TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 521

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Chapter 521

Raon blinked slowly as he looked at Aris.


Although he accepted the war to kill the dragon as his own fight, he thought he would be in charge of clearing the monsters and the sea fog tribe.

Just as he was about to place his hand on his sword, he was stunned to hear Aris suggest cutting down Kaibar’s neck together.

"Then who else is here?"

"The Pirate King is here."

He pointed to Labawin, who was standing motionless in front of Aris.

"He's the captain. He needs to play the role of a leader when dealing with monsters guarding Kaibar’s nest.”

She shook her head, saying that Labawin was originally supposed to handle the monsters and the sea fog tribe.

"Lady Aris's words are correct."

Labawin nodded with his hands behind his back.

"My role is to lure Kaibar out of his nest. In a way, it's more important than dealing with Kaibar."

"But with Labawin-nim's strength, you could easily pierce through a dragon's scales..."

"My specialty is defense, so my swordsmanship is stronger in terms of defense than Raon-nim's.”

He smiled softly and put his hand on his chest. Although he was not wearing clothes, he seemed to be greeting like Zieghart's swordsmen.

"Moreover, according to Lady Aris's judgment, only Raon-nim can take advantage of the gap if Kaibar has our information. Please sever the dragon's neck."


Not only Labawin, but also the other crew on the Bule Wind bowed their heads as if asking for it. Their eyes seemed to be burning in flames because their comrades who were in the city had died.


Kuberad came forward and bit his lips.

"This shouldn't happen again. I'll ask you too."

He looked at the view of Aikar, where black smoke was still rising, and his white eyebrows trembled.

Woo woo wooong!

Perhaps because he felt Kuberad's sincerity, the Blade of Requiem emitted a clear resonance.

"It seems like the sword is suggesting we give it a try. What do you say?"

Aris lightly gestured, as if telling Raon to make a choice.

"I'll do it."

Raon nodded without much hesitation.

‘There's no change.’

In this battle, he must kill both the dragon and the monsters that guard it. The focus had merely shifted.

"It feels refreshing..."

Aris stopped when she raised her hand to pat Raon's shoulder.

"What's that seagull on your shoulder? Are you raising it?"

"...I don't know either."

Raon closed his eyes tightly as he looked at the seagull that Merlin had possessed.

"You're quite peculiar too."

Aris laughed dryly and clapped her hands loudly at the crew.

"Get ready to set sail. The reinforcements from Yucal Village will arrive soon. Take care of everything."


Labawin answered confidently and looked at the crew.

"First, let's start the restoration!"

He knew what came first, and he ordered the treatment of the survivors and the restoration of essential buildings.

"I'll take care of the repairs."

Kuberad said he would be in charge of the city's restoration, and he walked into the city with a hammer in front of him. Others followed him into the city.

"Then you come with me."

Aris flicked her finger and walked towards the harbor.

"Where are you going?"

Raon followed her and tilted his head.

"We need to discuss how to kill that crazy lizard."

She walked without a word, as if to say come without any more talk.


As he looked at the pieces of the collapsed and blood-soaked walls, his mood sank. Then, the vast blue sea appeared.

Aris stepped down onto the water as if that was her destination.

'We're going to discuss it, but on the sea?'

Is that how we talk?

Raon stepped onto the sea, reading Aris' thoughts.

"This seems like a good spot."

Aris turned around, looking back towards the harbor that was faintly visible in the distance.

"We don't need to talk with our mouths to discuss it."

She drew the sword from her waist. The blade was a striking shade of red.

"We'll be leaving as soon as the preparations are finished. There's not enough time to have a martial arts conversation with our mouths... so..."

She wiggled her finger as if to challenge him.

"Let's have a conversation with our bodies."


Raon let out a low sigh as he looked at Aris.

'As expected.'

He had thought that when Aris said she wanted to talk and headed for the sea, she actually meant she wanted to spar.

‘That's the right thing to do, too.’

It is not easy to understand each other's martial arts through conversation alone. To synchronize in facing the dragon, it was quicker and more efficient to directly clash swords.


When he drew Heavenly Drive, the seagull on his shoulder flew up on its own.

Raon smiled wryly and resonated the Ring od Fire. As the Ring of Fire raised the level of his soul, he felt the energy boiling quietly in Aris' energy center. It was a huge aura and will that was chillingly large.

‘As expected, a transcendent being.’

He is the first Zieghart transcendent he has seen other than Glenn.

Even if he used his full strength, he would barely be able to touch the hem of her clothes, so he used Glacier to the extreme from the beginning.

He raised Heavenly Drive as he felt the living-breathing coldness rushing through the mana circuit like a sharp blade.

"Let's get started then."


Aris lowered her sword naturally. Unlike her elegant posture that looked like it was painted, there were countless openings.


Raon rolled his feet while exploding Glacier. The coldness that spewed from the mana circuit under his feet froze the sea and Aris's legs standing on it in an instant.


Aris looked at her frozen legs with a sense of wonder, Raon activated the Supreme Harmony steps. He charged to the right, knowing that he had no chance in a head-on fight, and unleashed the first moves of the Fangs of Insanity in succession.


The fierce attacks of the three tusks targeted Aris's throat, heart, and shoulder simultaneously.

"You're used to fighting."

Aris smiled brightly and swung her sword. She just swung it lightly as if playing, but a translucent aura shield rose in front of Heavenly Drive that was moving forward.


The three moves of the Fangs of Insanity were blocked at the same time. It was a martial art that raised aura from a distance.

'Indeed, it's swordsmanship focused on manipulating space.'

As Wrath said, Aris' forte is a sword technique that uses space. He shouldn't be surprised by this.


Raon did not back down. He stepped lightly on the frozen sea and approached Aris. If distance is meaningless to the opponent, instead of backing off and wasting time, you have to go deeper inside.

"Good judgment."

Aris nodded and raised her sword.


The space in front of them vibrated like a ripple, and a fierce sword attack surged. It was not like an astral energy or astral sphere. It was a sword strike that contained Aris' will.

Raon bit his lip and raised Heavenly Drive that was lowered below. The flames burning from the blade form a sturdy shield. It was the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation, Flame Wall.


The Flame Wall and the sword of space collided, causing the sea to sway as if it would disappear.

Raon stepped on the waves and swung Heavenly Drive. A branch of fire rises above the silver blade.

The petals that bloomed from the branch fly up on the sea breeze. The Flame Spirit, which was less sophisticated, but the power increased, pouring down on Aris like a waterfall of blazing energy.

"It's beautiful."

Aris smiled faintly and pulled her sword to her chest.


The atmosphere vibrates violently and the flow of mana is distorted. The fragments of flames that rushed towards Aris did not touch her, but floundered in the air and then subsided.


Raon frowned as he looked at the fragments of fire melting into the sea.

'I didn't expect them to not even touch her.'

Aris used the sword of space to make the flames unable to even touch her. It was an unexpected and unique form of defense.

However, he didn't feel despair. On the contrary, through her mysterious martial arts, he could think of a new defensive technique.

"Now it's my turn?"

Aris smiled and extended her sword. The space in front of her twisted, and a fierce shockwave of sword strikes surged towards him.

'I need to push back.'

Aris had manipulated space earlier to push away the flames. Raon didn't understand the principles of space swords, but he could do something similar.


Using Glacier, he used the Thrust of the Snow Flower. Pushing away the frontal sword strikes so that they couldn't touch him, he used the Absorption of the Snow Flower to make the attacks from the sides approach faster.

Raon stepped back and simultaneously using the Thrust of the Snow Flower and Absorption of the Snow flower.


The sword strike that was pushed away and the sword strike that was sucked in collided with each other, causing a huge explosion. The sea water rose to the sky.


Wrath trembled his chin as he looked at the endless waves.

Did you just imitate that thief girl's technique with the ability of the King of Essence?


Raon nodded. The sword strike that came out from the front was faster, and the sword strike that rushed in from the left and right was slightly slower, so he made the sword strikes collide using Thrust of the Snow Flower and Absorption of the Snow flower.

It was strange and satisfying to actually achieve the situation he had drawn in his head.

"Huh, did you just imitate my swordsmanship now?"

Aris' voice, which seemed surprised, could be heard from behind the waves.


Raon, without saying a word, struck the sea with a fountain-like burst. He raised Heavenly Drive that had been scraping the sea thinly.

Raon Zieghart Style Swordplay, Sword’s Silvery Dream.

The blade of Heavenly Drive drew a sharp line like a dream, embracing the vastness of the sea.


It was a surprise technique that erased the distinction between real and false swords, but it did not reach Aris this time either.

She manipulated the aura, creating a space where the sword itself couldn't penetrate.

"It's a pity."

"It's not over yet."

Raon stretched out his left hand, which was held back, like lightning. A chilling cold rose from the Blade of Requiem held gently in his hand.


The red blade and the rushing cold edge pierced fiercely into Aris' shoulder.


However, even the two blades of Frost Pond could not go any further in front of Aris. The blade vibrated as if it would break, but her space did not break.

'I had predicted this far.'

Raon wasn't surprised; he had predicted that Aris could block it. He proceeded mechanically to the next move.


Raon gathered Heavenly Drive and the Blade of Requiem in the center. Heavenly Drive blazed with red flames, and the Blade of Requiem blazed with silver cold.

The intersection of the two blades created a formidable force, concentrating the energies of fire and ice into a dazzling sphere.

Flame Dragon Art and Heavenly Heavy Cannon. He simultaneously unleashed the two swordsmanship, which are the best in terms of power, using the principle of dual swordsmanship.

For a moment, a pain as if his head were splitting occurred, but enduring it with the Ring of Fire, Raon extended the sword technique until the end.


An enormous force exploded, and a storm struck Aikar, which was behind Raon, and the entire sea swayed.


Raon took a deep breath and stepped back. As the waves that were raging madly calmed down, Aris'  figure appeared.


Not a single scratch.

Aris's delicate, slightly grimy skin showed no wounds, and her attire didn't reveal any tears.

However, a gap had slightly opened in her space, which boasted perfect defense, due to the strong impact.

'Just that....'

When Raon bit his lip, a smile bloomed on Aris' lips. At that moment, her sword strike burst through the gap in space


Raon raised the Blade of Requiem to activated the White Shadow Slash to barely wipe out Aris' sword strike, and then swallowed a groan.


As he was gasping for breath and thinking about how to break through that wall, suddenly a clapping sound was heard.


Aris was clapping with her sword already sheathed.

"Are you teasing me?"

"No, I'm serious. Your swordsmanship is diverse, your dual swordsmanship that harmonizes cold and heat, and your refined combat sense are all perfect."

She smiled brightly and shook her hand.

"Especially your combat sense is excellent. Among the swordsmen I have seen, you are the second."

When he was about to ask who the first one was, she continued her words.

"How does my sword seem to you?"

"It seems to be a sword technique utilizing space. I couldn't see any way to break through it."

"That's right. I maximized the power of the space sword."

Aris swept up the scarlet hair that touched her forehead.

"Space sword is a difficult swordsmanship to learn, so most people just look at it in amazement, you're the first one I've seen attempting to mimic it.”

"Maybe you could pull it off?"


"How about learning my swordsmanship?"

"Can I learn it?"

"I'll teach you the basics. If you're good, you might pick it up."


"Oh, but before that, I have to show you my final sword technique."

As she gripped the sword again, her lips formed a determined smile.

"Sword field creation."

*     *      *

Advance chapters: 

For Indonesian:

After Raon and Aris had their sword conversation, they headed to the only restaurant that was still intact.

The other crew seemed to have already eaten and were preparing for the expedition, so the restaurant was empty.

"Yukan. Is there anything left?"

Aris waved her hand to greet the owner, as if she knew him.

"I’m sorry, everything is ruined, so all I can offer is porridge."

The owner bowed his head apologetically.

"That's fine. Just make two of them spicy."

Aris waved her hand, saying that fish porridge would be a feast after eating only jerky for a while.

Fish porridge?

Wrath raised his head.

The King of Essence has only been eating jerky and nadine bread so far, where is that? Bring it here quickly!

He waved his hand at the invisible owner.

"Lady Aris."

Raon sat down across from Aris and narrowed his eyes.

"The sword field you showed me, was it a one-shot attack?"

Aris' sword field showed tremendous power that could cut through the sea, but it disappeared after only one swing. He had seen many different sword fields, but this was the first time he had seen a one-shot sword field.


Aris nodded briskly.

"I imitated my father a bit."

"The head of house?"

"My father's sword field, Seamless Perfection, gets stronger every time he swings his sword."

She seemed to recall Glenn's sword as her eyes rolled into the air.

"I've seen it too."

Raon nodded. As Aris said, Glenn's sword field caused the power of the sword strike to explode exponentially with each swing.

Or rather, it felt like the intensity itself was overwhelmingly amplified.

"I found it annoying to swing three times, so I created a one-shot sword field. A swordsman's victory should end in one round, right?"

Aris smiled, expressing her satisfaction with her own sword field.

"I see."

Raon looked down at the old table.

'As expected, the sword field reflects the life of the swordsman.'

Aris had a clear and refreshing sword field, just like her personality. The saying that the sword field reflects the person's life was indeed true.

"But with that sword technique, can't you kill Kaibar in one strike? It seems like you don't need my help..."

"It'll be hard."

Aris shook her head slowly.

“That crazy dragon bastard is old enough to be on the verge of becoming an ancient  dragon.”

Raon's mouth fell open. He couldn't believe that a dragon that wasn't a young dragon, but was nearing the age of a mature dragon, was slaughtering humans.

“It's hard to believe that a dragon of that age would do something so stupid, right? But it's true.”

Aris pursed her lips, saying that even dragons can be immature.

“Now you know why you're needed, right?”


Dragons are the pinnacle of creatures that grow stronger as they age. If it has reached the point of being on the verge of becoming an ancient, even Aris cannot guarantee victory.


Aris lightly tapped the table and leaned forward.

"Do you have a lover?"


Raon blinked in confusion. The conversation had turned from the topic of an ancient dragon to that of a lover, and he couldn't understand the situation.

"No, at 21, with that face, that strength, that reputation – you must have at least one lover!"


"Just tell me quietly. I'll keep the secret."

Aris said something that would only come out of the mouth of someone who is very talkative.

"Um, I don't have one. Now isn't the time for dating..."

"When is the right time for dating? If it were in the old days, you would have already been married by now."

"I know that you haven't married either, Lady Aris..."

"I was busy during the war!"

"I've been through various battlefields, so I was busy too."

"I dated even during the war. Love blossoms amidst the chaos of battle. Is there anyone in the Light Wind division?"

She licked her lips as if determined to listen attentively.

"Um, Lady Aris. If we kill Kaibar, won't the dragons interfere?"

Raon redirected the conversation to escape the current situation. Of course, he asked a question that would be meaningful enough for her to answer.

"Dragons are more like independent beings than a race."

Aris seemed to be swayed by that question and slowly shook her hand.

"Even if Kaibar dies, the dragons won't move. The Dragon Lord might issue a warning, but then we can just call our backer."


"My father or your grandfather are there."

"He seems unlikely to come..."

"He'll definitely come if you call him."

Aris reassured him, patting his shoulder.

"Um, but are you okay physically?"

"I told you a few times. I'm fine."

Raon shook his head, saying that he was strong enough to do morning exercises.


She leaned forward again.

"Who is your girlfriend?"


Raon smiled faintly at her serious expression.

'She really is like a relative.'

When meeting relatives after a long time, they usually ask if you have a lover, if you've found a good job. Experiencing it firsthand was like this.

If Rimmer was a childish older brother and Sheryl was a blunt but caring older sister. Aris was the first person to give him the feeling of a real relative.

"I really don't have one."

As Raon shook his head, the owner brought the fish porridge.

"The meal is served."

As soon as the dish came out on the table, Wrath began to drool.

Finally, the King of Essence is eating food...!


When the guy was happily jumping around, the previously silent seagull rushed to the plate. The seagull filled it stomach, swallowing the hot fish porridge.

It seemed that the request was to let it eat the fish.

The King of Essence's meal!

Wrath trembled his jaw.

This damn bird! I'll pluck all of your feathers and boil them! I'll have to eat that at least!

Wrath caused a commotion, raising his anger, and the seagull swallowed the fish porridge endlessly.

"I approve of whoever you meet. So, tell me if there's someone you're interested in. Oh, if you mention your ideal type, I might introduce someone..."

Aris, paying no attention to the seagull eating porridge, continued to inquire about Raon's lover.


Raon sighed, shaking her head as if overwhelmed.

It's too much...

*     *      *

Two days later.

In the open sea in front of Aikar, the pirate flagship Blue Wind spread its sails.

The pirate ship with a cute skull pattern fluttered in the wind, creating a solemn resonance.

"The situation has changed, but the goal remains the same."

Aris, who was standing on the deck of Blue Wind and looking out to sea, turned around. In her red eyes, she saw the crew members with their lips tightly closed.

"It will not be an easy fight. It will be the biggest war since I organized my pirate crew. Many people will die, and many people will be injured. But still..."

Aris' soft voice made the crew members' eyes fall quietly.

"I'm going. I will go forward and cut the dragon's neck even if I step on blood. However, that is not something I can do alone. You have to open the way for me to achieve that feat."

She tapped her sword sheath on her waist and nodded.

"I believe you."


With a firm yet simple word, Raon and the crew members roared with enough force to shake the sea, standing with their hands on their hips.

"Let's go."

Aris smiled as if she was pleased with the answer and turned around.

"Woo woo woo!"

Blue Wind moves forward with a magnificent sound of a ship's bell. The warship (battleships) lined up behind it spread their wings like hawks, breaking the silence of the calm sea.

Only twelve warships. It seemed insufficient to kill the mad dragon, but in the eyes of the warriors moving forward on the water, there was no trace of fear.


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