TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 495

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Chapter 495

Raon stared at the red-haired man, biting his lip unconsciously.

'What is that?'

He is a monster. No, the word is not enough to describe the overwhelming sense of violence that emanates from him.

It seemed that even the moonlight was afraid of his presence and did not reveal itself. The momentum of overwhelming tens of thousands with just one person. The god of war descended into a human body.

'A transcendental being. Moreover...'

It didn't seem like he had just reached the realm of transcendence, but that he had taken a step further.

The heads of the Five Divine Rulers also possessed the power to aim for the top of the continent, but it seemed that they could never defeat that man in a one-on-one battle.

'Who on earth is he?'

Red hair, a young and beautiful face that looked like he had just turned twenty, and a blue dragon robe. With that much power and characteristics, he should have been able to recognize him immediately, but no one came to mind.


Denning Rose trembled like a child soaked in the rain.

"The, the leader of the Holy Sword Union...."

She called the red-haired youth the leader of the Holy Sword Union and sat down on the floor.

"The leader of the Holy Sword Union...?"

The Holy Sword Union is one of the Five Demons, a coalition of sword demons who collect swords and sword techniques from all over the continent, regardless of means or methods.

And the one who trampled on those demons and ascended to the throne was none other than the current Holy Sword Union leader, the Black Night Sword God (흑야검신), Darkan.

'Has he regained his youth?'

According to the information that Derus had given him in his previous life, Darkan was of a similar age to Glenn, but now his appearance was at most in his mid-twenties.

It seemed that he had accomplished something during the time of seclusion.


Wrath looked at the Holy Sword Union leader, who was single-handedly overwhelming the crowd, and stroked his chin.

Quite impressive for a human. He seems to possess a unique aura.

'Unique aura?'

It looks like he has power I haven't seen before.

While saying that the guy looks good, he licked his lips. He couldn't understand the standards of the demon king, even though that level was "good".

"Why is he here..."

Denning Rose trembled her lips as if she didn't know why the Holy Sword Union leader was here.

She seemed to be unable to organize her thoughts in confusion, but it wasn't strange for the Holy Sword Union to appear here.

'Because it is the best stage to announce the appearance of the Holy Sword Union.'

The Holy Sword Union had not appeared in the world for a long time.

Thanks to the overwhelming power they showed in the past, they has been a part of the Five Demons to this day, but their notoriety is currently lacking compared to the other Five Demons.

This place was the perfect stage to elevate the name of the Holy Sword Union to the sky.

Raon moistened his dry lips and looked up at the stage where the heads of the Five Divine Rulers were located.

Demon Killing Spear licked his tongue as if excited by the power of the Holy Sword Union leader, and wrinkles of tension filled the forehead of the Dark Sword Master, and the Evil Sword Queen was gripping her scabbard so hard that her hands turned red as if ahe was about to draw her sword.

Finally, Heukgeumje seemed to be startled by the situation, her eyes trembling. But....

‘She didn't seem surprised.'

I can tell because I've mocked Heukgeumje several times before.

She is making a surprised expression, but she is actually not at all in a state of surprise.

'Did she read the heavenly signs?'

Heukgeumje had the ability to see the future, so it seemed possible that she had predicted this situation.

'But why didn't she say anything?'

While he was thinking about her intentions, the Holy Sword Union leader slowly turned his body.

The Holy Sword Union leader raised his eyes, displayed a relaxed demeanor as if he were not in the enemy territory.

"I heard there are two good swords here."

The Holy Sword Union leader's gaze turned to Dark Sword Master and Evil Sword Queen on the stage. A storm of desire raged in his yellow eyes.

"I want to see how sharp those swords are."

As he reached out, the black sword that had cut the host's body rose up on its own and was grasped in his hand.


Raon sighed as he saw the Holy Sword Union leader pointing his sword at Dark Sword Master.

'He's going to face the Five Divine Rulers alone?'

Even if the Holy Sword Union leader is strong, it is impossible to face all four leaders of the Five Divine Rulers, who have reached transcendence, at once.

It wouldn't be easy to deal with even two of them, so I don't know what he's thinking.

"He's been cooped up in his room for so long that he doesn't know the world."

The Demon Killing Spear frowned as he rubbed the back of his neck.

"Do I have to stick a spear in his head to open his eyes?"

"Get out of here, trash."

The Holy Sword Union leader's expression twisted for the first time. It seemed that he didn't even like talking to someone who wasn't a swordsman. 

As his voice sank, a chill like a swarm of dark shadows soaked the skin.

"And who said I was alone?"

As soon as those words were finished, a giant sailing ship approached, cutting through the clouds that were covering the moon.

The sword symbol with a star on the black sail. It was the Holy Sword Union leader's flying battleship, the Sword Wing.


As soon as the Sword Wing stopped in the center of the square, swordsmen with the Holy Sword Union symbol carved on them jumped down into the square.

They were all experts who had properly trained their bodies and auras.

Even Master level who looked like intermediate level swordsmen were noticeable here and there.


As soon as the Holy Sword Union's swordsmen landed on the ground, they blocked two of the exits of the square and fired their swords at the people nearby.




It didn't matter if they were civilians or citizens. The Holy Sword Union's sword demons sprinkled sword light on everyone in front of them.

"Don't panic! Prepare for battle!"

The leaders of the neutral forces drew their swords and faced the Holy Sword Union's sword demons, as if they could not just stand there.

"Don't scatter!"

The knight commander of the Holy Kingdom, Byton, who could be called a strong man even in the neutral forces, raised his sword with holy light.

"Protect the civilians first!"

As he protected the people and cut down the sword demons, a white shadow approached from the left.


When Raon shouted in a hurry, a white hand as transparent as a ghost grabbed Byton's neck.


A spine-chilling sound like a broken neck rang out, and Byton's shoulders shrank as if they had dried up.

His body crumbled like dry leaves, and the woman behind him, who was brushing her silky black hair, smiled cheerfully.

'The White Blood Religion leader!'

Raon trembled his lips as he saw the woman with black hair. She had been hiding after losing to Glenn, but she was here.

"The blood of the kids from the Holy Kingdom is still good."

The White Blood Religion leader licked her red lips and lightly rolled her feet.


The ground rippled like a lake, and human figures emerged from below.

They were the followers of the White Blood Religion, with their white robes and the stripe in the center of their hood.

Not only ordinary believers, but also the Tenth Apostle and two unknown Apostles walked out and bowed down to the White Blood Religion leader.

"Enjoy the festival."

She opened her hand as if to let them do as they pleased, and the the White Blood fanatics scattered in all directions, chanting strange incantations and biting people's necks.


The Blade of Requiem let out a sword cry that sounded like the blade would break, as if it was angry at the appearance of the White Blood Religion.

It was a more intense cry than usual when he saw the Blood Sect.


Raon clenched his teeth.

'To think that even the White Blood Religion even came...'

However, he was less surprised than the appearance of the Holy Sword Union.

'It was possible enough.'

This city is now filled with countless warriors.

It was a good opportunity for the White Blood Religion if they acted together with the Sword Holy Union, as it was no different from a served table.

‘They should start on this side too.’

The Holy Sword Union leader's eyes turned red as he looked at the Dark Sword Master and the Evil Sword Queen, and the White Blood Religion leader licked her lips as she scanned Demon Killing Spear and Heukgeumje.

It was a 4-on-2 battle, but it was difficult to predict who would win.

However, Heukgeumje's eyes still showed no sign of surprise. It seemed that she had predicted the appearance of the White Blood Religion as well.

‘It won't be easy.’

Heukgeumje closed her eyes as if praying, with her fingertips pressed together.

As high-speed incantations flowed from her mouth, a constellation resembling the sun and moon was drawn in the sky above the city.

The yin-yang shape inscribed below the vast night sky poured down with brilliant light beams.


A strong wave that shook the heavens and the earth occurred, and the aura of the Five Divine Rulers warriors who received the yin and yang light fluctuated as if it would explode.


"Is that a formation?"

"This is..."

The hands of the the White Blood fanatics and Holy Sword Union swordsmen stopped in the face of the enormous aura that seemed to turn the earth upside down.

Heukgeumje and the other heads of the Five Divine Rulers also had their auras amplified to a level that was different from before.

It felt like a red flame with a scarlet flame wrapped around it.

It felt like the balance had shifted in favor of the Five Divine Rulers side, even though it had been 4-on-2.

"Swords are tastier the sharper they are, don't you think?"

"I don't really like kids who struggle."

The Holy Sword Union leader smiled as if he was pleased, and the White Blood Religion leader frowned as if she was annoyed.

The two transcendents rose into the air as if they had lifted off the ground, facing the Five Divine Rulers heads standing on the stage.

"I'll take care of that guy. I'll make him a skewer with the spear he ignored."

"If you taste my sword, your tongue will be torn off."

Demon Killing Spear aimed his Spear at the Holy Sword Union leader, and Dark Sword Master placed his hand on the hilt of his sword with a murderous look in his eyes.

"If we fight like this, we will never lose. Let's end it quickly and reduce the casualties."

"I know."

Heukgeumje spread her hands, saying that she would protect the people, and Evil Sword Queen nodded calmly.

The collision of aura caused by the six transcendents distorted the sky and cracked the ground like a spider web.

It was truly no different from a natural disaster.


Raon took a deep breath and glanced behind him.

"Let the monsters fight among themselves..."

As he was about to give instructions to the Light Wind division members, Rimmer approached from the left with a strong gust of wind. He was wearing a bright yellow ear-cover and looked at the Holy Sword Union swordsmen and the Holy Sword Union leader.

"Holy Sword Union leader..."

The playfulness that he never lost even in serious situations had completely disappeared. His eyes were filled with only anger and killing intent.

'Is the target of his anger the Holy Sword Union?'

His green eyes, which were stained red like his hair color, scanned at the Holy Sword Union's swordsmen. It seemed like he was looking for someone.

"Where is he."

Rimmer gritted his teeth and drew his sword.

As soon as he finished speaking, Rimmer kicked the ground.

Leaping out like a bolt of lightning, he went deep into the battlefield, beheading the Holy Sword Union's swordsmen.

"V… vice division leader!"

"What should we do...?"

Krein and Dorian approached with a helpless look on their faces.


Raon frowned and turned his gaze. Since the Five Divine Rulers and the Five Demons were colliding, it seemed that they could escape without any damage if they withdrew now.


"S, save me... Cough!"

"Please defend... The road is blocked!"

However, innocent neutral forces and civilians were dying in the meantime. Even if they retreated now, they had to stop that at least.


Raon drew Heavenly Drive and the Blade of Requiem at the same time and headed toward the eastern side, where the city wall was closest.


He charged at the bishop who was blocking the road and spreading his bloody energy. He tilted Heavenly Drive he had raised before the bishop could bring down his staff to the right.


A thin line was carved into the bishop's robe and his body was split in half.

However, the White Blood fanatics did not back down even though they saw the bishop die, and they rushed forward, raising their bloody energy.

He swung his sword along with his waist, spreading his left foot in a fan shape. The trajectory of the flames filled with rotation split the White Blood fanatics who were rushing in.

Perhaps because fifteen or so died instanly without even being able to scream, the White Blood fanatics' movements stopped for a moment.

'It's an opportunity.'

Now was the opportunity to move further. He drew out more of the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation's aura and poured out sword strikes.


The group of Holy Sword Union members who were blocking the front were wiped out, bursting with blood.

The White Blood fanatics who followed behind could not withstand the echo of the blood, and they fell to the ground, vomiting blood.

The eyes of the White Blood fanatics and the Holy Sword Union's swordsmen swelled as if they were about to burst with overwhelming firepower and cruelty.


Raon raised Heavenly Drive, which was swirling with flames. The complexions of the people who were scared turned red like the heat of Heavenly Drive.

"Light Wind division, open the way!"

At Raon's command, the expression in the eyes of The Light Wind division members changed. Confusion and fear gave way to madness and determination.

Raon broke through the road in front, and the Light Wind division widened the road.

The battle had not been going on for very long when the path blocked by the White Blood Religion and the Holy Sword Union was opened and the nearest eastern city wall was revealed.


Raon held Heavenly Drive in both hands. He pressed down on the ground with his right foot.

He added wind to the heat that was surging as if it would burst the mana circuit, and brought out its power to the extreme.

Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation, Dragon's Roar. The breath of the fire dragon that sprang from the sword edge pierced the center of the city wall.

However, the hole was not big enough for a person to pass through yet.

'Just a little more.'

Raon put Heavenly Drive into the hole created by the Dragon's Roar and created the fire in his energy center again. The heat that rushed through the mana circuit created a strong attraction to the sword edge.

Raon Zieghart Style Swordplay.

Second Form, Reversed Heavenly Heavy Cannon.

A massive sword strike with a heavy weight struck the eastern city wall.


The cracks carved by the Dragon's Roar aftermath thickened and the city wall collapsed completely.

"Stop it!"

"Stop them!"

"Everyone this way!"

Raon cut down the White Blood fanatics and Holy Sword Union swordsmen who approached to prevent their escape, and pointed to the open path.


"The path is open!"

"That's the way! If you go that way, you can live!"

People who were being killed helplessly by the White Blood fanatics and the Holy Sword Union swordsmen began to run towards the eastern city wall.

'I need to widen it a bit more.'

There are countless people who need to go outside. In order to widen the escape route, he split the walls on both sides with Crimson Slash.

While Raon was destroying the wall and cutting down the Holy Sword Union swordsmen, the gazes on the stage turned to him.

‘I wasn't wrong.’

The Holy Sword Union leader smiled faintly as he looked at Raon.

"Is that Raon Zieghart? If he continues to grow like this, it wouldn't be surprising if he becomes the number one swordsman on the continent."


The young swordsman standing directly below the Holy Sword Union leader frowned as he heard his words and looked at Raon.

"I should have brought the Blood Swordmaster (Rekhtar) if I had known this."

He licked his lips as if he was disappointed.

"Raon Zighart?"

The White Blood Religion leader's eyes narrowed.

“He hasn’t left yet!”

As she raised her finger, the middle-aged apostle who was tearing apart the Five Divine Rulers’ executives shot towards Raon.

“Yonghyeon Swordmaster.” (Yong = Dragon, Hyeon = Virtue/Bright/Worthy)

The Holy Sword Union leader waved his hand from behind, and a middle-aged man with a neat beard like a calligrapher jumped down from the front-line.

"What are you doing?"

The White Blood Religion leader's eyes distorted like a reptile.

"That child is mine."

"I'm also interested in that young swordsman."

The White Blood Religion leader and the Holy Sword Union leader still had leisure even in front of the four heads of the Five Divine Rulers.

"Shall we decide based on who finishes first?"

"That sounds good."

The Holy Sword Union leader waved his hand lightly, and the White Blood Religion leader smiled seductively.

"Damn bastards!"

"Kill them."

When the Demon Killing Spear and the Dark Sword Master awakened their wills, the pillars of the stage collapsed and the ground shook.


When the six transcendentals clashed, a brilliant light enveloped the sky and the earth.


Even in a state of daze from the shock wave that shook the heavens and the earth, Raon quickly regained consciousness.

A nameless apostle and Yonghyeon Swordmaster were charging towards him. Both were Grandmaster who had reached the pinnacle of martial arts. The speed at which they rushed forward was like a beam of light.

'What apostle is that? And that's Yonghyeon Swordmaster, right?'

I had heard of Yonghyeon Swordmaster. I heard that he was the most talented of all the swordmasters. However, his right arm was empty, and he held a sword in his left hand.

It looked like he had lost his right arm, but the aura he felt was ominously chilling. It seemed that he possessed something beyond mere strength.

"Get away from me!"

Raon pushed away the Whirlwind and raised his two swords.

'I don't have time to unfold the Sky Penetrating Sword.'

Even if he did, it didn't seem like he could stop them. Right now, the best way was to use the dual sword technique he had learned from Sheryl to unfold two of the ultimate techniques at the same time.

He unleashed the aura of the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation and Glacier to the extreme. The mana circuits that had been infused with wind expanded rapidly, providing a foundation for him to draw out his full power.

As he was about to unfold the Frost Pond and Crimson Slash, a black and white flash crossed the sky and fell.


The White Lightning and Black Lightning blocked the apostle's palm and Yonghyeon Swordmaster's sword, not moving an inch.

It was Sheryl. She appeared, tearing off the white dress she was wearing to disguise herself, and stood alone in front of the two Grandmasters.

"The Heavenly Blade division, block the way!"

At her cry, the Heavenly Blade division members came forward and blocked the path of the Apostle and Yonghyeon Swordmaster, who were followed by the White Blood fanatics and the Sword demons of the Holy Sword Union.

One of the Heavenly Blade members handed Martha, who was on his back, to Dorian and rushed forward.

"Raon! Well done!"

Sheryl nodded with gritted teeth. She didn't even have time to look back, and she looked ahead and shouted.

"Lead the people and escape!"

"But facing them alone is..."

"Don't worry. That idiot will be here soon!"

As soon as those words were out of her mouth, a gust of wind rushed from the right side.


Rimmer, with a dark killing intent in his eyes, swung his sword at Yonghyeon Swordmaster.


Killis, who faced off with Rimmer, twisted his lips, which were marked with sword scars.

"You look good, Rimmer."

"I knew you'd be alive!"

He gritted his teeth and pressed his sword forward.

"It was thanks to you that I lived. And... ."

Yonghyeon Swordmaster looked at his empty right shoulder and laughed.

"I was able to become stronger."

The vast-sized astral sphere burst forth from his sword, driving and overwhelming Rimmer.


Rimmer was unable to withstand the energy and was thrown out, rolling on the ground.

"Kugh... ."

“I doubted my ears when I heard that you killed your subordinates and took in new ones.”

Yonghyeon Swordmaster narrowed his eyes as he looked at Rimmer.

“You may not have the qualifications of a leader, but you had the talent of as a master.”

"Shut up!"

Rimmer roared with rage, his veins popping out on his face, as he charged at Yonghyeon Swordmaster.

Raon swallowed his saliva as he watched the two men.

'Was his anger directed at him?'

He didn't know for sure, but it seemed that he was angry at this man, not the Holy Sword Union leader. But now was not the time to think about that.


He bowed his head to Sheryl, who was blocking the Apostle, and Rimmer, who was blocking Yonghyeon Swordmaster, and turned around.

"Escape with the people! Now!"

He gave orders to the Light Wind members to buy time for the civilians to escape.

"Now... ."

When Raon was about to break down the wall further and try to escape the city, a bright light flashed in the sky. A white-colored spear rain poured down.


When he looked up, he saw the Tenth Apostle, holding his spear, sending him a cold gaze.

'Damn it....'

It was impossible to fight the Tenth Apostle while saving the people. It was no different from asking to be killed by bringing your neck.

'Is he telling me to abandon the people?'

Before he could even think about it, the second spear strike came down.

The Tenth Apostle's expression was indifferent, as if to say that you have to choose whether to die or abandon the people.


Just as Raon raised his two swords to the sky, the night sky rippled like an aurora and a powerful mana wave exploded.

Cutting through the distorted space, Merlin, wearing a mask of an old woman, walked out and struck away the blue robe.

"Don't touch what's mine."

The red eyes behind the mask flashed ominously.

"Before I kill you."


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