TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 531

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Chapter 531


Raon naturally rolled his eyes to observe the movements of the man called the foreman. (team leader)

With his hands behind his back, he was waddling with a friendly smile, he looked like an ordinary middle-aged uncle, but with a look of suspicion towards the outsider. 

'That's the trait of an assassin from the Shadows.'

Raon felt the traits of the assassins from the Shadows, who could perform their roles at any time while portraying a fake identity. The man seemed to have received training to play a role effectively.

"Well then, please take care of our village chief's friend."

The foreman chuckled with a friendly smile. His gaze, appearing to explore with narrowed eyes, seemed to be searching for something, but it was all an act.

"Now, everyone, take a break and come out. We need to finish this!"

When he clapped his hands and shouted into the factory, the door opened and the workers poured out in a hurry.

Raon, standing behind the village chief, operated the Perception of the Snow Flower and quickly scanned the movements of the workers.


Among the 50 or so workers who came out, seven were assassins, and all of them were Masters who could perfectly conceal their presence.

'Sure enough, this must be the factory of the zombie assasins.'

There is no way that a factory with no guards would have seven assassins. It was clear that somewhere around here, they were hiding a factory that produced zombie assasins.

'Where is it?'

In order to find the location of the factory, he used the Ring of Fire and the Perception of the Snow Flower. He formed the mana into several strands of thread and scattered it on the floor so that no one could feel it.

Even though it went down quite deep, he didn't feel anything. It seemed like they might have installed a special magic, or they could have hidden it deeper. It could even be both.


When Raon spread the mana not only down but also throughout the factory, a young woman who looked like a secretary came out of the foreman's room.

"Foreman. instead of making others work, shouldn't you handle your own tasks first?"

A calm-looking secretary with freckles on her nose waved documents, gesturing for him to come into the room quickly.

"I find it more comfortable just in front of the furnace..."

"In that case, Foreman, more of your tasks will be delayed."

"Oh, my life is so boring..."

The foreman sighed deeply and went into his office. The secretary bowed her head to the other workers and followed him.

'That woman is also an assassin.'

And she's stronger than the man.

Just by looking at her gait, you can tell. The woman who looked like a secretary was far above the foreman in terms of her strength and experience. Even though she was outwardly a secretary, she would be much higher in the internal hierarchy of the Shadows.


The path to the factory of the zombie assasins was in that office.

Just a moment ago, when the secretary came out, he felt a very faint breeze blowing from inside. There is no way that a windowless room would have a dark wind like it came from underground, so it was clear that the place was connected to the factory that produces the zombie assasins.

'They've set it up well.'

By placing a considerable number of assassins among the workers, they naturally gained the ability to monitor their surroundings. The scale of the zombie assasins factory seemed larger than expected.

"How is it."

When Raon was frowning while looking down at the floor, the village chief, Berurik, approached him.

"It's a bit embarrassing to say it myself, but it's a really good place to work. If you work here, you'll get a lot."

"It seems so."

Raon nodded his head as he met the village chief's kind eyes.

‘Surely, I've gained a lot.’

I learned how I was kidnapped, I found the assassins from the Shadows, and I found out that there is a passage to another place in the foreman's room.

The village chief may be talkative, but thanks to that, tasks that would have taken a long time were quickly completed. He’s grateful in various ways.

"Thank you."

Raon bowed his head to the village chief with sincerity.

"Hehe, if you're so grateful, be sure to come back again. People like you who listen to my words are rare."

The village chief gestured, saying that when he gets old, he won't have anyone to talk to.

"Come on, let's go see the mine before it gets too late. The miners will be coming out soon, so it's perfect."

He took him to the mountains, saying that he wanted him to see the mine as well.

"Is it necessary to go at this late hour, my schedule is tight."

Raon smiled calmly at the village chief who looked disappointed.

"So, how was our village?"

"The people are kind, and it looks like it would be comfortable to live here. It's a good place."

"Is that so?"

The village chief curled up his lips as if he was in a good mood to hear the praise of his village.

"If you knew that, you should hurry back and and I'll make sure to secure a place for you. I'll be waiting."

"I understand. I will definitely come back."

Raon closed his lips tightly, saying words that were different from the village chief's thoughts.

"I'll be waiting."


Raon bowed his head to the village chief and left the village of Capeoli.

'He's a kind person.'

The village chief had shown him around the factory and even offered him a room to sleep. Besides being talkative, he seemed like a friendly person, typical of anyone you might find anywhere.

'I need to make sure they don’t get hurt as much as possible.'

While walking down the darkened path, thinking about how to deal with only the Shadows and the people who make zombie assasins without harming the village, he felt a very faint presence, like a firefly, was felt behind him.

‘As expected, he’s following me.’

It was unmistakable since it was the same gaze and movements he felt a while ago. The foreman was tailing him.

‘They got a really damn good spot.’

By exploiting the ignorance of ordinary villagers who were unfamiliar with martial arts in a seemingly friendly environment, they successfully concealed their dubious activities. Unbeknownst to the villagers, a sinister operation was taking place within, involving the use of corpses to create assassins, fueling Raon's desire to eliminate them without hesitation.


Raon forced down the anger that was burning inside him and walked on with a calm step. Even though he was walking around the half of Haro Mountain, the foreman persisted in trailing him without ceasing.

‘I am even more suspicious than I had anticipated.’

I guess he'll kill me if I do anything strange.

Thinking about how all the assassins at the iron ore factory were all skilled at the level of foreman and had a lot of experience, it seemed that they were investing quite a lot in the zombie assasins.

‘I'll turn all your investments into nothing.'

Raon twisted his lips, thinking about the expression of Derus that he would make later.

He continued to walk, and he crossed over Haro Mountain and passed the nameless lake. Only then did the foreman's presence, who had been following him, completely disappear.

'He's bothersome.'

It was further away than he thought, but it didn't matter. It wasn't that far if he uses his footwork.

Raon entered the bush. After confirming that there was no one by opening his sense, he took off his robe. He wore a dagger without any pattern on his waist, covered his face with a mask, and prepared to infiltrate the factory.

While preparing to infiltrate the factory, he saw Wrath floating in the air without saying a word.

'Why are you so quiet today?'

What words are needed? 

Wrath asked back with a sunken gaze.

'He didn't even say anything about eating, and he must have been curious too.'

When the memories of his mother and father came to mind, his emotions became so intense that he couldn't control them. There was no way he didn't feel that emotion, but Wrath didn't say anything.

The King of Essence said it once before.

Wrath's sky-blue eyes narrowed.

The King of Essence does not delve into others' weaknesses.

He nodded slowly and turned his gaze away.

Someday, when you feel like letting it out, speak with your own mouth.

Wrath spoke in a serious tone, as if his usual gluttonous behavior had been a lie.

The King of Essence will simply listen.


Raon let out a sigh with his hand over his eyes.

'I didn't think you would make my nose tingle.'

He sniffled once and looked at Wrath.

'How about we have a drink after we finish this job?'

The King of Essence doesn't like alcohol!

'I'll let you choose the side dishes.'


*   *   *

Advance chapters: 

For Indonesian:

In the dark office of the foreman, shadows loomed. The foreman knelt on the floor, and his secretary sat with crossed legs.

"Did he go?"

Recia, who actually controls the Shadows of this place, nodded her chin as she played the role of secretary.

"Yes. I confirmed he moved away from Lake Shur."

"Anything special?"

"Other than his walking speed being a little faster, there was nothing particularly unusual."

The foreman bowed his head as he reported.

"Did he not notice you?"

"Not at all. He didn't seem to have learned any martial arts."


Recia frowned and rubbed her chin.

"Why is it?"

"I didn't feel good when I saw him, but it seems I was mistaken."

She waved her hand to tell him not to worry.

"Thanks for your hard work. You can go now."


The foreman nodded and left the office.


Recia sat in her chair for a long time, then walked to the left wall. When she tapped the wall next to the bookshelf with her mana-infused finger, a hole opened silently in the floor.


Only one staircase was visible below, and the darkness below was like a bottomless pit, but Recia entered without hesitation.

The stairs were high and deep. Even though Recia was walking at a speed that would be difficult for a normal person to keep up with, the end was not easily revealed. It was not until she had descended for more than 10 minutes that the stairs ended and her feet could touch the ground.

It was a strange space filled with gloomy purple light and strange patterns on the ceiling and floor.


Recia stepped on the patterns on the floor in sequence and exited the space, entering a long corridor. After walking for a long time and reaching the end of the corridor, a bright light-filled cave appeared.

"That body has not been blown up yet. Over here."

"Is it not finished yet?"

"Hurry up and move!”

In a large and deep cave, there were necromancers dressed in purple robes bustling about, and around them were piles of rotting corpses, flesh, and bones that emanated a foul odor.

Even though they looked perfectly fine on the outside, there were seemingly normal humans, but upon closer inspection, some lacked spines or had iron infused in their bones instead.

Even for those who had experienced war, the sight was nauseating, yet no one questioned it. Some were dissecting flesh like toys, while others casually ate food nearby.


Recia entered the room in the center of the cave with a blank expression.


She approached the black-robed young man and bowed her head.

"What is it?"

The man who was operating a strange magical ritual turned his gaze with a smile. His voice was gloomy and sharp, unlike his neat appearance.

"A traveler who came to the village a while ago has returned. There was nothing unusual, bu..."

"I told you to handle that on your own. Please don't waste my time with unnecessary things."

He shook his head to tell her not to make a nuisance of herself.

"There's one more thing."

Recia kept her expression blank and licked her lips.

"Support is coming in two days. It's the largest scale so far, so we should prepare in advance."


As soon as she said it would come in two days, a smile appeared on Shufel's face.

"Two days, did you say?"

A skinny old man stood up from the table opposite Shufel with a gloomy aura. His voice was as sweet as if it had been coated with honey.

"I see that Juran-nim is also here."

Recia bowed her head to the old man.

"If it's the largest scale, how much is it? Corpses? Or are they alive?"

"The number of test subjects and materials will increase by 3 times."

"3 times? Now they're finally starting to make sense! That's right!"

Jurran smiled broadly, as if he was pleased.

"Juran-nim, please keep your manners. A person called the Monster Commander shouldn't be so frivolous."

Shufel frowned at Jurran.

"I never learned manners like you nobles did. Mind your own business," Juran retorted.

"It would be better to learn even now. If our work goes according to plan, you will be able to go out into the world again."

"That makes me want to go even wilder."


The two necromancers glared at each other with scowls on their faces, and Recia did not say anything, as if she was used to the sight.

But none of the three people knew that red eyes were flashing above their heads.

* * *

Raon stood on the ceiling with his eyes narrowed.

'Shufel and Juran were here?'

Both Shufel the Jade-Faced Ghost  and Jurran the Monster Commander were high-ranking necromancers who had made a name for themselves decades ago.

They were high-ranking necromancers who had vanished from public view decades ago. Thinking they were dead, Raon never expected to find them hiding here, continuing their research

It was annoying to have two such high-ranking necromancers under his command, but the ability of Derus Robert was real.

'That's right, they said a lot of supplies were coming in two days....'

There was no way that the supplies were ordinary food or weapons. Since the talk of test subjects had come up, it was clear that they were definitely living people.

‘Attacking at that time would be the best course of action.’

After receiving all the supplies, attacking this factory could cause the greatest damage to Derus.

Now was the time to endure even if he was angry.

"I'll be leaving now."

Recia bowed her head to the two necromancers and left the room.

Raon followed her out of the room and looked out over the cave again.

'There may not be many Masters, but there are plenty of skilled assassins.'

At present, only the necromancers were visible in the cave, but in reality, there were many more assassins hidden here and there.

‘I need to understand this place completely.’

It would be better to have more information, whether he engages in direct combat or opts for assassination.

He maximized his sense using the Ring of Fire and the Perception of the Snow Flower.

He meticulously identified where and how many assassins were hiding, and where the stealth and protective magic were installed.

After investigating the entire area, Raon turned his gaze to the floor.

‘It seems empty underneath.’

He felt that there was another space in the basement, as the stealth magic engraved on the ceiling did not seem to work below.

While waiting for someone to guide him, he saw a middle-aged necromancer moving to the right wall. When he manipulated the wall, a staircase leading down opened.

‘It must be that way.’

He followed the necromancer. Unlike the stairs that came down from the factory to this place, there were not many stairs and they were very wide.

As soon as the necromancer went down the stairs, he walked down the corridor with familiar steps. People were locked in iron cages on both sides of the corridor, but they were all lifeless, with no signs of life.

To defile the dead is a deed that would be cursed even in Devildom!

Wrath could not contain his anger and trembled his clenched fist.

Despicable creatures!

‘You may be right, that humans may be more evil than demons.’

Raon nodded briefly in agreement with Wrath's anger.

“Come out.”

The necromancer gestured into the air, and two assassins rose from the floor.

“How much material is left?”

"Right now, none are alive, only forty-four are dead

The assassin answered without hesitation.

Raon bit his lip.

'So, the "material" they were talking about refers to people.’

Seeing that they were talking about whether they were alive or dead, it seemed that the bastards were considering humans as experimental materials.


In order to suppress his urge to kill them right away, he clenched his fists tightly.

“A large amount of supplies will arrive in two days. Bring half of it upstairs.”


The assassins opened the iron bars and gestured, and the corpses walked out on their own feet and stood there, swaying.

‘They’re moving?’

The corpses’ eyes moved as if they were alive, and they didn’t smell bad. It seemed that they were being manipulated by necromancy.

‘It’s disgusting.’

This place was the nest of demons who didn’t see humans as humans. He gathered information while suppressing the urge to vomit.

The necromancer watched the corpses walk to the stairs, then turned around. He didn’t walk back up the stairs he came down from, but instead walked down the opposite corridor.

Raon followed the necromancer, not the corpses.

The necromancer walked for a long time, even casting a speed-boosting magic on himself, before stopping in front of a wall that looked like it had been dug up.

When he put his hand on the wall and injected mana, the ceiling cracked open, revealing a blurry night sky reflected in water.

The necromancer began to smoke a cigarette while looking up at the night sky and continue walking into the vast darkness.

Raon, ensuring not to be detected by the necromancer's senses, silently scanned the area.

'Here is...'

That lake?

Considering the location, it seemed to be the lake that appeared right after passing through Haro Mountain.

‘So this is it.’

This was where they transported supplies.

Having established a supply route in the center of the lake, no one would have been able to detect it.

'All the necessary information has been gathered...'

A crimson lightning flashed above Raon's eyes, capturing the transparent night sky.

'In two days, it will come to an end.’


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