TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 491

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Chapter 491

Raon looked up at Dark Swordmaster, whose hands were shaking, and curled his lips.

'I have no reason to do that.'

If a proper senior martial artist offered guidance, Raon would have accepted it willingly. However, Dark Swordmaster was a person with a heart as dark as burnt coal. His teachings were undoubtedly poisoned apples.

'He could use tricks, or cast illusions on me.'

The world of martial arts is mysterious. Dark Swordmaster (SaGeomMa), whose name means 'Dark' (Sa = Death/Dark) could also use sorcery (black magic), so there was no reason to shake hands with him.

It's clear why Dark Swordmaster resorted to such underhanded tactics.


"White Sword Dragon! White Sword Dragon! White Sword Dragon!"

"Dark Swordmaster! Dark Swordmaster! Dark Swordmaster!"

The spectators is cheering so loudly that the ground is shaking.

He probably thought that I couldn't refuse his guidance because everyone here is cheering so loudly.

'It's not a bad method, but...'

I don't care about people's eyes.

The reputation of Zieghart and the Light Wind division rose to the point where it pierced the sky after he completely crushed the four disciples of the Five Divine Rulers.

Since the reputation was already overflowing, it didn't matter much if it went down a little now.

"Why did White Sword Dragon refuse Dark Swordmaster's offer?"

"I know, right? It's an absolute gain, isn't it?"

"Are there any problems between the two of them?"

"White Sword Dragon is not an ordinary person. He wouldn't have refused for no reason."

"Well, if there's a problem, it's on Dark Swordmaster's side."

Despite Raon's rejection of Dark Swordmaster's offer, many spectators didn't find it strange, given the strength and confidence he had demonstrated.

‘This is how you should mess things up.’

The real mess is to turn the inside of the target upside down and make it look ordinary to other people.

It seemed that he had shown the essence of the mess today to the point that he was proud of himself.

"If it's because of the previous incident, I overreacted. So don't think about it again. It's a great opportunity, isn't it!"

Dark Swordmaster shook his head briefly and reached out his hand.

"I don't need a good opportunity."

"Ugh, the spectators are also expecting it, you know!"

He pointed to the spectators who were still cheering and muttered, "Will you ignore them?" His face showed his impatience.

Raon raised his right hand and clenched his fist, and all the spectators who were shouting shut their mouths.

"If you're talking about the previous incident, are you talking about the words and actions that you ignored me and Zieghart?"

"I, I didn't ignore...!"

"That's okay. I already forgot."

He cut off Dark Swordmaster's words before he could refute them, making it a fact.

"What, what is it?"

"Dark Swordmaster ignored Zieghart?"

"So that's why he refused."

The spectators accepted Raon's words as fact and looked down at Dark Swordmaster.

"You're talking nonsense again...!"

"However, the reason I refused the guidance is not because of that."

Raon shook his head again, cutting off Dark Swordmaster's words once more.

"I want to reach the rank of Grandmaster with my own strength, without borrowing the strength of others. A martial artist should break down the wall that stands in his way by himself."

As soon as those words were finished, a deep sigh erupted from the entire arena.


"Is White Sword Dragon really 21 years old?"

The spectators was amazed by Raon's thoughts.

“I'm more surprised by his thoughts than his strength…”

“I wondered how he reached the peak Master level at such a young age, but it was because he had such beliefs.”

"A true divine being has appeared in Zieghart."

The spectators nodded their heads in admiration at Raon's beliefs. Everyone muttered that this is how a warrior should be.


Raon took a step closer to Dark Swordmaster. He smiled and closed his hand to prevent the sound from escaping.

"You're not a good teacher either. Did you forget that your disciple couldn't even last three moves?"

It was four moves.

‘The feet don't count.’

After pushing Wrath away, he shook his hand and said that you don't have the right to teach me. That hand prevented other spectators from even seeing his lips move.

"This rascal!"

Dark Swordmaster gritted his teeth and raised his hand. As if he was about to release his strength, a tremendous amount of energy began to rise. At that moment, Heukgeumje blocked his path.


"Step aside."

Heukgeumje pushed the excited Dark Swordmaster away and shook his head. The flow had already shifted to the other side, so she meant to step aside.

Raon turned his gaze to Heukgeumje. She seemed to be annoyed by the situation itself, her eyebrows twitching.

‘It seems that Dark Swordmaster came up with the idea of giving me guidance on his own.’

It was similar to Heukgeumje's methods, but much more crude. It was a method that a simple and impatient Dark Swordmaster could think of.

"Congratulations again."

Heukgeumje forced a calm expression and handed over two boxes she was holding.

Raon opened the first box. It exuded a burning heat as if the heart of Lavasiri was still alive.

‘It's the real deal. And…’

He opened the lid of the second box. A cold chill wrapped around his fingers with a creaking sound.

It was the frosty aura emanating from the blue apple inside the box.

"It's the Thousand Year Snow Tale."

Heukgeumje said that this would be fine to take with the heart of Lavasiri, and twisted her lips.


Raon flicked his finger under the arena ground.


Dorian, who was rubbing the places he had been beaten in the duel, suddenly stood up and came up to the arena.

Raon and Dorian talked quietly with their hands in front of their mouths, then nodded.

"Lady Ariel, I'm sorry, but..."

Raon approached Heukgeumje and lowered his voice as if whispering.

"It seems the goods don't match."

"What do you mean?"

Heukgeumje frowned.

"Initially, you promised a frost elixir of a similar level to Lavasiri, but this is not that level."


As he said that, he pointed to Dorian. Dorian opened his eyes wide like a surprised herbivore.


Heukgeumje's gaze turned to Dorian.

"Who is this...?"

"He is the quartermaster (supply officer) of the Light Wind division and also the successor to the Sephia Company (Sepia Merchants Association changed to Sephia Company)."

Raon revealed Dorian's identity with a faint smile.


As soon as Heukgeumje heard Dorian's identity, she swallowed her saliva.

"The successor of Sephia says that the price of the fire elixir is high these days, and it is not enough to be compared to this Thousand Year Snow Tale. What do you think?"

Raon lowered the heart of Lavasiri as if his hands were scales, and raised the Thousand Year Snow Tale.

"It is said that the Sephia Company has spread its wings recently..."

"Yes, I heard it is now one of the top three best companies on the continent."

"If the successor to such a company says so, it must be true."

The spectators also seemed to be convinced by Dorian's identity, and they all began to think that the Thousand Year Snow Tale was not enough.


Three wrinkles appeared on Heukgeumje's forehead. She shook her neck and opened her spatial pocket again, and held out a blue bead.

"This is a Yeonseondan elixir. It has a coldness that is not inferior to the Thousand Year Snow Tale, so it will be enough."

She handed over Yeonseondan, emitting a growl-like sound every time she spoke, as if gritting her teeth.

“Thank you. You're always so refreshing.”

Raon nodded with a smile. He opened the lid of the box containing the three elixirs and held it up to the Spectators.

"Wow! Raon! Raon! Raon! Raon!"

"Light Wind division! Light Wind division! Light Wind division!"

"This is the Six Kings! What is the Five Divine Rulers?"

The Spectators completely forgot the word that the Dark Swordmaster had first talked about, and only cheered for Raon and the Light Wind division.

Raon handed the elixir box to Dorian and bowed his head to Heukgeumje.

"Thank you for inviting me and giving me such a gift."

"…No. You are taking what you should take."

"Thanks to you, I had a great time.”

As Raon said he had a great time, Heukgeumje's expression noticeably darkened. It seemed like suppressed anger was surging.

'Of course.'

She couldn't help but be angry because he took all the fame she wanted to gain through the duel tournament, and the elixir she had prepared for her disciple.

"Hey! That was an amazing match!"

The cry of the Demon Killing Spear echoed from the stage. Despite his disciple being beaten up, he was cheering like that; he wasn't normal at all.

The Evil Sword Queen next to him was still looking down with an expression that could not be read.

Finally, he looked at the Dark Swordmaster. He was biting his lips with a pale face.

"Thank you for your hard work, Dark Swordmaster."

Raon raised his chin towards Dark Swordmaster and sneered.


The Dark Swordmaster's hand slowly approached the sword at his waist. However, before it touched the sword, he stopped and didn't move.

'Unfortunately, he doesn't attack.'

I thought the Dark Swordmaster might attack because his temperament was shallow, unlike his power, but unfortunately, he didn't seem to be that foolish.

Raon nodded at Heukgeumje and the Dark Swordmaster and went down the arena.


Dorian, who was left alone, was sweating profusely as he pushed the elixir box into his belly pocket.

"I just said I didn't know about the elixir, but why..."

Heukgeumje's face turned bright red at Dorian's muttering. She looked at Raon, who had gone down the arena, and gritted her teeth.

'That damn kid!'

* * *

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Are you really a human?

Wrath looked back and let out a sigh.

Are you sure you don't have a con artist ancestor in your lineage? How did you come up with such a scam there?

The guy shook his thick chin, wondering how he thought of using Dorian in that situation.

'It was luck.'

Raon smiled faintly. When he called Dorian to take the elixir, his identity came to mind, so he tried it once, and it worked well. It was purely luck, so there was nothing he could say.

As he recalled the red face of Heukgeumje a while ago, he naturally smiled.

He felt a refreshing feeling in his chest as he headed to the temporary treatment center.

Runaan and Martha were still lying down, unconscious. Sensing them with his perception, he found that both of them had healed all their major injuries.

Both the ice cream girl and the beef girl are fine.

Wrath nodded after looking at Martha and Runaan. He was relieved that he could trust him in this area.

However, it will take a little time for the beef girl to wake up.


After her sudden breakthrough to the rank of Master, she needs time to organize herself.

‘Ah, yes, I went through that too.’

He nodded because he had experienced it himself.

'I never thought I'd see this wild girl become a Master level.'

He looked at Martha with a slight smile. It was fascinating and gratifying to see the troublemaker, who had challenged everyone upon their first meeting, now understanding the value of comrades and becoming a Master.

This time, he turned his gaze to Runaan, who was sleeping with a snoring sound.

'This kid is the same.'

Runaan was also like Martha, unable to get along with other people.

Runaan, who was once afraid of blood due to brainwashing of Syria, had grown to the point of learning martial arts to protect her comrades. It was truly commendable.

Aren't you the same? Wrath asked.


You didn't get along with humans and stayed out at first, did you?

‘That's right.’

Raon nodded calmly at Wrath.

‘I, too, need time to adjust.’

‘I've experienced what it means to be human, I understand a bit more.’

He lived as an assassin who was brainwashed in his previous life, so he didn't know the importance of family, friends, and colleagues. He thought it was all meaningless illusions.

However, his thoughts changed as he lived a new life.

Through Sylvia and the residents of the annex building, he discovered the meaning of family. Through the Light Wind, he understood the value of friends and comrades.

He felt that all of them were precious relationships, he felt the need to treat them even better in the future.

Raon came out of the treatment center with a gentle smile.


"Raon! Well done!"

"Vice division leader you were the epitome of a sword god!"

"Handsome Raon! Handsome Raon!"

The Light Wind swordsmen applauded loudly, praising Raon's remarkable performance.

"Do you guys know?"

Raon raised his chin at the Light Wind members.

"I won, not you."

That remark made the Light Wind members’ complexion turn pale.

"I even had to move, it's pathetic."

“Oh, no, we're all facing Master level opponents, how can we...?"

"As soon as you get back, you're all going to do concentration enhancement training."

Raon pointed his hand, gesturing to the entire Light Wind members.

"Hey! I didn't even participate!"

Burren glared.

"Who said you not to participate?"

"You said not to!"

"Enough. Get ready to leave."

He turned his back, covering his mouth.


Wrath, seeing the disastrous atmosphere of the Light Wind members, opened his mouth wide.

You just said you'd treat them better! What's the use if you can't keep a promise for even 10 seconds, you crazy bastard!


Raon gave instructions to the Light Wind members to go to their lodgings and wait, then turned his gaze to the right side of the spectators seats.

A red-haired elf sitting on a makeshift table, counting the piled gold coins and drooling, caught his attention.

He sighed deeply and approached Rimmer.

"Did you win a lot?"

"Oh? My precious lucky star is here?"

Rimmer smiled brightly, wearing a bag full of gold coins over his shoulder. He looked so happy to be a gambler again for the first time in a while that his face was radiant.

"Just looking at you makes me full even if I don't eat!"

He patted Raon on the shoulder, saying that he really did a good job.

"You did really well. It became less fun as you gained fame, but you thought well of the three-to-one odds!"

Rimmer, chuckling, mentioned that he had received over eight times the payout after a long time.

"First, can you return the badge(emblem)?"

Raon pointed to the Zieghart's symbol on Rimmer's chest.

"Oh, right."

He smiled brightly and removed the badge that proved he was the representative. Raon checked to make sure it wasn't a counterfeit.

"I wouldn't cheat you that much, given how much money I've won."

Rimmer waved his hand, reassuring him not to worry.

Even after receiving the badge, Raon didn't withdraw his hand.

"Huh? What?"

"You also have to pay the commission."


"If you profited from using my name, you should give an appropriate fee for that."

He flicked his finger at Rimmer's gold coin bag.

"Don't forget it later."

"Wow, you're really ruthless. I've seen a lot of people, but I've never seen anyone like you!"

"I've never seen an elf like you, either."

"Oh, man!"

He sighed and took the money out of his gold coin bag.

As Raon received the gold coins from Rimmer, his eyes narrowed.

'As expected, something's off.'

Previous to this, Rimmer wouldn't easily hand over money like this.

It was strange for the person who should be clinging to his pants to just hand over the money.


Even now, anger could be felt.

Rimmer was still unstable even though he had won so much money. He felt a sticky anger burning inside his heart.


You're right. That elf is still burning with anger.

Wrath nodded, saying that he had seen it right.


Raon approached Rimmer and licked his lips briefly.

"Hey. Let me live a little too. If you take any more... "

"Have you heard the saying that sharing joy doubles it, and sharing sorrow halves it?"

"Well, I've heard it... "

He opened his eyes wide, as if surprised by the sudden words.

"When I won the tournament today and descended from the arena ground, the members of Light Wind congratulated me. Surprisingly, I suddenly felt the victory is much better. Thanks to that, I realized that the saying is true."

Raon looked at Rimmer with a faint smile.

"I know that you don't have much trust in me yet, but still, sharing difficult times will make it easier. If there's anything you want to discuss, feel free to come anytime."

He bowed and left the spectators seats, exiting the arena.

You're in a good mood, but you're scolding the kids and the elf? Seriously, do you have mental issues? Get a health check..

'Shut up.'

Ignoring Wrath, who was shouting about morality lessons as the Demon King, Raon pushed through and left the arena.


Rimmer stared blankly at Raon's retreating figure, trembling at his fingertips.

[You really have a good disciple.]

He nodded slightly as he listened to Sheryl's aura message.

"Yes. He is more than I deserve."


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