TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 496

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Chapter 496

Raon's eyes widened as he saw Merlin confidently declare that he was hers.

'Why would she say that here!'

It was a dangerous statement that could reveal his relationship with Merlin to anyone who was suspicious.

Seeing the bloodshot eyes in the mask, it seemed that she didn't think about the consequences and was simply expressing her anger.

'I wonder how the Tenth Apostle will react...'

He thought of an excuse and looked at the Tenth Apostle. He ground his teeth as he aimed his spear at Merlin.

"I knew you'd show up. You crazy woman."

The Tenth Apostle, perhaps recalling his previous encounter with Merlin, paid no attention to her words.


Raon let out a low breath as he saw the Tenth Apostle building up his energy.

'It's fortunate that the one who heard those words was the Tenth Apostle.'

Others might have found Merlin's words strange, but the Tenth Apostle and Merlin were now in their third confrontation.

It seemed that he just thought of the previous statement as the nonsense of a mad woman.

"This time, I won't let you go. I'll offer your head and Raon Zieghart to the lord."

The Tenth Apostle swung his spear, which echoed with thunder, and bent his left knee slightly.

"I don't care. I can give you my neck anytime. However..."

Merlin let out a sinister laugh and continued speaking.

"If you aim for what's mine, not your hand, but your neck will fly away."

An infinite number of magic circles were drawn behind her. A giant magic circle in the shape of a honeycomb covered the air and emitted a magnificent light.


Wrath trembled as he looked at Merlin.

From her entrance to her lines. each one sends shivers down the spine!

He seemed to be more afraid of Merlin than the Holy Sword Union leader.


The Tenth Apostle twisted his lips and stabbed the sky with his spear. A lofty and hostile aura swept through the air.


"Don't call my name with your blood-sucking mouth. It's dirty."

Merlin snapped her fingers, and the magic circles she had drawn began to breathe like they were alive, shooting out a variety of magic.

Fire and ice danced, and lightning and wind sang. Unknown magic poured down endlessly like a star cluster.

"I won't fall for it twice."

The Tenth Apostle lightly grasped the spear with both hands and rotated it like a windmill.

A pale white astral sphere rose from the spear shaft and tore apart the magic that was raining down from the sky, creating a mighty wave.


Raon narrowed his eyes as he saw the astral sphere created by the Tenth Apostle.

'Has he gotten stronger too?'

The Tenth Apostle's aura had become a little more transparent than when Raon had seen it before.

Given the White Blood Religion characteristic of becoming stronger as their blood and aura become clearer, it seemed that even this monster had grown.

'To grow in such a short period of time, he's a dangerous one. However...'

Raon adjusted his interest and looked back at Merlin. As she scoffed, flicking her finger again, the magic circles that poured out magic were tinted with a sunset glow.

As the speed of spell activation increased, its power amplified. Each one seemed to possess astral sphere-level potency.


The Tenth Apostle's footsteps, which had been easily passing through the magic, began to slowly stop.


Raon shook his shoulders and gritted his teeth as he felt the impact of the consecutive magic spells.

'Merlin is further ahead.'

Unlike the Tenth Apostle, who had only trained in the White Blood Religion, Merlin had been walking a dangerous tightrope between Eden and Zieghart. It was only natural that she would grow more.

'But why...'

Am I feeling good?

When you think about it, whether it's Merlin or the Tenth Apostle, they are enemies. It should be best for them to fight and disappear together. However, strangely, a sense of relief washed over Raon as Merlin gained the upper hand.

'It's a useless thought.'

Raon lightly tapped his cheek and raised his gaze.

"It's different this time. I won't follow anyone!"

He shouted that he would walk by his own will, glaring at Merlin and the Tenth Apostle, and then ran to the right.


"T, they're coming after me!"

"Save me! Behind me...!"


The White Blood fanatics followed the civilians like they were hunting them, devouring their flesh and blood.

The ones who snickered with blood on their lips looked no different from demons.

"P, please...!"

Just as a bloody bishop's nail was about to sink into the back of a woman holding a child, Raon stepped on the ground and activated the Supreme Harmony steps.


A deep footprint was carved into the ground and his body stretched out as if it were wrapped in lightning.

In the blink of an eye, he lunged into the space in front of the woman, pulling out the ghastly energy of the Blade of Requiem.

The bright yellow flash that sprouted on the red blade simultaneously cut the bishop's blood-covered nail and his neck.


The bishop, as if he couldn't believe his own death, shook his eyes and leaned against the ground.



At Raon's call, Burren and the 3rd team members approached. They took the woman and the civilians who were pushed back behind her to the collapsed city wall.


Runaan, along with Mark Gorton, blocked the Holy Sword Union swordsmen and the White Blood fanatics who were approaching the area so that people could escape the city.

Perhaps because they had been together for a long time, there was no need for any conversation or instructions.

Not only Burren and Runaan, but all of the Light Wind division members gathered again at the city wall after completing their respective tasks.


Raon bit his lip as he looked ahead.

'There are still many people who haven't escaped.'

The warriors of the Five Divine Rulers did not leave the formation of Heukgeumje, so they only protected the VIPs who were nearby, but they did not save the citizens or the warriors of the neutral forces who were far away.

If the isolated people were left alone, a major disaster with over a thousand deaths would occur.


Raon turned his gaze to the left while cutting down the White Blood fanatics blocking the path.

'This side is also not at ease.'

Rimmer rushed at Killis with a devilish face that he had never seen before.

"Killis! I'll only kill you!"

Not only lightning and wind but also malice entwined around the sword. The sound resembled the howling of a beast.

"It's impossible in that state."

Killis easily blocked Rimmer's slash with the sword in his left hand.

Despite not using his original arm, his swordplay was overflowing with sharpness and energy overflowed. Losing an arm seemed to have made him even stronger, and it didn't appear to be a lie.

"Shut up!"

Rimmer roared and slashed out with a sword filled with rage.

Even though his fists were soaked in blood and he had cuts on his face and arms, his sword did not stop.

Raon bit his lip as he held the Blade of Requiem.

'This is dangerous.'

Rimmer had not yet drawn out his sword field, but the Yonghyeon Swordsmaster had not used his sword ring either.

If they continued to fight like this, even if Rimmer showed his true strength, he would be at a disadvantage.

'Should I help this side?'

When he was about to approach Rimmer, Sheryl, who had retreated to the back, threw a bag of gold coins at Rimmer's head from some whereabouts.


Rimmer, who was suddenly hit on the head with a gold coin, blinked and turned around.

"You idiot!"

Sheryl glared at Rimmer, who was confused, and gritted her teeth. She tore off the bottom of her dress completely and rolled her feet.

"Do you want to kill all the kids? One regret is enough!"

The red heat that had risen in Rimmer's eyes slowly subsided at the sound that seemed to pierce his heart deeply.


Rimmer stopped and turned his eyes. He quickly confirmed Raon and the Light Wind division members behind him, then nodded.

"I'm sorry..."

"Don't say that nonsense. Just do better!"

Sheryl bit her lip and adjusted her two swords.

"I'll do my best. I'll take care of this."

Rimmer nodded slowly and picked up the bag of gold coins that had fallen to the ground and put it in his arms.

"That crazy bastard..."

Sheryl snorted, but she didn't say anything else, as if she was relieved that he was in this state.

"Now, you can do whatever you want!"

She waved her hand and headed towards an Apostle. The different-colored astral sphere that bloomed from the two swords crossed in the air, blocking the Apostle's path, and stabbed into his shoulder.

In one breath, defense and attack occurred simultaneously. It was a delicate move that showed what a dual swordsmanship is.

Even then, she didn't forget to be wary of Merlin and the Tenth Apostle who were behind. Sheryl was the one who was most nervous in this place.


However, the apostle was also no ordinary person. He brandished his white hair and slashed through the white sword's defense with his left fist, and deflected the black sword's offensive with his right fist.

It was a peerless might that blocked and counterattacked the black and white swords with bare hands. It was stronger than the Tenth Apostle. It seemed like he was one of the first three disciples that received the White Blood Religion leader’s teaching.


Rimmer had also awakened from his blind rage thanks to Sheryl, but it did not seem easy to defeat the Yonghyeon Swordsmaster.

Even with the fierce sword strikes that flashed with wind and lightning, he could not break the sword path of the Yonghyeon Swordsmaster, which rippled gently like the waves of the ocean.

Raon adjusted Heavenly Drive and clicked his tongue.

'Should I help this side again?'

People were dying quickly, but Rimmer and Sheryl's side seemed more urgent. When he was about to intervene in the battle between the two, Sheryl shook her head.

"We're fine."

Sheryl spoke without taking her eyes off the Apostle standing on the other side.

"We'll finish this quickly and catch up. You focus on your task."

"Right. Don't worry and go ahead!”

Rimmer also showed a faint smile as he said he was sorry for showing a stupid look.

He looked at the backs of the two. It looked as wide as Glenn's back, which he could entrust his life to.

"I'll come back first."

Raon bowed to Rimmer and Sheryl before kicking the ground towards the square.


He slashed through the crowd of the Holy Sword Union swordsmen who were slaughtering civilians, drawing out the Frost Pound. The transparent dew that gathered on the Blade of Requiem turned into a blue spear that pierced the hearts of all the swordsmen.

"Not yet."

There were also many warriors from the neutral faction who had taken up positions in the center to protect the civilians. He had to take them with him as well.

Raon put the Blade of Requiem back in its sheath and activated the Supreme Harmony steps. He rushed to the right side of the square and stood in the center of the Holy Sword Union crowd.

He swung Heavenly Drive, extending the power of his left ankle to his waist and wrist. The flower petals that bloomed on the silver blade spread out on the cool breeze.

Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation.

Flame Spirit.

The red leaves imbued with the astral energy of fervent flames, became a swarm of flame flowers that swept through the Holy Sword Union swordsmen.


It was truly a storm of fire. The magnificent sight made everyone, including the neutral faction, the White Blood fanatics, and the Holy Sword Union swordsmen, speechless for a moment.


Following behind is the Blade of Requiem in his left hand. The bloody energy that burst out as the sword hilt and the red blade came together tore through the nerves of the White Blood fanatics.




Even as the swords pierced them, the White Blood fanatics grimaced in pain or laughter, collapsing to the ground.


The neutral faction warriors and civilians who were in a daze began to run towards the collapsed city wall at Raon's cry.

"It's still too narrow."

Even though the city wall had been broken, there were so many people in the square that it would take a lot of time to get out.

He wanted to break down the city wall even more, but he didn't have the time because the Holy Sword Union swordsmen and White Blood fanatics were pushing in from the left and right.

"I have to block the passage...hmm?"

Just when he was about to turn around to help block the passage, a giant man in a black robe fell down. It was Yuria. His fist the size of a wok turned red and smashed the head of a White Blood fanatic who was chasing people.

It wasn't an aura. It was a fist filled with the flow of magic.

"I'll take care of this place!"

Yuria nodded heavily, saying that he would block the passage and asked him to protect the people.

Raon looked into Yuria's eyes. They were as clear as a bull's eyes. They were eyes that matched his size.


He bowed back to Yuria and ran to the city wall. He saw Merlin fighting with the Tenth Apostle in the sky.

"Where do you think you're running to!"

Merlin's eyes sparkled with a strange light. A flame sphere, conjured from the magic circle she had drawn, descended.

'Is she instructing me to use that.’

Even if they weren't allies, just by looking at her gaze, Raon felt he could understand Merlin's intentions.


Raon drew his two swords, Heavenly Drive and the Blade of Requiem, and unleashed a stream of smooth aura like flowing water. Merlin's magic followed the trajectory of the swords and struck the city wall.


The city wall collapsed with a thud, creating a passage that was twice as wide.

"That way!"

Raon sent the people he had brought from the square to the newly collapsed city wall.

With two exits, the escape that had been delayed like a snail quickly sped up.

"To Cameloon!"

The cities of Barena and Cameloon are not far apart. As long as they get there, everyone will be safe.

‘I guess the Light Wind division will be enough.’

If he could stop the high-level martial artists here, the Light Wind members and the neutral forces could protect the civilians.



Burren and Runaan, and the Light Wind members, immediately nodded. They left the city without question, protecting the civilians.

Raon smiled faintly at the sight of their trust.

“Now I’ll…”

When Raon was about to head back to where Sheryl and Rimmer were, the flying battleship, the Sword Wing, which was floating under the moonlight, slowly began to move.

"Could it be coming this way?"

As soon as he said that, a crescent-shaped flash was fired from the Sword Wing's right turret.


Raon bit his lip and raised Heavenly Drive and the Blade of Requiem at the same time. The Blade of Requiem’s blade was wrapped in a shield of flames, and the tip of Heavenly Drive was enveloped in a scarlet glow.


After blocking the impact with the Flame Wall and cutting it with the Crimson Slash, the powerful wave fired by the Sword Wing subsided.


This won’t work.

If he joined Sheryl and Rimmer, he might be able to kill one of the two, the Tenth Apostle or the Yonghyeon Swordsmaster, but the Light Wind members, the neutral forces, and the civilians behind him would all die.

‘A choice…’

No, there's no need to think about it..

Raon backed away from the Sword Wing as he looked at it. Protecting people is more important than killing enemies.

It was the opposite choice from when he lived as an assassin. The mindset of a Zieghart's swordsman that Sylvia had hoped for began to sprout like a small flower through his long journey.

‘Well, that's somewhat fortunate.’

In fact, he thought the biggest threat on this place would be the Black Tower.

Unlike Eden and the White Blood Religion, who wanted to capture him alive, he was worried that the vice leader of the Black Tower would be after his life, but fortunately, he didn’t come.

As he glared at the Sword Wing and tried to leave the city, the gray smoke that filled the stage was cut through, and the Dark Sword Master and the Demon Killing Spear appeared in the air.


A pitch-black sea rose from the sword that the Dark Sword Master thrust into the sky. Facing them felt like being washed away by a tidal wave that could erase one's soul.


The Demon Killing Spear was riding a red horse with skin that was burning red. From the back of his shoulder, where he had leaned back his Soaring Heavenly Flame Spear, a huge fireball like the sun sprouted.

A magic spear and a magic horse. It was a majestic martial arts that demonstrated why he led the Martial Spear Association.

Both of them were not using astral energy or astral sphere, but rather transcendental martial arts that contained their wills. Just watching them made one's heart beat faster and one's temples throb.


The Holy Sword Union leader smiled faintly even as he was under attack by the two transcendentalists.

He lightly kicked the stage and dropped the sword in his hand. At that moment, his sword seemed to come alive and rushed towards the sun spear of the Demon Killing Spear and the black sea of Dark Sword Master.


The sword that soared up like an eagle cut through the Dark Sword Master’s sea and pierced the Demon Killing Spear’s sun.

Neither astral energy nor astral sphere adorned them. A sword cloaked in a faint light produced an unbelievable outcome.


Raon trembled his jaw as he looked at the Holy Sword Union leader’s sword.

‘That's no ordinary sword.’

It’s a will-controlled sword. (어검) (eo-geom) (Sword controlled by one's will)

A will-controlled sword (Sword controlled by one's will) is a legendary level of mastery in which the wielder can control the sword according to their will. The Holy Sword Union leader's sword followed his will and split apart the will of the transcendental beings.

'So that's actually a real realm...'

I thought it was just a martial art that appeared in stories, but I never thought I would see it in person.

Didn't the King of Essence say so?

Wrath scratched his nose and licked his lips.

It's unique. It's different from your grandfather.

'It's not just unique. That's the legend itself.'

Raon watched the will-controlled sword single-handedly overwhelm Dark Sword Master and the Demon Killing Spear, and bit his lip. Naturally, the Ring of Fire began to churn as it began to examine the flow of the sword.

'The level is too high to see. But...'

He could tell that the Holy Sword Union’s will and aura were creating a strange resonance that controlled the sword.

'I understand why the sword is legendary.'

There are certain techniques that cannot be achieved due to the physical structure of a person holding a sword.

Drawing the sword down to the left and then drawing it again from the left is an impossible task.


The will-controlled sword is possible.

Floating freely without being held in human hands, it can accomplish a movement that cannot be made originally. The will-controlled sword was not only powerful but also a great martial art in terms of its shape.

'I want to keep watching...'

Looking at the sword, new inspiration comes to mind.

There was a possibility that a path to become stronger would open up, but now was the time to save the people.

Raon confirmed that the last people had left the city and turned around without a trace.

* * *

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For Indonesian: 


The Holy Sword Union leader, while pressed the Dark Sword Master back with the will-controlled sword, struck down the Demon Killing Spear, which was charging directly at him, with his palm.

When the two transcendents briefly landed on the ground, they looked at Raon's back, who was leaving the collapsed city wall, with a faint smile.


He is a talent that will shake the continent, as he had heard from the Blood Swordsmaster. He seemed to be even more talented than Cloud, the youngest disciple of the Holy Sword Union leader, who has the best potential among the current Holy Sword Union leader's disciples.

'I think it would be best to take that child with me.'

The Holy Sword Union leader gestured behind him.



A young swordsmen who had been standing back behind the Holy Sword Union leader bowed his head.

"Bring Raon Zieghart back."


"Of course. Bring the escort guards with you."


Cloud nodded and gestured into the air, and blue-robed swordsmen descended from the sword wing.

"Let's go."

With his eyes shining like a blade, he ran towards the collapsed city wall.

"Where are you looking!"

"I've never seen such a cheeky brat! It's infuriating!”

The Dark Sword Master and the Demon Killing Spear again generated the Black Sea and the Sun Spear. The compressed power was more intense than before, but the smile on the Holy Sword Union leader's lips did not fade.

'I wonder how Glenn's expression will be if I bring Raon with me.'

* * *

Raon spread out his Perception of the Snow Flower and moved while standing in the rear.

"Are we really going like this?"

Dorian, who was carrying Martha on his back, trembled his lips.

“Our leader and the Heavenly Blade division’s leader are still there….”

Krein also looked back anxiously.

“The Heavenly Blade's leader and our leader. Trust them.”

Burren nodded, stating that they must focus on their own duties.

“That’s right. They’ll come back.”

Runaan nodded calmly, as if she also believed in the two.

Raon smiled faintly at Burren and Runaan, who were erasing the team members’ anxiety.

‘They’ve really grown up.’

It was admirable that the guys who would have trembled with anxiety like the other team members, now exuded an atmosphere of reassurance.

Later, when they returned, Raon felt like he might have to give them some additional training.

“The captains are right. From now on, we’ll just focus on protecting people and…”

When Raon was about to agree with the two and tell them to focus on protecting the people, a terrifying aura erupted from the castle wall.

“Battle preparation!”

He turned around after ordering the Light Wind members to spread out their guards. As soon as he drew his two swords, a young swordsman in a blue robe caught his eye.

‘That bastard is…’

The guy who has been following the Holy Sword Union leader from the beginning. Despite his youthful appearance, the aura he emitted was far superior to Raon's.

“A sword with a blue star…”

Denning Rose trembling hand pointed to the man’s robe.

“He’s the Holy Sword Union leader’s disciple!”

She swallowed dryly, saying that he seemed to be the youngest disciple in terms of age.

“No wonder…”

He seemed excessively powerful for his age, he was undoubtedly a disciple of the Holy Sword Union leader.

When Raon finished preparing to unleashed the aura of Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation and Glacier aura at the same time, the Holy Sword Union leaders’ disciple stopped in front of him.

“Raon Zieghart. And everyone here must come with me according to the Holy Sword Union leader's orders.”

He tapped the sword at his waist as if implying that refusing wasn't an option

“What if I refuse?”

"If you refuse, death is the only choice."

The disciple of the Holy Sword Union leader raised his head, indicating not to resist meaninglessly.

"No, there's one more choice."

A sharp gleam flashed in Raon's eyes.

"Sending only your head back."


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