TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 492

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Chapter 492

The Light Wind division had gathered in front of the lodging's training ground at Raon's command.

"Why does our vice leader have us gather at this time of night?"

Krein frowned as he rubbed the dirt floor with his foot.


Dorian didn't respond and just rubbed his belly pocket while his lips trembled.

"Why are you like that?"

"I'm worried that I'll be killed by Heukgeumje."

He began to bite his nails, anxious after deceiving Heukgeumje in the arena groy.

“She only care what our vice division leader did. She won't pay any attention to you.”

Krein patted Dorian's shoulder to tell him not to worry.

"The problem is that we're gathered now. What does that man want us to do?"

"He's really unpredictable."

"Maybe he's learned a martial art that makes him go crazy the stronger he gets?"

"That could be it. No, if it wasn't for that, his current level wouldn't make sense!"

"Ugh, I hate concentration training!"

The Light Wind division sighed, stating that Raon's violent tendencies were becoming more severe as he grew stronger.

"But he's the one who cares about us the most."

Burren came forward to the members and smiled faintly.

"If it weren't for Raon, you and I would be a few levels lower."

"Of course we know that."

"It's not just that. I wouldn't be here if it weren't for the vice leader."

"I would have been torn apart by the White Blood fanatics..."

"He's our benefactor to the point of having to risk our lives, but concentration training is a bit..."

The squad understood Raon's feelings, but they shook their heads, saying that they couldn't help it when it came to concentration training.

When everyone was swallowing their dry saliva in anticipation of what was to come, the lodging main gate opened and Raon entered.

"What are you all so tense about?"

Raon walked calmly up to Burren and stood in front of him.

"Because we don't know what you might do."

Burren looked back at the Light Wind members and scratched his nose.

"Don't think about useless things. Did you watch me fight in the arena properly?"

"I saw it all. I didn't even blink once."

He licked his lips and spoke again.

“But even though I watched it, it's hard to figure out what you did. The memory is strangely vivid, though.”

Burren shook his head, saying that he didn't know much because the duel was too high-level.

"That's enough."

Raon smiled faintly as he looked at Burren.

"If it's left in your memory, you'll be able to make it your own one day."

When he fought the disciples of the Five Divine Rulers, he deliberately fought using Burren's specialty, the quick and precise sword technique, on purpose to leave a deep impression on him.

The memories of today will be a great help to Burren when he breaks through the wall of the Master level.

“Even if it's just a small thing, show me what you've learned today.”

Raon smiled coldly as he drew Heavenly Drive.

"What? Now?"

“Because the one who couldn't participate the duel tournament will resolve it here.”

As he said that, he snapped his fingers.

"Sir Mark Gorton is next, so be prepared."


Mark Gorton smiled as if he had been waiting for this, raising his voice.


Burren sighed and put his hand on his sword, letting out a wry laugh.


He was too kind.

He always said he was going to train them to death, but what he actually did was nothing but kind.

These days, he looked more like a mentor than Rimmer. He was just grateful.


Raon turned his gaze to the Light Wind members. He frowned and stuck his sword in the ground.

"Why are you just standing there?"


Dorian stopped stroking his belly pocket and opened his mouth wide.

"What do you mean by just standing there?"

"You all lost, didn't you? Why are you just standing there like idiots?"


“You could have repeated your swordsmanship ten times in the time it took you to open your mouth. Don't waste time thinking about killing time; instead, repeat your swordsmanship a hundred times from now on.”

At those words, the Light Wind members opened their mouths so wide that they could have been ripped apart.

"Wait a minute! If we do 100 times, we won't be able to sleep tonight!"

"That's right! The moon is already up!"

"Besides, we're tired from the duel..."

"Either do it or get buried here."

Raon smiled viciously as he tapped Heavenly Drive stuck in the ground.

Burren smiled as he watched Raon growl at the Light Wind members.

'I don't know if he's evil or kind.’

* * *

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The moonlight was hidden behind the clouds that came late, but Zieghart lodging was still brightly lit.

Raon looked up at the darkening night sky and then lowered his gaze.


Mark Gorton rushed in with a rough shout. The strong astral energy swirled in his sword attack, which came in on the wind. It seemed like all the air around him was about to burst.


Raon put his strength on his left thigh. Amplifying his quadriceps, he pushed the ground and slashed down with Heavenly Drive.

The perfect harmony of body and aura transformed a simple sword strike into an absolute martial art.


The swords clashed, producing a thunderous roar like a crying thunder.

Mark Gorton was unable to withstand the tremendous power of Heavenly Drive, and he was pushed back, carving a thick line in the floor of the training ground.

"It's not over yet!"

Mark Gorton kicked the ground with his teeth clenched. His sword, which soared up as if to pierce the sky, fell down, twisting space.

The appearance of the sword technique, which split into left and right to amplify speed and power, was reminiscent of a lightning bolt.

"Not bad."

Raon smiled faintly and slashed Heavenly Drive from the bottom up.

The frosty flower pattern on the blade bloomed, releasing a crescent-shaped flash resembling a frosty moon.


Mark Gorton's sword technique collapsed in front of the Frost Pond, and the black uniform exposed to the cold air crumbled like dried leaves.


He groaned loudly and knelt down as he was shocked.

"I... lost."

The expression of Mark Gorton, who raised his head again after admitting defeat, was bright. There was no regret at all.

Raon smiled as he saw the change in Mark Gorton's eyes, which had changed as much as his strength.

'The day when he breaks through the wall of intermediate Master level is not far off.'

The wall that had blocked Mark Gorton's path like a curse had become thin and thin enough to be broken.

With just a small opportunity, he could break through the wall and advance to Master advanced level.

'I can't wait for that day.’

Raon smiled naturally, wondering what face Mark Gorton would make when he reached a new level after being stuck in intermediate Master level for over a decade.

"Thank you for your hard work."

After exchanging the courtesy of a duel with Mark Gorton, Raon turned his gaze to the right. Burren was sitting, wiping the sweat trickling down his forehead.

“And you?”

"I'm done for today. I have learned everything."

Burren waved his hand, indicating that he had done enough.

It seemed that he had relieved all his regrets about not being able to participate in the today’s duel tournament by sparring until after midnight.

"Young master! Please spar with me too!"

Yua ran over, raising her hand energetically.

"Uh, me too!"

Yulius, glancing around, joined Yua by her side.

Raon bowed his waist, meeting the eyes of the two children.

"Yua, did you see anything during the sparring just now?"

"Well, the sword was too fast, so I couldn't see it, but I heard."


"Yes. Every time Mr. Mark Gorton's breath faltered, you struck with your sword. No, did you disrupt his breath?"

She blinked, mentioning that she kept hearing his breath being disrupted.


Raon looked at the composed Yua and couldn't help but break into a smile.

‘Indeed, Yua's talent lies in this direction.’

Yua had exceptional talent in martial arts itself, but her true aptitude seemed to be in voice and hearing. Hearing something as subtle as disrupting the opponent's breath was something Raon had never imagined.



Yulius stood up straight and took a formal stance.

“What did you see?”

“Er, well….”

He glanced at Yua and spoke again.

“I’m not sure, but it seemed like the vice division leader was using the same way of swinging the sword as the third captain and Sir Mark.”


“Yes. It felt like they were having a guided sparring session using the same sword techniques.”


Raon smiled as he looked at Yulius, who seemed to be shaking with nervousness.

‘This kid’s eyes have improved too.’

Yulius was right. In the previous sparring session, he had not simply overwhelmed Burren and Mark Gorton, but had shown them the sword techniques they mainly used so that they could grow a little faster.

It seemed that he had not missed it and had seen it properly.

‘I’m looking forward to this side too.’

Both Yua and Yulius were growing while not only cultivating martial arts, but also developing their individual talents, so their future was even more anticipated.

I could see why Eden was so eager to take them away.

‘The Light Wind will become even stronger in the future.’

Not only Mark Gorton, Yua, and Yulius, but also the existing members are developing every day.

The day when the Light Wind members’ reputation will soar even higher was awaited.

“You both did well. But let’s have a sparring session when you’re a little older.”

Raon smiled and stroked the heads of Yulius and Yua.



The two children laughed and backed away, probably because they had been praised.

“That’s enough.”

Raon gestured to the Light Wind members behind Yua and Yulius.



“I’m dying….”

The Light Wind members, who had been exerting their full strength to perform the same sword techniques repeatedly, gathered in the training ground with ragged breaths.

“What did you guys see?”


“See, see?”

Krein and Dorian opened their eyes wide as if they didn’t know what the question meant.

The other members also did not understand the meaning of the question and shook their heads.

Raon frowned as he pointed to Yua and Yulius.

“Like Yua and Yulius, what did you feel when you watched my sparring session with Burren and Sir Mark?”

"How are we supposed to see that!"

“That’s right! We were swinging our swords with all our might!”

"Where was the time to observe that!"

The Light Wind members shook their heads, saying it was nonsense.

“I’m disappointed in you.”

Raon stood in front of the Light Wind members and clicked his tongue.

“If you have the will to grow, you should be looking for something to learn from this sparring session while swinging your sword, right?”

“No, that’s nonsense….”

“Am I wrong? If you have the will, anything is possible.”



The Light Wind members had just seen Raon defeat three peak Master level alone today, so they could not say anything and bit their lips.

"It's easier to just admit it."

Krein sighed and nodded.

“The words of our almighty vice division leader is correct…Cough!”

Raon kicked Krein, who was mockingly shouting, and looked back at the Light Wind members.

“I apologize!”

“I’m also sorry for not being able to see it properly!”

“I will never miss it again!”

The Light Wind members immediately bowed their heads when they saw Krein get hit.

“Since everyone has admitted it, I will temporarily be conducting concentration-enhancing training from now on.”

Raon thanked them for their willing cooperation and smiled.

"I-is this how it goes?"

"...I've seen a devil.

"No, it's more like I saw a demon..."

The Light Wind members trembled their jaws with pale faces.

"Playing tricks is also a skill…”

“He’s so handsome even when he’s sulking….”

Encia smiled as if she didn’t care what Raon did, pressing the button on her camera so hard that her fingers were invisible.


Raon scratched his cheek as he heard the sound of the camera.

“Aren’t you going back to your lodging, lady Encia?”

“I’m not going anywhere when I have the chance to take pictures all night!”

Encia shook her head, saying that there are not many opportunities to take a large number of A-grade photos.

“You should be preparing for training.”

Raon sighed and approached Runaan, who was lying next to Encia. She was still making a snoring sound while sleeping.





Runaan did not respond as if she had not woken up yet.

“I bought ice cream just now.”

As soon as he said that, Runaan’s eyes opened wide.


Her pupils trembled when she saw that there was nothing in his hand.

“You lied to me….”

Runaan frowned for the first time, sticking out her tongue. Then, as if she remembered something, she looked around.


The fact that she would think of Martha immediately upon waking up was an unimaginable reaction from the previous Runaan.

"She's still sleeping. No need to worry, she's organizing her enlightenment."


Runaan nodded in relief as if only now feeling reassured.

“I’ll let you off today.”

Raon tapped Runaan's forehead and waved goodbye, telling her to go inside and sleep.

“Now, then…”

Ice cream!

Wrath, who had been sleeping above, suddenly woke up and shook his chubby belly.

Where is the ice cream!


* * *

In the central tower that soared in the center of the city of Barena, a shadow concealed Sheryl gazed at the mansion of Heukgeumje in the night, letting out a short sigh.


What is she thinking?

Heukgeumje had been humiliated by Raon ever since she arrived in Zieghart.

All the fame she had sought had fallen into Raon’s hands, and all that remained in Five Divine Rulers was ridicule and indifference.

However, even though her plans had been completely ruined and the perpetrator was clear, she did not show any movement.

‘I thought she would explode this time.’

When Raon defeated all of Five Divine Rulers’s disciples and won the tournament, taking the elixir as well, Sheryl expected that Heukgeumje’s patience would run out.

Even though she had reached the rank of transcendence, being treated so poorly by the much younger Raon would have mentally shattered her.

That's why she had prepared to spring into action as close to Raon as possible, enabling her to move at any time.

‘But she endured it. No, she even stopped the Dark Sword Master.’

Heukgeumje showed her emotions, but she endured to the end and even stopped the Dark Sword Master who was on the verge of a rage. It was an incomprehensible reaction.

Since she came to Zieghart, she had wanted the fame of the Six Kings. All of those plans were ruined, but I don’t know what she’s waiting for.

'Clearly, there must be something she's aiming for.'

She couldn't endure this level of patience unless there was something crucial she desired. 

The Festival would end, but Sheryl felt the need to remain vigilant.

‘I’ll have to keep an eye on her even after this festival.’

A person who is only strong is not scary, but a person who is strong and does not use it is scary. It seemed that the danger level of Heukgeumje had to be raised a lot further.

Sheryl watched Heukgeumje’s mansion quietly, even as she sent a report to Zieghart.

‘After this, I’ll go back…’

When she was about to return to her lodgings, she saw a small movement in the bushes next to Heukgeumje’s mansion. Just as she lowered her stance to move, a young kangaroo popped out of the bushes.


Sheryl sighed as she straightened up.

“A kangaroo.”

* * *

Ariel returned to her office and leaned back against the sofa. After closing her eyes for a long time, she raised her head and let out a low sigh.

“Nothing goes right when that guy is involved.”

Every time things seem to be going according to plan, Raon suddenly pops out and ruins everything. It was no exaggeration to say that she had suffered astronomical losses because of that guy.

‘My stomach feels stuffy, like I’m constipated.’

The day she had been waiting for was drawing near. If Raon interfered that day as well, many things would crumble, so she had to do whatever it took to stop it.

Ariel seemed to have made up her mind, so she hiked up her skirt. She took out a book from her thigh and placed it on the table. The cover of the book had a sun and a moon on it, which emitted different colors depending on the direction you looked at it.

'Unfortunately, it can't be helped.'

If there was a problem on that day, a major accident would occur that would be far beyond the damage she had suffered so far. Because Raon could intervene from anywhere in any way, Ariel felt the need to read the heavenly signs properly.

Ariel chewed her lips as she opened the book. She turned the page with lyrics-like words written on it and stopped her hand at the blank white page.


She took a deep breath and bit her finger with her teeth. Blood dripped from the short cut and fell onto the white page.


The page, which was as white as a snowfield, seemed to have a shallow wave as if it had become a lake. The blooddrops began to slowly dye the white paper.

Ariel closed her eyes and opened her upper energy center. The white hole, which is said to connect heaven and humans through the mana circuit, opened and the flow of the world came close enough to be grasped.

She accelerated the beating of her upper energy center, ignoring the countless humans who existed between the sun and the moon, and only drawing Raon Zieghart.

The soul that revealed its dignity and the book that was gradually turning dark resonated, and the blood that filled the white paper began to dance on its own.

Erasing the image of Raon Zieghart that she had drawn in her mind, she raised her eyelids. As she lowered her gaze to check the book, her pupils trembled.

“What is this….”


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