TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 510

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

Chapter 510

Martha slowly opened her eyes. She saw a clean, white ceiling that was well-maintained, without a speck of dust.

‘Where am I... Oh.’

Perhaps it was because she had just woken up and her head was clear. The memories of events that had happened before immediately came to mind.

‘I became a Master and fainted.’

She had achieved enlightenment while facing off against a Master at the Five Divine Rulers duel tournament, and she was able to draw out the astral energy she had longed for.

‘It probably ended in a draw.’

Even though she passed out, she remembered clearly that she had definitely defeated that arrogant guy, Kalon.

Martha clenched her fist tightly. A huge power that was dormant in her energy center began to stir.

‘It's not a dream.’

Her understanding of martial arts had deepened even further. Now, she felt like she could bring a decisive victory against Kalon.

‘I wonder what Raon will say.’

She was so curious about what Raon would say when he saw her become a Master that she couldn't contain herself. She wanted to see his reaction right away.

‘That guy's personality wouldn't be honest enough to say well done... Hmm?’

Martha giggled to herself and rolled her eyes. She had heard some noise outside a little earlier.

‘This must be a treatment center, right?’

The clean interior and the medicinal herbs placed nearby made it clear that it was a treatment center. It was obvious that a lot of money had been invested in it, as befitting a new city.

‘I should go out and take a look.’

She felt light in her body, as if she had slept for a long time. She felt like she could move around right away, so she quickly untied the bandages and opened the door to the ward.


"Seal the abdomen first!"

"No, how did the arm end up like this..."

“The bleeding is too severe! There are more than three stab wounds in the abdomen! This person is already too late….”

“Shut up and focus on your healing technique! They are the ones who brought the third prince’s insignia! You must save them at all costs!”

The cries of the patients and the shouts of the healers were rampant. It was so loud that it was deafening, but strangely, the voices that were yelling were familiar.

“Could it be….”

Martha pursed her lips and looked at the face of the patient on whom the healers were operating on the abdomen.


It’s Dorian. His arms and legs were crushed as if they had been hit with a hammer, and there was a dark hole in his abdomen, from which blood was constantly flowing.

“Where is the priest?”

“He’ll be here soon!”

“Damn it! They are so slow even when they are given money!”

A middle-aged healer in a golden robe cursed, rubbed medicine on Dorian’s abdomen, covered the hole with both hands, and sprinkled blue energy.

Dorian let out a faint moan, almost inaudible. Barely able to breathe, his Adam's apple moved, but it seemed he couldn't endure much longer.

However, he wasn't the only one severely injured.

Next to Dorian, Burren's one eye was covered in blood, Runaan had three holes in her abdomen, and Mark Goetten's left arm was charred.

All three were shaking their shoulders and necks in agony.




"P-please cut off the flesh! I can't bear it...."

Other Light Wind members scattered around also bore significant injuries, their wounds stained a deep red as if considerable time had passed.


“Did they get attacked by magic?”

Martha collapsed to the ground, clutching the wall next to her.

"What the hell is going on?"

She couldn't stand up because her legs were weak. She turned her head while kneeling.

"Wait a minute! Where's Raon? Where is he...?"

She didn't know what the situation was, but if the Light Wind members were this injured, Raon couldn't be fine either.

As she was crawling around looking for Raon, she saw Yua getting up.


"Ma, Martha unnie!"

Yua, who had bandages soaked in blood on her shoulders and waist, ran to Martha.

"What happened? Please tell me..."

Martha, her pale lips trembling, grabbed Yua's sleeve.

"Um, when you were sleeping, the Holy Sword Union leader and the White Blood Religion leader attacked Barena."

"The White Blood Religion leader..."

Martha's hand clenched involuntarily at the mention of the White Blood Religion leader's name.

"That monster again..."

Martha, biting her lips until they bled, looked around at the Light Wind members, who were in pain.

It was infuriating that the White Blood Religion leader had not only taken her mother's body, but had also put her comrades in this state.

"But we weren't injured by those two."


"The Light Wind leader and the Heavenly Blade leader opened a path for us to escape, but..."

Yua told Martha everything that had happened while she was sleeping.

"So, what about Raon?"

"...He was left alone there."

Yua burst into tears, sitting on her bottom.

As her sorrowful and worried cries enveloped the treatment room, the patients struggling in pain slowly closed their eyes and breathed calmly.

It was because Yua, unknowingly, had created the melody of a lullaby that put everyone to sleep.


"What is this?"

"The anesthesia hasn't even taken effect..."

The healers looked at Yua with their eyes wide open. They seemed to be surprised because this was the first time they had seen anything like it.

"What are you doing, spacing out? Get moving!"

"I'm, I'm sorry!"

At the scolding of a middle-aged man in gold-colored robes, the other healers began to operate the healing spells again.

"It's okay."

Martha shook her head as she patted Yua's shoulder, who was sobbing.

"That monster kid wouldn't have died there, so don't worry."

"Is that so?"

"Yes. No one knows his miracles as well as I do, trust me."

She stroked Yua's head and turned her head. She punched her own thigh with her fist, which was clenched until it bled.

‘Damn it. Damn it! Jeeeez!’

The fact that the Light Wind members had gone through hell while she was sleeping comfortably, that they had protected her more than their own bodies, and Raon saved everyone and was left alone on the battlefield, made her so angry that tears started to flow.

‘What should I do?’

She must not be hasty. If Raon had sent everyone here, her first priority was to save them as he intended.

‘First, I need to contact the family.’

Martha stood up, her legs shaking.

She had learned from Yua that everyone had been sent to the treatment center in this condition, so they would not have been able to contact anyone yet.

Martha looked over the Light Wind members' injuries and condition, then asked the treatment center staff to contact Zieghart.

She told them to bring all the necessary herbs and elixirs, and then knelt before the middle-aged man in golden robes who seemed to be in charge.

"I'll do anything. Please just save them."

Martha bit her lip and pressed her head to the ground.

"The treatment fee has already been paid in full."

The middle-aged man in golden robes pointed to the blood-soaked insignia of the third prince.

"However, we need your help. Will you be okay if we extract all of your aura? It will be extremely painful."

He narrowed his eyes and asked if she could do it.

"It doesn't matter even if I can't use aura again.”

Martha joined the middle-aged man without wiping the blood from her forehead.

"Very well. Insert this into your arm."

The middle-aged man pointed to a needle about the thickness of a finger.

Martha bit her lip as she inserted the needle into her right arm.

'Raon, please come back alive.'

I'll do whatever it takes to save these guys.

* * *

Advance chapters: 

For Indonesian:

Wrath stared at the transcendentals with a determined look in his eyes, but Raon, who was watching behind him, was sweating.


"Why are you calling me?"

Wrath still seemed to be in his right mind, as he responded with calmness.

What are you doing? If you just go out without a plan, what will happen!

Raon screamed at Wrath.

It must not be revealed that we have a connection!

The original plan was to exchange bodies with Wrath inside the barrier and then leave as if nothing had happened, but that crazy demon guy just walked out of the barrier. His head was spinning.

If this goes wrong, everything will be ruined!

If it is exposed that he has a connection with the Demon King, he would not only be expelled from Zieghart, but there was also the possibility of being killed by the dragons.

He was not even a Grandmaster yet, so he had to keep it a secret for now, even if he ascended to the transcendent.

"You're talking nonsense. No one here knows about the connection between the King of Essence and you.”

They can't know?

“The King of Essence is currently in his original form, not in your body. His aura is also wrapped in the magic of frost, not your crude aura. None of these scum can find you inside the King of Essence!”

What about the time limit? If it suddenly changes….

“The current power maintaining this body is not only your consciousness (mind/mental strength) but also the King of Essence’s magic. It does have a time limit, but I can control it myself.”

“Besides, your barrier is still down there. When the King of Essence leaves this place, he will destroy it to attract attention, so you don’t have to worry.”


"Have you ever seen me lie?"

...Not really.

Except when he was bragging, Wrath almost never lied. He could tell from what he was doing this time.

"But then."

Wrath curled his lips and turned his eyes.

"What do you think would happen if your identity was revealed?" 


“In truth, the King of Essence wouldn't mind even if he was exposed. As a Demon King, he doesn't really like hiding anything.”


"But you're different. What do you think? After revealing your identity, should I give your body back to you?"

He smiled like a crescent moon, mockingly.

This guy...

"One week."

When Raon bit his lip, Wrath raised one finger.


“After this is over, swear that you will eat all the King of Essence's desired foods for one week."

Is that a threat?

"It was something the King of Essence learned from you. He did well to take notes."

Wrath chuckled, acknowledging that effort is indeed rewarded.


Eating the food he desired for a week wouldn't be difficult. He would have done it unconditionally if he had asked, but sudden threats left him boiling with anger.

"It would be better to decide quickly. They'll be wondering what's going on down there."

Wrath pointed to the transcendentals below with his finger.

Raon looked at Rimmer and Sheryl and sighed.

Okay. One week...

“The time limit has been exceeded, so it's now two weeks.”


"This is also something the King of Essence learned from you."

When did I do that!

"Oh? Time has dragged on again. It's been lengthened to... three weeks.”

Fine! Three weeks!

Raon shouted that he would do it immediately before it became a month.


Wrath nodded and smiled.

"This way, not even the heavens can interrupt the King of Essence!”

He nodded his head, saying that he would be able to eat whatever he wanted even if the heaven tried to interfere for three weeks.

Raon frowned as he watched Wrath descend to the ground.

If you want to eat that badly, just go with your body now.

Wrath shook his head with a serious look.

"There are things that need to be done now."

* * *

Heukgeumje frowned as she looked at the being floating in the air.

'What is that?'

The fact that he tore open the space and came out ruined the formation she had prepared, but that wasn't important right now.

'What kind of energy is that?'

The energy that the person possessed was like divine power, but also dark like magic.

A difficult-to-harmonize temperament flowed through his body, and its scale was so large that it could fill this space.

'Is he even human?'

He had ocean-blue hair that was fading in the sunlight, and he was so handsome that it was difficult to tell if he was a man or a woman.

Because of his otherworldly beauty, mysterious energy, and overwhelming presence, he looked like a being other than a human.

'I don't know how the situation will unfold.'

The fact that he told them to look away suggests that he harbors no good intentions for this side. She heightened her energy, preparing for any potential attack from the being.



The White Blood Religion leader trembled her lips as if she was nervous, and the Holy Sword Union leader's eyes reddened like a gambling addict.



The Demon Killing Spear and the Dark Swordmaster, both martial artists who use magic, appeared to be overwhelmed by the immense magic power of Wrath, compelling them to step back.


The Evil Sword Queen as usual, calmly placed her hand on the sword above the soldiers with a clear look in her eyes.

When all the transcendents were tense, Raon checked Rimmer and Sheryl first.

Thank goodness.

They're both safe.

Both Rimmer and Sheryl were injured, but they were not as serious as the Light Wind division. If he could create a good situation, they will be able to escape on their own.


When Raon confirmed Merlin, who was staring at Wrath, he smiled faintly.

As expected, you've come.

‘Urgh, did that madwoman come too?’

Wrath sighed for the first time. Despite having gained a physical body, his nature remained unchanged from his cotton candy days.

Of course.

It would be strange if Merlin, who is the best in the continent when it comes to obsession with Raon Zieghart, did not come.

"The King of Essence told..."

Wrath pretended not to see Merlin and averted his gaze. With cold eyes, he surveyed the Transcendents, twisting his lips.

"You to look away!"


The Dark Swordmaster pointed at Wrath with his trembling jaw.

"You're a demon! Even though the energy is ambiguous, you can't have such a yin energy unless it's magic... Cough!"

When he said to Wrath that he was a demon, a sudden pop sound rang out, and his face turned to the other side. His cheek turned red and flushed with blood.

"The King of Essence doesn't listen to questions."

Wrath, lowering his hand after smacking the Dark Swordmaster's cheek, turned his head with a twisted mouth.

"Know your place and keep your mouth shut."


The Dark Swordmaster trembled his lips while stroking his bruised cheek.

'Did I just get hit?'

Even though he was prepared for any incoming attack and remained on guard, he didn't even properly realize the fact that he got hit until now.

Terrifying power and speed. It didn't seem like he would be inferior to even the Holy Sword Union leader who had revealed his true strenght.

"...And the King of Essence is not a mere demon. He is the King of Devildom."

"T, the Demon King? Why is the Demon King here...?"

When the Dark Swordmaster cried out in surprise, Wrath's hand moved again.

When the white hand that looked like it had not been exposed to the sun moved like a ray of light, the Dark Swordmaster moved. He raised his back, which was operating magic, to defend Wrath's offensive and prepare for a counterattack.

However, Wrath's punch penetrated the Dark Swordmaster's defense like a snake and finally slapped his cheek again.


The Dark Swordmaster's face bent down, and a yellow tooth popped out of his mouth.

"I sense a crude magic that irritated me, so I came to see, but urgh, your looks are even more disgusting."


The Dark Swordmaster staggered back in disbelief, his eyes trembling.

"T, the real Demon King..."

The Dark Swordmaster shook his chin and shook his head.

'That's right. It doesn't make sense unless it's the real demon king.'

Demons lose their power the moment they enter the human world. It was impossible for him to get slapped on his cheek, even though he was prepared.

"Why is the Demon King suddenly here...?"

The Demon Killing Spear also looked tense and raised his spear.


The Evil Sword Queen also took a deep breath and gripped the hilt of her sword as if she was about to draw it at any moment.


The Holy Sword Union leader laughed and lowered his head, holding his forehead.

"Then can I ask you one question? O Demon King?"

In response, Wrath nodded as if urging him to proceed.

"Do you happen to wield a sword?"

"I don't use it."


The Holy Sword Union leader seemed to lose interest, wrinkling his face in a disdainful manner as he stepped back. 


Watching the exhaled Holy Sword Union leader, Raon let out a breath of frustration.

What's that guy up to?

He had heard that he was a madman who was crazy about swords, but he didn't think he wouldn't be interested in the demon king.

"Demon King?"

Somewhere, a creepy voice made Wrath quickly turn his head.

"Something smells like...."

It's Merlin. She approached Wrath, sniffing her nose like a dog that went for a walk, with her mask slightly lifted.

“It seems like, I smell Raon." (caught in 4k, lol)


Wrath flinched for the first time and hunched his shoulders.

This guy is really....

Wrath's fear of Merlin was genuine. It is an incomprehensible thing that a guy with a more massive presence than the Holy Sword Union leader or the White Blood Religion leader would shrink back his body from Merlin.

"Demon King?"

The White Blood Religion leader twisted her lips and looked over Wrath's entire body.

"Do you reveal that yourself? Are you so desperate to die that you're going crazy?"

She laughed in disbelief.

Wrath narrowed his eyes as he looked at the White Blood Religion leader.

'Martha… That is the body of the beef girl's mother’


He remembered what Martha had told him in the past.

You can't be...

"Hey, you parasite."

Wrath reached out to the White Blood Religion leader.

"Surrender that body."


"Surrender that flesh and perish."

"I'm already annoyed, and now a crazy demon is making a mess."

The White Blood Religion leader gritted her teeth and raised her hand, generating a colorless energy that she threw at Wrath. The energy that moved forward, carving the blood-hardened ground, rushed towards Wrath's heart.

"You're a parasite who doesn't know your place."

Wrath laughed coldly and lightly shook his hand. The moment a blue light flickered on his white fist, the blood energy that was rushing towards him froze.

"Huh, frozen? Blood energy?"

The leader of the White Blood Religion widened her eyes as she observed the blood energy suspended in the air, frozen in place.

"It's crude. Just like your existence."

As Wrath sneered with his chin tilted, the frozen blood energy fell to the ground and shattered.

"I was wondering what the blood of the demon king would be like, but this is good.”

The White Blood Religion leader spread her hands. A transparent blood energy flickered like a haze on her shoulder, which had turned pale.


The cold sound of a sword cut through the tension between the two.

The Holy Sword Union leader stood next to the White Blood Religion leader and raised his sword to Wrath.

"Are you also getting involved?"

"I was curious if that freezing ability a while ago could stop my swordsmanship. Besides, the Demon King is a public enemy of the continent."

He licked his lips, looking like he would enjoy it more than anything else.

"You talk well, even though you have taken the White Blood Religion as your companion."

The Dark Swordmaster scoffed, his imposing presence marked.

"That's one thing, and this is another. But you won't interfere with capturing the Demon King, will you?"

The Holy Sword Union leader asked, licking his lips.



There was no answer from Heukgeumje, and the Demon Killing Spear backed away as if to watch the situation.


The Dark Swordmaster drew his sword with a malicious expression, as if trying to take advantage of Wrath's opening.


Raon urgently called Wrath.

Why aren't you running away? It's not like there's a barrier like before.

Demons couldn't exert their full power in the human world. Just facing the White Blood Religion leader and Holy Sword Union leader would be challenging, yet he didn't retreat, and Raon couldn't understand why.

‘You said it before, If you want to fight in perfect condition, all you have to do is spar in the training ground. That's exactly what I mean.’


‘A coward who only fights in advantageous situations cannot be called as a king.’

Wrath stood up straight and looked at the Holy Sword Union leader and the White Blood Religion leader. Even though he was not very tall, his presence stood out much more.

'A king does not step aside or turn back. He just breaks through, leading his people behind him.'


'If you want to become the king of this land, watch carefully.'

"The King of Essence will pluck the head of that parasite today. If you try to interfere, risk your life."

Wrath pointed to the White Blood Religion leader and twisted his lips. The flames of wrath flickered in his blue eyes.



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