TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 515

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Chapter 515

The sky and the earth fell silent.

The crimson moonlight, tainted by the aura of transcendent beings standing at the pinnacle of humanity, seemed distorted.

The two swordsmen, who have faced each other again after decades, looked into each other's eyes and released the wills they had built up.

The red light that bloomed from Glenn Zieghart was a will to protect the present. The shape of a towering tree, unyielding to any external pressure, was drawn with lightning.

On the other hand, the will of the Holy Sword Union leader, who is swirling in darkness, is simple. Burning desire like a flame. It was filled with greed to enjoy blood and fighting, and to obtain higher level swordsmanship.

When the waves of will that rose from the feet of the two transcendents collided at the center of the moonlight, the air rippled and a massive wave rose.


It seems that was the signal for the start, the Holy Sword Union leader moved. He slashed down from the spot, and a fierce slash that seemed to tear through space stretched out.

It was sharp, fast, powerful, and agile. It was a transcendent swordsmanship that embodied the principles of all swordsmanship in a moment.

Glenn did not move his feet either. He simply received the black-colored sword strike that was rushing in, holding Heavenly Tremor at the waist.


The Holy Sword Union leader's slash melted like spring snow in front of Heavenly Tremor.

It was the opposite of the Holy Sword Union leader's swordsmanship. It was firm, slow, flexible, and heavy. It was a delicate move that used the principles of swordsmanship in reverse.

The swords of the transcendents collided once, but there was no small shock on the thin ice lake. It meant that the control of their aura had reached the heavens.


The Holy Sword Union leader struck the second sword. This time, with his perfectly crafted body. He seemed to move along the shadows as he scraped the Dark Sword up from the bottom.

The principles of many martial arts are infused into a simple slash, revealing the true meaning of Myriad Swords. The momentum added at the end shook the heavens and the earth.


Since it cannot be easily blocked like the first sword strike, Glenn stepped forward with his left foot and pulled Heavenly Tremor inward.

The lightning that burned in the sword edge spread to the entire blade, creating a red glow.


Glenn had no intention of engaging in a conversation through their swords, he simply pressed down on the Holy Sword Union leader's attack with force.

"Don't be boring."

The Holy Sword Union leader curled his lips and swung his shoulder. He released the lightning contained in Glenn's sword strike into the void, and stabbed the sword from above.

This time, it seemed that he would not be inferior in power, with dark flames wrapped around the blade.

Glenn's aura was still calm. With cold eyes, like when he looks down at the world from the throne of the audience chamber, he raised the lightning of Heavenly Tremor. The red lightning that spread from the sword edge swallowed the Holy Sword Union leader's sword strike.


A huge explosion erupted like it was crushing the night sky, and a storm of aura swept around.

However, the clothes of Glenn and the Holy Sword Union leader did not move at all. Their internal and external aura were perfectly controlled.

"As expected."

The Holy Sword Union leader smiled as if he knew it would be like that, and released his hand that was holding the sword. The Dark Sword that naturally rose up according to his will burned his own body with dark black fire.

"We've done enough warm-up, so let's start properly."


Glenn did not answer, but raised Heavenly Tremor. It was the same posture as before, but the murderous intent that bloomed from his red eyes was chilling.

[Cease this!]

Just as the two transcendents were about to move again, a massive will rippled from above. Dragon Lord. The one who chased the Demon King shouted from the sky, calling for a halt in the midst of the battle.

[If you clash in this chaotic situation due to the Demon King, the balance of the continent will be distorted!]

“It would be better for you to be quiet before I cut off your necks first.”

Ignoring Dragon Lord's words, the Holy Sword Union leader snapped his fingers. The blade of the Dark Sword spread into hundreds, filling the sky and the earth.

The number of Dark Swords had not only increased. The countless Dark Swords, all with different principles and swordsmanship, rushed towards Glenn's heart and neck.

This was one of the Black Night Demon Sword's special technique, Flameless Myriad Blades.

Every one of the hundreds of blades was real, each carrying the transcendent sword technique embodying the will of the Holy Sword Union leader.


Glenn raised Heavenly Tremor up. The red lightning that gathered on the blade of the sword that pierced the sky exploded like a bomb.

The Third move of the Sky-Piercing Sword (Sky Penetrating Sword changed to Sky-Piercing Sword)

Heavenly Red Flame Net.

The lightning that gathered on the sword edge spread like a net, covering the sky and the earth.

As Glenn showed to Raon, his Sky-Piercing Sword was dark and majestic. It was filled with power that seemed to overwhelm everything.


The Heavenly Red Flame Net, which released lightning like moonlight that illuminates the world, and the Flameless Myriad Blades, which covered the sky with swords, collided, causing a tremendous shock wave to erupt.

The waves of lightning erased the blades, and the sharp blades tore through the net of lightning.

The terrifying waves of aura continued endlessly, and cracks like spider webs appeared at the center of the ice lake.


A massive wave surges above the fractured ice. In the midst of the explosion where waves entwine, Glenn and the leader of the Holy Sword Union unleash their sword strikes at each other. It is a divine confrontation befitting the titles of the Lightning God and the Black Night Sword God.

"Is this a new swordsmanship? I'd like to see more!"

The Holy Sword Union leader said as he fired his Dark Sword, asking to see more.

"I told you, I don't intend to drag this out."

Glenn dipped the tip of Heavenly Tremor  into the lake. A small ripple spread like a child throwing a pebble, accompanied by a graceful gesture like a painting.

The calm sword wave continued, extending and becoming the blade of the water sword that tore through space.


As the blade made of water and the Dark Sword collided, the violent force that surged up pierced a blue hole in the sky.


Glenn used the Supreme Harmony steps in the air. The step that contained his will moved his body beyond space.

Heavenly Blade's Light's End.

The blade of lightning that followed with light drew a solemn line. The sword strike of transcendence that silenced the enemy drew across the throat of the Holy Sword Union leader.

“It’s finally the Heavenly Blade technique!”

As the Holy Sword Union leader twisted his lips, the space melted away and the Dark Sword appeared. The sword strike that seemed to transcend even the Black Night Demon Sword technique blocked the Heavenly Blade's Light's End.


The flames of the Dark Sword were like a shadow, absorbing the lightning energy contained in the Heavenly Tremor, significantly reducing its power.

The Encirclement of the Dark Sword followed. The sword strike that stretched out in a stance that a human could not achieve fell down towards Glenn's neck.

Glenn bent the wrist holding Heavenly Tremor. Like a lightning bolt rising upside down, Heavenly Tremor cut off the Dark Sword and slashed the Holy Sword Union leader' shoulder.


The shield of aura wrapped in will shattered, and blood flowed down from the Holy Sword Union leader's long coat.

The Holy Sword Union leader remained unfazed. Even the injury seemed part of his plan as he quickly counterattacked.

The Dark Sword spread like a kaleidoscope, creating a malevolent aura. It was unavoidable. It was a blow that forced defense.

Glenn, as if he knew he should not back down, stood there with Heavenly Tremor. The blade of Heavenly Tremor, which had been pointing upwards, fell down, transcending the distance.


Ten Dark Swords that were aiming for the vital points shattered and scattered.

Glenn seized the opportunity when the Dark Swords bounced away. Infusing the sword blade with lightning energy, he skillfully stabbed it into the heart of the leader of the Holy Sword Union.


The Holy Sword Union leader's waist was bleeding. Glenn had been aiming for his left chest, but the Holy Sword Union leader managed to twist out of the way and counterattack. He was indeed a formidable opponent.

The Dark Sword, wrapped in a flame that burned with malice, flew towards him. It was a sword strike that seemed to try to crush him with its power.

Glenn extended his right leg forward. He lowered his center of gravity and raised Heavenly Tremor. The red lightning gathered above the blade, which seemed to cut through the moonlight.


The black flame and the red lightning growled at each other as if they were trying to devour each other, creating strange shapes in the air.

Glenn and the Holy Sword Union leader thrust their swords at each other within the lingering embers of aura.


Heavenly Tremor and the Dark Sword interlocked like teeth, causing a fierce spark to fly.


Glenn twisted his ankle and wrist at the same time, knocking the center of the Dark Sword away and aiming for the Holy Sword Union leader's neck.

However, the Holy Sword Union leader seemed to have read the move. He leaned back with his left upper body and raised the Dark Sword to create a thick sword barrier.


A powerful shockwave erupted as the swords collided, but the two transcendents did not even budge by a finger's width.

Instead, they advanced further, slashing their swords targeting each other's throats without allowing a moment to catch their breath.

Glenn revealed the true essence of swordsmanship, not his powerful aura, as if he had returned to his childhood.

Glenn's sword cut the Holy Sword Union leader's chest, and the Holy Sword Union leader's Dark Sword pierced Glenn's shoulder. It was a feast of swordsmanship at close range. The swords kept coming, without a moment to catch one's breath.

It was as if they were perfectly understanding each other's swordsmanship. This was possible because both Glenn and the Holy Sword Union leader had mastered the art of all swords (Myriad Swords/Ten Thousand Swords).


As Glenn and the Holy Sword Union leader's close combat dragged on, the lightning and black flames spread like snakes, eventually causing a huge explosion.

An enormous storm of light spread from the center of the lake, overturning the ground that held the water.

Glenn and the Holy Sword Union leader descended on the water that moistened the snow-covered ground.

"As expected of the Destructive King of the North."

The Holy Sword Union leader curled his lips into a long smile. His face was filled with joy. It was as if the flames of ecstasy were burning his flesh.


On the other hand, Glenn's eyes were dry and parched. He lowered Heavenly Tremor as if merely concluding this battle, his expression hinted at seeking an end.


As the Holy Sword Union leader flicked his finger, the Dark Sword rose above his head, igniting a profound flame, burning and rising with a grayish light that seemed to turn into ashes, it distorted the space.

"If that's all, this will be your end."

Along with his quiet murmur, the Dark Sword moved forward. It was neither fast nor slow, and there was not the slightest ripple.

However, the technique contained in that sword was the ultimate technique of the Black Night Demon Sword, the Demon's Soul Escape (마의탈혼), which was the culmination of the Holy Sword Union leader's will and martial arts, who ascended to the sky with a sword.

It was a technique that he had not even revealed when facing the Demon King. The transcendent sword that a practitioner of Myriad Swords had built up rushed towards Glenn's heart.


Glenn raised his sword. The sphere of lightning that rose from the tip of the sword cut through the frozen sky and brought about a red dawn.

Sword Field Creation.”

The sudden cry of the swordsman standing in the sky twisted the flow of the world.

"Seamless Perfection."

The blade of Heavenly Tremor turned into a shining sword that burned with lightning, along with a red glow. It was not a big change. But the real thing was not the sword.

The true meaning of Seamless Perfection was for Glenn Zieghart, the supreme swordsman, to transform into a perfect sword.

He was fast, light, powerful, flexible, variable, profound, slow, heavy, straight, sharp, full of Illusion and firm at the same time.

Glenn also raised the Lightning Sword, burning the principles of swords he had accumulated so far as fuel.

Like the robes that the gods wear, his sword was imbued with perfectness that did not show even the slightest flaw.

"Lightning Rod.”

With Glenn's soft voice, the Lightning Sword created a gentle wave. The sword strike that seemed to draw a crescent moon melted away the ash-gray flames and the will that were embedded in the Holy Sword Union leader's Demon's Soul Escape.

"Finally, I get to see it again! Seamless Perfection!"

With the Holy Sword Union leader's shout, his sword underwent a transformation. His ash-gray flames  and will were imbued with his aura, erupting in a black glow. After the technique of Demon's Soul Escape, the Self-Shattering Sword was unleashed.

"Storm of Life."

Glenn's Lightning Sword spread its wings along the horizon. The Self-Shattering Sword, which was trying to tear apart space, lost its light and fell.

"Not yet!"

With the Holy Sword Union leader's shout, the Dark Sword moved forward. His entire ash-gray flames  was mixed together, and a light darker than night burned.

As if time and space had stopped, the Dark Sword was the only existence in the whole world. It was the last technique of the Black Night Demon Sword, Radiant Flame Wave. 

"No, it's over."

Glenn's eyes did not waver even in front of that.

"Heavenly Blade."

He raised the Lightning Sword with both hands and raised it to the top. The sword blade of the god of war that cut down was about to cut the Radiant Flame Wave.

The Dark Sword was about to be erased by the white-colored sword strike.

"I said not yet."

The Holy Sword Union leader appeared behind the Dark Sword. A colorless light extended from his outstretched hand.


It was different in scale from the White Blood Religion leader’s white bloody energy. It had no color, but it was more divine than anything else, and it was sprouting a noble bud. This was the manifestation of an invincible sword capable of cutting through anything.

The formless sword, which was more powerful than the Radiant Flames Wave that was unfolded by the Dark Sword, caused the space to split lengthwise.


"It's a secret technique I prepared for you."

The Holy Sword Union leader's formless sword was not just a simple manifestation of power. It cleverly exploited the gaps without interfering with Radiant Flame Wave. He was even using the principle of dual swords.

In the realm of transcendence where even sound could not reach, the swords clash, embodying their ultimate power.


Glenn bit his dry lips. The force that was pushing in was strong. If it had been just one Radiant Flames Wave, the Heavenly Blade would have cut through it, but the second sword blade that the Holy Sword Union leader had prepared was not easily cut through.

"You've gotten weak, Glenn Zighart."

A sneer came out of the Holy Sword Union leader's mouth.

"You weren't like this before."

He pushed both swords forcefully and spoke.

"When did the Destructive King of the North ever think about his subordinates and grandsons? It doesn't suit you to run away without finishing the fight!"

The Holy Sword Union leader, as if disappointed, gritted his teeth and pulled the two swords diagonally down.

"It was much better when your soul was filled with only revenge and domination!"

He glared with his red eyes, saying that he did not need a weakened Destructive King of the North.

"Don't defile your past, and die here!"

The sword strike of the Holy Sword Union leader, who exploded with will and emotion, became heavier. The blade of the Lightning Sword trembled as if it would break, and Heavenly Blade could not move forward.


Glenn twisted his lips as he felt the weight as if the sky was pressing down on his shoulders.

"It might be that way to you."

The Holy Sword Union leader was right. When he first clashed with the Holy Sword Union leader, he was filled with only revenge for his subordinates and the will to build his family.

In the past, even if Raon and the Light Wind members died, he would not have cared, and he would have fought the Holy Sword Union leader until the end

However, if asked whether that has weakened now, he would answer no, lowering his head. It's not a weakening of strength or power but a change of will.

After gaining enlightenment, he gave up revenge and domination, and embracing the resolve to protect Sylvia, Raon, and the family.

He had intended to carry that sentiment throughout his life but unexpectedly found himself receiving even more from the children he had sought to protect.

Eating together, teaching, and having awkward but casual conversations. He felt a new happiness as he took on the roles of father and grandfather that he had given up.

That's not getting weaker.

“This is it, my rival.”

The Holy Sword Union leader ended it by simultaneously dropping both swords. The Radiant Flame Wave and the Formless Sword draw their own circles, forming the ultimate harmony. The world was covered in black flames, as if everything would be erased.

“I am….”

Glenn opened his eyelids calmly. A red lightning flashed above his eyes, which looked like they had been burned.

The time spent with Raon in the gap where anger subsided and the tyranny was discarded comes flooding back. The joys and sorrows of human life. The rift that was once filled only with anger is now filled with emotions of happiness and joy, elevating the soul to a higher dimension.

"I will not die until I pass everything I have to that child."

The blade of lightning extended once more. Not the Lightning Rod, not the Storm of Life, not the Heavenly Blade. None of these.

Like the moment when the sky opened at the dawn of creation.

The swordsman named Glenn Zieghart, who had accumulated a lifetime of martial arts, became a single sword, raising a magnificent brilliance.


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