cale took out the mirror from his pocket and set up a video call.

-Why are you like that, Dongsaeng (younger brother)?

Alberu answered the video call with a very bright and cheerful face, almost radiant.


Somehow, Cale was left speechless.

"... What have you been up to?"

"Oh, nothing much. Just went out for a little chat with some Realms about the gemstones and minerals that will come out of our mine. Haha!"

He seemed to be in a good mood. Cale ignored the implicit malice in Alberu's smile, fresher than spring flowers in bloom.

"Do you remember Ahn Roh Man, right?"

He got straight to the point.

"Of course. Why do you suddenly ask?"

Cale raised the Tablet to show it and conveyed to Alberu the information he had discovered.

"So... it seems that the Hunter Families created a game that the Blood Demon is believed to have been playing since she was young. And it looks like Ahn Roh Man is number one in that."

"That's right."

Alberu asked casually.

"Is it possible that Ahn Roh Man is a Hunter?"

"There's hardly any possibility."

"Well, I guess that makes sense."

Alberu nodded.

"In Kim Rok Soo's world, the world we live in, and Ahn Roh Man's world."

There was a common similarity in these places.

"We all suffer because of the Monsters."

In the Roan Kingdom's World, Unknown World 1, there appeared a 'Rankless Monster' that still had no name.

This Monster was related to the Demons, the Sealed God, and the White Star.

And this Rankless Monster also appeared in the Earth where Kim Rok Soo lived and in Ahn Roh Man's world.

Furthermore, the White Star that tormented Cale, Alberu, and the Roan Kingdom.

The one who tried to release the Sealed God and become a God.

However, behind the Sealed God and the White Star were the Hunter Families. In the end, both were manipulated by the hands of the Hunters.

In summary, it could be seen that both the Monsters that appeared in Kim Rok Soo's world and in Ahn Roh Man's world were being handled by the Hunters.

"The object created to eliminate the Rankless Monsters was 'Taerang,' and the owner of that weapon was Ahn Roh Man. It wouldn't be easy to consider Ahn Roh Man as a Hunter or a companion."

"That's right."

"Well, through Ahn Roh Man, we could get information about 'Transparent Blood.'"

Alberu dropped the pen he was holding for a moment.

"And the name of that game is 'Raise Your Own Absolute God,' right? If we do it right, we might get information about the Absolute God as well."

He spoke plainly.

"If you connect to the Taerang AS side, you should be able to talk to Ahn Roh Man. I'll try to coordinate a time for you to talk before your arrival."

Alberu stopped while continuing to speak.

"...Why that expression on your face?"

Cale responded with a kindly smile without removing his radiant smile.

"Really, our Crown Prince is incredibly clever."

Even though he didn't know what a Tablet was and didn't quite understand the game, he managed to grasp the general plot and planned skillfully, moving in the direction Cale desired.

'After all, it has to be a country where someone like this becomes King for me to be a complete unemployed person.'

Cale still hadn't given up on his dream of being unemployed. On the other hand, Alberu's face wrinkled.

"...Your praise really isn't pleasant."

Cale ignored it lightly and smiled.

"Tsk. Anything else?"

"If you want, we could have a nice chat after so long-"


The video transmission was cut off.

Cale shrugged.

"Human! Your expression seems to be enjoying this a lot right now!"

After behaving irreverently for a long time, he felt relieved. At the same time, Cale felt a certain regret.

"If only I could take the Crown Prince with me..."

It must be really comfortable.

Cale, who was about to say that, stopped.

'It seems a bit disrespectful, doesn't it?'

Cale kept a moderate tone in his statements. Since the possibility of this happening in reality was almost nil, he decided to abandon that thought.

'If the Crown Prince moves, what will happen to Roan?'

Handling the affairs of another country...

The side effects of the White Star invasion had not been fully repaired. To address this, Alberu had to be present in the Roan Kingdom.

'It's implausible.'

The idea of the Crown Prince joining the Hunt for the Hunters was unimaginable. Perhaps even the search for the missing King of Roan, the Crown Prince would prefer to entrust it to Cale.

'Or maybe he'll take care of it himself.'

Cale determined that the Crown Prince wouldn't get involved unless it was related to the missing King.

'I hope there's no situation that makes him intervene.'

Cale didn't want to see such a bleak situation.


At that moment, a message resonated again from the Mirror where Cale ignored the previous message.

Ring, ring.

Cale finally read the message he had overlooked.

<Cale, the God of Balance wants to meet you. Would you like to meet him?>

<How could we meet?>

<He wants to see you even if it's for a moment, do you mind?>

<Even if it's just to see the face of the God of Balance, for a moment...>

Cale responded firmly.

"I don't want to."

What's the good in meeting the God of Balance?

How many times has he interfered in Cale's affairs under the pretext of maintaining balance?



But the God of Death's reaction is strange.


<Oh, she's coming to see you.> (Note: Finally, the gender of the God of Balance is known, and it's a woman.)


<She's an impatient God by nature.>

It was at that moment...


Cale heard the sound of heels. This sound he had heard several times before. When he first met the God of Death. And when he met the Fire of Purification.


Although it was clearly a sound coming from afar.


In just a second, it sounded very close.


Yes, right beside me. Cale raised his head. And he realized.

'Where am I?'

They were clearly in the Blood Demon's childhood bedroom. But Raon and Choi Han were not around. The only entity present here was himself. Of course, there were other life forms. Right beside him. Cale shook his head.


At that moment, the sound of heels stopped.

"Don't raise your head, boy."

Cale stopped his movement. No, he stood completely still as if he had turned into a statue.

'What's going on?'

A voice echoed, evoking the image of an elegant lady.

"You should know who I am, right?"

The calm voice had a strange expression. There was an imposing atmosphere, as if she were looking down from above.

"Cale Henituse. It seems that your current existence contradicts the laws of balance."

Cale really couldn't move at all. He was in a state where he couldn't even squirm, like an insect caught in a spider's web.

"You are doing things that as a Human, you shouldn't be able to do. Your colleagues are in the same situation. Every action they take affects the fate of a world without considering the repercussions. Although other gods or worlds are carrying the resulting imbalance, you are always violating more rules than you anticipate and destabilizing the balance more than you should."

Cale felt as if someone much larger than him was looking at him. Although the voice was calm and firm, it also had a softness.

“Of course, I recognize that it is inevitable because we must be cautious of the Hunters. That's why there are times when I thank you for it.”

While Cale could do nothing but breathe, the God of Balance spoke calmly.

"But now, the 'weight of discord' that various worlds and some Gods are enduring because of your actions, whether for good or for ill, or out of ignorance, will eventually exceed its limits, even for you. Because there are times when the intangible rules that guide or flow through countless worlds become unbearable even for me. Eventually, all the 'weight of discord' that you have created will return, at least in part, to you."

At that moment, Cale's eyes widened.

"And that karma will be suffered not only by you but also by your allies who helped to destroy the balance."


A small laugh was heard.

Cale's pupils trembled.

"So, I came up with my own way to achieve balance."

The God of Balance whispered in his ear.

The method suggested by God reached Cale's ears.

"Take off your human mask right now. And become a God."

Becoming a God.

"The easiest way to achieve balance is for what is eventually achieved to become a 'myth'."


In a legend about the Gods.

"If all of this were a story created by a Human, no one would believe it. However, if it's a story about someone who has become a God, the life forms that exist in these countless world lines will recognize it."

Cale swallowed hard.

The soft voice mixed with authority had a strange appeal that subtly drew people in.

"If that recognition is obtained, it will eventually become law. That law will create a new balance."

The God whispered to Cale for the last time.

"As if the entire past were rewritten like the story of a winner, where the truth disappears. What do you say? Will you become a God?"

Cold sweat appeared on Cale's forehead. At that moment, the God of Balance whispered.

"Rejecting it is not a good thought."

Cale thought.

'Damn it! Just shut up for a second!'

Cale was on the verge of madness. He was using all his concentration at this moment.

-Cale, don't do it!

In fact, he barely heard what the God of Balance was saying. He had no other choice.

-I want to face the Gods!

The Dominating Aura. The boastful type with a loud voice suddenly went crazy. It was the first time in a situation like this.

-I want even a God to kneel before my aura! Honestly, it will be difficult to make him kneel, but I think we could at least have a fight.

Damn it! How can these Ancient Powers be so crazy?

Cale was focused on calming the Dominating Aura that was about to go out of control. Because it seemed like the aura surpassing his will could burst out at any moment.

"Cale, why aren't you answering? You should be able to speak now, right?"

I don't know!

Now is not the time to answer!

Cale's eyes distorted.

It was when...


The bedroom darkened and suddenly lit up.

Blink, blink.

Like a light turning on and getting bigger. The room's light kept flickering.


When Cale wondered what was happening...


The God of Balance moved.

"…God of Hope. What are you up to?"

God of Hope?

Cale thought.

'What's happening again?'

And the Dominating Aura hurriedly whispered.

-Oh, these two Gods are a bit difficult for me right now. I better leave. Ha ha!

That lunatic.

Cale couldn't help but curse the Dominating Aura.


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