IBRV (Novel) Chapter 135

C 135

"...What's happening all of a sudden in the middle of the night?"


"Well, Father. Aren't attitudes toward sons and daughters quite different?"

"Is there any reason they should be the same?"

Dad said as he held me in his arms and looked at Callan and Silian, who entered the room, each with a pillow.

"I didn't come to see my father; I came to see my younger sister."

"That's right, I'm going to sleep with Eirin."

"...Eirin decided to sleep with me tonight."

Dad frowned and looked at me.

The bed was very spacious, so there was no problem for the four of us to sleep together. I smiled and held onto my dad's arms a bit tighter.

"I want to sleep together."

"...It's not big enough."


Why are you in a bad mood about this?

"They said I'll be sleeping for a long time again, so we should do it together."

"That's right, Eirin feels lonely because she always sleeps for a long time."

"That's right. I definitely didn't come with you because my father seems sad these days."

No, this tactless Callan.

Why did he say that out loud? I've known for a long time that he's not good at lying, but...

"Really, I mean it."

Silian was also looking at Callan with an expression as if he were asking what nonsense he was doing.

Good job, good job!

Callan belatedly looked at Silian and frowned.

It seemed like he still didn't realize his mistake.

"How is he going to lead a social life like this?"

I shook my head and looked at my dad. The corners of my dad's mouth were slightly curved.

Suddenly, my eyes widened.

"Anyway, Dad isn't being honest either."

There were dark circles under his eyes, as if he hadn't slept well for the past few days.

"The place next to my daughter is mine."

Without saying anything, my dad simply lay down on the bed, hugging me.

Callan and Silian looked at each other and quickly ran to the empty spot next to me.


"When are you going to catch up with your slow feet?"

"Oh, I'll use magic!"

The winner was Silian, who regularly trained. Dad was on the right, and Silian was on the left.

Callan, who was hugging a pillow, kicked Silian in frustration, then suddenly looked up and kicked Silian in the back.

"It hurts."

"Do you think I kicked you to tickle you?"

Callan responded very sharply, pursing his lips, and lay down next to his dad.

"I can't do anything, so I'll stay here."

Callan took a seat next to his dad, adding an excuse at the end. I laughed as I was held in my dad's arms.

"Anyway, he's not being honest."

Dad also had a very puzzled expression on his face, but he didn't seem as upset.

"I'm glad Dad isn't alone."

I felt fortunate to have Callan and Silian.

I knew better than anyone how depressing the pain of being alone was.

I snuggled a little closer into my dad's arms and held his hand tightly.

"As expected, I think four people are good."


I opened my eyes wide at Silian's unexpected words. A hand rose and squeezed mine tightly.

"I think it would be good for the four of us to be together as a family."

I turned slightly and looked at Silian. He was smiling at me.

"I don't know what kind of burden you're carrying on your shoulders like that..."


"It's a bit disappointing that you're not sharing it with us, but..."

Silian smiled and squeezed the hand that held mine.

What bothered me was that the smile somehow contained something very strong.

"Still, I'll wait. So have a safe journey and tell me sometime."


It occurred to me that maybe everyone knew that I wasn't actually going to sleep.

However, since I decided to hide it, no one really asked.

They respect my choice with all their hearts.

"Thank you..."

As I muttered my response, Silian ruffled my hair lightly.

"Oh, Silian, you're the only one doing a good job."

Callan bluntly said, sticking his face out from behind his dad's back.

"I'll wait too!"


"If you don't come back safe and sound, I'll definitely use magic to chase after you."

"Yes, that's okay..."

"A little, sometimes... Do whatever you want. Even if you go, I'm your big brother."

With a bright red expression, Callan hid behind his dad's back and muttered.

While I laughed, Callan suddenly lay down.

"Oh, I don't know, I'll sleep! Goodnight!"

"Yes, rest well, brother."

"Yes! Well..."

Callan's voice became calm.


"I don't know how long you'll sleep, but have sweet dreams!"


"You...! I hope you have very sweet dreams, even if you take away all the good dreams I have."

Though they were pure words, they were also words that truly melted a person's heart.

He wants me to have good dreams even if he takes away all the good dreams he has...

"Yes, I'm sure I will."

"...Yes. Don't cry."

"I won't cry anymore... There's no need to cry. I have a family too."

There was no reason to cry.

So many people promised to wait, so why would I cry?

"I won't cry... ugh."

It was inevitable that the murmuring would be mixed with tears.

I bit my lip hard to prevent myself from crying, but that was it. Without any reason, my vision became blurry, and my emotions welled up.

"Oh, don't cry... Hey, I told you...!!"

"Yes, brother, you too... ugh... ah... no...!"


"Silian, why are you crying?... waa!"

In the end, all three children burst into tears and ran into their father's arms, who was leaning against the headboard of the bed.

"...I have three crying children."

Dad opened his arms and hugged all three children, including me, patting us and murmuring softly.

As if it wasn't too hard for Dad to have three crying children in his arms, he didn't stop caressing us until we all stopped crying.

Before I fell asleep, exhausted from crying so much, I asked to see my father's smiling face.

It was a sincere smile that wasn't easily seen.

It's so beautiful that there's nothing you can do about it... It was a smile you could only see in a dream.

"I never had three crucian carps when I was a kid."

We were angry at our father's teasing words when we woke up in the morning after falling asleep from crying so much.

...Perhaps that smile was actually just a dream of mine.

"But it's okay because Dad's expression looks good."

Dad must have slept well last night, but he didn't show any signs of fatigue on his face.

"Come down and eat, kids."

"...Who, who's a crucian carp? This is just..."

"A carp. A crying carp."

Callan kicked his foot and muttered dissatisfied as he slowly made his way to the table.

For some reason, the breakfast prepared in Dad's room was much more delicious than usual.

* * *

"Goodnight, teacher."


It was the night before the week ended.

It was a somber night that ended with a greeting to Phil, a hug to Sharnae, who burst into tears, and a greeting and a request to Terem to take care of Sharnae.

Just as I was about to lie down on the bed, I felt a signal of presence on the balcony, and when I approached, I saw Lucilion sitting against the railing under the moonlight.

"Did you have a good week?"

"Yes, I couldn't come to visit you, I'm sorry..."

On the last day, I didn't bother to visit Lucilion because I thought I might see him.

"It's okay, teacher, you have a lot of people to take care of."


"Besides, it's okay because I can be with my teacher during her last days."

Lucilion quickly jumped up and approached, laughing.

Lucilion, bathed in moonlight, truly had a mysterious feeling, like a god descending from the sky.

"It's been that way since we met."

Lucilion was a very strange child.

I don't know what he's thinking, and I feel like he doesn't really fit in with the world.

"I heard you were going to help me."

"Yes, I will use my divine power to serve as a guide and help my teacher grow and return safely."


"I will help my teacher not to get lost and help keep her heart from breaking."


The beautiful blue eyes that didn't seem human opened slightly.

"So please promise."


"That you'll come back no matter what."

"...I'll go and come back."

Lucilion lightly kissed the back of my hand.

"Yes, I'll wait."

That day, Lucilion sat silently by my side for quite some time, holding my hand.

And the next day, I entered hell once again.

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