TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 500

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Chapter 500

Raon licked his lips as he looked at Cloud, who was arrogantly raising his chin.

‘This will be a good training.’

It was clear that Cloud was planning to show the difference in his talent by either exploiting the gaps in his swordsmanship or imitating his sword techniques.

If he could use his psychology, he could improve the weaknesses of the sword techniques he’s currently learning and even raise the level of his martial arts.

“From now on, it would be better to think and move carefully.”

Cloud raised his sword, which was swirling with wind, and laughed coldly.

“Your sword techniques will all become mine.”

He flicked his index finger as if daring Raon to try.


Raon feigned an angry expression and swung his sword, which was wrapped in the flames of the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation, at Cloud.

The moment the sword blade, which was stained with madness, flew like a crimson flash, Cloud’s sword fell.


Cloud effortlessly parried the sword and even launched a sharp counterattack with a slenderly curved sword blade.

It was a sword strike with a similar flow to the second technique of Blizzard Sword Art, White Saint’s Whirling Stab

“I told you, your swordsmanship is now mine.”

Cloud curled his lips. He had a condescending expression, as if he had proved that his swordsmanship talent was superior.


Observing Cloud, Raon squinted his eyes.

‘It’s not just copying.’

He added other principles.

White Saint’s Whirling Stab originally uses the principles of severing sword and swift sword to quickly cut off the flow of the enemy’s swordsmanship.

However, Cloud infused White Saint’s Whirling Stab with the principles of sharp sword as well, cutting down the astral energy of the flames with a sharp edge. It was undoubtedly outstanding talent.

‘Thanks to that talent, the flaw is blatantly exposed.’

The true meaning of Blizzard Sword Art is to break the flow of the enemy’s swordsmanship.

Cloud’s White Saint’s Whirling Stab was certainly moving forward vigorously, but it was not fast enough due to the addition of sharpness, so it could not perfectly push away the sword. Adding sharp sword was not a good idea.


Raon turned his wrist to set down the Heavenly Drive, which he was about to thrust into the ground. He stepped forward with his left foot and stomped the ground. He gathered mana in the mana circuit of his thigh, and then extended the sword in his right hand.


He used the second technique of Blizzard Sword Art, White Saint’s Whirling Stab, again. This time, he inserted the principles of precise sword between severing sword and swift sword.

“It’s useless!”

Cloud raised his sword, scraping the white ground. This time, he was imitating the Fangs of Insanity. He properly captured the flow of the savage intuition sword.


It's going to be a bit different from what you expected.

Raon twisted his lips and unleashed the new White Saint’s Whirling Stab.

A blue line of wind, like a brushstroke, struck the gap in Cloud’s sword strike accurately.


Cloud, who was pushed back with his sword and body, frowned and raised his head.

"Did you improve it in the meantime?”

He bit his lips as he looked at his trembling wrist.

“I can’t just lose to a talentless person. Let’s keep trying to see who wins.”

Chuckling, Raon casually brushed off his hands.

“Arrogant bastard!”

Cloud rushed in with his eyes bloodshot. He looked excited, but his movements were flawless. He was truly a grandmaster.


His sword bent as if floating in the air, spraying strong wind and astral energy. It seemed to be following the technique of the Blizzard Sword Art that he had shown before.

‘It lacks balance.’

The technique of White Saint’s Whirling Stab had changed were undoubtedly powerful, but they were too full of principles and lacked harmony.


Raon used flowing sword to deflect Cloud's sword strikes and smiled slightly.

‘There's much more to extract.’

Each of Cloud's sword strikes is imbued with the principles of various sword arts, so just clashing with them is a great learning experience.

Once he starts using astral sphere, it will be challenging to maintain the current composure. Until then, he needed to acquire as much martial knowledge as possible.

"Are you running away again?"

Cloud twisted his lips and chased after him. His footwork was fast. It seemed that he had even taken on the principles of the Silver Wind Vortex that was embedded in the Blizzard Sword Art.

"I'll cut off your legs first!"

Cloud lunged in from the right and swung his sword. His sword underwent a strange transformation, targeting ten vital points in the lower body simultaneously.

‘If that's the case…’

Raon slowed down his footwork and built a wall of flames around him with the heat that wrapped around Heavenly Drive. The thick flames of the Flame Wall repelled all of Cloud's sword strikes.

"I've seen that move before!"

Cloud clenched his sword tightly and thrust it out in one breath. The blade, which was shot out like a beam of light, pierced the center of the Flame Wall.


The wall of flames with a hole in the center melted like spring snow.

‘The flaw of the Flame Wall is that the center is weak.’

Since it was a wall made with fire, it could block various attacks from all directions, but it was easily pierced by a single focused attack.

‘To improve that, I need to change it to a way that concentrates aura towards the direction of the opponent's attack when it comes.’

It would be better to change it so that the wall of flames changes according to the opponent's attack, rather than stacking it up and leaving it unattended.


Raon, with the improvement of Flame Wall  in mind, swung Heavenly Drive to bloom a flower of flames.

He was curious to see how Cloud would block the Flame Spirit, a versatile technique that can be employed against both few and many opponents, as well as in one-on-one combat.

"Now, try this!"

Suppressing a laughter about to burst, he swung red-tinged fragments of astral energy toward Cloud.

"I'll break it no matter what!"

Cloud rushed forward with the principles of reverse sword on his sword, creating a terrifying scale of storm.

‘This is interesting.’

Cloud's sword strikes created a dark storm that concentrated a massive amount of aura in the center using the principles of reverse sword, heavy sword, and combined sword.


The Flame Spirit and the storm of astral energy collided, causing a terrifying explosion.

Raon watched the smoke rising into the sky and continuously rotated the Ring of Fire.

‘A storm made with reverse sword, heavy sword, and combined sword. It could be useful.’

If he harmonized Flame Spirit with those principles, he felt like he could create a true flame storm.


Wrath frowned as he saw Cloud appear through the Flame Spirit.

Why are you suddenly teaching him swordsmanship? Why do people turn into suckers only when they meet you? he exclaimed, gripping his head as if in agony.

What's the reason?

* * *

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Cloud bit his teeth as he parried Raon's sword strikes.

'What the hell is going on?'

Why is that guy still standing?

He not only broke Raon's sword techniques, but also improved them and even demonstrated them himself.

It would be natural for anyone to go crazy if they saw their own sword techniques being displayed more sharply in the hands of an enemy. That was the obvious thing to do.


What is that guy?

Raon unfolded the sword techniques that Cloud had broken and demonstrated, and then improved them again.

What made him really angry was that it was difficult to find any flaws in the swordsmanship that he had improved.

It was absurd to say that he had erased the flaws in a sword technique that had been broken once in such a short time.

Furthermore, the new sword techniques that the guy created were so difficult to follow that his hands were twisted and his feet were dizzy.

It was supposed to be a way to break Raon's spirit, but it felt like my own spirit was broken instead. 

Even now, he couldn't understand what was going on.

'Could it be that that guy....'

No. That's not possible!

He thought that Raon had tricked him, but he shook his head immediately. If he admitted it, it would mean that he was inferior in talent.

'I can't give up on that. Never!'

Union leader doesn't even give his disciples affection. The words of master-disciple relationships are nothing more than meaningless words in front of the Black Night Sword God.

The reason he took disciples was simply because he wanted them to create sword techniques that would interest him.

If I don't receive recognition for this talent, if an even greater talent emerges, then I'm a useless existence. I could never accept that


Cloud thrust his sword in a straight line, like a foot strike. The dark aura in the blade caused a violent storm. It was the special technique of the Black Night Demon Sword, The Heretical Flow (this is the literal translation) that contained the principles of reverse sword and heavy sword.


As the powerful waves swept over Raon, his sword began to rotate in the opposite direction. A similar flow and explosiveness to the Black Night Demon Sword’s special technique unfolded from the red-stained blade.


A huge explosion occurred, and the ground was torn and crushed as if it were made of paper. In the midst of the black dust, Raon was squinting and bending his waist.

Cloud looked at Raon, who was gasping for breath, and bit his lip.

'That stance....'

Raon had been bending his body as if he were internally injured, but he hadn't collapsed, nor did he show any severe shaking.

In other words, he had not even suffered a minor injury, let alone a serious injury.


The sword technique he displayed earlier. The flow and explosive power resembled the Heretical Flow of the Black Night Demon Sword. It couldn't be a coincidence.

"You... perhaps..."

Cloud swallowed his dry saliva and licked his lips.

“Did you copy my sword technique…?

"W-what are you talking about?"

When he heard Raon's trembling voice, he was even more certain.

"Don't play dumb! Your clothes are torn, but there's no sign of injury! Moreover...."

He raised his sword-wielding hand and continued speaking.

"A little earlier, your swordsmanship contained my techniques, didn't it! You thief!"


Raon stretched his waist leisurely and licked his lips.

"Did you find out?"

He blinked one eye as if all the pressure he had been under until now was just an act.

"If I had gained a bit more, I might have felt something, but it's a pity."

Raon smiled brightly, saying that it was a shame that he was about to have an enlightenment.


Cloud bit his lips until they bled. He had done the same thing to others, but when he was on the receiving end, he felt like he was going to explode.

And then, he felt another emotion.


A chill ran down his spine at the fear that he didn't know how far that monster would grow.

'I have to kill him! At all costs!'

Cloud kicked the ground, forgetting his master's order to bring him back alive, and unleashed an endless stream of aura onto his sword.


The astral sphere that was burning from the blade condensed like it was going to be crushed, emitting a black glow, which consisted of condensing astral energy with the principles of martial arts to multiply its power and duration several times over, a symbolic technique of Grandmasters, shone brilliantly.

He poured the light of astral sphere directly down on Raon, who was raising his energy.

* * *


The shock wave that seemed to twist the ground crushed the surroundings, and Raon rolled and bounced away.


Even though he just blocked one blow, he was injured internally. It seemed to be too difficult to block astral sphere, which was imbued with will.

'Was I too confident? No, more than that...'

It came too suddenly.

Cloud had put his killing intent in his sword strikes, but it wasn't genuine. It was because of the Holy Sword Union leader's order to bring him back alive.

However, the recent attack genuinely carried the intention to kill. It seemed his anger was truly ignited.

If it were you, wouldn't you be angry? Watching everything being taken away right before your eyes!

Wrath frowned.

'No, I laughed just now.'

When Cloud copied the Blizzard Sword Art, his heart actually raced. There was genuine joy at the thought of improving his swordsmanship through this guy.

You're a pervert, that's why!


When he was about to say more, Cloud came out through the dust storm.

With terrifying speed and a chilling light flashing above the sword strikes, it sent shivers down the spine.

'astral sphere.'

Raon bit his lip and raised Flame Wall. He concentrated the power in the center by reducing the size of the wall thanks to the insight he gained from Cloud.

"It's no use."

Cloud pierced through the shattered flame wall with his body. The sound of his fluttering coat seemed to echo belatedly.


As he drew out astral sphere, his movements became drastically faster, as if his body became stronger when he used astral sphere.

'If I dodge it, I'll die.'

Raon knew that if he dodged it clumsily, he would be sucked into the astral sphere and his body would be disintegrated. He had to block it somehow.


He took a big step forward and jumped forward. Before Cloud's sword strike could reach its trajectory, he drew the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation, Crimson Slash.


The blood-red light that sprang up in front of the blade collided with Cloud's astral sphere.


The tremendous shock wave caused a huge crater in the ground, and a colorful spark covered the air


Raon wiped the blood that had dripped from his mouth and grasped Heavenly Drive. He didn't have time to rest. Cloud was charging at him again.

"This time..."

He turned Heavenly Drive like a clock hand and set it in the middle. The blade that was tracing a circle became blurred and spewed out blood-red flames.

Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation, Hundred Flames.

Thirty-six strikes of heaven and earth

The Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation special technique, which stabs in thirty-six directions with one sword, moved forward with Raon's body.


The scarlet flames burned the air, but they withered like a wilted flower in front of Cloud's astral sphere. It was a difference in power that was overwhelming.


Raon was pushed back, leaving heavy footprints.


The power of astral sphere was powerful, but he didn't even show a flaw because he was operating the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation properly.

Among those with whom he fought head-on, it is no exaggeration to say that he is the strongest.

‘He is the real deal.’

Cloud's impatience and inferiority complex were buried in front of astral sphere. From now on, he had to fight thinking that his opponent had no openings.

"Talent? Swordsmanship? It's all meaningless now."

Cloud gritted his teeth and raised the sword that was swirling with the astral sphere.

"From now on, with strength. I will crush you with only strength!"

There was no trace of the strong demeanor. Only an overwhelming determination to tear everything apart.


Raon bit his lip as he looked at the astral sphere that had gathered on Cloud's sword.

Their power of the will is similar, but the astral sphere is overwhelming his strength, so to be honest, there was no way to win right now.

He had to avoid a head-on confrontation as much as possible and create an opportunity.


There is still something to be gained.

As Cloud unleashed the astral sphere, his swordsmanship showed a principles movement without distortion.

Now was a better time than before to analyze the flow of the Myriad Swords he possessed.


As Cloud's sword strikes became a shadow enveloping the area, he charged.


At the moment the astral sphere was about to touch his heart, he drew the Blade of Requiem with his left hand. The friction between the blade and the scabbard exploded with a wicked sword cry.


The piercing sound of the Blade of Requiem resonating stimulated Cloud's nerves, momentarily delaying his movements.

And that was enough.


After avoided the path of Cloud's sword, he thrust out the unsheathed Heavenly Drive that he had put aside.

A straight thrust extending from the right shoulder to the wrist. On the blade that cut through the chilly night air, a radiant glow of flames shot up.


Thanks to Cloud, the amplified Flame Dragon Sword Art unleashed an immense burst of flames.


However, it did not penetrate Cloud's astral sphere this time either. The eerie light melted the flames and even launched a counterattack.

'Time to block...'

It was impractical to think of other tactics. He poured coldness into both the Heavenly Drive and the Blade of Requiem and slashed them diagonally to create a series of Frost Threads. The consecutive strikes of the Frost Pond clashed with Cloud's sword.


Even though four sword strikes were fired, the shock that felt like his wrist was broken and his shoulder was going to burst out was transmitted. His stomach was boiling. He almost dropped both swords for a moment due to severe internal injury.

'Facing directly is indeed difficult.'

The power itself differs. Breaking through Cloud's astral sphere with the strength of the sword alone was impossible. Moreover, with the advantage of a greater amount of aura on the other side, winning head-on was nearly impossible.

'Actually, this is a miracle.'

The reason I can hold on like this now is because my body has grown with the stats I obtained through the system, the Ring of Fire, and the ability to control will.

If not for that, his body would have burst apart earlier.

"The end is in sight."

Cloud slithered over like a snake and struck the sword.


Stepping back his left foot, Raon incorporated the principles of flowing sword into his stance. The blade extended with the wind, deflecting Cloud's astral sphere.


Cloud's sword struck the ground, causing a huge explosion. Raon's legs, which were planted on the ground, trembled.

'Of course.'

The flow and harmony of swordsmanship weakened as he focused on the astral sphere. There was no choice but to take advantage of that gap.

"I won't let you slip away!"

Cloud's powerful sword strike comes in for the waist. The will to crush his whole body was even imbued in it.

He relaxed his lower body and let his body go with the wind. he didn't block the approaching sword strikes but rather let them flow, he unfolded the Silent Wind of the Silvery Ocean of the Blizzard Sword Art with the Blade of Requiem, and drew the White Shadow Slash with Heavenly Drive.

The Silent Wind of the Silvery Ocean flowed the sword strike away, and the astral sphere that followed was erased by the White Shadow Slash.


However, Cloud did not stop. He charged in with bloodshot eyes, filling his pupils with a scarlet glare.

The will burning in the sword he held with both hands set up a chilling blade.

'It's too late to flow it away.'

Raon gritted his teeth and drew Heavenly Drive down with Crimson Slash, and exploded the Reversed Heavenly Heavy Cannon with the Blade of Requiem.


In the frontal clash that exploded once again, cracks like twisted ripples appeared in the air, and a storm of black aura surged.

Raon decided to use the dark storm. He did not back down and struck the sword first in the waves of aura.


He poured the principles of the dual swordsmanship he learned from Sheryl, and poured out all the techniques he had learned and created so far.

However, the flow of astral sphere was not severed. With a triumphant gleam, the ferocious aura of astral sphere tore through and struck Raon.


Raon was pushed back by the crude pressure created by the astral sphere and vomited black blood.


Judging by the tingling sensation from the lower energy center to the upper energy center, it was evident that the internal injuries were severe, 

"Now I can see the end."

Cloud slowly approached with heavy steps. The ground seemed to cry out under the weight of his steps.

"I should have stepped on you like this from the beginning."

Raon still lifted his sword as Cloud's astral sphere continued to strike down. His intense gaze showed no signs of complacency.

“You're still going to attack... huh?”

As the dazzling light emanating from Cloud's astral sphere bent, the Ring of Fire made a loud roar with a fierce resonance, as if it would explode.

His entire body became heavy, and darkness engulfed his vision.

Up until now, the traces of the swordsmanship displayed by him and Cloud flashed through his mind, and red and blue lightning struck down.

‘I Finally obtained it.'

The principles that were embedded in Cloud's swordsmanship, not his astral sphere, were engraved in his mind like a photograph.

A missing piece was filled, and two swords floated in his mental world.


Raon took a deep breath and raised his head.

"Have you given up now?"

Cloud nodded, loosening his wrinkled forehead.

"Not a bad last resort. However, it's already too late. I will kill not only you but all your subordinates!"

He declared that he would eliminate all the threats with a sinister look in his eyes.

"Thank you."

“For what?”

Raon held Heavenly Drive and the Blade of Requiem upside down and smiled faintly.

"Thanks to you, I was able to go one step further."

He unleashed the aura of the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation on Heavenly Drive and Glacier on the Blade of Requiem, then inserted the two swords into the ground.


The crack in the ground that was torn apart was filled with the light of blue and red, and a pillar that reached the sky was erected.

He stood up, holding the two swords that appeared in his mental world.

Incomplete Sword Field Creation.

Divine and Demon Harmonization. 

The starry night sky collapses.

A distorted sun rises, and a twisted moon rises.

At the moment of dawn when the sun and the moon intersect.

Not Heavenly Drive or the Blade of Requiem, but the Divine Sword and the Demonic Sword, burning with flames and frost, were by his side.


The mighty voice of the swordsman who opens a new myth echoed through the darkened ground.


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