TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 494

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Chapter 494

Raon swallowed his saliva as he saw the message that envy ability had been unlocked.

'Why is envy coming up here?'

Although he had acquired Envy's ability, he had never felt jealous of anyone.

After all, as a former assassin, who had nothing in his previous life, had gained a family, a teacher, and companions, and there were lifelong goals to achieve, so he had no time to think about envy.

'I thought I couldn't use this ability.'

Unlike sloth, he thought that he could not use the ability itself because he was satisfied with his current talents and position, he never expecting it to unlock like this.

In particular, Sheryl is not a target of jealousy, but a person he respects and admires. Why did this ability unlocked in front of her?

While Raon was frowning as he thought about why envy had been unlocked, a new message appeared.

[There is no emotion of envy towards the target.] 

[The ability of envy is converted to admiration.] 

[You can learn the martial arts possessed by the current object of admiration faster]

As soon as he read the message that appeared next, he was able to understand why envy was unlocked in front of Sheryl.

'Envy has been converted to admiration and applied.'

Envy and admiration are just a hair's breadth apart.

Both envy the person, but envy contains ill will while admiration contains good will.

The system seemed to have used the emotion of admiration, which is similar but different from envy, for himself, who does not envy anyone.


The ability of envy is properly applied.

According to Wrath's words, Envy is said to have the ability to become stronger the more she envies others. As Raon admired Sheryl, he gained the ability to quickly acquire her skills.

This is crazy!

Wrath screamed as he stared at the message.

Did you get hit in the head with Hellfire? Why don't you just stay put? Why are you getting involved and acting up, system?

He grabbed his hair and shook his head wildly.

'You're right. I didn't expect it to be so considerate.'

Raon smiled happily as he looked at the message.

'It's amazing how well it performs, considering it was made by the Monarch of Wrath.'


Wrath showed a bizarre appearance with half of his face smiling and half of his face frowning, perhaps because he had received praise for the first time in a long time.

Shut up!

However, he eventually got annoyed and started swearing and punching.

Why does this guy always have things go so well for him? What is the purpose of the heaven!

'There's a saying that heaven helps those who help themselves. I’m doing well because I’m working hard.'

There's no one in the world who doesn't work hard!

‘Except you. You're always playing and eating and complaining.’


Wrath was unable to respond and could only pout.

As he was laughing at Wrath, who was embarrassed, Sheryl tilted her head.


She waved her hand in front of his eyes as if to ask if he was okay.

"Oh, I'm sorry."

Raon bowed his head to Sheryl and then continued the words he had not been able to say before.

"I wanted to express my gratitude for the protection from the leader of Heavenly Blade, who are at a much higher position than us.”

"We don't say such things among family members. There is no high or low among those under the same lord."

Sheryl shook her head, telling him not to say such nonsense. The words that came through bluntly touched his heart.

The system was not wrong. She was a person worthy of admiration.

'Then there's one thing I need to know for sure.'

Envy was unlocked, and the ability to quickly learn the skills of the target of admiration was acquired.

Since Sheryl was chosen as the object of admiration, he had to know what her true speciality was.

‘Of course, she can do anything, but there must be something she does better.’

‘Sheryl is proficient in all sword techniques to the point where she can teach them, but she is not a practitioner of all swords.’

There must be something she has focused on, so I need to know for sure.

"Out of the blue, may I ask one thing?"

Raon approached Sheryl, who was leaning against the wall.

"Say it."

Sheryl nodded as if to say anything.

"I know you're good at most sword techniques, but do you have a particular sword technique that you're confident in?"

"That's really out of the blue."

Sheryl chuckled. It didn't seem to bother her, perhaps she felt appreciated.

"As you can see, my real weapon is a double sword."

That's right. Sheryl wears one sword on her back, but when she draws it, it splits into two swords, white and black.

"Of course, I'm confident in my Dual Blade Arts, and I've learned the sword techniques of increasing the accuracy of the two swords, breaking the opponent's flow, balancing, and deceiving the opponent.”

"Since you use a double sword, you must also strong in the area of aura manipulation (aura control)."

Using a double sword means wearing aura on both swords. It is natural to be proficient in aura usage.

"Compared to that lazy elf, I'm quite confident."

Sheryl frowned as she looked in the direction where Rimmer had passed.

"Thank you for telling me."

"It's nothing."

She smiled lightly and waved her hand.


It meant that he could grow even more, thanks to Sheryl’s specialty in the Dual Swordsmanship (double sword technique), as well as in the techniques of accuracy, breaking the flow, balance, deception, and aura control. His heart pounded rapidly.

"Division leader. Can you watch my swordsmanship for a moment?"

"What? Here?"


He was able to say this because he had confirmed through Wrath that there was no one around.

"You really are..."

Sheryl closed her eyes and spread her aura. She seemed to know that there were no danger factors, so she nodded quickly.

"We don't have much time, so if you're going to do it, do it quickly."


Raon nodded and drew out Heavenly Drive and the Blade of Requiem.

'It should be interesting.'

With a small smile, he used the Heavenly Drive in his right hand to perform the Fangs of Insanity, and the Blade of Requiem in his left hand to create the Blizzard Sword Art.

The sharp aura was not revealed because he used only swordsmanship without aura, but the sharpness of the sword strikes seemed to have deepened.

After Raon finished the two sword techniques, he looked at Sheryl.

"You've never learned Dual Swordsmanships, have you?"

Sheryl frowned with her arms folded.


What he  learned in his previous life was not Dual Swordsmanships. It was the art of killing people with two weapons in his hands, so he could not be said to have learned it properly.

"I thought so."

Sheryl nodded and continued.

"Dual Swordsmanships are not just about holding two swords in your hands. You have to perform each sword technique with each hand, and the two sword techniques have to be in harmony. What you did is not much different from just unfolding each sword in turn.".

She made a cross with her hands to demonstrate the moves of the Fangs of Insanity technique and Blizzard Sword Art he had just performed.

Since it was the first time she performed the swordsmanship, the movements were awkward, but the harmony between the two was much better than his.

"If the sword in your left hand moves to the right to attack, the sword in your right hand should move to the left to defend. Or, you can even attack different places at the same time."

Raon absorbed all of Sheryl's advice and demonstrations with the Ring of Fire swirling around him.

'I understand the feeling.'

It seemed that he could perform it similarly right now because Sheryl, the object of his admiration, had shown it to him directly.

‘The space is narrow, and time is limited, but I've got the sensation.’

"I'll try again."

"It doesn't work that way, even if you're a genius..."

“Please look at me one more time.”

Raon shook his head and raised the two swords again. He lowered his body's center of gravity and recalled the parts that Sheryl had pointed out.

He drew the two swords forward while drawing the image of the Fangs of Insanity and the Blizzard Sword Art blending together in his mind.

'So that the left sword and the right sword do not interfere with each other.'

He unleashed the second form, finding a way for the two swords and two martial arts to move forward faster and more powerfully without blocking each other's paths.


Heavenly Drive bares its fangs like a mad beast, and the Blade of Requiem unleashes a piercing north wind. The attack and defense intertwine, intersecting, and changing the air in an instant.

Raon retreated with Heavenly Drive, shielding himself with a flame shield, while the Blade of Requiem shot forward, extending the chilling blades of the cold wind.

Raon bit his lip as he operated the two swords in reverse.

In an instant, the intricacies of Dual Swordsmanship that Sheryl had taught him quickly penetrated his head and body.

It was not simply the effect of the Ring of Fire. It was the power of growth gained through envy that had turned into admiration.


Sheryl shook her chin as she looked at Raon's swords.

'How is this possible...'

In a short moment, Raon's Dual Swordsmanship, which was too ambiguous to even be called a swordsmanship, had undergone rapid growth.

The two swords were not in the least bit interfering with each other, and they were each moving alive with their own purpose, forming a certain harmony.

It was still rough, but it was now at a level where it could be called Dual Swordsmanship, unlike before.

'Is this even possible?'

She had only given him a demonstration and advice once, but it looked like he had practiced for several months.

She knew that Raon had talent, but this didn't make sense.

"Try this too."

Sheryl demonstrated a more advanced form of Dual Swordsmanship, not just with attack and defense but involving dual attacks and dual defenses.

Raon watched her quietly and then slowly raised the two swords.

The beginning was uncertain, as it wasn't clearly an attack or defense.

However, from the second time he unfolded the swordsmanship, the two swords began to dance.

The two swords, which had been moving mainly for defense, extended out with Raon's left foot, creating a sword stance that was so sharp that it made one's heart ache.

What started as one piece of guidance transcended into two and then into three.

"What in the world..."

Sheryl widened her eyes and gasped.

"Again! Try this too!"

After showing one, Sheryl, forgetting her intention to leave before sunrise, began transmitting even higher-level martial arts techniques to Raon.

* * *

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Raon lowered Heavenly Drive and raised the the Blade of Requiem. He crossed the two swords diagonally, causing a deep resonance in his energy center.

The red and blue sword lights flashed on the blades that brushed past each other like the teeth of a beast.

Heavenly Drive, clad in the flames of madness, led the attack, and the the Blade of Requiem erected a wall of frost with the coldness of Glacier.

It was a perfect harmony of attack and defense, but in a moment, the attack and defense were switched, and a dual swordsmanship technique was formed in which the Fangs of Insanity was defense and Blizzard Sword Art was attack.


The unfolding of the Fangs of Insanity ended earlier than Blizzard Sword Art, but the movement of Heavenly Drive had not yet stopped.

He wrapped the latter half of Blizzard Sword Art, which the Blade of Requiem had to unfold, and sprinkled the wind of frost on the earth that had come to night.

After unfolding the forms of Fangs of Insanity and Blizzard Sword Art, Raon lowered his posture.

He crossed his arms, lowered Heavenly Drive to the upper left and the the Blade of Requiem to the lower right, and then raised the aura of Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation and Glacier to the extreme.

Heavenly Drive was filled with scarlet flames, and the short blade of the the Blade of Requiem was flooded with a wave of frost.

He thrust out the two swords with his left foot.

The Frost Pond that rose from the the Blade of Requiem pierced the air, and the Silent Wind of the Silvery Ocean that burned from Heavenly Drive tore through space like a dream.

The simultaneous use of the two techniques.

He had used it before, but the level was different now.

Frost Pond and Silent Wind of the Silvery Ocean, instead of being separate, supported each other like one cohesive force, penetrating the enemy's breath that Raon had envisioned.

Not just the simultaneous use of two different techniques, but the unfolding of one dual swordsmanship.


When Raon lowered the two swords while catching his breath, he felt a faint presence behind him.

“I don't know how to express you.”

Sheryl sighed and shook her head.

"I only taught you the basics of dual swordsmanship and aura manipulation (aura control), but how did you reach an advanced level on your own…”

She shook her head in disbelief at Raon's talent.

"Is it okay for you to be here like this?"

Raon sheathed Heavenly Drive and the Blade of Requiem and smiled lightly.

“All eyes are on the central square on the last day of the festival. The eyes that followed you day and night have all disappeared.”

“Oh, I see.”

Since the Five Divine Rulers said they would use a large-scale firework magic to decorate the end of the festival, everyone was gathered in the central square.

“The heads of the Five Divine Rulers also seem to be busy trying to wrap up the festival well. However..."

Sheryl narrowed her eyes as she looked around.

"The security is much stricter than usual, as if preparing for a war."

“What could be their intention?”

“I don't know. The Five Divine Rulers itself is an ambiguous group that no one knows what their intentions are.”

She said she didn't know the Five Divine Rulers’s purpose and licked her lips.

"That's true."

Raon nodded as he stroked his chin.

"Are you not going to see the fireworks?”

"Runaan is inside, guarding Martha."

He pointed to the room where Runaan and Martha shared. Martha was still unable to wake up, as she was still consolidating her new realm (rank).

“That rascal will be guarded by the Heavenly Blade division, so go and visit.”

Sheryl waved her hand, saying that he had come as the representative of Zieghart, so je should participate in the event until the end.

“Take the other guys with you.”


Raon looked up at the sky. The dark night sky without the moon seemed like it would be a good place to see the fireworks.


He bowed his head and went into the lodging and knocked on Runaan's room.


Runaan came out with an ice cream in his mouth.

“Is there something wrong?”

Denning Rose also came out with Runaan, and she had a lot of photos in her hands. He hate himself for not being surprised to see that anymore.

“Wow! Even his sweaty look is handsome!”

Encia, who was behind them, was pressing the button of her camera repeatedly. He doesn't know why that thing doesn't break even though it's a prototype.

Raon approached the three people, while covering his face.

"It's the last festival event, we should participate.”

After checking Martha, who was lying on the bed, he said to the three people to go to the last event.

"Someone else will watch over Martha, so don't worry."

“Got it.”

Runaan nodded as if she had recognized who that person was and put on her coat.



Encia immediately ran out without asking, and Denning Rose quietly stuck to her side.

When Raon was about to leave with the three people and the Light Wind members who were guarding the lodging, he met Burren and other members who were coming in through the front gate.

“Why are you coming back?”

“It would be a bit awkward to leave you alone.”

Burren scratched his head with an awkward smile.

His eyes have changed a lot.

Wrath licked his lips as he looked at Burren's eyes, which had a more rounded angle than before.

Tsk, it was better when there was poison.

'The poison is still there.'

Raon shook his head. Burren still has the goal of being recognized by his father.

No, he now thinks of surpassing Karoon, so his poison is getting stronger without being outwardly revealed.

“Follow me.”

He gestured for Burren and the Light Wind members to follow him.

“Martha is… Oh!”

Burren nodded as if he realized how he was coming back.

“That's it.”

Raon smiled lightly and led the Light Wind members to the central square.

"This festival is ridiculously grand."

Dorian shook his head as he ate cookies out of his pocket.

“They must have prepared a lot of things to raise the name of Five Divine Rulers and increase their reputation. Of course….”

Burren pointed to Raon and laughed.

“But all that reputation was probably taken by that guy."

He muttered that he was a glutton for fame and money and shook his head.

"What a waste, they're trying to end the festival with fireworks.

Krein smiled as he received Burren's words.

“What is the fireworks for?”

“It's to announce the end of the festival by setting off fireworks magic in the night sky.”

“The festival was a success, but the Five Divine Rulers is doomed.”

Burren laughed sarcastically, pointing to the sky.

Even though it wasn't time to set off the magic fireworks yet, the square was already filled with people. As it was the final event, it seemed like everyone wanted to participate.

“The Light Wind division is here!”

“I thought they wouldn’t come….”

"Whether it's the White Sword Dragon or the Light Wind division, don't they feel different from before?"

After witnessing such a crazy duel, it's impossible to see them the same as before."

"I thought the Five Divine Rulers was impressive, but indeed, the Six Kings are different."

The people waiting for the fireworks show recognized the Light Wind division and Raon and swallowed their saliva.

Instead of cheering like before, they just looked at them in awe. It seemed that the fact that hehad defeated three peak Master level at once was still a shock.

Raon exchanged greetings with neutral faction heads and headed towards the VIP seat assigned to Zieghart.

After sitting in the assigned seat, he looked at the stage set up in the square. All four heads of Five Divine Rulers had come out and taken their seats.

The Dark Sword Master closed his eyes as if to ignore him, and the Demon Killing Spear waved his hand as if he was happy.

The Evil Sword Queen sent a calm gaze, and Heukgeumje nodded lightly.


He didn’t think that the Dark Sword Master and the Demon Killing Spear would come to this place. It felt strange, almost alien.

‘Is this event that important?’

He was thinking it was strange and stroking his chin when a middle-aged man with a kind-looking expression came up on the fountain just below the stage. His water-walking technique was not ordinary. He was a well-trained Master.

“Thank you for spending this beautiful night with us!”

The voice with an aura spread throughout the square.

“I am Keban, who will be the host for this event.”

The host introduced himself as Keban and bowed to the entire square.

“Are you ready to enjoy the end of the festival?”


The people answered with a roar that shook the entire square.

“I like the cheers. Then, let’s start the end of the festival now!”

As soon as he raised his hand, a scarlet flame shot into the sky from behind the stage.


The fireworks that exploded with a deafening roar scattered like sunshine and covered the night sky.

Behind it, yellow, blue, green, and purple fireworks exploded one after another. The dark night sky was filled with a rainbow, and it seemed to be as bright as daytime.


“Is this fireworks?”

“It’s amazing.”

“They must have spent some money.”

The Light Wind division members also opened their mouths in amazement at the scale of the fireworks.

Raon licked his lips as he looked at the fireworks that were bigger and more colorful than he thought.

‘I wonder if I can apply that to martial arts?’

As he thought about how to use firework magic in swordsmanship and tried to observe it more closely, a sword-shaped fireworks rose into the sky.

However, the sword fireworks did not explode beautifully, but only revealed a dark aura that was nothing but eerie.


It’s not fireworks. It’s a real sword.


The sword that fell at an awe-inspiring speed smashed the host’ head and split the fountain. The once transparent water turned murky as it spilled over the ground.

A man descended onto the blood-soaked ground.

Underneath the blood-red hair that was even darker than blood, the bright yellow eyes that seemed to have a divine sword nestled in them caused a strong lightning storm.

A transcendent power emanated from the man above the divine beauty, revealing his overwhelming strength.


Silence flooded under the crimson fireworks that seemed to be soaked in blood.

The sound of the blue dragon robe worn by the man billowing in the wind was the only indication that time had not stopped.

"No festival is complete without blood."

His gaze fell gently on Raon.

"It may be late, but can I join the festival?"


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