TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 535

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

Chapter 535

Black shadows rippled like swamps, then soon transformed into human forms. These were the Shadows assassins' stealth techniques.

Raon watched the ten assassins gathered in front of the lake with a brief taste of his lips.

‘They're all Masters.’

He couldn't sense their auras from a distance, but based on their stealth skills and body movements, they were all highly skilled assassins.

‘They're the strongest ones who've come so far.’

In the past two days, Raon had watched several Shadows assassins attempt to enter the factory, but the ones who had come now were the most skilled.


Raon looked away from the assassins, who seemed to be about to enter the lake, and looked back at the village.

‘That means Derus is coming soon, right?’

The assassins' purpose was to draw attention. It was clear that they were trying to attract the attention of the Black Market agents until Derus could search the inside of the factory.

Raon looked over the factory and twisted his lips.

‘Even at a time like this, he doesn't want to reveal his own traces, I see.’

The thought of that weasel-like man's face made his fists clench.

‘But this time will be different.’

There is no trace of him in the factory. Even Derus, as skilled as he is, he wouldn't be able to find any information inside the factory, as if a high-ranking magician had twisted the flow of mana within.

‘He'll think he's being toyed with.’

Derus might be a rational person, but once he reveals his true nature, he explodes uncontrollably.

With the loss of the factory, decades of time and astronomical amounts of money have been lost. No matter how rational Derus is, he will have no choice but to explode with anger.

‘I've made all the necessary preparations for that.’

Even if he couldn't completely expose Derus' identity, he had created a way to stop him and track him down. If the plan goes as planned, he may be able to reveal the man's true colors in a relatively short amount of time.


As Raon was reviewing his plan and calming his mind, Wrath, who had been unconscious from the rubber taste of Nadine's bread, slowly opened his eyelids.

‘Oh, you're awake.’

Wow, he's here.


The guy you're looking for has arrived.

Wrath pointed to the factory with his round hand.

‘I didn't sense him.’

With someone on a completely different level than you, using stealth, it's not surprising you didn't notice. Honestly, the King of Essence almost missed him too.

He frowned, saying that the man was dangerous.

‘Has he grown more powerful?’

Raon frowned and turned his eyes to the lake. The gathered assassins began to deliberately make noise and enter the lake.

‘They're drawing attention so Derus can search the factory.’

Since the waiting assassins had moved, it seemed that Derus had already entered the factory according to Wrath's words.


Raon sent an aura message to Denzel, who was hiding nearby.

[It looks like they're here.]

Denzel nodded as if he understood and moved the Black Market agents who were near the lake.

As soon as they received his orders, the Black Market agents attacked the assassins who were entering the lake, and a battle ensued.

Raon entrusted the lake side to Denzel and continued to focus on the factory alone.

'I must never let my guard down.'

If he were to miss the enraged Derus, it could result in the deaths of many people. So, he couldn't afford to relax.

Using the Ring of Fire, he calmed his mind and concentrated on maintaining readiness, subtly manipulating aura in his hands and feet so he could move at any moment.

As he slowly resonated the Ring of Fire and increased his concentration, a man in a black robe appeared in front of the factory.

'Who’s that?'

He didn't see him at all. There was no flow of mana, no wind, it felt as if the person had simply materialized right there.

‘It's him...’

Just by seeing the silhouette in the robe, he could tell. Derus Robert had undoubtedly inspected the factory and appeared.

Raon bit his lip and put his hand into his spatial pocket. He touched the artifacts and signal flare that he would immediately use if Derus made a move, swallowing dry saliva.

However, Derus did not move from his spot. He looked like he had turned into a stone statue and was not even breathing.

'What the hell...'

Considering Derus' personality, which had been witnessed until now, he would have lost his reason, destroyed the village, and moved to kill all the agents of the Black Market, just like when he exploded in the sea before.

But he was still standing there, not moving a finger.

'Did he find my trace?'

No. That couldn't be.

He had confirmed it with Wrath. There was no trace of his left inside.

All that was left was a few sword marks that he had deliberately carved in order to mock him.

'What the hell is he thinking?'

When Raon bit his lip and tried to suppress his heart, which was beating faster, Derus raised his head to the sky.

His eyes, which were using something, were revealed. A scarlet magma-like substance was churning in his blue pupils.

'He's coming! He's definitely coming... huh?'

When he put pressure on the hand holding the flare, Derus suddenly disappeared.

'Where did he go? Was it to the lake?'

Raon looked towards the lake and stood up.

If Derus targeted the people at the lake, they wouldn't last a second. He had to fire the flare to save the agents of the Black Market.

You don't need to shoot that.

When he was about to shoot the flare into the sky, Wrath raised his hand.

He's gone.

'What does that mean?'

It means that human has fled.

Wrath shook his head, saying that Derus had completely left the area.

'That doesn't make sense...'

Raon looked towards the lake. The Shadows assassins were no longer fighting back, but were only focused on fleeing.

If Derus had been there, the assassins would never have retreated like that. They were trying to flee because Derus had disappeared, as Wrath said.


Raon couldn't help but let out a sigh.

'That bastard just left like that?'

Having observed Derus for decades, he could tell.

He's a cold-blooded man, but when things he's been planning for a long time go wrong, he gets angry like his brain circuits have been fried and erases everything around him. He couldn't understand why he went back without doing anything.

'Maybe he wasn't angry?'

No, that wasn't it. His eyes were filled with an intense rage.

That's right.

Wrath nodded calmly.

He has sparked a level of anger that could reach the King of Essence, but he endured it and withdrew.

He frowned as he looked down at the space where Derus had been standing.

It seems that he has grown, both in terms of strength and mentally, since we last met on the sea.


Raon let out a deep breath and sat down on the floor.

‘Is there even justice in the world?’

Upon hearing that the devil, who was tormenting the lives of thousands, no, tens of thousands of people, had grown even stronger, a sickening feeling welled up in his stomach, as if he were about to vomit. It was enough to make him believe that there is no such thing as a god in the world.

If you truly want to eliminate that scoundrel, offer your body to the King of Essence. The King of Essence is displeased with his actions as well.

Wrath flicked his plump hand.

The King of Essence will personally kill that guy for you, the one who not only stole your food but also took innocent lives and played with the dead.

As he shook his cotton candy tail in a teasing manner, a message appeared in front of his eyes.

[You have succeeded in a perfect assassination.]

[All of your stats will increase by 12 points.]

[The rank of the trait <Ambush> will increase.]

[The rank of the trait <Divinity that Bloomed from the Darkness> will increase.]

The reward for assassinating the two necromancers and the Shadows assasins of the factory has finally arrived.


Wrath blinked his eyes as he looked at the message.

Does this make sense? Just because he did a good job at assassinating, you’re rewarding him like this?

He screamed that it was too much. But the message was not over yet.

[The target of the trait <Envy> will be switched from Sheryl to Aris Zieghart.]

[The growth of the spatial sword will be accelerated.]

The second message was that the target of <Envy>, no, <Admiration> had changed from Sheryl to Aris.

Why is this changing again!

'Probably because I used the spatial sword.'

When Recia tried to make all the zombies explode, the method he used to inject divine energy into their bodies was the spatial sword.

Perhaps because he admired Aris while operating the spatial sword in actual combat for the first time, the target of admiration has changed from Sheryl to Aris.

Raon looked at the message and licked his lips in satisfaction.

'This is good for me.'

He nearly grasped Sheryl's dual swordsmanship as she demonstrated it to him, and now all that remains is to master it.

If he can quickly learn Aris' spatial sword here, it will be a great help in future battles.


'Thank you, Wrath.'

Raon patted Wrath's back, who was gaping.

'Thanks to you, I might be able to reach that bastard soon.'

Ugh! Shut up and prepare some food! Spit out the food the King of Essence wants!

'If I spit it out, you won't be able to taste it, right?'

Eat some foods! That's what I meant!

Demuron Village, located in the southwestern part of the continent.

A man wearing a black robe appeared in front of the village, which is a medium-sized village that lives on herbal and fruit farming.

"Who goes there!"

"Remove your robe and reveal your identity!"

As it was late at night, the soldiers guarding the entrance of the village had erected spears on the iron gate.

"…Do it."

Without even glancing at the soldiers on the iron gate, the man in the robe muttered something in a very low voice.

"What are you talking about!"

"Take off your robe!"

The soldiers felt something strange, aimed their spears, and another soldier ran into the village to bring reinforcements.


The man in the black robe slowly raised his head. A strange flame flickered in his blue eyes, which were clear enough to be beautiful.



As soon as the soldiers saw the man's eyes, they dropped the spears they were holding. Their heads were dominated by fear. They couldn't move a finger, as if their bodies were paralyzed.

Then, the man's voice was heard.

"Consider yourselves unlucky."

With a sinister voice flowing, the iron gate turned to dust and the bodies of the soldiers standing on it crumbled like coarse autumn leaves.

Without even a scream, the two men's lives melted away in the darkness.

"What's going on!"

"It's an intruder! Ring the alarm!"

Soldiers and villagers guarding the village rushed towards the scene. They brandished swords and spears as they ran towards the robed man.


The man in the robe didn't even reach out, he just walked. As if his heavy steps had become a swamp of death, the villagers and soldiers who tried to approach him were torn apart without even leaving their bones.



"What is this… Kugh!"

The villagers standing behind the soldiers screamed and turned into crimson liquid as they watched their bodies melt like snow.

"Run away!"

"Get out of the village quickly!"

"Don't ever look back!"

The villagers realized that the man in the robe was a monster that they could not dare to oppose, and scattered in all directions, shouting to run away.

The robed man didn't pursue the fleeing people. He simply walked, his path stained with blood, towards the center of the village.


As he reached towards the night sky, a strange resonance enveloped the village.

"Once I get out of here... Ah."

"Wait, please...!"


The people who tried to escape over the wall trembled as they saw their arms and legs torn apart as if they had been sawed off.

They didn't even have time to scream in pain and terror before they melted away into dust.


In less than a minute, the village of Demuron, which had stood for over a hundred years, turned into dust and disappeared It was not an act of divine judgment but a malevolent force that had mercilessly struck innocent humans.

The man in the robe shook his hand as if to wipe off the dust. Even though he had killed over a hundred people, his leather gloves were spotless, without a single drop of blood.

A chilling silence continued when Kubara, wearing a mask and a black nightgown, descended.

"There are no pursuers."

Kubara approached the man in the robe and bowed.

"There is no traces left inside the factory."


Derus Robert, the man in the robe, turned his icy cold gaze. Kubara involuntarily shivered.

"They provoked me, knowing my personality. as if urging me to reveal my strength."

Kubara swallowed hard, daring to look into Derus' eyes. It was just as Derus said.

The old Derus would have exploded on the spot and wiped out the village, and massacred the agents of the Black Market who were hiding in the vicinity.

But he didn't let the provocation get to him and only let out his anger after coming here. It was even more terrifying than before.

"It's not the Black Market. There must be someone behind those guys. Someone who knows me, too."

Derus raised his head towards the dim sky. He glared at the sky with icy cold eyes and twisted his lips.

"Find them. Even if you have to tear apart the Black Market, find the one behind them."

"…Yes, my lord."

Kubara uttered the only answer she could give at the moment.

"Also, cut off the ties between the other factories and the Yuhwa Guild."

"Why there…."

"If the factory in Capeoli was exposed, that place is also unsafe. Move as quickly as possible."


"After you clean up, come back."

Derus left the cleanup to Kubara and the Shadows and headed alone towards Robert family territory.

As he got closer to the family, the chilling horror disappeared, and a unique atmosphere that was both gentle and soft emanated.

Instead of going straight to the mansion upon arriving at the family, he headed to the small training ground.

The training ground was brightly lit, and his youngest son, Lephon Robert, and the swordsmen who followed him were sweating profusely as they practiced swordsmanship.

"Huh? Father!"

Lephon ran over with his sword drawn when he saw Derus.

"What's the matter?"

"I came because I forgot something."

Derus smiled gently and snapped his fingers. A dimensional space opened in the air, and a graceful red sword rose from within.

"I forgot your birthday present. I apologize for being late."

"Oh, no, what's this for...?"

Despite his words, Lephon couldn't take his eyes off the red sword.

"Now you should have a proper sword too."

Derus smiled and handed the red sword to Lephon.

"Thank you!"

Lephon smiled brightly and hugged Derus.

"Yeah. Let's hug as much as we can before you get too big."

Derus also smiled brightly and hugged Lephon more tightly. His gloves, caressing his son's back, remained clean as ever.

*   *   *

Advance chapters: For Indonesian:

After calming his mind, Raon approached Denzel.


"It's all over."


Denzel tilted his head, as if asking what Raon meant.

"I thoroughly inspected the entire factory. I anticipated there might be some disturbance, but to my surprise, they vanished without a trace."

Raon sighed and bowed his head.

"I'm sorry. The plan didn't go as expected."

"No, it's not. Since no one died, it's fortunate."

Denzel waved his hand as if to say not to worry.

"So, this place is safe now, right?"

"Yes, it should be fine."

Raon nodded as she looked at the village of Capeoli and Lake Bayon. If Derus had left like this, it seemed unlikely that he would reach out to this village again.

"Please call the villagers back."

"I'm finally going to stop hearing that village chief's nagging. Thank goodness."

Denzel smiled, saying that he was relieved.

"Thank you for your hard work."

Raon smiled lightly, thinking of the village chief Berurik, who was both kind and talkative.

"We will continue to track them down based on the information they left behind, but what will you do, Raon-nim?"

"Where are the Light Wind Division and lady Encia now?"

Raon did not answer immediately, but asked instead.

"The Light Wind Division is returning to Zieghart, and lady Encia is already in Zieghart."

Denzel, as if he had already investigated, immediately told Raon the location of the Light Wind Division and Encia.

"Well, then, I should go back home. To my house."

Raon sighed as she looked north.


Wrath, upon hearing that, startled and jumped.

Food! It's food! Finally, it's food! The sweetness to fill the King of Essence's tongue, which was only filled with the unpleasantness of Nadine's bread....

‘Please read the mood....’


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