TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 497

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Chapter 497

Raon narrowed the range of his perception and scanned the Holy Sword Union leader's disciple.

The green eyes shining through the dark blue hair felt like pure light. Unlike the other Five Demons, it felt like he had cultivated martial arts without being contaminated by evil.

‘He's a Grandmaster, even though he looks young.’

Just by looking at the tightly clenched aura and the fluid movement of the aura that flowed like water, it was clear that the the Holy Sword Union leader’s disciple was a monster who had surpassed the rank of Master, a monster beyond imagination.

"I hear you're good at running your mouth.”

The Holy Sword Union leader's disciple touched his smooth jaw and snorted.

"But you're very mistaken."

He did not fall for the provocation and rolled his cold eyes. It seemed that he was well-trained in both strength and mental cultivation.


Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at the Holy Sword Union leader's disciple.

"What am I mistaken about?"

"My master ordered us to bring everyone here, but he didn't say 'how.' In other words, it doesn't matter if we bring everyone back as corpses.”

The lips of the Holy Sword Union leader's disciple twisted, and simultaneously, a creepy aura began to emanate from beneath his feet. It carried a murderous intent, infused with the will that crushed the flesh and opressed the heart.


Raon frowned as he felt the murderous intent that clung to him like chains.

‘He’s indeed, a Grandmaster.’

Seeing that he could use his will freely, the Holy Sword Union leader's disciple, as he had felt at first, was a strong man who had surpassed the Master wall to become a Grandmaster.

He couldn't be sure that he could win if he fought him, as there was a big gap in their levels.

'I'll just hold on for now.'

He wouldn't know that I can use will as well.

For now, it seemed like the best thing to do was to endure the will with the power of the soul and wait for an opportunity to ambush.

‘He's not a high-level Grandmaster even though he's surpassed the wall.’

He looks like he's not over forty years old in appearance.

Even if he has a natural talent, it takes time to cross the wall. It was clear that the Holy Sword Union leader's disciple had not yet broken through the beginner level of Grandmaster.


Raon let out a long breath and looked into the eyes of the Holy Sword Union leader's disciple.

"What's your name?"


"I asked you what your name is."


The Holy Sword Union leader's disciple did not answer and frowned. It seemed like it was an unexpected question.

"Does a disciple of the Black Night Sword God not have the courage to reveal his own name? How pathetic..."

"It's Cloud."

When he sneered, the mouth of the Holy Sword Union leader's disciple, Cloud, opened.

"That's right. Cloud."

Raon turned his head as he spat out Cloud's name with force.

"You have to think carefully if you're going to lie. Is it any use just blurting out whatever comes to mind?"

"What do you mean?"

"If the Holy Sword Union leader wanted to kill me, I wouldn't have been able to escape from that city.”

Raising his lips into a long smile, he continued speaking.

"The fact that he recognized me and still let me escape the city means that he wants something. It could be my talent, my swordsmanship, or both."

It's not about being overconfident. The Holy Sword Union is a group of sword demons who can kill men and women of all ages for the sake of obtaining excellent swords and swordsmanship. If their intention was to eliminate him, there would have been no reason to allow him to escape the city from the start.


Cloud's gaze sank eerily, as if sharpened blades. Judging by those eyes, it seemed he knew why he became a disciple of the Holy Sword Union leader.

"Yes, I heard that you're smart too."

He nodded in agreement, stating that he indeed matched the information.

"You must have been stuck in some corner. Who did you hear such information from?"

"The Blood Swordsmaster said that your talent is the best in the continent."

Cloud talked about the person named Blood Swordsmaster while rubbing his wrist.

"Blood Swordsmaster?"

Raon tilted his head because he didn't know who Blood Swordsmaster was, and then the man's words continued.

"However, that's because you haven't met me."

Cloud's smile that bloomed on his lips made his murderous intent visible to the point that it could be seen in his eyes. It felt like his breath was being cut off.

"Even if you reached the peak Master level at a young age, there's no guarantee that you can break through the wall of Grandmaster. There are mountains of trash that couldn't reach Grandmaster even though they reached the rank of Master early."

He said in a dry voice while bringing his hand to his waist.

"I'll show you what real talent is."

Since he had been repeating the word "talent" since a while ago, it seemed like he had strong confidence in his own talent.

'Of course, his talent must be overflowing.'

The Sword Union leader wouldn't accept an ordinary man as his disciple. Just by looking at the fact that Cloud reached Grandmaster at a young age, he can see what kind of talent he has.


He smiled slightly as he looked at Wrath, who was sprawled out on his right shoulder and yawning. 

'No matter how talented he is, he can't beat me with the Monarch of Fools by my side.'

He was confident that he could chew up anything, even the continent's strongest talent, if he was with Wrath, who was always generous.

"I don't know who's more talented, but..."

He rubbed the ground with his foot, turned his chin to the side, and looked down at Cloud with a mocking expression.

"Given that you achieved Grandmaster with that talent of yours, I believe I can do it within this year."


Cloud's expression hardened for the first time. It seemed like the word "talent" was his sore spot.

However, seeing that he didn't rush forward in excitement indicated that he had accumulated cultivation to withstand any provocation.

Raon, glancing casually, scanned the guards standing behind Cloud.

'Are they bodyguards protecting the disciple of the Sword Union leader?'

Though their numbers weren't many, each seemed to be a formidable martial artist, and there were several Master level among them. They clearly appeared to be guarding Cloud.


Without diverting his gaze from them, Raon expanded his per perception to the rear.

'There aren't many warriors left.'

Because the Light Wind members stood at the rear to protect the people, the neutral faction and a large number of civilians had already moved far away. It seemed difficult to protect them if a battle broke out here.

'I need to take this guy far away.'

If a Grand Master unleashed astral sphere goes astray, it poses a threat not only to civilians but also to the Light Wind members, it could be a massacre.

The best way was to leave this place to the Light Wind division and lure Cloud away to a distant place.

After making up his mind, he sent an aura message to Burren, Runaan, and Mark Gorton at the same time.

[I'll take that talent-obsessed guy with me, so please take care of the rest.]

As soon as he uttered those words, the three simultaneously nodded. Having spent a considerable amount of time together, they understood each other well.

"I'm pretty confident in my footwork."

He put Heavenly Drive in its sheath and turned his ankle to the empty right side.

"If your talent is so great, then try to follow me."

Activating the Supreme Harmony steps, he forcefully struck the ground with his full strength.

"Come and catch me."

You're crazy.

Wrath let out a sigh and shook his head.

"That damn rat!"

Cloud ground his teeth and turned around.

"Tidy everything up until I return!"

He gave his subordinates an order and then threw himself in the direction where Raon had escaped. His body, refined like a sharp sword, cut through the forest like a ray of light.

Raon felt a stinging chill on his back and smiled through his tightly closed lips. He looked back slightly and saw Cloud chasing after him with a cold expression on his face.

'As expected.'

He didn't run away without thinking. When you consider Cloud's words, the real thing that the Holy Sword Union leader wanted was not all of them here, but him.

Even if he killed all the others, he would fail his mission if he missed the target, so he thought he would definitely follow.

It's regrettable that everyone remains there."

He wanted Cloud's escort to follow him too, but it seems that was wishful thinking. He didn't stop walking until the walls disappeared, hoping that the Light Wind members would fight well.


When Raon stopped far from the group in an open space, Cloud landed on the ground with a frown.

"Fleeing while boasting about talent, seems this is your limit."

Even though he had stopped on purpose, Cloud thought he was faster and put a sneer on his lips. He seemed to have a lot of mental weaknesses despite his strong power.

“The Holy Sword Union leader only order you to capture me, right?”

Raon laughed coldly as he brushed his disheveled hair back.

"If you're so easily fooled, you can't become the Holy Sword Union leader's successor, can you? Won't you be eaten by the guys above you?”

"Shut your mouth!"

Cloud frowned and placed his hand on the hilt of his sword. His aura felt different from before.

I felt that his body and aura were moving towards perfection.


Raon took a deep breath as he faced Cloud's distorted eyes.

'I have to go all out from the start.'

To prove his talent, Cloud wouldn't spare any effort. Responding poorly might result in a single blow defeat.

He unleashed the aura of the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation and Glacier to the extreme and lightly gripped the hilt of Heavenly Drive.

The moment a dry dead branch fell to the ground, Raon and Cloud drew their swords at the same time.

Distance was irrelevant to the two of them. The moment their wills were set, their swords were already moving towards each other's hearts.

Footwork against footwork.

The blades that were swirling with magnificent aura roared towards each other's necks.

* * *

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For Indonesian: 

Burren swallowed his dry saliva as he looked at the Holy Sword Union's swordsmen approaching slowly.

'There are a lot of Master level.'

Looking at the eerie aura condensed on the swords, five out of twenty were Master level, and one of them seemed to have reached intermediate Master level or higher.

Even if the strongest one was dealt with by Mark Gorton, I don't know how to stop the remaining four.

"They are the escort of the Holy Sword Union leader's disciple."

Denning Rose frowned as she looked at the expressionless faces of the swordsmen, who looked like dolls. She snapped her fingers and black-clad warriors sprang up from the shadows on the ground.

"We'll fight too."

She said she would take care of one side and gave instructions to her own guards.


At Encia's call, a woman jumped down from a tree.

"Help the Light Wind division."

"I receive your orders."

Kassia, called the escorts, bowing their heads to Encia and blocking the path of the approaching Master level from the left.

‘This will give us a little more breathing room... Oh?’

When Burren sighed in relief, the fanatics of the White Blood Religion and the sword demons of the Holy Sword Union were running towards them from behind the guards.

It didn't seem like it was going to be an easy fight.

"Open the formation."

"Open the formation!"

Burren rolled his foot in the center, opening the Great Wind Formation. The guards seemed to be following the signal of the footprints stamped on the ground, and they ran while leading the wind.


Martha still hadn't woken up. It would be a big help if she woke up now, but there wasn't enough time to hope for such a miracle. For now, they had to fight with the current power of the Light Wind division.

"Dorian, you protect Martha only."

"Yes, I understand."

Burren sent Dorian, who was carrying Martha, behind him and went to the front of the formation.

“These can be killed without concern.”

The man who seemed to be the leader of the escort raised his sword and ordered the massacre.

“As long as I'm here, no one you can kill.”

Mark Gorton shouted loudly and ran towards the leader of the escort. It seemed like he was trying to stop him before he could cause too much damage.

"With that skill?"

"I'm not a man who rely on strength, but a man who endures with patience."

"It's crude."

The leader of the escort laughed coldly and drew his sword. Swinging his sword down. The diagonal sword strokes poured down like whips, targeting Mark Gorton's entire body


Mark Gorton wielded his sword in a cross, creating a shield-like blade barrier.


The leader of the escort' sword strikes continued to fall, but Mark Gorton did not budge, biting his lip.

Burren clenched his fists as he watched Mark Gorton's back.

"Please hold on, sir Mark."

He wanted to say he would help, but he didn't have the leisure to do so.

The Holy Sword Union swordsmen knew they had the upper hand, so they approached with light steps.

However, as soon as they got close, they fired sword strikes, creating a strong aura.


The Great Wind Formation swayed as if it would break just by blocking the first sword strike, as there were two Master level mixed in with the escorts.

"This won't work."

With Martha gone and Dorian out, the formation was in a state of disrepair. It seemed like they wouldn't be able to hold out for much longer.

"Heavy Armor Form!"

Burren changed the Great Wind Formation to its most defensive form and swung his sword from the ground towards the escort who was approaching in front of him.


A wind carrying the weight of the earth advanced, but it failed to cut through the opponent's strong astral energy and dissipated fruitlessly.


After the attack, a counterattack came strongly, shaking the Great Wind Formation like a sailboat hit by a wave.

"Damn it..."

Burren clenched his fists until they bled.

‘If we can't hold out in this state, we're done for.’

The Great Wind Formation's Heavy Armor Form was a defensive stance, akin to a turtle hiding in its shell and withstanding attacks before launching a surprise counterattack. However, the enemy's assault was too ferocious, and it seemed that the shell might break.

He quickly looked back. Runaan, maintaining the center of the formation, was biting her lip.

Protecting the formation alone without Martha was shocking, yet she endured without a single groan.


Runaan exhaled a dense breath, creating a cold mist. It was the frosty fog that not only solidified the formation but also controlled the movements of the enemy.

However, even within the frost, the enemy's onslaught did not abate. The astral energy of the two Masters exploded successively, causing a tilt in the center of the formation.


Burren gritted his teeth.

‘If this continues, it's going to be a massacre.’

With two Master level, ten peak Expert level, and an uncountable number of Holy Sword swordsmen and White Blood fanatics rushing in like sharks, they were focused solely on defense, it felt like they would be killed if they just kept defending.

‘What about the others?’

He quickly looked around, but the other warriors were also in no condition to help. This was a trial that the Light Wind division had to overcome on their own.

‘There's no other choice.’

Burren swung his sword and moved forward.

"Change to the Shining Form!"

Switching to a formation that focuses on offense instead of defense, he jumped into the space of a Master level who was swinging his sword.


As expected of a Master level. Even though he had attacked with all his strength with the Barren Wind Sword, his shoulder ached as if it was going to break.

It's different from when he was facing Mark Gorton, who had no killing intent. The opponent's malicious aura was oppressing his body.

"Stupid bastard. If you had hidden like a mole, you would have lasted a little longer."

One of the Master level escort guard sneered and swung his sword.

"Then my partner next to me would have died."

"Not caring about the achievement of the sword, thinking about comrades and such, that's how you people are."

With a sinister smile, he swung down the sword enveloped in astral energy. It was a seemingly simple sword stroke, but that made it all the more frightening.


The speed was too fast to dodge. He immediately raised his sword to block it.


Astral energy cut through the sword, creating a terrifying pressure.

"Kugh... Ugh..."

Burren extracted aura from his aching energy center with difficulty, and his jaw trembled.

"You're different from Raon Zieghart. Know your place."

The escort guard lowered his cold voice and swung his sword.

He was going to cut him in half with the sword. Blood spurted from his hand and shoulder due to the waves of astral energy.

‘Different from Raon Zieghart?'

I know that better than anyone.

When I first saw Raon, I ignored him. When I learned what kind of person he was, I wanted to catch up to him. And now, I just want to support his back.

‘Because I've received a lot.’

I mocked and ridiculed Raon at first, but he gave me more than anyone else.

More than my father, more than my brothers. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't have a reason to sacrifice my life here.

If I couldn't even fulfill Raon's instructions, let alone support his back, there was no reason to live.


Burren howled in agony, rolling on the ground. Due to the waves of astral energy. It was not a shout but a scream a sight he detested the most as someone who valued a noble posture.

"It's useless!"

The  escort guard twisted his lips and unleashed waves of astral energy.. 

His knees, which had been forcibly holding up, buckled, and his back bent.

Burren, who had been forcing himself, had his knees buckle and his back bent.

However, perhaps because he found freedom and a sense of existence that had been absent within himself, his heart and aura pulsated vigorously, pulling in a majestic wind. pounded violently, drawing in the noble wind.


Burren gritted his teeth, lifting the sword. The partially shattered blade accumulated astral energy, emitting a majestic green light. Advancing with a gust that shook the forest, Burren pierced through the escort guard's sword, slashing through his chest in reverse.


Red blood poured out of the escort guard’s chest.


Burren spat out the blood that had gathered in his mouth and pointed his sword at him.

"Raon Zieghart is a man who cannot be compared to a fool like me."

He twisted his lips as he looked at the brilliant light wrapped around his sword.

"Apologize for the words that came out of your mouth."


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