TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 516

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Chapter 516

Glenn's red blade, the culmination of his swordsmanship and life, shattered the black blade of the Holy Sword Union leader. The ash-gray flames of the dark sword melted away without a trace, and the shattered blade sank to the bottom of the cold lake.

The formless sword that supported the dark sword could not withstand the sharpness of the red blade either. The colorless energy that was as clear as sunlight faded away into a gentle haze.

Even though he had broken the ultimate harmony of the dark sword and the formless sword, Glenn's sword did not stop.

He raised a violent beam of light towards the Holy Sword Union leader to end this battle.

"So that's the sword you've built?"

The Holy Sword Union leader spread his arms, which were bleeding, and smiled with a look of ecstasy.

"Dying to such swordsmanship would be an honor! Come, Glenn Zieghart!"

He didn't retreat, instead, he approached with eyes wide open, as if tempting death. A monster obsessed with the sword, prioritizing it over life itself. His infamous title, "madness for swordsmanship," wasn't far from the truth.

Glenn did not care what the Holy Sword Union leader's intentions were. He maintained a calm mind like when he started the fight and swung his sword.


The red lightning that was contained in the sword blade exploded, trying to erase everything in its path. At that moment, a huge mana wave occurred on the left hill and in the sky.

It was the White Blood Religion leader and the Dragon Lord.

The White Blood Religion leader poured out blood-infused weapons in an attempt to kill him, and the Dragon Lord seemed to be trying to reduce the impact of the sword strike by releasing a spell that dispersed power.


Glenn ignored the two and swung the sword, but then narrowed his eyes.

'There was one more?'

An enormous amount of mana rushed in from behind the Holy Sword Union leader.

He had expected the movements of the White Blood Religion leader and the Dragon Lord, but he could not read the existence that approached behind the Holy Sword Union leader.

From the look of that enormous mana, it was clear that it was the Black Tower's master who had attacked Cameloon.

"Even if you interfere, it doesn't matter. It all ends when I cut through everything."

He bit his lip and unleashed the ultimate technique of the sword, which he had not even named yet.


Even though the power of the sword strike was reduced by the spell, a terrifying explosion occurred.

All the water in the lake evaporated, and the axis of the earth was greatly distorted.

Endless gray smoke became a pillar connecting the sky and the earth, and an earthquake that seemed to overturn the earth's crust covered the world.

In the midst of the hell-like scene, Glenn lowered the lightning sword. The space that had been torn apart was not sealed due to the aftermath of the sword strike that was too powerful, and strange light cracks were occurring.

He looked behind the crack. There was nothing. The Holy Sword Union leader, the Black Tower's master who was trying to protect him, and the White Blood Religion leader who had attacked him all were gone.


Glenn took a deep breath inside and lowered his gaze. The white ground that had been dug out was soaked with a terrifying amount of blood. It was the blood of the Holy Sword Union leader.

'I definitely cut him.'

Even though the power was reduced due to the spell, it was clear that he had cut the Holy Sword Union leader's chest.

The robe of magic wrapped around the Holy Sword Union leader before the explosion occurred, but it was impossible for even the Black Tower's master to absorb all the impact.

‘But they probably managed to escape.’

The White Blood Religion leader and the Black Tower's master were behind the Holy Sword Union leader, so it was obvious that they had used a spell to escape with their bodies.


Glenn clicked his tongue briefly and lowered the lightning sword. The red lightning aura melted away, revealing the original form of Heavenly Tremor. For the first time, the sword felt heavy.

'I used too much power.'

Even if he hadn't gained the realization just before, he might have defeated the leader of the Holy Sword Union if he had focused on using the Heavenly Blade until the end.

However, he did not want to let go of the truth of martial arts that he had realized thanks to Raon. He organized the enlightenment, thinking that he would teach it to that child someday.

“Even if I'm exhausted, I must finish what remains."

Glenn raised his head and frowned. The eyes of the giant dragon floating under the moonlight flickered.

"Come down."


The Dragon Lord let out a low moan and transformed into a human form and set foot on the ground.

"Are you choosing to stand on the Five Demons’ side?"

In response to Glenn's cold gaze, the Dragon Lord shrugged his shoulders.

"N-no, it's not like that!"

The Dragon Lord hastily shook his head.

"To us, human factions are not important!"

He raised his staff and pointed to the crack in space that was still distorted.

"The Destructive King of the North. Your sword was too dangerous just now. If I hadn't reduced its power, that crack might have continued expanding endlessly."


Glenn turned his gaze silently. As the Dragon Lord said, the gap in the torn space had not yet closed. It was expanding slightly in size, emitting strange sparks.


Only after the Dragon Lord chanted the spell did the torn space close and return to its original shape. The sparks that were spreading recklessly also slowly subsided.

"Your power is dangerous now. It gives off a sense of fear."

There was a new fear in his eyes.

"Accordingly, the time you have left has decreased, but that..."


Glenn's dry tone made the Dragon Lord shut his mouth.

"As I said before, I will handle my own business. I will take all the karma and sins, so you don't have to worry about it. And....”

He raised Heavenly Tremor in front of the Dragon Lord's shaking pupils.

“This is the last warning. If you interfere again, I will take it as a declaration of war.”

"W-what is this..."

The Dragon Lord let out a sigh as if he couldn't believe it.

“Are you saying you're going to go to wage war with us dragons right now?

“Do you think I can't do it?”

“Hmm…. ”

The Dragon Lord could not answer. Glenn's eyes were flickering with an eerie light as if he were truly speaking the truth.

'Rather, right now...'

If he were to do it now, in Glenn's visibly fatigued state, he might be able to kill this human named Glenn. Unconsciously, his fingers twitched.

‘Maybe it could be possible if it were two of us....’

When he was hesitating whether to move or not, Glenn chuckled.

"Shall we try now? I don't mind."

As if inviting him, Glenn generated a red lightning on his sword.

The Dragon Lord swallowed his dry saliva, no matter how tired he was, he recalled the swordsmanship he had witnessed just moments ago—the sword that even the dragon's mightiest weapon, the breath of the dragon, could not reach. Sweat trickled down his spine.

"I have no intention of doing that. Just understand. We dragons will do what we have to do."

“It would be nice if that wasn't a double standard that was lenient only to you.”

“Huu…. ”

The Dragon Lord had nothing to say, letting out a low groan before turning into a golden light and disappearing.

“Phew…. ”

When Glenn exhaled the breath he had been holding, the archmage Chamber appeared with a blue light.

“The Black Tower's master was here, right?”

Chamber's condition was not good. Blood was dripping from the torn robes, and hier enormous mana was also at rock bottom. Even her trademark wide-brimmed hat was nowhere to be seen.

"It looks like you suffered quite a bit."

"He got Freya's Robe."

"Freya's Robe?"

"Yeah. It was hidden in the black market, but it was taken away."

She twisted her lips, expressing displeasure at having a valuable item stolen.

"Freya's Robe...?"

Glenn rubbed his chin and closed his eyes.

‘That must be it.’

It seems that the magic robe that the Black Tower's master wrapped the dying Holy Sword Union leader in was Freya's Robe.

"I'm sorry. I should have stopped it, but..."

Chamber frowned, stating that she couldn't stop him because he ran away as soon as he saw the Silent Sword Sovereign.

"It's okay."

Glenn lightly patted Chamber's shoulder, who seemed to be out of breath. Given the terrible compatibility with the Black Tower's master, who had a new artifact, It was a good thing that she had survived so far. 

He didn’t want to scold her because she was the one who saved the Light Wind division.


Chamber looked surprised at that reaction and widened her eyes, grabbing her shoulder. He thought about asking her to move, but she looked like she was running low on both stamina and mana, so he gave up.

"I'll go now."

The most important thing right now is the life and death of Raon and the Light Wind division. He stomped the ground and used the Supreme Harmony steps, burning the aura that had accumulated in a short time in the mana circuits of his legs.

After running at full speed for a while, the Kingdom of Owen came into view. As he was about to jump over the city wall, he saw Roenn standing in front of the gate.


"I've been waiting."

Roenn seemed to believe in Glenn, so he lowered his head without saying a word.

"What happened? What about Raon and the Light Wind division?"

"First, the Light Wind members has recovered enough to move. There should be no significant aftereffects."


"In fact..."

He quickly reported everything that had happened during his absence.

"So Raon is still not found, is that it?"

"That's it...."

Roenn shook his head for the first time, unable to continue speaking.

"What happened?"

"We received a message from the main house."

"Main house?"


He approached Glenn with a shaking gaze.

"Someone appeared to take Raon, and that person..."

After hearing all the circumstances, thick veins appeared on Glenn's forehead.

* * *

Advance chapters: 

For Indonesian:


Raon opened his eyelids as he felt a chilling breeze that seemed to squeeze his heart.

An endless white ceiling came into view. It wasn't reality. It was the mental world that he had looked over countless times in order to create a swordsmanship.

My own space, where swords sprouted like flowers, and fire and cold coexisted in harmony and opposition, had changed significantly.

‘I expected it, but it's severe.’

It has been torn apart too much

A black hole had been opened in the center of the mental world, where cold and heat were blended.

From the invisible hole, an extreme cold that could freeze even bones emanated.

The hole, however, didn't seem to be enlarging any further, likely due to the sea-colored energy surrounding it.

'What is this energy?'

As Raon observed the energy enclosing the hole, a familiar scream echoed from behind

"It doesn't work!"

When he turned his head, he saw Wrath sitting at the dining table in the annex building. He was not in cotton candy form. He was holding his head in his hands in his original form.

'What is he doing... Oh.'

When he saw the skewered meat, pizza, bread, and ice cream spread out on the table, he understood why Wrath was doing that.

It seemed that he was trying to taste the food that he had not been able to eat in his human form, and he was trying to taste it in this world. Of course, it would be meaningless.

"Damn it! It doesn't taste good even if I eat it!"

Wrath poured the food into his mouth and tears welled up in his eyes.

'That's Wrath, indeed.'

Raon let out a sigh. The memory of overpowering transcendents in that form was still fresh in his mind. Yet, witnessing him sulking at the fake food confirmed that he was indeed Wrath, the one he was familiar with.


He shook his head and sat across from Wrath.

“I’m going to die of frustration!”

Wrath slammed the table and gritted his teeth.

"I can't forget it! The things I couldn't eat back then keep haunting me!"

After saying that, he resumed eating the food. Of course, he spat it out, claiming it had no taste.

"I told you to eat it quickly."

"When will that opportunity come again? You have to eat when you can eat!"

“Yeah. That’s why you missed it all.”


Wrath seemed to have nothing to say, so he buried his head in the table and sniffled.

"Wrath. More importantly, is that hole where the mental world has been cut off?"

Raon tapped Wrath on the head and then pointed to the black hole that had sprouted in the center.

"Why are you asking the obvious? The level of the soul you've accumulated over time has melted away.”

"I knew about it, but seeing it directly... it's larger than I expected."

Raon bit his lip as he looked at the hole. He was prepared, but the crack was larger than he thought. Wrath's words that he would lose a lot came to him painfully.

"It also stopped midway."

"It stopped?"

"Yes. It is temporarily stopped because someone, for unknown reasons, put their will and aura into your upper energy center."

Wrath pointed to the sea-blue energy that surrounded the hole.

"Hmm... ."

Raon looked at the energy and bit his lip. If someone was able to put their will and aura into his upper energy center, it would be a Grand Master or a Transcendent, but he had no idea whose energy it was.

"I guess I'll find out when I wake up."

He sighed and looked at the hole again.

'It's a bit bitter.'

The feeling of having the mental world cut off was like a boar destroying the field that he had carefully cultivated.

Of course, there might be no changes in abilities and physique.

However, it felt more painful because the level of the soul, accumulated over the years through achievements, was being worn away.

"Are you regretting it?"

Wrath asked as he tossed aside the pizza crust.

"Not at all."

Raon shook his head calmly.

"I never regret."

Orgos is a persistent guy, so if he had survived, he would have followed the Light Wind division members to the end.

Ending him there was a necessity, even if he had to borrow the power of another Demon King, besides Wrath.

"If I create new techniques and swordsmanship, that should be enough.”

“You speak easily.”

“It really won’t take that long.”

Raon smiled faintly at Wrath.

‘I learned a lot thanks to you.’

He realized a new way of using ice by closely observing Wrath's battle. He has even become accustomed to the martial arts of the transcendents, gaining much more than he has lost.

Now, he seems weakened for a moment, but he'll be able to go higher in the future.

"Hmm, it seems the King of Essence disappears because of your awake here." 

Wrath frowned, pointing to his blurring body.

“Ah! You didn’t forget, did you? 3 weeks! 3 weeks! Remember that!”

He waved his hand and disappeared into a bubble, saying that he must never forget.

Raon laughed and looked around the mental world where Wrath had disappeared.

There were still many swords, but the Divine sword and the Demonic sword were not visible. It may be that they disappeared for a while because of that hole.

‘I don’t know when they’ll come back, so I’ll just fill that hole.’

The mental world is like his own life. He closed his eyes to refine the disordered space through meditation and the Ring of Fire.

* * *

While he was tidying up the mental world and filling in the hole a little at a time, he heard someone's voice.


Who is it?


As he listened, the sound gradually grew louder.

Get up, I said!

As he followed the sound, his eyes opened wide. The mental world disappeared, and a worn, damp-looking wooden ceiling came into view.

In front of it, Wrath's round head appeared.

It’s only now that you wake up! You pathetic bastard!

Wrath muttered something like a slow sleeper and hit his head.

‘What are you talking about? It hasn't been that long since we met.’

You say that! You’ve been lying in bed for over 2 weeks!

‘2 weeks?’

Raon checked his physical condition and laughed wryly. It seems he unknowingly spent a concentrated time in the mental world, and didn't realize how time passed.

In a way, it was natural. He had expended a considerable amount of energy and received a lot of wrath points.

You’re going to break your promise again…


Raon knows why Wrath is angry. It's undoubtedly because of the promise he made before, to fulfill his cravings for three weeks.

‘Is it because of the 3-week promise? I’ll extend it for you.’

It’s useless even if you do that now!

‘What do you mean?’

He thought he would be happy, but he frowned even more.

There’s nothing here.


We're currently in the middle of the sea!

Wrath screamed and grabbed his head.

‘Why am I in the sea?’

It was hard to believe that he was in the sea, not in some other place, after he had fallen in the capital city of Owen.

How would the King of Essence know that!


Raon looked around. It was a small room, and the floor was swaying slightly. It really seemed to be inside a ship. He looked around, but the Blade of Requiem and Heavenly Drive were nowhere to be seen.

‘Who took the sword? No, more importantly, the sea...?’

He moistened his dry lips and left the room. There were several small doors in front of him.

When he climbed the stairs in the middle, he saw a blue sky and a sea that was just as blue.

There was no land in any of the four directions. It was truly an endless ocean.

"It really is the sea..."

"Have you finally come to your senses?"

A robust female voice came from behind him. He turned around and saw a woman with sunset-colored hair and brown skin reflected in the sea.

"You are who. No, why am I here?"

"Why else?"

She smiled and pointed her finger.

"You've been kidnapped."


Raon stepped back, studying the woman. She was a beautiful lady with cool features, but the crucial point was the unfathomable power she possessed – a power that surpassed even a Grandmaster, indicating a Transcendent martial artist.

“Who are you.”

"Who am I?"

The woman smiled faintly and twirled her finger.

"When I receive your ransom from Zieghart…”

"Enough with the jokes. Aris Zieghart.”

As she muttered to herself that she could live a life of leisure and gluttony with her ransom, a familiar voice rang out from her right.

A muscular old man with steel-like muscles, whose weak white hair did not match his appearance, was squinting his eyes.

"Sir Kuberad?"

It was Kuberad, he was one of the blacksmiths of the continent who had created the Blade of Requiem. He nodded his head slightly, as if it had been a long time.

"No, wait!"

Raon hastily turned his head back to see the woman with sunset-colored hair again.

"Aris Zieghart? Is that Aris?"

Glenn's daughter, born in Zieghart, whom Raon had never seen since his birth, was present in this place.


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