TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 485

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Chapter 485


Wrath's chubby cheeks shrank into thinness.

That madwoman appeared out of nowhere!

He trembled his jaw, saying he didn't even sense her presence.

‘I didn't know either.’

Raon sighed as he looked at the baby kangaroo.

‘I thought maybe…’

This area is a kangaroo habitat, and kangaroos can appear in the outskirts of the city because Zieghart's lodging is on the outskirts.

However, it is nonsense that there is a photo taken by Encia in the baby kangaroo's pouch. It was clearly Merlin.

"The photo that was lost was here, I see."

He recalled Encia's distress about the missing A-grade photos before the conference of the Five Divine Rulers.

Raon approached the kangaroo while holding his breath to prevent the sound from escaping.


Merlin nodded as if she was grateful for recognizing her.

He still couldn't get used to the sticky female voice coming out of the animal's mouth, or the blush on her cheeks. Goosebumps rose on his forearm.

"You said you wouldn't come for a while, didn't you?"

"That was a while ago. I finished everything to see you quickly."

She beamed, saying that she had finished all her work and came.

"You could have come later..."

Raon muttered in a low voice, pointing to the photo sticking out of Merlin's pouch.

"I took it while she was sleeping. Do you want me to tell you how I did it?"


He shook his head because he didn't really want to know.

"She's a good kid, knowing how to make such a strange artifact and knowing your worth."

Merlin laughed, saying that she stroked Encia's head while she was sleeping.

It's creepy!

Wrath trembled with his hair standing on end like freshly made cotton candy.


It was creepy to think that Merlin would stroke her head while she was asleep. However, there was one thing that was a bit questionable about her words.

"That's a bit unexpected."


"I knew you could take the photos with the camera, so why only take a few photos?"

If it were Merlin's usual personality, she should have taken both the camera and all the photos.

It was strange that she left some of them behind.

"Why is that unexpected? It's obvious, isn't it?"

Merlin tilted her head as if she was the one who was surprised.

"If I leave the camera, she'll keep taking pictures of you, right? You can't cut the stomach of a goose that lays golden eggs.”

She laughed, saying that she intentionally didn't take a lot of photos so that Encia wouldn't run away.


Raon's lips trembled. As soon as he heard Merlin's words, a chill ran down his spine.

Ugh! I can't take it anymore!

Wrath screamed and ran into the ice flower bracelet.

Raon swallowed his saliva as he looked at Merlin, who was smiling brightly.

'Encia was gentle.'

Encia was also difficult to handle, but this was more serious. No, there was a sense of terror here.

"So, why did you come here?"

"Of course I came to see you."

Merlin tossed aside any pretense and directly mentioned the sword. Such honesty was also hard to get used to.

"And I'm a little worried.”


Raon tilted his head. He didn't understand why she was suddenly worried.

"The last of the Five Demons is ready to emerge."

"Is the last of the Five Demons the Holy Sword Union?"


Merlin nodded, saying that the Holy Sword Union seemed to be about to unlock the sealed gates.

"The Holy Sword Union... are those demonic swordsmen coming out?"

When the Holy Sword Union first appeared, people expected that holy swordsmen with sacred powers would act for the benefit of the world. But that was a big misconception.

The Holy Sword Union is not a holy sword, but it means that it values the sword. (it meant considering a sword as sacred.)

'It looks similar, but it's completely different.'

The demonic swordsmen of the Holy Sword Union were madmen who could stab their parents and siblings in the back with a smile for the sake of the development of swords and swordsmanship.

"Although you may not know, Zieghart and the Holy Sword Union don't get along well at all."

Merlin said that the two forces fought every time they saw each other, and her eyes narrowed.

'I thought so.'

The Holy Sword Union attacked famous swordsmanship families and robbed their swordsmanship books to strengthen their own military power.

It was inevitable that they would collide with Zieghart, which is well-known for their swordsmanship within the Six Kings.

"The head of house Zieghart and the head of the Holy Sword Union have also collided in the past."

"I know that."

Raon nodded. There was a rumor that Zieghart had stopped moving, and the Sword Union had been sealed because Glenn and the head of the Sword Union clashed head-on.

However, looking at Glenn now, the reality of Zieghart seemed to be a little different from the rumors.

"When you encounter the Holy Sword Union, it's better to avoid them."

Merlin gestured, advising to carefully observe the opponent before deciding whether to fight.

"Oh, and be careful on our side too, although I'll tell you in advance."

"Eden? Is there something going on there too?"

"The number of kids wearing helmets and masks has increased. Especially, some of them are really strong."


"I mentioned it before. The Green King. The owner of that helmet has awakened."

A vague memory passed by at the mention of the Green King.

"If it's the Green King, it must be the Orc King helmet."

"Not just any king but the power that ruled all the orcs on the continent. It might be stronger than you now, even though it's still young."

Merlin lowered her lips, saying that it was the power of the king among kings.

"They might not come out immediately, but being cautious in advance won't hurt."

"Did you come here to tell me about that?"

"I came because I wanted to see you."

She smiled brightly, saying that the Holy Sword Union and the Green King were secondary, and that she just wanted to see him.

"But for today, we should stop here."

Merlin shook her head, pressing the photo that was sticking out of her pouch tightly.

"The one who protects you is coming."

"Sheryl? You knew that too?"

"Of course. I've met her."

She shook her head, saying that she would never miss the aura she had met once.

Wrath's trembling could be felt inside the bracelet.

"Handsome Raon."

"Don't say that..."

"Tell the photo-taking kid that I'm joining the Handsome Raon religion too."

Merlin teased, scratching her belly.


"Then I'll tell her myself later."

It was hard to tell where the joke ended and the sincerity began with this woman.

"Also, comb the fur of this little one. It seems itchy on the back. Well, I'll be going now."

Merlin waved her hand, disappearing with a 'poof.'


The baby kangaroo jumped up and approached as if asking for someone to scratch its back.

"Combing the fur should be light... huh?

Raon took out a comb and stopped as he stood there. There were still photos in the kangaroo's belly.

‘Did Merlin leave this behind.'

It seemed absurd considering her usual personality.

"You shouldn't have...?"

As soon as he reached for the photo, the kangaroo slapped his hand and backed away.

"Hey, I got caught."

Merlin stuck out her tongue and scratched her head.

"I have to take more of your photos, but I can't go yet."

She said that she had left the photos with Encia and ran away into the bushes.

"See you again."


Raon called Merlin, but she disappeared into the bushes without looking back. He didn't have the courage to follow her, so he just sighed.

"Oh, I'm tired."

Raon sighed with his palm on his forehead. He was exhausted after being harassed by Encia and Merlin in a row.

He felt like the stress he had relieved with Heukgeumje was filling up again.

'I need to let some steam off.'

He shook his head and went into the inn (lodging).

"You're here!"

"Vice leader. You're late!"

"Why are you so late?"

"If you had sent us earlier... uh?"

The Light Wind members, who were about to complain about being late, shut their mouths when they saw Raon's eyes. His eyes were filled with madness, just like when he was giving them concentration training.

“Why, why is he like that?"

"His eyes are messed up!"

"He was in a good mood just now!"

The Light Wind members trembled in fear at the eerie aura that was emanating from Raon's feet.

“I'm sorry for being late. Let's start training right away.”

Raon drew out Heavenly Drive with a voice that was excruciatingly cold.

"In a real combat scenario."

The Light Wind members’ faces turned pale at the words "real combat."

He's taking out his anger on the Light Wind members because he got slapped in the face by Merlin.

Wrath stuck his head out of the bracelet and shook his head.

His personality is truly the best in the universe…

* * *

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For Indonesian: 


Martha let out a hot breath and slammed her sword into the ground. Her whole body was so weak that she felt like she would collapse if she didn't hold on.

"Damn it..."


Burren knelt on one knee and couldn't raise his head, and Runaan was glued to the ground like she had become one with the earth, only making a purring sound.


"I'm going to die."

"What the hell is going on today? What the hell is going on?"

Since the captains were about to collapse, the Light Wind members were also all lying on the ground, crawling.


Martha scanned the training ground and narrowed her eyes.

'It's definitely more intense.'

Perhaps because the duel tournament was just two days away, Raon was pushing the members harder than usual.

Everyone's body and mind were exhausted from blocking the sword stances that seemed like they were actually fighting a real battle.


Turning her gaze to the center of the training ground at the sound of the explosion that shook the earth, she saw Mark Gorton flying out from Raon's sword strike and rolling on the ground.


Mark Gorton tried to get up immediately, but he couldn't dissipate the shock and knelt down again.

"Stop whining and get up."

Raon spat out a long tongue at the Light Wind members, who were still moaning.

"You guys should know better than anyone that you haven't had proper training coming all the way here. It's time to pay for that."


"What are you saying, you...!"

The Light Wind members shook their heads, unable to even speak because they were too tired.

"If you don't want to disgrace the name of Zieghart in the tournament, you have to endure this much. Wake up."

Even with Raon's cries, the Light Wind members struggled to get up. But one person was different.


Martha took a deep breath, as if she had spit out blood, and straightened her back.

'That's right. Now is not the time to be lying down.'

I haven't accomplished any of my goals yet.

Her first and only goal was to find her mother. She wanted to get her mother back at any cost and go back to the happy days when they were poor but happy.

However, the more she thought about the past, the more she dreamed of her mother being killed or kidnapped by the White Blood religion every day, and her nerves became so sharp that they felt like they were about to break.

'I vented my anger on the world, thinking I was the only one struggling, lonely, and in pain.'

She had said and done many things to the Light Wind members that she shouldn't have, and she wasn't even aware that it was shameful.

But being with Raon, Burren, Runaan, and the Light Wind members, she realized that she was on the wrong path.

'Of course, there were also difficult times in between.'

During the rescue mission for Raon, she saw the leader of the White Blood religion, who had taken possession of her mother's body. She feared that she might revert to the time when she used to be angry at the world. The fear was so overwhelming that she couldn't sleep properly.

However, because her colleagues were always there, saying that they would help her in any way, she no longer had nightmares or felt anger towards the world.


Martha pulled out the sword that was stuck in the ground. The sand dust that rose with the sword blade drew a refreshing wave, as if erasing the pain buried in her chest.


She took a deep breath and smiled faintly at Raon.

'Stupid bastard.'

Despite Raon being busy with his own training, he always looked out for the Light Wind members. Training together, Martha didn't feel tired or notice the passing time, sensing Raon's sincere dedication to the Light Wind division.

I was always grateful and thankful.

‘Thanks to you, my goals have increased."

The liberation of my mother from the White Blood religion’s leader is the top priority, and it is a task that must be accomplished even if I die, Yet, another task emerged, helping a fool who only thought of his comrades.

'Raon must have some goal too.'

Raon swung the sword as if possessed by something. It wasn't just about wanting to become stronger, there was an important objective, whatever it may be. Martha wanted to help, no matter what it was.

"For that, I need to..."

Fight now.

Martha wrapped her aura around her body, which was as heavy as if it had been soaked in water, and raised her sword.

She forced her strength into her limbs, which were screaming, and took a step towards Raon.


Raon also opened his eyes wide, surprised that Martha would get up.


Martha twisted her lips as she aimed her raised sword at Raon.

"You're still far away. Come at me!"

* * *

The day of the tournament.

In the center of the huge arena built behind the conference hall of the Five Divine Rulers l, a traditional-style arena rose.

People came to the arena early in the morning to see the duel tournament, which is arguably the biggest event of this festival.

By the time it was time to finish breakfast, the entire arena was filled with people, with no room to even squeeze in.

"I'm looking forward to it. Who will win?"

"Isn't it Zieghart? It seems there's no one who can beat the White Sword Dragon, right?"

"The age range is not thirty, but forty."

"Even Raon Zieghart can't guarantee it."

"Right. If the young master of the Yakan family participates, he might be able to defeat the White Sword Dragon."

“They say the Commander of Yupen city is no joke either."

The spectators was busy wagging their tongues more than they were eating, debating who would appear in today's duel tournament and who would win.

"You're only looking at small things."

A bald gambler interrupted the conversation, clicking his tongue.

"What do you mean?"

"It's a celebration of the establishment of the Five Divine Rulers, so they won't just sit there, will they? They'll bring out their hidden masters to show off their skills."

"Hmm, that's true..."

"That's right. It's a good opportunity to make a name for yourself."

"If the Six Kings participate, they'd be more than happy to do so. They can build their reputation by destroying them.”

The gambler waved his hand, saying to bet on the Five Divine Rulers if you want to win money.

"But Raon Zieghart is different, isn't he? He has the nickname of the White Sword Dragon"

"Even so, he's only 21 years old, right? If the Five Divine Rulers is involved, there must be a warrior stronger than the White Sword Dragon under forty."

"That's true. There's a bit of a age gap."

“On top of that, there are rumors that Raon Zieghart won’t be able to participate. Even though the Light Wind division is strong for their age, they’re still inexperienced overall.”

As the gamblers joined the conversation, the objective judgment of who will win began.

As the sun moved to the center, the heads of the Five Divine Rulers began to appear one by one, and the seats in the VIP section near the arena began to fill up.


"It's Zieghart!"

"The White Sword Dragon is in front!"

"They're here. But why are their eyes...?"

The spectators looked at Raon and the Light Wind members and trembled their lips.

Unlike the other participants, the eyes of Zieghart swordsmen flashed a piercing blue like soldiers facing a war, shimmering with a deep determination.

However, Raon and the Light Wind members, in contrast to the madness in their eyes, quietly took their seats.

After a while, the bell rang, indicating 10 o'clock, and Ariel stepped onto the stage.

With a light and graceful gait that seemed to walk on the sky, the entire arena erupted in cheers.


"It's Heukgeumje!"

"Cheers for the White Whale! Cheers for the White Whale!"

"Thank you for coming here, even though you're busy."

Heukgeumje greeted the spectators sitting in the arena one by one, then stood in the center of the arena.

"The festival of warriors concludes by testing their skills. Today, the warriors who have come here to celebrate the establishment of the Five Divine Rulers will compete against each other, enhancing camaraderie through friendly matches. However, just doing that wouldn't be fun..."

She snapped her fingers, and a space opened in the air, and a square box popped out.

Heukgeumje lifted the box up and opened the lid. An enormous heat that wiped away the cold of winter emanated from the red bead.

"The heart of Lavasiri, a creature that lives in the lava zone."

She showed everyone the heart of Lavasiri, then closed the lid again.

"I will present this elixir to the winner of this competition! Of course, we will also provide the Elixir of Frost to ensure you can consume it properly."


"the Five Divine Rulers is the best!"

"Long live Heukgeumje!"

The entire arena swayed like waves at the tremendous prize.

"We don't need to prolong this, so let's start the explanation of the duel right away. This tournament is open to anyone under forty years old, except for the faction heads. It operates on a straightforward system where the winner remains, and the loser steps down."

Heukgeumje went down the arena, shouting that the duel would end if no challenger came out.

* * *

As soon as she went down, a man who lightly climbed up to the arena like flicking a blade of grass appeared. Even though he was wearing thick armor, his movements were light.

"My name is Jeron of the Catan Knights!"

He introduced himself and asked if anyone would challenge him.

Raon hit Krein on the shoulder, who was right next to him.

"...It's me again?"


Krein gritted his teeth and went up to the arena.

"I am Krein of Zieghart!"

Krein approached the center of the arena and bowed to Jeron.

The referee came over and checked the identities of the two men, then nodded.

"The duel between Krein of Zieghart and Jeron of the Catan Knights will begin!"

As soon as the referee lowered his hand and stepped back, Krein slammed the ground.

"Now, let's exchange greetings properly..."

“I don’t care about that!“

Krein's eyes turned red as he unleashed a series of sword strikes that spread like sunlight.


Jeron couldn't overcome the impact and knelt on one knee.

“You, you, what a dirty…”

“Dirty? Let me ask you what will happen if you lose here?”

“W-what do you mean by that!”

“You’ll just get a good scolding if you lose here. But if we lose….”

A bright yellow madness welled up in Krein’s eyes. He roared and fired a sword energy.

“We’ll die!”


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