TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 477

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

Chapter 477

Raon's expression was calm, but his mind was racing faster than ever.

‘The outstretched ocean-colored hair, scars covering the face and body, and eerie eyes resembling a hawk.’

It was indeed the Demon Killing Spear, Kerun.

The Western Lamb (Lamb of the West) is a casino operated by the Martial Spear Association, one of the Five Divine Rulers.

He thought it was possible to meet him by chance because the Demon Killing Spear was the head of the Martial Spear Association, but he was a little surprised when it actually happened.

'I shouldn't think of him as the same as Heukgeumje.'

Unlike Ariel, who had a tendency to read others' minds, Kerun was different.

His unpredictable nature meant that crossing him might lead to an irreversible outcome.

Maintaining confidence without arrogance was crucial. Careful calibration was necessary.


Kerun approached him, his neck creaking and making a thumping sound.

"What did you say just now?"

"I said, 'Hey.'"

Raon repeated what he had said a moment ago with a calm expression.

"I didn't hear wrong."

Kerun laughed, picking his ear with his little finger.

"Oh my…”


"That guy is not in his right mind!"

The faces of the gamblers around him turned pale, unlike Raon's calm gaze.

"Do you even know who I am?"

"I came here to win money, so do I need to know that?"

Raon frowned with a calm voice.

"You spoke politely to the dealer and waiter earlier."

"I did."

"Why use informal language with me?"

Kerun's eyes narrowed, and his presence grew terrifyingly. It seemed that the entire casino was in his hands.

'I can't falter here.'

This could be Kerun’s test. The tiger was already on his back. Going all the way was the right choice.

"They spoke respectfully, while you casually used informal language."

Looking at the shivering dealer, Raon reaffirmed his words.

"Hmm, I'll tell you in case you don't know."

Kerun scratched his scruffy-looking beard and nodded his head.

"I'm the owner here. I am...

"That's even more of a problem. The owner talking informally to a guest."

Raon snorted and turned his chin to the side.


Kerun lowered his head slightly and let out a sound like a pig crying.


He raised his gaze again and burst into laughter.

"This guy's insane! A real piece of work!"

Kerun patted the shoulder of the young man standing next to him and laughed loudly.

"I came to see the guy who trampled on Heukgeumje, and I almost missed it if I hadn't come!"

He shook his head, saying he didn't think he would be such a fun guy.

"Master Kerun, please be careful. There are many eyes watching."

The golden-haired young man who had been hit on the shoulder by Kerun shook his head, putting on his glasses. He didn't seem to be an ordinary employee, but rather a warrior of the Martial Spear Association.

"Careful? How should I be careful with this guy in front of me?"

"Don't say 'guy'? It's not nice to hear."

"Oh, right. It would be impolite to call the continent's best talent with the title of the Dragon. However...

Kerun scratched his chin with his finger and smiled broadly.

"I just see him as a crazy guy. Is that a compliment?"

Raon frowned as he looked at Kerun's sparkling eyes.

'He doesn't seem like a bad guy.'

Raon had never seen Kerun before, so he couldn't be sure, but he didn't seem to have any ill intentions.

"Today, the line I liked the most was when I asked you, if you knew who I was," Kerun said. "You said, 'I came here to win money, so do I need to know that?' That was perfect."

Kerun giggled, thinking that Raon couldn't come up with a better line.

"But you still should know who I am," he said, pointing to himself. "I'm the owner of this casino and the head of the Martial Spear Association, Kerun."

"So what?" Raon said with a sullen expression.

"Of course he know," the young man standing next to Kerun said with a sigh, explaining for the dazed Kerun. "White Sword Dragon isn't stupid. He would have known if he thought about it."

Kerun laughed again, and the young man shook his head in disapproval.

'He's just as I heard,' Raon thought.

As he had heard from the black market, Kerun seemed to be a man who didn't think too deeply and acted as he pleased.

"Do you like money?" Kerun asked, looking at the pile of chips behind him.

"Who doesn't like money?" Raon replied.

"That's right," Kerun said, nodding his head vigorously. "There are no people who don't like money. But there are some who don't show it, even though they do. I thought you wouldn't be like that."

Kerun turned his gaze and licked his lips.

"Gambling and money are things that can bewitch people," he said. "So, what do you say? Let's gamble."

"What kind of gambling are you talking about?" 

"It's simple."

Forming a shape similar to a spear with his right hand. "All you have to do is withstand the blow I deliver to you on the spot."

"And you call that a gamble..."

"Listen till the end." 

Shaking his head slowly. "I'll stab you at a level that's appropriate for your level of strength. And everyone here will be witnesses."

Kerun spread his arms wide and said that everyone in the casino would be witnesses.

"What's the stake?" Raon asked, looking around the casino and placing his hand on the hilt of his sword, Heavenly Drive.


"Yes," the young man standing next to Kerun said, bowing his head.

"How much gold is left here?" Kerun asked.

"If we assume we'll exchange White Sword Dragon's chips, there won't be much left."

"Speak the numbers."

"There will be approximately 2,000 gold coins left."

Rube quickly looked at the chips on the table and said the remaining amount.

"Then bring 2,000 gold coins and the gold coins to be exchanged for that."

"Then it will be 4,000 gold coins..."

"Don't say anything, just bring it."

Kerun waved his hand as if he didn't want to talk anymore.


Rube bowed his head and disappeared into the casino hall.

“Gambling should be done in a gambling manner. If you win, I'll give you 4,000 gold coins. But if you lose, you leave with nothing but the money you came with."

He licked his lips as he said that gambling is either all or nothing.

"Vi,vice division leader!"

Dorian grabbed his sleeve and shook it. He looked like he wanted him to stop.

"Don't worry. I won't lose."

Raon showed Dorian a smile that he believed in, and then nodded to Kerun.



Kerun exclaimed and clapped his hands.

"Look at this. Isn't it refreshing how he decides without even thinking about 4,000 gold coins? Give him a round of applause!"

Gamblers, now spectators, awkwardly applauded at his declaration.

After a while, Rube came out with a large spatial pocket.

When he shook the spatial pocket, an amount of gold coins that was difficult to count came pouring out.


"How many gold coins are there...

"All this for one round of gambling?"

"It's unrealistic...

The gamblers, who had now become spectators, swallowed dry saliva as they looked at the mountain of gold.

"White Sword Dragon had 1,754 chips, so I brought double, 3,508."

Rube seemed to have counted the number of chips on the table in that short time. It wasn't an ordinary move on his part.

"Let's just round it to 4,000 and forget about the details."


"Ugh, I understand."

Kerun shook his head and looked at Raon.

"Sorry. Our guy isn't good with the rules. You can take the rest if you win. Is that okay?"

"It doesn't matter."

Raon nodded.

"As expected, I like your attitude."

Kerun said to get ready and turned his shoulder leisurely.


Raon took out Heavenly Drive while taking a deep breath.

'I shouldn't be arrogant.’

It is clear that he will not use the killing technique in front of so many people, but it is also clear that he will launch an offensive technique that is difficult to withstand at his current level.

I must not be careless and must be prepared with all my strength.


While operating the Ring of Fire to the extreme, he wrapped the heat of the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation around his whole body.

A heavy yet piercing aura began to rise like a flame, shaking the entire casino.


Kerun licked his lips again and his eyes shone.

"At that age, such prowess. It's truly astonishing."

"So, are you planning to break the promise?"

“No, I have no intention of doing that. I’ll do as I said and attack you at a level you can handle. Are you ready?”

“Come at me.”

Raon nodded.

“Then let’s begin.”

Kerun extends his raised hand. It is unimaginably slow, as if time were folded in half.

Even a flying insect could land on his hand.


“What, what is it?”

“It’s too slow…”

"Is he trying to give away money for free?"

The gamblers scratched their heads as they watched the seemingly child-like attack from the Demon Killing Spear.

But Raon, who was standing in front of the Demon Killing Spear’s hand, had sweat dripping down his forehead.


His heart clenched at the unimaginable power that was rising from that slow hand.

‘This is…’

It was the same pressure he had felt before. It was the same pressure he had felt when Glenn personally taught him the Sky Sword.

"Is it the martial art infused with the will?"

Kerun did not just throw his hand, but he put his will to defeat his opponent into it.

To the side, it might seem like he was joking or giving him a break, but the person facing that hand could not stand still under the pressure that felt like their body was going to twist.

‘I can’t block it with normal swordsmanship.’

Because there was a big difference in martial arts level, even if he used another martial art, there was no answer.

‘There’s only one choice.’

Raon gritted his teeth and gripped Heavenly Drive with both hands.

He raised Heavenly Drive above his head as he endured Kerun’s pressure, which was like a tidal wave.


The Ring of Fire resonated with a clear sound, raising the level of his soul.

He stepped forward with his left foot. The floor crumpled with a thud.

Filling the world of his mind with the will to cut down his enemy, he brought down Heavenly Drive, which he had set up at the top.

The first move of the Sky Sword, The Great Sky Descend from the Heavens, caused a sharp flash as it headed towards the wave of will created by Kerun.


A terrifying pressure rushed at him, as if it would crush his bones, but he gritted his teeth and endured it as he brought Heavenly Drive down to the end.


A magnificent light rises and the blue wave splits in half and subsides. Kerun’s will failed to achieve its purpose and faded away.

Raon smiled, forcing strength into his trembling hands.

‘I can use will in this way as well.’

It was an attack method that was similar to his previous life dark arts, but it was on a different level, hiding a tremendous amount of power in the guise of a normal attack.

He learned a lot about what kind of will a warrior like Demon Killing Spear has, which was a very good study.

‘The Sky Sword can go even further.’

This unexpected martial arts realization was the greatest benefit he had gained from coming here.


For the first time, confusion seeped into Kerun’s brown eyes.

“What the hell are you?”

His mouth was agape, as if he had not predicted this situation.

“How could Master level able to….”


Raon did not answer Kerun, but called for Dorian.

“Help me with the gold.”

“Ah, yes!”

Dorian, who had been in a daze, nodded and approached the mountain of gold.

“I’ll help you!”

Just as Dorian was about to put the gold in his belly pouch, Rimmer, who had a bruise on his left eye, suddenly appeared.

I don't know where that guy has been hiding until now.

Every time three gold coins entered Dorian's belly pocket, one coin found its way into Rimmer's pocket. I'll have to collect them all when we get back to the lodging.


Even Rube, who brought the gold, was so surprised that he couldn’t think of stopping the two of them and stood there in a daze.

“I’ve got it all.”

“Then let’s go. Let’s go with Encia, too.”

Raon also waved to Encia, who was on the right side.


Encia, who was still taking pictures in this situation, answered enthusiastically and followed him.

Raon stopped in front of the exit of the casino and turned around. He looked at the still surprised Demon Killing Spear and twisted his lips.

"I heard you were different, but you’re using a cheap trick. You must really like money, huh?”


Demon Killing Spear did not answer, but frowned.

“I’ll use the good money you gave me for good things. And send the remaining 500 gold coins to the inn.” (lodging)

He turned around without any hesitation and left the Casino. Dorian looked around and nodded, then closed the door.

No way….

Wrath shook his head as he surveyed the gambling hall, which had all turned to stone.

What kind of city is this, full of suckers?

* * *

Advance chapters: 

For Indonesian: 

Kerun sat down on the sofa in the executive office on the inside of the Western Lamb and put his hand to his forehead.

“Rube. Do you know how strong Raon Zighardt’s martial arts level is?”

“It’s not a big secret. He’s a peak Master Level.”

Rube replied as he stood next to the sofa.

“Yes, I knew that too. But how did he withstand my will?”

In order to block an attack with will, you need to use an enormous amount of aura or use the same martial arts of will.

“Martial arts of will can only be used after reaching the Grandmaster level. It’s too difficult for a Master level to learn.”

Kerun moaned softly as he touched his lips.

“How did he learn the martial arts of will?”


Rube looked at Kerun and frowned.

"But wasn't it something granted by you, master? Because you liked him..."

“I like him. He didn’t seem like a young man of today. However, even so, I wasn’t going to just hand over 3,500 gold coins.”

It was true that he was in a good mood after seeing Raon’s confidence, but he didn’t think he would hand over more than 80% of the gold coins in this casino.

He tried to get it back nicely, but he didn’t expect to be hit back like this.

“He’s a monster.”


Rube bit his lip. It was the first time Kerun had spoken such words to someone younger than himself. It seemed like he was genuinely impressed by Raon

"The mind that is able to trick Heukgeumje, the gambling skills that even professional gamblers can't notice, and the martial arts that contain will..."

Kerun scratched his grizzled chin and licked his lips.

“I really like him, though?”

* * *

Raon left Western Lamb and headed back to the lodging.

They're just giving away money to you.

Wrath stuck to his shoulder and frowned.

Why are there so many crazy suckers in the human world?

‘I don’t know.’

Do you have some kind of pheromone that attracts suckers?

‘I don’t think so.’

He shook his head and looked at Wrath.

It’s not me, it’s you.

With the ultimate sucker in both the human and demon worlds sticking by his side, it seemed that other suckers were naturally drawn to him.

It was just a pity that Wrath still couldn’t admit that he was a sucker.

Anyway, we’re having lobster and pork belly for dinner, right?

‘I’ll add dessert to that.’

Ooh! What’s the matter with the stingy guy!

‘It’s because of you that I made a lot of money.’

Thanks to Wrath wagging his tail like a tadpole and seeing the cards of the other gamblers, today’s harvest was made, so he could eat whatever he wanted for dinner.

‘I’ll call the kids too… Hmm?’

Raon was thinking about renting the entire restaurant when he was walking.

There were a lot of people gathered in front of the lodging designated for Zieghart.

“What’s going on there?”


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