TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 509

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

Chapter 509


Merlin was the first to arrive at the hill where Raon, Orgos, and the magicians of the Black Tower had disappeared.

She had focused solely on teleportation magic, not bothering with defense, and her breath was coming in ragged gasps as she scanned the area around the hill with her bloodshot eyes.

‘He's gone…’

The presence of Raon, which had been felt just moments ago, had completely vanished.

‘What happened?’

Large-scale teleportation had been cast here. Judging by the flow of mana, it seemed like Archmage Chamber's magic, but it was probably Raon who actually cast the spell. However, Raon did not leave with the Light Wind division and remained here. She can feel a crude barrier made of blood, so she thought she could just break through it. However, just a moment ago, the traces of the barrier itself had completely disappeared.

Merlin spread mana in all directions. She concentrated on finding a gap in the barrier that Raon and Orgos had entered, but she felt nothing.

‘Does this make sense?’

Creating a new barrier might be possible, However, it was unheard of for a crudely formed barrier to be perfectly sealed and undetected. Merlin's head began to ache with anxiety.

‘No, it can't be. Please…’

She wanted to trust Raon, but the opponent was a transcendent being. Facing an opponent she couldn't defeat even if she intervened directly was an impossible task. She needed to open the barrier quickly, no matter what.


Merlin tore off her thumb with her fingernails and sprinkled blood on the floor. As she was trying to open the space using blood magic, a wave that pressed down on her heart poured out and the White Blood Religion leader appeared.


The White Blood Religion leader narrowed her eyes as she looked at Merlin.

"You're interfering again. Is this the will of the Fallen?”

"Think what you want."

She hesitated for a moment, as if she was considering whether to kill Merlin or not.

As if it was more important to find Raon before others arrived, she spread transparent blood energy around her.


Merlin bit her lip and opened the wound on her finger wider.

‘I can't let her catch him.’

If the White Blood Religion leader took Raon, it wouldn't just be as simple as making him a disciple.

She might dissect him to uncover the secrets of his talent, or even brainwash him. She had to stop him, even if it meant sacrificing her own life.

‘It would be better if he was taken by the Holy Sword Union... No. I can't give him to anyone.’

Merlin continued to search for Raon's location, preparing various spells so that she could fight whoever came her way.


While she was looking down the hill, the red horse carrying the Demon Killing Spear galloped through the air like the ground and rushed towards the White Blood religion leader.

“If you've drawn the spear, you should finish it!”

He concentrated the powerful energy swirling on the spear blade into a single point and fired it. A terrifying spear strike tore through the night sky.


The White Blood Religion leader frowned and drew a circle with her palm.

The transparent blood energy that was crumbling in the moonlight collided with the spear's aura, causing a massive explosion.


The explosion of the two transcendents' powers caused the rising blue lightning to sink under the blood energy.

The Holy Sword Union leader  had arrived. His figure, sitting back with his hands behind his back while riding a Dark Sword, was a perfect representation of his nickname, "Black Night Sword God.”


The Holy Sword Union leader let his hands down and looked down at the hill soaked in blood.

‘He's gone.:

He also frowned, as if he couldn't catch Raon and Orgos's presence.

Following the Holy Sword Union leader, the next to reach the hill were Rimmer and Sheryl. The two of them looked around the hill, where no one was visible, and bit their teeth.

"This is the blood of Light Wind members and the neutral factions..."

Sheryl exhaled a harsh breath as she looked at the blood that seemed to spread wider than her eyes.

"Damn it!"

Rimmer stomped his foot roughly. The blood that had not yet solidified fluttered up into the air.


His gaze, which was glaring at the ground, widened.

"This is..."

Rimmer reached into the blood and pulled out a ring that had been split in half.

"Raon's ring?"

Sheryl swallowed dryly as she looked at the ring that was in Rimmer's hand.

“Indeed, the large-scale magic earlier was teleportation."

"He didn't summon the lord, but he sent the Light Wind members. He must have done it to save the wounded..."

"But why didn't he go himself?"

“He probably tried to distract Orgos so he couldn't interfere with the magic.”

The two of them, knowing the ring's ability, realized what Raon had chosen to do. They felt sick at heart over his childish choice, and their shoulders slumped in powerlessness at the fact that they had been unable to help him.

"So where did Raon go?"

"I think the Flame of Inferno Commander cast a barrier."

Sheryl quickly scanned the area and wrinkled her nose.

"I see no reason why Orgos would cast it.”

Rimmer shook his head, looking across from Sheryl.

As the two of them were trying to figure out what happened after Raon teleported the Light Wind division, Heukgeumje, the Dark Swordmaster, and the Evil Sword Queen descended on the hill.

Following them, Yonghyeon Swordmaster and two disciples arrived.


A tense silence filled the blood-soaked hill as the main characters gathered.


The Holy Sword Union leader frowned at Heukgeumje, who was scowling.

“Is that also your handiwork, with the Black Tower vice master in Cameloon?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Heukgeumje shrugged with a knowing look on her face.

“Hmm, is that so?”

The Holy Sword Union leader waved his hand, and the Dark Sword beneath his feet rose into the sky.

“I’m bored, so let’s have a little more fun until Raon Zieghart and Orgos show themselves.”

“You're not here to save Raon Zieghart?”

“If possible, I would like to, but there's no one here, is there? I don't like to waste my energy on unnecessary things.”

A red current rose in his eyes.

“Let’s start the second round.”

* * *


Wrath crushed Orgos’s head in his hand. Blood and mana soaked his fist.

“I put too much force into it since it’s been a while since I’ve had a body.”

He curled his lips at the sight of Orgos’s body, which did not fall even though his head had been torn off.

"You endured well."

Blue flames ignited from Orgos' neck as his head slowly regenerated.

Wrath narrowed his eyes as he watched Orgos’s head regenerate.

‘Regeneration ability.’

That is the ability of a high-ranking demon.

He had not let Orgos go. He had killed him for sure, but the man had the ability to survive even if his head was torn off.


He approached Orgos, whose sweat was dripping down his back, and turned his chin to the side.

“A worm with a swelled head was behind you, it seems.”

The mana felt when Orgos was frantically regenerating his neck smelled like Greed. Where did he get that much mana? It must have been Greed’s seed.


Orgos bit his chapped lips and stumbled backwards.

"Who are you? I've never heard of someone like you!"

He had never felt such a crushing pressure on his soul and body, not even from the Black Tower master. He never thought he would feel the fear he felt when he faced ‘Him’ from a young human.


Is he really human?

He had sky-blue eyes, long hair that changed color frequently, and skin that was transparent as if it had never been exposed to sunlight.

A violent temperament is revealed in the appearance that contains both nobility and elegance. Before questioning whether this was a man or a woman, the curiosity arose if this was even human.

“W-Where is Raon Zieghart….”

Orgos stammered, chewing on his regenerating lips.

"I, the King of Essence, do not answer questions,"

Wrath raised his blood-soaked hand with dry eyes.

“I am the one who asks the questions.”

He smiled mockingly and turned his hand like a doorknob. The mouth that had asked the question a moment ago was torn off by his slender fingers.


Orgos clutched his mangled jaw, kneeling in pain. Even his screams sounded grotesque due to his damaged mouth.

"The King of Essence was truly angry for the first time in a long while because you touched his subordinates."

Wrath approached Orgos, who was kneeling and shaking all over.

“The King of Essence’s pocket guy had his limbs damaged, the squinty eyes had his eye exploded, and the talentless guy had his arm burned to a crisp. And…”

Revealing his white teeth, Wrath stared into Orgos’ trembling pupils.

“The ice cream girl had a hole in her stomach. I will engrave all of that pain in your soul and body.”

Wrath flicked his fingers lightly as if pointing to something.


Orgos’s arms were torn off like washed laundry, twisting and tearing.

It wasn't some special technique, just tearing the arm off with the concentrated energy of wrath.


Orgos, with his mouth regenerated, yelled as he looked up at the ceiling of the barrier.

“It’s too early to scream.”

The light flickering in Wrath's sky-blue eyes was a deep blue anger. The pain of the Light Wind members was burned into his eyes.


Orgos screamed and backed away. As if pain had overcome fear, blue flames rose from his regenerated hands.


Two streams of flames in the form of arrows shot out. The two roaring flames contained the power of a transcendent, rushing towards him faster than sound.

Wrath did not tense up or smile mockingly. With a calm gaze as if he was enjoying a nap, he waved his hand lightly.

The mist of frost that bloomed from his fingertips froze the approaching flames of the spear.

“Eh, it’s frozen?”

Orgos’s pupils fluttered like the wings of a butterfly terrified.

‘Is this possible…?’

It wasn’t just any flame, but the flame of inferno, which drew out the inferno to the extreme. It was hard to believe that his most powerful technique, which was also the fastest and most lethal, had frozen in an instant.

'I need to escape!'

I can’t defeat that. It’s a being like a disaster. I had to avoid it instead of facing it.

Orgos raised the remaining flames and slammed them down on the ground.


A tremendous explosion occurred, but the frozen ground was barely affected.

“This, what is this….”

"You still don't understand the situation. Did you think the likes of you could break the King of Essence's barrier?"

Wrath shook his head, pointing to the blue world tree standing behind him.

“Where did we leave off. I don't remember since you made me forget. Let's start from the beginning."

Before the words reached Orgos’s eardrums, his arms were torn off again.


“It's a well-made toy that fixes itself well. It's not bad.”

Wrath bent down in front of Orgos. He caught the fleeing man with intangible magic and reached out his finger to his eyes.

“This time, it’s the eye’s turn.”

“Ah, aaaaaaaaaak!”


Advance chapters: 

For Indonesian:

It feels like floating on the sea.

The weight of his body was not felt, and the freedom of his soul tickled his chest.

Raon frowned at the faint ringing in his ears and lifted his heavy eyelids.

"S-stop! Please stop!"

The first thing he saw was Orgos. The transcendent who had caused fear was lying in a corner, screaming.

The one standing in front of him was Wrath. He was piercing a dark hole in Orgos's stomach in the same way he had seen in the world of the mind.

"You're awake now."

Wrath turned his eyes back and clicked his tongue.

"You're always slow."

Are you talking to me?

"Then who else is here besides you?"

He spoke to him without paying attention to Orgos in front of him who was unable to move.

“Thanks to your ability to use your head well, I was able to keep my sanity for the first time."

Wrath laughed, saying he had thought of this method well.

“However, it would be better to think deeply when using it again. You will lose a lot again. You can't use it just because you want to.”

Although he knew that, revenge was more important.

"In any case, thanks to you, I was able to repay this worm for the suffering that the King of Essence's subordinates experienced.”

That was something he could tell even without hearing Wrath's words. Orgos had all his eyes gouged out, his limbs torn off, and five holes in his stomach.


Raon frowned as he looked at Orgos's body.

Is it a regeneration ability?

Orgos's damaged body began to heal slowly. The torn-off arms and legs attached, and the flesh filled in the holes in his stomach. It was a regeneration power that surpassed even the Troll King.

However, his energy had greatly decreased. It looked like he was forcibly filling his flesh with magic.

"Do you remember that the King of Essence said your flower was not real?”

Flower? Oh....

Wrath didn't seem to like Flame Spirit, and he always muttered, “Ah, that's not how you use flowers.”

"I'll show you what's real."

Wrath spread his hands. Still in tune with the anger that had not yet subsided, shards of ice with a sharp light appeared.

In the midst of the ice shards spread like a dream, delicate flower buds rose.

The ice flower that contains the moonlight blooms, scattering brilliant frost.

The eye of the flower, which bloomed beautifully to the last leaf like a lotus flower, fluttered in the wind and turned into thousands, tens of thousands, or even countless fragments, covering the barrier.

The decisive technique of the Monarch of Wrath.

Ten Thousand Snow Flowers. (Myriad Snow Flowers)

It is not like astral energy energy or astral sphere.

Each one was a blade of frost with the will of wrath, drew countless strokes in a relentless onslaught.

The sound is erased in the blue moonlight.

After everything within the barrier was engulfed in the onslaught's fervor, a magnificent blue light erupted.

"Ah, I, I am....”

On top of the petals that quietly sank, Orgos' body melted away. It was a foreign power that erased the effect of infinite regeneration itself. The remaining black spirits (Black Tower Magicians) behind also vanished without leaving a trace, wiped out from existence. (There were actually some minions of Black Tower since the beginning, lol.)

This is the real thing....

Raon swallowed his dry saliva. He realized that the flower he saw now was the ultimate of Flame Spirit that he should pursue.

"Flowers should be handled delicately."

Wrath shook his hand lightly. With a transparent hand that seemed to be shining with moonlight, he brushed back his unruffled bangs.

“You ignorant fool.”

* * *

“I can’t believe it…”

The Holy Sword Union leader twisted his lips at the sight of Heukgeumje.

“You’re not going to run away just because you don’t have that formation, are you?”

“If a battle breaks out here, Owen Kingdom will interfere, you know?”

Heukgeumje turned his gaze from the Holy Sword Union leader to Cameloon.

“You’re greatly mistaken. I would welcome the arrival of the Silent Sword Sovereign. I want to see how much he has grown.”

The leader of the Holy Sword Union, being a human obsessed with swords, seemed not to care about the consequences.

“So what are you going to do? I don’t plan on letting you go even if you run away.”

“You, Union leader, are the one who is greatly mistaken.”

Heukgeumje reached out to the air. The formation that had wrapped around the sky of Barena was being re-formed along the constellations.

“My formation can be deployed anywhere.”

She could move with the formation, and she had come this far because she knew that the Silent Sword Sovereign would arrive. He would never have come if he hadn’t had this insurance.

‘First, I’ll complete the formation. And until the other transcendents arrive… Ah?’

Heukgeumje was in the midst of altering his plans when a sharp light appeared in the sky, where the formation was being formed, and the dimension split open.

* * *


A deafening sound like the breaking of space rang out, and the flow of the formation became entangled and crushed.

All the humans, including Heukgeumje, the Holy Sword Union leader, and the White Blood Religion leader, raised their heads with pale faces.

On the high sky where a person would look like a dot. Someone with flowing long blue hair was stepping on the lofty stars.

A fine wrinkle appeared on Heukgeumje’s brow.

‘That, what is that?’

It couldn’t be seen properly. It was impossible to make a proper judgment of what it was due to its overwhelming presence.

It seemed like a disaster was about to burst out from inside the human skin.


“That is…”

The Holy Sword Union leader even let out a sigh of disbelief, and the White Blood Religion leader could not hide her shaking pupils.

The Blue Demon King looked down at the human transcendents and muttered in a low voice.

“Roll your eyes.”


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