TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 203


"Virtual reality?"

The question came from Alberu Crossman.

Cale's gaze, nodding in response to the three-term president's words, turned towards Alberu. However, Alberu, looking at Ahn Roh Man, requested an explanation with his expression.

—In simple terms, it's another reality, but it doesn't exist in reality.

"It doesn't exist in reality?"

—Yes. When you enter that world through the connection device, you can feel all the senses, including perception, and create various things within the existing world. However, the moment you exit the connection device...

Ahn Roh Man raised his empty hands.

—You can't touch that world. Only the magic and mechanical devices that created that world exist.


Cale leaned back on the sofa with clenched fists.


It was like an intermediate world where Kim Rok Soo's Earth and the unknown 1 where Cale lived were combined.

'There's Magic and also Aura. At the same time, there are various cold weapons.'

It looked like a world where many things were mixed.
Cale watched Alberu and Ahn Roh Man as they engaged in questions and answers, but he focused on Ahn Roh Man's words.

—Magic is the most transformable form of energy that exists in nature. My parents thought that with that transformability, they could create a virtual world and even steer the creation of that world in various directions for players.

Perhaps it should be considered a form of magical engineering.

—Of course, many places carried out that research. However, they couldn't surpass the algorithm created by my mother and father.

"And did they create a game?"

—Yes. We finally implemented it.

Cale, who was listening, interjected into the conversation.

"If it was a project of that level, they probably kept it secret."

—That's right. It was confidential. Of course, my parents told the executive committee of the company.

"Even to the vice president, your uncle?"

—Yes. And when my uncle found out the truth, he insisted on getting investment.

"Your parents probably rejected it."

Ahn Roh Man nodded.

—Yes. At that time, our company was quite solid, but it wasn't large. We didn't have many employees, and we thought that if we got investment, there was a high chance of losing the company.

"It's surprising that they created a virtual reality game with so few employees."


There was a brief silence, and then Ahn Roh Man spoke.

—My father was the best developer, and my mother was the best engineer. Both were geniuses.

Then, he shrugged.

—Of course, the form of virtual reality developed by the two as the core wasn't as perfect as the game released by Transparent Blood. It was kind of a prototype, almost a model.

Alberu opened his mouth.

"Finally, your uncle ended up attracting the Transparent Blood Family from outside."

-That's right.

Cale and Alberu. Neither of them asked how Ahn Roh Man's parents lost the game and what happened afterward.

Ahn Roh Man spoke.

"A world created by devouring my parents' sweat," he said.

When both remained silent, Ahn Roh Man shrugged. Crown Prince Alberu, watching him, suddenly spoke.

"You've even reached the position of President. If I were part of the Transparent Blood Family, I wouldn't have left you alone in that position."


Ahn Roh Man burst into laughter.

"Yes, if they knew that I knew 'the whole truth,' they would have done that."

"They don't know?"

-Of course not.

Ahn Roh Man continued his story.

-Due to an unfair accident, my parents suddenly passed away, and the project stopped. Furthermore, the company staggered due to attacks from those presumed competitors. In that situation, my uncle, for the sake of everyone, became transparent to continue the will and protect my parents' last inheritance.

It was when Ahn Roh Man was 10 years old.

-At that time, I accepted it as the truth. And so, receiving the kind care of my uncle and aunt, I grew up benefiting a bit from the privileges of the Transparent Blood Family.

"Was that when you found out the truth?"

-Yes, when I saw the game released by Transparent Co., Ltd.


Ahn Roh Man smiled.

-My parents hid the truth inside the game.

Cale's eyes narrowed. He stood up from the sofa. Leaned forward.

Ahn Roh Man's voice continued.

-No matter how much those bastards from the Transparent Blood Family modified the game, the fundamental system was created by my parents. They couldn't erase the card they left in secret, and I found it.

-Because when I was young, we used to play like that. My parents were a bit playful, you know? And I wasn't that simple either. It was our own joke.

Cale and Ahn Roh Man's eyes met.

-And there was also someone who shared our family jokes.

Cale's mouth opened.

"… The system."

-Yes. There was an AI. A minimal artificial intelligence system to maintain the virtual reality world.

Cale was intrigued.

How did Ahn Roh Man become number 1 in the game's ranking?

-That AI is my friend and brother. Should I call him older brother since he was born a year before me?

A bitter smile appeared at the corner of Ahn Roh Man's mouth.

-That AI hid deeply in the game. Of course, it handed over most of its functions to Transparent Co., Ltd as if it were being robbed. Transparent Co., Ltd didn't even know there was an AI. That thing waited hidden patiently.

Alberu's mouth opened.

"To meet with you?"


It is said that Ahn Roh Man's parents noticed his uncle's ambition to some extent. Therefore, they prepared at least a couple of minimal precautions, and one of them is an AI in the game.

The essence of the research jointly created by two great geniuses.

That AI, secretly created within Transparent Co., Ltd's game, waited for Ahn Roh Man.

"It helped me reach the first place in the ranking."

Alberu, who was silently listening, gave Cale a look.

"Is it similar to Jungwon?"

"Yes, but I think its power is not as great as Jungwon's."

Cale asked Ahn Roh Man.

"Doesn't that AI have the power to control the game?"

-Yes. Most of the abilities in the game are controlled by Transparent Co., Ltd.

After organizing his thoughts for a moment, Cale spoke again.

"Did Transparent Co., Ltd become a transcendent company through that game?"

"Why do you think that?"

"A while ago, you mentioned that you grew up benefiting from them. At first, you described it as a superior company."

-... Yes, it seems you're paying a lot of attention to every word.

Ahn Roh Man looked at Cale with interest. Cale returned the gaze with an indifferent expression.

"You seem like someone who attaches a lot of meaning to every word you say."


Ahn Roh Man, who was laughing, didn't give a clear and positive answer. Instead, he asked.

"It also seems like you attach a lot of meaning to every word. What is a Hunter?"

Cale and Alberu nodded at each other as they looked at each other. The explanation was Cale's responsibility, but there was something he needed to ask first.

"Are you close to Transparent Co., Ltd?"

Ahn Roh Man. He still couldn't completely trust him. He glanced sideways, and it seemed that Alberu didn't completely trust Ahn Roh Man either. The reason was clear.

'Ahn Roh Man is a three-term president.'

Three terms. This meant that he was re-elected three times in a row. If he's fighting against Transparent Co., Ltd, if he's in conflict with them, it would be difficult to sit in the position of the president.

At that moment, Cale could see a bright smile on Ahn Roh Man's face, which seemed cold at that moment.

It was a moment he thought he looked a lot like Alberu.

"Very close. We are truly close both politically and personally."


At that moment, the corner of Cale's mouth lifted.

-"Human! That smile is just like Crown Prince's! When Crown Prince deceives, he puts on that smile!"

Cale, who was silently listening to Raon's voice, looked at Alberu.

Alberu had a stunned expression.

It was the reaction one would show when encountering a fellow of the same type.

At that moment, Ahn Roh Man's voice continued.

-And in the future, I also plan to get closer to Transparent Co., Ltd, a transcendent company, as much as possible. While mutually benefiting each other.


He let out a light sigh. As if suddenly remembering something forgotten, exaggeratedly.

"By the way, Transparent Co., Ltd doesn't know that I am number 1 in the ranking. Because the external name of Taerang is Omnipotent Spear."

The number 1 position was 'the guy who took Taerang.'

-Oh, by the way, that was a nickname change. At first, it wasn't 'the guy who took Taerang,' but 'unfilial son.' Haha.

...This guy really isn't easy. Cale thought at that moment.

-Now, is it okay if I hear a bit of your story?


After a brief silence, Cale suddenly spoke.

"Well, it might be that your world is about to be destroyed, so it's normal to tell you some things."

-... What?

It was when Ahn Roh Man's face showed confusion for the first time. Alberu smiled cunningly and murmured.

"Now that guy will also experience Cale Henituse's anger."

Of course, Cale completely ignored that murmur. And he began his story.

"Transparent Co., Ltd is originally the Transparent Blood Family. You can consider its identity as a gathering of Hunters."

Of course, he only briefly explained past events, enough for Ahn Roh Man to know. He couldn't explain everything.

"I still don't fully believe it."

Both him and Alberu.

After finishing the explanation, Cale stared at Ahn Roh Man, who had been silent while he explained.

Ahn Roh Man, who was organizing his thoughts, opened his mouth.

-Do you want to access RMPAG? Is that why you contacted me.


To Alberu, who showed doubts, he responded.

-It's the abbreviation of the game's name. Raising My Precious Absolute God. We usually call it RMPAG.

His expression turned bitter.

-Blue died before I could see his face.

That damned 
Blue .

It was at that moment that Cale's expression turned grim.

-If you use Taerang, you should be able to create a new user account through the Tablet.

That was the information he wanted.


The AI residing in Alberu's Omnipotent Spear.

"And what about accessing existing user accounts?"

-If you mess with the user's body information, you won't be able to access the game at all. It's safer to create a new path and make a new account.

Ahn Roh Man added:

-Of course, let's also investigate how to access with 
Blue's account.

A smile formed on his lips.

-If the game ID used by the Blue Blood Family Leader is linked to 
Blue's account, there may be traces or quite interesting information there.

Raon shouted in Cale's mind:

-"Human! Ahn Roh Man looks like a villain!"

That's right.

-"Human, you have a similar expression too!"

I figured.

-"Human, our Crown Prince's expression is strange."

Cale averted his gaze.

He glanced at Alberu and found his eyes staring at Ahn Roh Man. Alberu seemed to be smiling sympathetically. Somehow, he felt bad. But, he continued to pay attention to Ahn Roh Man's words.

"But both options will take quite some time. We need at least a month."

Cale's forehead furrowed.


A month. It's too much time. Before that, Cale had to go to Apitoyu to find Choi Jung Gun, who had disappeared.

"Yes. Originally, only one account is allowed per device. Transparent Co., Ltd is very strict in that regard."

"I understand."

"There is a faster way."


Cale quickly asked.

"What is it?"

Suddenly, Ahn Roh Man closed his mouth.

Then, he looked at Alberu.


Alberu hesitated, then pointed at himself.


"Yes. To be precise, with the Omnipotent Spear you have. It's a great device equipped with advanced AI like Taerang. Installing the game I sent you through Taerang on that device should be easy."


"Unlike the Blood Demon, the Omnipotent Spear is a new device, and there are no account issues, so it's much easier compared to the previous problems. Of course, sending the game package to Taerang from here is a bit difficult, but I can also do it quickly. About a week or so?"


Cale's gaze, silently looking at Alberu, and the smile on Ahn Roh Man's face looking at Alberu lost their voice for a moment.


"Yes, Hyung-nim."

Suddenly, it was Hyung-nim.

"Do you want to borrow Taerang for a moment?"

"But I have to go work hard in Apitoyu, you know?"

"Alberu. When the user account is registered, it will be difficult for you to use Taerang while playing, and you'll need Taerang near you all the time to be able to access the game, so you can't lend it to anyone."

Cale and Ahn Roh Man spoke successively.

Alberu stared at Cale as if he could see through him.

"...I'm busy too."

"Thanks to you, I can go out and save the world without worrying about Roan! Hyung-nim, I respect you!"


Alberu ran his hands through his face. In response, Ahn Roh Man offered comforting words calmly.

"Don't worry. My older brother and I, I mean that AI I mentioned earlier. Anyway, the two of us will take you on our bus."


"It's an easy way of saying that we will help you become stronger."


Alberu sighed deeply.

"I'll do it, then."

Cale smiled with satisfaction.

"Hyung-nim, I trust you."

He really did. It would be chaotic in Apitoyu. With Alberu, he would receive help from Taerang and Ahn Roh Man to adapt to the virtual reality game 'RMPAG' and prepare various useful foundations to confront the Transparent Blood Family in the future.

"Good. Let's give it a try first."

Alberu expressed positivity with a somewhat annoyed expression.

Finally, the first person who would be the player of the game in the Roan Kingdom would be Alberu Crossman.

ID: Ruthless Emperor.

Cale still didn't know the chaos this Player would create. Or, rather, he hadn't even dreamed of it.

Translator's Note: After delving into the Central Plains, exploring the Dragon World, and finally diving into Virtual Reality, haha! the plot of this novel becomes increasingly intriguing and captivating.


Meanwhile, Cale encountered an obstacle.

"...What is this?"

From start to finish, Ron gently explained with a kind voice.

"Knowing that the Young Master will attend the opening ceremony to accompany Miss Lily, who will soon be transferring, the dean of the academy asked him to give a speech."

Raon and Hong joined the conversation.

"Wow, is the Human going to give a speech?"

"It must be fun! I want to go see the academy soon."

"Me too! Human, I'll go see too!"

And On, beside him, was examining the explanatory brochure of the academy's curriculum plan. Cale planned to quietly visit the academy to protect Lily from the Demon Crown Prince and also to show the academy to the around ten-year-old children. Of course, Cale did not inform the dean about his visit.



"The Crown Prince must have already told the dean, right?"

Ron smiled benevolently, not saying a word.

Cale ran his hands through his face.

RMPAG. It must be a little revenge from the Crown Prince who took over the game.


At that moment, he received a call from the Mirror.

It was a message from the God of Death.

<Permission granted to move the Black Castle.>

In the world dominated by Dragons, it was now possible for the Black Castle, located in the Forest of Darkness, to move entirely to Apitoyu, the home of the Purple Blood Family.


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