TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 533

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

Chapter 533


Balmeil looked at the sword blade that had sprouted from his chest and his lips trembled.

“What is this….”

Since he entered this place, he had never let his guard down. He remained on high alert until Recia disappeared after handing her the materials.

The only time he relaxed was when he pulled out the eye of the brat who had touched his nerves by uttering the name of his family.

One second. No, it may not have taken even one second, but the man who stabbed him in the back did not miss that fleeting moment.

He silently threw a dagger to cut off the breath of the assassins hiding, and predicted the direction he would move and stabbed the sword into his heart.

It was a perfect combination with no gaps. It was a monster who had honed his martial arts and assassination skills to the extreme.

'Is it the Kingof Death who came?'

While Balmeil was thinking of Roenn, Raon roughly pulled out the sword that he had stuck in his heart.



A stream of blood soaked the floor, and Balmeil collapsed like a wooden doll with its strings cut.


“I would like to extract information, but unfortunately, I don't have time.”

Raon frowned as he looked at Balmeil, who was convulsing.

'If anyone sees it, it will all be ruined.'

This place is full of assassins and necromancers.

If he were to torture Balmeil to extract information, and if he were to be caught by others, the whole situation would be disrupted. It is a pity, but it is the right thing to kill him here.

“Who are you? Why are you do this to me...?"

“Ask your master.”

Raon drew his sword, which was stained with blood, with a cold gaze.


A thick red line that had sprouted from Balmeil's throat cut off his breath.


Wrath, who was wide-eyed, snorted at the sight of the dead Belmail.

Even this trash know the feeling of being wronged?

He shook his head in disbelief.

Raon looked at Balmail for a moment before sheathing the sword he had used.


Sikeron family's second son, Malto, looked at Raon with his one remaining eye and trembled his lips. (ugh, so he was not the head)

'A monster…?'

That man threw a dagger to kill nearly twenty assassins at once, and pierced the heart of a Master who he himself could not even match with a single sword.

Sweat ran down his spine at the sight of the dagger technique and the sword technique that couldn’t be seen with the naked eye.

'Who on earth is he?'

It was impossible for a monster with such power to be unknown, but no matter how hard he thought, he couldn't think of anyone.

“Hey, hey!”

“Save me!”

“Please get us out!”

The captives who had been staring at Balmeil belatedly regained their senses and called for help.




When Raon sent a cold gaze like he did when he killed Balmeil, the captives in the iron cage closed their mouths with pale expressions.

“Aren’t you here to save us?”

“I am the heir of a merchant company! If you only save me, I will give you anything!”

“I am a member of the Yufen family, and if you let me out of here, I can give you as much gold as you want!”

Despite being afraid of Raon, the captives shouted for their lives to be saved.

“Be quiet.”

Raon covered the mouths of the captives with a voice that seemed to crack, then looked at Balmeil’s face.

‘The nose is high and the mouth is not protruding. It won’t be difficult to disguise.’


Wrath tilted his head as if he didn’t know what Raon was talking about.

'This guy didn't take off his robe or mask. His height is similar to mine, so it should work.'

Based on the conversation between Recia and Balmeil, the two of them didn’t seem to have a deep relationship.

If he could use this situation well, he could also deal with the two troublesome necromancers at once.

It’s like kill two birds with one stone.

‘Why are you talking normally for once?’

The King of Essence is always normal!

'What kind of "normal" guy suggests grilling fish from the lake before heading here...?'

When Raon traced Balmeil’s footsteps and passed by the lake, he had blurted out nonsense that the fish looked delicious and that he should catch a few to eat.

‘Anyway, it should be fine.’

Raon smiled as he turned his right arm.

‘My arm is long enough to kill two birds at once.’

Shufel and Juran are high-ranking necromancers.

It is possible to kill one of them by assassination, but there is a possibility that the other one might escape.

If, by any chance, one escapes, it could lead to troublesome situations, so he wanted to eliminate both of them at once.

‘But I have to prepare thoroughly.’

Raon dyed his pupils the same brown as Balmeil’s, then touched his nose, eyebrows, and cheeks slightly before putting on his mask.

Finally, he put on the hood deep and stood up. If you look at the silhouette from the nose to the mouth, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that it was Balmeil himself.

Raon, disguised as Balmeil, looked at the iron cage with the same cold gaze.



The captives had not yet grasped the situation, so they swallowed their saliva.

“If I let you out now, I might be caught by the guys upstairs. Someone who will help you will be coming soon, so please wait a little."

Raon's voice, gradually thickening like the gentle swell growing into a powerful wave, now perfectly matched Balmeil's tone.

"I-Is it really true?"

Sikeron family's second son, who had lost an eye to Balmeil, trembled his jaw as he held the iron cage.

“Just wait quietly.”

Raon nodded after throwing him a powder medicine that could reduce pain and stop bleeding.

“Yes, I understand.”

Perhaps because of the hope of survival, the captives stepped back with quivering lips.


He took a deep breath and straightened his back.

Raon poured transparent water he had brought with him onto Balmeil's sword, then headed for the stairs. He used the Ring of Fire and the emotion of wrath to impersonate Balmeil's fierce demeanor as he climbed the stairs.

‘Balmeil's personality is cold and sharp. He harbors a sense of inferiority towards a particular family.'

The only time Balmeil revealed any vulnerability was when the name of the Sikeron family came up. The reason was unclear, but he definitely disliked the prestigious family.

‘He's not close to Recia or the Necromancers either.’

As he was summarizing the information he had about Balmeil in his head, he ran into Recia, who was coming down the stairs, when he had only climbed a short distance.

Having anticipated her approach, Raon nonchalantly stopped in his tracks.


Recia's eyes revealed her confusion as the person who had initially refused to come upstairs had now ascended.

"There was one more material I had to give to those old men."

Raon's heart was beating fast, but he calmed it down with the Ring of Fire and spewing out a sharp voice to mimic Belmail's aggressive tone.

‘This is correct.’

Balmeil called the Jade-Faced Ghost, Shufel, and the Monster Commander, Juran, "old men." It meant that he did not give in to their position. The correct way to talk to them was in a condescending manner.

"What kind of material is it?"

Recia did not seem to believe him, and she did not step back as she asked what the material was.

"If you give it to me, I will deliver it."

She extended her hand as if to ask for the material he had brought.

"I don't want to see those old men either, but the materials are personally ordered by the lord himself for me to deliver to them."

"Forgetting such an important instruction is unlike Balmeil-nim."

Recia's eyes narrowed like thorns. It was clear that she was suspicious.

"That's right. I made a mistake because of a piece of trash."


"The trash who kept blabbering about his family from the moment I kidnapped him caught my attention. I only remembered it after I pulled out his eye."

He twisted his lips, revealing Balmeil's dislike of prestigious families.

"Did you touch the material?"

"Just one eye."


Recia sighed and lowered her raised hand. She stared at Raon's hood with her clear eyes, which were impossible to read.

'Is it not working?'

Raon bit the inside of his cheek and moved his aura with his fingertips. Just as he was preparing to draw his sword, Recia slowly nodded.

"I understand."

Recia turned around as if to tell him to follow her. Her guard was till up, as if she wasn’t completely trust him.


Wrath held his pounding chest and let out a groan.

Even the King of Essence's heart is pounding, and you're not even trembling!

Wrath shook his head vigorously, as if he was more nervous than when he faced two Transcendents.

'This is nothing.'

At the current level, the acting was something he did every day during his days as an assassin. When problems arose, he had to be prepared immediately, so he was trying to relax as much as possible.

Raon followed Recia, scanning the interior of the factory with his senses.

'The positions remain the same.'

The positions of the assassins hiding in the walls and ceilings, and the necromancer who was creating the zombie assassins, had not changed.

However, unlike two days ago, the zombie assassinss that appeared to be complete were standing in front of a pillar.

'That could be dangerous.'

He rolled his eyes to confirm the number and condition of the zombie assassins, and slowly walked forward.

Knock knock.

Recia stopped in front of the research room of the Jade-Faced Ghost and the Monster Commander.

She knocked carefully and then opened the door.

"I was just about to go down. It's been a while, Balmeil."

The Jade-Faced Ghost, Shufel, smiled as he put on his well-tailored coat.

"I heard you brought a lot of fresh ones? Can I have a taste of a few?"

The Monster Commander, Juran, licked his dry lips and laughed.

"Balmeil-nim informed me that he has brought additional materials, as the lord personally instructed him to deliver them here."

Recia stepped aside. Raon walked to the place where Recia had been standing and looked at the Monster Commander and the Jade-Faced Ghost.

"You want to give them personally?"

"What kind of materials are they? Are they non-human."

The Monster Commander and the Jade-Faced Ghost seemed to be intrigued by the fact that the materials were given by Derus, so they licked their lips and approached.

"He said...."

Raon said "He" referring to Derus, and drew the sword he had hidden in his robe. The silver-white blade flashed, and the necks of the Jade-Faced Ghost and the Monster Commander were simultaneously cut.


He tried to kill Recia, who was standing on the right side last, but she reacted and stepped back the moment the two necromancers were killed.


Thanks to that, Recia's neck was not completely cut, and only a thin stream of blood flowed down.

However, the heads of the Jad-Faced Ghost Shufel and the Monster Commander Juran, unable to avoid the sword, fell to the ground, scattering a cruel amount of blood.

"You fool! I don't die from a mere sword!"

The Monster Commander laughed as if he didn't feel any pain, holding his head.

"You seem to have thought of us as ordinary necromancer. Unfortunately, we are no different from being dead."

The Jade-Faced Ghost also laughed and picked up his head.

"I'll ask slowly who you are... huh?"

"Why is this happening?"

"The regeneration isn't working!"

The two necromancers watched their bodies melting like burning candles and trembled their lips.


The Monster Commander screamed as if he felt pain from his body, which had melted up to his shoulders.

"What the hell did you do to me!"

"Damn it! It's the divine energy and holy water! It's completely melted!"

The Jade-Faced Ghost realized the holy water and divine energy that were on the sword, but couldn't do anything as his knees gave way. His upper body was also almost completely melted.

‘I know it well.’

Raon nodded, watching the two necromancers melt away like spring snow. When he beheaded them earlier, he had sprinkled the highest-grade holy water on the sword and infused the sword with the divine energy of Divinity that Bloomed from the Darkness, nullifying the necromancers ability.

"Hunghh, damn it...."

"I will curse you...."

The two necromancers closed their eyes and died as they watched their bodies turn to ashes.

"Who the hell are you...."

Recia drew the sword she was wearing at her waist with her teeth clenched.

"Do you think you have the right to ask a question like that?"

Raon laughed coldly and approached Recia when the wall of the research room collapsed, the zombie assassins standing in front of the pillar rushed in.

'Does she also have control over zombie assassins here?’

He thought only the necromancers could control them here, but it seems that Recia is also able to.

As Raon  tried to rush towards Recia, the closest zombie assassins without hesitation exploded their own body.


The explosion, which seemed to be stronger than before, collapsed the ceiling of the laboratory and the floor was torn apart.


Raon endured the aftermath of the explosion on his back, crossed over the toppled wall that the zombie assassins had destroyed, and exited into the factory

'I shouldn't let a single one of them escape.'

‘If even one of them were to escape, it could potentially lead to the disclosure of information to Derus. No one here should be overlooked.’

"What, what is it?"

"Why did the zombie assassins move?"

"An explosion too? Is there a problem with the signal?"

The necromancers and assassins outside had not yet figured out the situation and had not left their places.


Raon fired a dagger with his left hand and created a wind energi with the sword in his right hand.


The dark dagger pierced the hearts of the assassins who were trying to rush, and the sword energy with the art of The Flawless Sea of Fire cut off the heads of the necromancers.

'Half left.'

When Raon  was about to prepare for his second attack, the zombie assassins rushed in, breaking through the black smoke.


The fastest zombie assassin dashed forward, and just before his body turned red and was about to explode, Raon approached and kicked his waist to send him flying. With a power and speed of martial arts transcending human capabilities, the zombie assassin could only explode after being bounced away.


A terrifying explosion erupted, and the four assassins who had been standing in the corner turned into a handful of blood and sank.


Raon avoided the attacks of the other zombie assassins who rushed in again without even using footwork, and fired a sword energy at the back of the necromancer who was trying to escape through the right corridor.

"Go away!"

The necromancers tried to block the sword energy with a shield of magic, but it was not an ordinary sword energy.


The sword energy with the power of the divine energy cut through the crude magic in an instant, and tore the bodies of the necromancers in half.

'It's over.'

All the assassins and necromancers that Raon had checked every time he came here were all died. Now, all that remained were Recia and the zombie assassins.

When Raon  turned around, zombie assassins rushed in from the left and right.

"Kill him!"

As Recia gave a scream like an order, the movement of the zombie assassins changed drastically.

'It's gotten faster.'

The movements of the zombie assassins were faster and smoother than the ones he had fought before. It felt like being surrounded by living assassins. The zombie assassins surrounded him on all sides so that he could not escape the explosion, and then turned red.

'Has the improvement been made in such a short time?'

Although they were said to be in the process of improvement, Raon didn't expect the effects to show so soon.

‘It's incredible, however....’

You're not the only ones who got stronger.

Raon used the Ring of Fire and the Eye of Wrath. As he watched the mana that had bloomed from the zombie assassins' energy center rushing towards their hearts, he raised his wrist, holding the sword.


The sword energy that stretched out like the sunset reflected in the sea cut the upper bodies of the zombie assassins in half.


Recia's complexion turned pale as the bodies of the zombie assassins twisted and fell in a diagonal line, yet not a single one exploded.

"W-what happened...."

She turned ashen as if she was about to die.

"This can't be! The signal was cut off!"

The zombie assassins could self-destruct even if their bodies were severed into pieces. It was unbelievable that the command signal was cut off just because their bodies were split in half.

"I severed the heartstrings."

Approaching Recia with a blood-soaked sword, Raon explained, "Since gunpowder and flames didn't meet, they couldn't explode."

The self-destruction stopped because the flow of mana itself was cut by the sword with divine energy and holy water.

"Who are you..."

"You're not the one asking questions."

With a tilted chin, Raon stood in front of Recia.

"Sorry, but there's nothing you can hear from me...."

As if intending to provoke the raging worm within Recia, Raon struck her chest.


Recia coughed up blood, trembling as she tried to speak.

"What, what is this...?"

“So far, it’s been too boring to get them to talk easily with just torture…”

A sharp lightning flashed above Raon’s red eyes.

"How much can you endure?"


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