TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 493

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Chapter 493


The blood droplets floating freely on the white pages drew a grotesque shape.

It was human-like, but not human. Its face was blackened, its eyes flashed blue, and it had long, spiral horns protruding from its head.

The blood droplets stopped drawing the mouth of the monster. Like a frightened beast, it began to struggle to escape from the pages of the book.


The vibrations of the blood droplets concentrated at the corner of the page became stronger, and eventually the paper tore, and the blood flowed out of the book.

The blood seeps through the gap between the torn pages. It was like the shape of a hand soaked in blood slamming down on a transparent window.


Ariel swallowed dryly, staring at the eerie pattern engraved on the book. Even her hand trembled involuntarily at the creepy shivers running down her spine.

‘Does this even make sense?’

The book is called the book of the sun and moon.

If it had been properly operated as an ancient artifact that looks into the heavens by placing a human between the flow of the sun and moon, the page should have been written with the lyrics (song) of the prophecy for Raon.

It was the first time that blood drew pictures, or moved around on its own and tore pages.

'It was definitely afraid...'

The blood did not write the lyrics (song) of prophecy, but rather caused a commotion to get out of the paper, fearing the existence of Raon.

It was such a strange phenomenon that even the original owner of the book had never heard of it, so her hair stood on end.

Ariel raised her blood-soaked hand and turned the page of the book of the sun and moon.

'I've read Glenn Zieghart, but I can't read Raon?'

Before going to Zieghart, she used the Book of the Sun and Moon to predict what would happen there and move accordingly.

The lyrics about how Glenn would react were also inscribed, but it was hard to believe that Raon's future was not visible.


'Besides, I only thought of Raon Zieghart.'

She didn't want to know the future of the entire continent, nor did she want to know about the Heavenly Demon.

She just wanted to see the future of a junior who is still a Master level, but when something like this happened, she was so surprised that her vision blurred.


Ariel exhaled the stale breath that had accumulated in her lungs and examined the lyrics written when she went to Zieghart.

‘According to this prophecy, I should have come out of there with the name of Zieghart on my back.’

Raon Zieghart. Was he the source of all the problems?

Because the prophecy of the book of the sun and moon had never been wrong before, she thought it was because of Glenn Zieghart's transcendental level at first.

'But it wasn't.'

After Raon came, problems arose in the conference where she was supposed to absorb the neutral forces, and in the duel tournament where she was supposed to build her reputation, but only Raon's name value soared to the sky.

The reason why the future of the Book of the Sun and Moon went wrong was because of Raon Zieghart, who could not be sure what he was hiding.


Ariel gritted her teeth so hard that they rang.

‘If a guy who can't bee seen by the heavens is involved, the future is bound to be distorted.’

Originally, the book of the sun and moon was used to predict the overall situation and to prepare for that future, but because it could not read Raon, it was natural that everything would be ruined.

'But why can't I see his future?'

It was still hard to believe that the book of the sun and moon, which could predict the movements of Glenn Zieghart, who is called the No. 1 continent, could not read Raon, who is like a speck of dust.

'And what about the devilish figure and the blood-fearing appearance that appeared at first?’

She felt frustrated because nothing was clearly revealed.

"He might be...that bastard."

Nothing was clear, and frustration filled her as she bit her lip and forcefully slammed the table.

'I hope this doesn't affect the upcoming event.'

Ariel frowned as she folded her arms. It was crucial to enhance the reputation of the Five Divine Rulers by leveraging the name of the Six Kings, accepting neutral forces, and gaining fame through the duel tournament. However, the most significant event had not yet occurred.

Only after that event happened would the Five Divine Rulers be able to take their place properly, so there must be no problems at that point.

Ariel narrowed her eyes as she folded her arms.

'Should I kill him now?'

It would be better to take care of the problem before it happens, but it would be too much of a burden. If Glenn moved, she would be dead meat.

'No, there's no need to go that far.'

Unlike the previous events, the most important thing in the event that will soon happen is power.

The possibility that Raon, who has not even reached Grandmaster, will cause trouble is zero.

'But just in case...'

Ariel sighed as she pressed her forehead.


She chewed her lips and rubbed her temples, which were burning hot.

'He's really a troublesome guy.'

* * *

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Zieghart's audience chamber.

"That damn bastard did it again!"

Glenn furrowed his brows while looking at the report. Deep anger welled up, causing the hand holding the documents to tremble.


Chad, who had brought the report, swallowed his saliva as he watched Glenn's face turn red.

“It seems that the leader of the Light Wind division is playing another prank.”

Roenn smiled gently, as if he understood the situation.

"What does it say this time?"

“Just one line. 'Raon's rampage was a great success! Heukgeumje was in a big disappointment! Wow!'”

Glenn closed his eyes tightly and burned the report in his hand, leaving no trace of ashes.

"Especially the exclamation marks are infuriating.”

Roenn also let out a hollow laugh, as he had not expected it to be that bad.

"I wonder how to kill him so that it spreads as a well-executed death."

Glenn sighed and opened the second report on the right. This one was the real report sent by Sheryl.

"As expected, it's different."

Glenn nodded in satisfaction as he looked at the report, which was over four pages long.

However, as soon as he opened the third page, his pupils began to flutter like the wings of a butterfly.

It was a much more intense tremor than when he read Rimmer's report.

"Damn it..."

Deep wrinkles formed on Glenn's forehead.

"What's wrong, My Lord?"

Roenn's eyes became round. Glenn's reaction was quite rare, considering how long it had been since he saw him this angry.

"What, what's written in there to make you react like that?"

Chad was also shocked, as he looked at Glenn with his mouth agape.

"Raon won against three peak Master level at the duel tournament. He used the second move of the Sky Penetrating Sword..."

Glenn continued, his breath coming in ragged gasps, as if he were chewing on bones.

"He delivered a great lines to the Five Divine Rulers's disciples: 'You cannot reach my sky.'"

Expressing regret, he slammed the armrest, mentioning that he should have attended personally. The armrest, repaired over ten times, turned to dust.

"To miss that spectacle!"

Glenn's hand trembled with genuine frustration.


Chad's mouth hung open in disbelief.


In contrast, Roenn let out a light laugh.

"Indeed, it's regrettable."

He, too, seemed to savor Raon's performance, much like Glenn.

"Damn those Five Demons bastards..."

As Glenn sharpened his teeth, a small piece of paper fell from the envelope containing the report.


Roenn stopped picking up the paper and opened his eyes wide.

"L-L-L-Lord! Look at this!"

He jumped up and ran onto the stage, handing the paper he was holding to Glenn.


Glenn's eyes widened when he saw the paper. Inside the paper was a painting of Raon that looked alive.

No, it looked more like it was carved out of reality.

"W-What is this?"

"It says 'photo' on the back. It's said that it was drawn with an artifact made by the youngest of the Yonaan family."

Roenn read the explanation on the photo.


Glenn stared at the photo for a long time, then suddenly stood up from the throne.

"My lord?"

"There's no time for this."

"Where are you going to go...?"

"I'm going to ask Vulcan to make a frame. An unbreakable frame."

He walked down the stage, hugging the photo tightly to his chest.


Chad's lips trembled.

'Ask Vulcan for a frame?'

Vulcan, the continent's blacksmith, crafted Glenn's Heavenly Tremor and Raon's Heavenly Drive. 

Currently, it appeared that Glenn was making an unconventional request to the continent's blacksmith to create a frame.

"My lord!"

Roenn sighed deeply as he looked at Glenn.

'Come on, stop him!'

Chad nodded towards Roenn, signaling for him to please stop him. However, words that far exceeded his expectations came out of his mouth.

"Using Orichalcum for the material would be a good idea. It won't break, for sure.”

Roenn, whom Chad thought would discourage Glenn, was adding fuel to the fire, suggesting making the frame with a metal that was second only to golden shard in terms of hardness.

"That's a good idea."

Glenn nodded and ran out of the audience hall.

"Of course."

Chad sighed as he looked at the backs of Glenn and Roenn.

‘The true powerhouse of this family is Raon Zieghart…’

*  *  *

Raon appeared in the training ground before the sun could stretch its rays. Since yesterday's training was intense, everyone was asleep, and the entire lodging was quiet.


Wrath yawned like an alligator and raised his head.

Don't you ever sleep?

He narrowed his eyes sharply.

Just sleep, and you'll recover and get stronger. Why go through all this trouble?

‘I've slept enough considering my enhanced sloth trait.’

Due to the strengthening of Raon's sloth trait, the effects of increased stats were more pronounced, and there was no need for long hours of sleep.


Wrath shook his clenched fist at the air.

That damned fool! Once he gets caught by the King of Essence, he will make him unable to sleep for the rest of his life!

He referred to Sloth as the fool's demon king and furrowed his brow.


Raon looked at Wrath and savored the thought. He wanted to say, "You're the true demon king of genuine fools," but he didn't want to argue in the morning so he endured it.

‘But it's not always advantageous. There are downsides.’


'Yes. It's hard to get out of bed.'

Due to the effect of sloth, the body becomes stretched and lazy.

If it were before, he would have gotten out of bed right away, but after the sloth trait ranked up, he opened his eyes after 5 seconds.

Five seconds? Ooooooo five seconds?

Wrath put his face close and twisted his chin.

What does that mean! If a normal human received that much laziness (sloth energy/points), they would become one with the bed! How can your mental strength withstand it, along with the wrath (points/energy) of the King of Essence?

He yelled about how he could overcome the emotions of the Monarch of Devildom.

'I don't know.'

Of course, it was because of the Ring of Fire and the soul that he had cultivated from his previous life, but he shrugged and shook his head.

When Raon was about to draw his sword for swordsmanship training, a small sound of footsteps approached the main gate of the lodging. Listening to the footsteps, it was Denning Rose.

'What's wrong in the morning?'

She knocked, and Raon approached to open the door.

"Oh, you're up."

Denning Rose apologized for coming at an early hour and bowed her head.

"It's fine. I was planning to train anyway."

"You were training the members so much yesterday. No, you're training again after doing all that?"

"Of course it's something that has to be done."


She opened her eyes wide, as if surprised that training was something that had to be done.

"But why are you here at this hour?"

"I have something to tell you."

Denning Rose grabbed her sleeve and raised her gaze.

"Recently, the movements of the Five Demons have been unusual."

"Five Demons?"

"Yes. The White Blood religion and the Black Tower are poking around here and there, but they are moving chaotically, so it is not easy to read their movements. The South-North Union also opened a new waterway."

A thoughtful light shone in her eyes.

"It seems the Five Divine Rulers Festival has touched their nerves. It would be better to leave immediately as soon as the festival is over. Many of the Five Demons are targeting Raon-nim.”

“Excluding the Holy Sword Union, there are issues with the other four factions."

The leader of the White Blood religion and Eden are targeting him, and the Black Tower is seeking revenge against him.

Since the South-North Union Senator (Tyler's grandfather) is also seeking revenge against him, it is not an exaggeration to say that he is in conflict with the entire Five Demons, excluding the Holy Sword Union.

“It's because the Holy Sword Union hasn't appeared yet. If they do, it will be the biggest problem. Those sword fiends track skilled swordsmen without discrimination."

Denning Rose rubbed her fingers, saying that the Holy Sword Union was actually the most dangerous.


Raon nodded as he looked at Denning Rose's fidgeting fingers.

'That's right.'

The Sword Union is a group of demons who covet sword arts. It was only natural that they would come after him, who uses the Sky Penetrating Sword and his own created sword art.

"Did you come to tell me that?"

"Yes. I thought I should tell you right away."

"Thank you. I will leave as soon as the festival is over as you advised."

"Thank you for understanding."

Denning Rose smiled, saying that it was just something Raon had to do like training.

"I'll come back when the day breaks."

She bowed her head again and left the lodging.

After seeing off Denning Rose, Raon looked at the left wall.

He felt a presence that he knew even better than Denning Rose right next to him.

'Is there anyone else around except for her?'

Who goes out at dawn like this.

Wrath shook his head, saying that only you two are crazy.


Raon lightly jumped over the wall and entered the alley.

A small woman who had not yet been able to sink into the shadows blinked her eyes.


The one who had been clinging to the wall since early morning was Sheryl. She was wearing light travel clothes because her nightwear was conspicuous, and her hair was dyed black.

"You why...?"

"I came out because I felt a presence. Are you moving already?"

Raon approached Sheryl with a smile on his face.

"I came here because you have trained the kids until dawn. Aren't you tired?”

Sheryl shook her head as she asked if he was tired.

"I have to do it."

He repeated the same words he said to Denning Rose.

"I see."

Sheryl, unlike Denning Rose, was not surprised. She smiled faintly, as if she liked the answer.

"I saw the tournament yesterday. Seeing you beat up those guys who were openly being arrogant, my chest felt a lot better."

Sheryl smiled refreshingly, saying that it had been a long time since she had seen such a fun sight.

"If I'm representing Zieghart, I have to do that much."

"Kugh, as expected!"

Her smile deepened even more.

"If the lord had seen that, he would have been proud of you."

"Would he?"

Raon licked his lips. Glenn didn't seem like he would make a big deal about it just for that.

"Of course."

Sheryl patted his shoulder, saying it was for sure.

"Hmm, well I..."

When Raon was about to say that he couldn't quite imagine Glenn being proud, Sheryl gestured quietly as if telling him to be silent.

Her expression turned sour, and soon a knock was heard at the door.

"I'm here!"

It was Rimmer. He came in, kicking the front door open, drunk as a skunk.

"That damn bastard..."

Sheryl's hands shook as if she wanted to punch him.

Raon looked back and forth between the playful Rimmer and Sherryl, who was guarding the Light Wind division without proper sleep, letting out a bitter laugh.

'They're so different.'

The leader of the Heavenly Blade is the most trusted figure by Glenn, and her strength is at Grandmaster level.

It was both grateful and admirable that the highest-ranking person in Zieghart was protecting them, who were far below her.

Despite having a relationship like friends with Rimmer, Sheryl looked even more noble due to the stark contrast.

"Thank you."

Raon bowed his head to Sherryl with sincerity.

"Why are you suddenly like this?"

Sheryl blinked her eyes quickly, as if she couldn't understand the meaning of the greeting.


As he raised his head to explain to her, a large message appeared in front of his eyes.

[New trait ability.]

Oh no, not! Another damn fool!

Wrath, who seemed sleepy, opened his eyes wide and yelled.


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