TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 501

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Chapter 501

The sky cracked, and the land rose.

The continent's axis seemed to be twisting under the power of the transcendents who had ascended into the sky.


When a bizarre vortex of light poured out of the endless crack in the sky, the six transcendents lowered their hands as if they had made a promise.

"Indeed, it is a well-honed sword."

The Holy Sword Union leader licked his lips with satisfaction.

"Show me more. How far can you go?"

He looked down at the Dark Swordsmaster and the Demon Sword Queen with eyes filled with desire.

"You perverted bastard..."

The Demon Sword Queen bit her lip as if she was getting goosebumps from the Holy Sword Union leader's gaze.


Heukgeumje dissipated the colorless energy waves surrounding them and looked at the Holy Sword Union leader.

"Are you not worried about your disciple?"

"Cloud, you mean?"

The Holy Sword Union leader shook his head, stroking his beardless chin.

"I taught that kid personally. Even if Raon Zieghart has the greatest talent on the continent, he will not win against him.” He answered calmly, not doubting his disciple's victory.

"I'm not trying to brag, but..."

Heukgeumje smiled thinly and shook her hand.

"If you ignore Raon Zieghart, you will be in big trouble."

"Is that from personal experience?"

"Yes, it is a very vivid advice filled with experience."

She nodded as she looked at the collapsed fortress wall.

"Shut your mouth! Raon Zieghart belongs to me!"

The White Blood Religion leader scattered transparent bloody energy like an aura blade to separate Heukgeumje and the Holy Sword Union leader.

The transcendents' lips mentioned Raon's name, but there was no awkwardness.

"Too bad. I wish Cloud had heard that advice..."

The Holy Sword Union leader ignored the White Blood Religion leader's words and nodded, then quickly turned his gaze.

The eyes of the others followed him when two beams of light shot up from a distant place where their senses could not reach.

Behind the pillars of red and blue light, a strange sun and moon appeared.


Sheryl trembled as she saw the sight and her lips quivered.

'Sword field! Raon has finally...'

The faint golden light that enveloped the pillars of light was clear evidence of the manifestation of the sword field.


She called out to Rimmer, who was fighting next to her.


But he did not hear her voice. He was facing off against the Yonghyeon Swordsmaster with red energy flowing in his eyes.

Although he was covered in wounds due to being outmatched in terms of aura, he charged forward while screaming.

"You idiot!"

Sheryl kicked Rimmer's side, who was fighting to the death, provoked by the Yonghyeon Swordsmaster.

"Kugh! What the hell are you doing..."

When Rimmer wrinkled his face, Sheryl pointed to the pillar of light.


He looked up at the sun that had risen in the night sky with his mouth agape.

"That... could it be..."

“That's Raon's sword field. He has finally achieved it!”

“Ha, ahahahahahah!”

Rimmer laughed loudly as he wiped the blood from his red hair.

"Since that day, I haven't gained anything, but at least my disciple has done well."

As his gaze lowered, a faint lightning flashed over his shoulders.

"I had intended to kill you and die here myself, but it seems that won't happen.”


"I can't die without witnessing my disciple's first sword field."

Rimmer licked his lips as he aimed his sword at the Yonghyeon Sword Master.

“Sword field creation.”

His heavy voice spread out as if it were ringing from the high heavens.

“Song of Wind and Lightning.”

*   *   *

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For Indonesian:

Raon raised his hands. The crimson flame burned from the Divine Sword in his right hand, and the blue frost bloomed from the Demonic Sword in his left hand.

The two swords that had been tempered and honed in the mental world. The Divine sword and the Demonic sword that he thought he could only see in his mind had been summoned to the present world.

It was neither cold nor hot. The only thing he felt was a powerful force, a firm aura that seemed unbreakable, regardless of the opponent, flowing into his hands.


The pain disappeared.

Whether it was due to excitement or the effect of the sword field, even the excruciating pain that felt like crushing internal organs vanished.

'No, it's probably because I wished for it.'

Rimmer said that the sword field contains the person's life.

Since the moment Raon Zieghart was born, he vowed never to be broken. No matter what hardships and pain came his way, he pledged to overcome them all and eventually sever Derus Roberts' neck.

This sword field seemed to contain even those vows and oaths.

W-what, sword field? You create a sword field?

Wrath trembled his jaw as he looked at the sun and moon in the sky.

How can you use this! I thought it was far from happening!

He blinked his eyes, muttering that it was impossible.

On top of that, that sword! Why do you have it?

'What is this?'

No, that, uh...

He mumbled incomprehensibly, unable to provide a proper answer while staring at the blue Demonic Sword.


When Raon narrowed his eyes at Wrath, Cloud's footsteps could be heard.

"S-sword field creation?"

Cloud's pupils shook violently like reeds in the wind.

"A Master using sword field field? That's ridiculous!"

The shock was so great that the astral sphere that had not wavered throughout the battle swayed greatly.

Just a while ago, he didn't know how to break that astral sphere, but now he didn't feel the slightest bit of anxiety.

"Whether it Demonic Swordes sense or not is not for you to decide."

Raon aimed the Divine Sword at Cloud, raising his head.

"From now on, it's the real deal. It will be different from before."

"Anyway, it's a clumsy technique! There's no difference!"

Cloud's neatly arranged hair becomes disheveled. With distorted pupils, he thrusts the sword as the astral shpere sweeps down.

The ground was swept away along the trajectory of the sword he drew. It was a terrifying power.


Raon did not back down. He trusted his physical and mental strengh and moved forward. With his left foot forward, he stabilized the shaking ground and thrust his right hand, which held the Divine Sword, downward.


The collision of the Divine Sword and the astral sphere. Neither side gave way. Intense sparks fly between the swords, emitting a fierce heat.


Cloud felt the heat and let out a low groan, but he did not back down.

But he immediately regretted that stubbornness.


The heat of the Divine Sword, which seemed to distort the air, began to melt the astral sphere on Cloud's sword.

"Gahh, my astral sphere is melting?"

Cloud's eyes widened like they were going to burst. He pulled out the melted astral sphere and stepped back.

"Where are you going?"

Raon lowered the Divine Sword and stuck to Cloud's left side. His body felt as light as a feather. It was not a tense life-or-death fight but rather the feeling of being on a training ground, swinging a sword freely.

"Shut up!"

As Cloud got into a battle stance, he extended the sword he had kept behind him. It was a powerful sword strike to shatter the opponent's entire body, unlike the soft techniques.


Raon turned his shoulders in the air and raised his left hand. The blue sword that sprang up, sprinkling blue frost on the ground, collided with Cloud's astral sphere.


It was a more massive resonance than the first clash. The blue dark sword also showed no sign of wavering against the astral shepre.


On the contrary, it froze the astral sphere that was facing Cloud, spreading a cold air that was so cold that it felt like the skin would be torn off.


In an instant, Cloud's barrier froze and shattered like glass. He slipped backward, shaking his head with frozen lips.

Raon did not follow Cloud, but checked the two swords. Even though they had faced the astral sphere, there were no signs of chipping or breaking. On the contrary, they were emitting even denser flames and frost.

" astral sphere is freezing and melting, what is this...?"

Cloud swallowed his dry saliva as he looked at his sword. He repeated the word "what" as if he had forgotten what to say. Even to him, the might of the Divine Sword and the Demonic Sword must have been shocking.

"I can't believe it. No, I won't believe it!"

He screamed in shock and charged. The astral sphere that rose from the sword tip created a powerful pressure.

Raon nodded calmly as he watched Cloud, who was charging with yellow madness in his eyes.

'I'm not losing in power now.'

He gained enough power to push back the astral sphere.

Now, all that was left was to decide who had the better swordsmanship.

It was time to decide whether it was himself, who had learned swordsmanship from Glenn Zieghart, Rimmer, Sheryl, and Rekhtar, or Cloud, who had inherted the swordsmanship of the Holy Sword Union leader.


Raon released the Divine Sword while bearing the pressure that was pressing down on his skin. The crimson blade that shot out like a spear from the inside of his chest was imbued with the principles of Fangs of Insanity.


The sword strike that seemed to bite savagely cut through Cloud's sword and spewed out strong heat.

However, the offensive was not over yet. With a spin of the ankle, the Demonic Sword swung along with it, creating a blue flash.


A cool breeze rose up and Cloud's sword strike, which he tried to continue with difficulty, was cut off. It was the newly improved Silent Wind of the Silvery Ocean of Blizzard Sword Art.


In just two clashes, the size of Cloud's astral sphere had shrunk noticeably.

The heat of the the Divine Sword and the cold of the Demonic Sword had ripped out his aura. The powers and utilities displayed were surprisingly formidable.

"It's not over yet."

This time, Raon approached Cloud first. It wasn't even a footwork. He approached with a normal step and drew the Crimson Slash with the the Divine Sword.

The heat line thinned to the point where it was invisible, creating a razor-sharp sword strike that made one's spine tingle.


Cloud was thrown back with the sword. His palm was red as if it had been burned.

Even the heat of the Crimson Slash was sufficient to harm the body of a Grandmaster who had undergone a transformation, so it seemed  that the power of the Crimson Slash had also increased.

‘Now, for the next move...'

He rushed towards Cloud, who had retreated, and used the Demonic Sword to operate the Silent Breeze of the Blizzard Sword Art. The blue blade struck Cloud's sword, followed by a surge of chilling waves sweeping the ground.


An iceberg, resembling the wings of a roc, soared and enveloped Cloud as it erupted from the deformed ground.

Raon looked down at the the Divine Sword and the Demonic Sword and nodded heavily.

'As expected.'

Both Crimson Slash and Blizzard Sword Art had become stronger than before in the sword field. It seemed that this sword field also had the effect of amplifying the power of fire-attribute and water-attribute martial arts.


Cloud broke through the astral sphere to break the iceberg and retreated.

Though he didn't suffer severe injuries, his shoulder and forearm were reddened due to burns and frostbite.

“You said it was a sword field, but is this all you've got?”

"Don't act tough."

Raon lowered the the Divine Sword and the Demonic Sword and nodded his chin.

"If you want to surrender, now is the only time. Kneel down and bow your head, and I'll forgive you."


"Yeah, bullshit. In fact, I never had any intention of accepting your surrender from the beginning."

"You bastard!"

A reddish light rose in Cloud's eyes. As if to block the heat and cold, the astral sphere burning on his sword swelled like a cloud. He didn't seem to be thinking about anything else.

'He's drawn out his full power.'

The enormous aura of astral sphere burning on the sword blade made his hair stand on end. As expected, a Grandmaster was not an easy opponent to defeat, even if he had achieved the sword field.

"A mere sword field like this can't defeat the sword of the Holy Sword Union!"

Cloud's voice became heavy, as if it were sinking in mud, and his sword emitted a magnificent light.

The black current that covered the sky turned into dozens of swords and fell down. The angle at which the astral shpere bent was beyond human comprehension


Raon bit his lip thinly. This was dangerous. If he made even a small mistake, his body would be blown away.

"I'll do what I can.”

He slashed down with the Divine Sword in his right hand, unleashed the White Shadow Slash. The White shadow erased the principles of illusion and variable swords that Cloud had unleashed.

The real astral sphere was rushing towards the heart from the left. At the moment when Cloud's sword tip, which was shaking as if it would explode, was about to touch his shoulder, he drew the Silent Breeze of the Blizzard Sword Art with the left Demonic Sword.


The blue blade that rose with the wind forcefully deflected Cloud's sword strike. The astral sphere that was gathered on the sword blade seemed to be twisted as if it would split.


Cloud flipped his body in the air to overcome the shock of the collision and then struck the sword again. The astral sphere that was swirling at the sword tip spread out and caused a huge explosion.

'I thought so.'

He had predicted this attack because the movement of the astral sphere was strangely twisted when Cloud turned his body in the air.

Raon swung both the Divine Sword and the Demonic Sword at the same time as the exploding aura approached. Sheryl's teachings, which harmonized the power of the two swords, were with him.


Fire and frost created a wave of sword barriers, crushing all of Cloud's explosive swords.


But the battle was not over yet. Cloud cut and crushed through the aftermath of the explosion.

The blade of the sword he was holding was again rising, the astral sphere that had exploded a little earlier.

Even though he had completely exploded the astral sphere, the momentum was immense. It felt like he was being sucked in by a flow that seemed to split the space.

Raon planted his foot on the ground and raised the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation and Glacier, which were breathing with the two swords, to the extreme.


The Divine Sword and the Demonic Sword collided head-on with the astral sphere.

The ground collapsed, and trees were pulled out by the roots. On the ground that was like hell, Raon and Cloud unleashed their full power against each other.

The blade with the dark astral sphere wrapped around it spread out strongly or flexibly, unfolding the ascending martial arts, but Raon's defense was never penetrated.

Divine Sword and Demonic Sword, two incompatible blades, unfolded a spectacle of rising martial arts. Ironically, Cloud was thrown back, burned and frozen.


The moment Cloud was pushed away, Raon bloomed flowers on both swords.

Red petals resembling cherry blossoms settled on the Divine Sword, and blue petals, similar to those on Wrath's ice flower bracelet, unfurled their buds on the Demonic Sword.

Invincible Flame Spirit.

The storm of red and blue flowers that bloomed from the two swords spread to the left and right of Cloud.


Cloud broke the pieces of heat and cold with his sword wrapped in astral sphere, but there were too many pieces to erase them all at once.

“Damn it!”

He drew out the Heretical Flow, the speical technique of the Black Night Demon Sword, drawing out the aura to the point where his energy center ached.


A massive vortex of strong energy arose in the air as the Heretical Flow and the Invincible Flame Spirit collided.


In the whirlwind that seemed to crush the ground and bring down the sky, Cloud bit his lip.

‘What is that guy! Is he really human?’

He can barely accept the fact that he uses the sword field to create power that matches the astral sphere.

But his swordsmanship was even more bizarre than that.

Originally, the Six Kings and Five Demons each have their own characteristics.

Just as Zieghart uses the sword realm, and the Beast Union the strongest physique, the Holy Sword Union should be the best in swordsmanship, but that guy was different.

Even in this urgent moment of battle, the flow and principles of his swordsmanship were developing. This is not the ability of the sword field. It was his demonic-like talent.

‘This can't go on.’

Cloud trembled his shoulders and straightened his waist.

'I can't let him be.'

Now, it wasn't jealousy but fear. With a determined will to not let him live, Cloud gripped the sword with both hands.

'There's no other way.'

The only way to overcome the current disadvantage was to use the ultimate technique of the Black Night Demon Sword that he had not yet completed.

"This is the end!"

The dark fragments seeped into the storm that rose above the blade, and a magnificent black light rose.

He drew out all the aura that remained in his energy center. The aura, which had been running through the mana circuit, created a sphere of astral energy that wrapped around the blade, clad in the firmness of the middle energy center

As the storm that rose above the blade, the dark fragments seeped in, and a magnificent black light rose.


The Black Night Demon Sword ultimate technique, Black Star Severence Flame, spread out, dyeing the sky black. The whole world seemed to turn into a realm of darkness.

Was it because he had grown by fighting Raon? For the first time, he was able to unfold the true essence of the Black Star Severance Flame.

‘It's over.’

The moment Cloud was sure of his victory, Raon took a deep breath and raised his gaze.

Like his shining eyes, the sun and the moon shone solemnly in the darkness.


Raon looked at Cloud and adjusted his grip on the two swords.

'This is the end.'

Cloud had only a pinch of energy left. If he could just withstand that sword strike, the battle would be over.

However, victory did not come easily. His sword strike literally covered the sky.

He slowly closed his eyes. Feeling the resonance of the Divine Sword and the Demonic Sword in his hands, he once again thought of this sword field.

The more he fought, the more he knew.

The beginning of this sword field was not fire and ice, but the sword itself.

The swordsmanship that started with Rimmer, blooming into various flowers through different individuals.

Among them, the center is Glenn's sword. His sword, which surpassed the transcendent, was the first pillar that supported his world.

However, Glenn and he are different. He cannot follow Glenn, who pursues perfection. He merely follow in his footsteps like a manifestation of light.

That's why his colors are Red and Blue.

What he swore to himself in the mental world is not to be broken.

As he declared to Rimmer and answered when Vulcan asked him what kind of sword he wanted, he desired a sword that would never break.

That's why it's invincible, who is never defeated by anyone.

With the inspiration that the sword field gives him in his my mind, he opened his eyes.

Looking at Cloud's evil-filled astral sphere, attempting to erase his very existence, he placed the Divine Sword and the Demonic Sword behind his waist and shoulders.

Raon Zieghart Style Swordplay.

Sixth Form, Divine and Demon Harmonization, Linked Technique - Red and Blue Invincible Sword. 

The radiant red and blue brilliance, dividing heaven and earth, cut through the sky soaked in black.


Cloud's astral sphere melted like foam, and his sword broke in half.

A diagonal cut marked on his chest burst open, and Cloud kneeled. There wasn't even a scream. This defeat felt like a dream.

The Divine Sword and the Demonic Sword sank like embers, and the dark night returned.

"I defeated you…”

The eyes of Raon, who looked down at Cloud, were filled with the majesty of the Divine Sword and the Demonic Sword.

"No, Zieghart defeated the Holy Sword Union."


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