TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 476

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Chapter 476

Raon was certain of the first words Encia would say the moment her orange eyes flashed.

‘She would definitely say 'handsome'.

"The ultimate handsome man!"

He was wrong. The word "개" was added to the front of "존잘." This was unexpected.


Wrath also let out a sharp cry, as if he was surprised.

Isn't she the crazy girl who was scrutinizing faces even before facing death?


As Wrath said, Encia, even on the verge of death, chose a healer based on appearance alone. It was worthy of admiration from the demon king.

"Siiirrr Raooon!"

Enshouting and running, Encia rushes forward. Tearful, if someone unfamiliar were to witness, it might seem like a reunion of long-lost family members.

"I missed you! Really!"

With hands clasped in front of her chest, she bit her lip. Judging by her expression, it seemed there was some truth to her words.

"Oh, long time no see, Lady Encia."

Raon stumbled in his words, taking a step back.



"How can you become even more handsome there?"

As Raon stepped back, Encia approached him.

"I already thought you were perfect, but are you going to ascend even higher?"

Her large pupils sparkled in the moonlight.

“Even a coup is a coup! Why do you live the world alone!”

Encia, fixated on Raon, ignored Runaan, who was standing behind them.

"Hey, Sir Raon?"

"What are you even eating? Getting more handsome every time I see you? It's driving me crazy!"


Raon bit his lip.

Raon was embarrassed by Encia's constant praise of his good looks. He didn't mind Merlin's compliments, but Encia was so open and honest about her admiration that he felt uncomfortable.

If it were Ariel or someone like Derus, Raon would mock and push away, but Encia, with no ulterior motives, showed sincere kindness, leaving Raon unsure of what to do.

“ugh, lady Encia?”

"I was prepared," Encia said, blushing. "I knew you would be more handsome, but I didn't think it would be possible for your face to be even more perfect than my imagination!"

The other members of the Light Wind division started to snicker and follow Encia's lead.

"Wow," one of them said. "He's so handsome!"

"Our vice leader is so handsome!"

"He's the most handsome man in the world!"

Raon frowned, but the other members just avoided his gaze and kept chanting "handsome."


Wrath snorted.

The King of Essence wish he could show them his true form. Then they would see that he is the true handsome one!

Wrath was disappointed that he couldn't bring his true form with him to the human world.

"The last time I saw you, you were a beautiful young man," Encia said. "But now you have a wild, masculine beauty that is... simply irresistible!"

"First, calm down..."

"How can I calm down!"

She shook her head, indicating that looking at this face would never bring calmness.

She reached into her spatial pocket and pulled out a small, square object about the size of her palm. The center of the object was adorned with a black gem that reflected Raon's face like a mirror.

"What is that?" Raon asked.

"It's an artifact I created thinking of you," Encia said.

Raon's back went cold when he heard that.

"Just stay there," Encia said.

She held the square artifact up to her face and closed one eye.

She pressed a button on the top of the artifact, and a sharp sound like a slap rang out.

"What is it?" Raon asked, confused.

He was still standing there, wondering what was happening, when a white piece of paper appeared above Encia's artifact.

"What?" Raon said, his mouth hanging open.

The paper began to glow with a faint light, and Raon's current image was perfectly reproduced on it.

Even a skilled painter could not have captured Raon's likeness so accurately.

“What is this….”

“Do you know image magic? It’s a magic that captures what happened at the scene.”

“I know.”

He nodded his head because he had seen Merlin using it recently by sacrificing his own lifespan.

“It's an application of that magic into an artifact, a kind of magical camera. It can capture a moment as it is. This is a photograph."

Encia waved the paper with Raon’s face on it.

“Come on, look this way.”

She activated the artifact consecutively, intending to record Raon's artistic face for future generations. Sheets of paper, like photographs, poured out.

“Handsome Raon."

"Absolutely handsome."

"Creating artifacts too, handsome."

Record the King of Essence 's appearance too! The King of Essence has the most beautiful appearance in the Devildom...

Starting with Runaan's teasing shouts about Raon's handsomeness, the clattering sound of Encia's photo device, and even Wrath muttering complaints, the cacophony overwhelmed his senses.

‘Just a moment ago, it was enjoyable.’

After thoroughly teasing Heukgeumje, there was a refreshing feeling, but now, in an instant, his chest tightened.

‘I didn't know that being unable to communicate could be this difficult.’

‘I never thought I would understand Heukgeumjel's feelings…’

Raon sighed, lowering his gaze."

“Sir Raon! Wake up!”

* * *

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For Indonesian: 

The next day.

Raon left the lodging as soon as he finished breakfast, taking Dorian with him.

“Where are you going?”

Dorian asked with a yawn that split his mouth open.

“The place we go to every time we visit a new city.”


He immediately understood as if he had raised his finger.

“To the casino?

"Yes, exactly. It's the perfect season now.”

Five Divine Rulers must have spent astronomical amounts of money to create Barena.

It was difficult to fill that amount with the profits of the light side, so gambling dens were thriving here in Barena, and they would undoubtedly be busy due to the influx of people from all over the continent during the festival.

‘We must suck them all up.’

He smiled naturally as he thought of the expression of Heukgeumje when her mental state was broken when a large amount of gold was stolen.

"I suppose you're not trying to escape from Lady Encia?"

Dorian narrowed his eyes as if suspicious.

"...That's also part of it."

Raon nodded with his shoulders slumped.

‘Yesterday was hell.’

Encia had requested different poses for each photo, and it was mentally exhausting, more than any battle. Thanks to that, he couldn't bring himself to say what he really needed to.

"But the dealers here are said to be extremely skilled. Are you okay with that?"

Dorian approached and lowered his voice.

"I went around after dinner yesterday, and the locals warned me not to go to the casino. They said the dealers are incredibly skilled, and the stakes are so high that you either end up losing big or wlodginging big."

"All gambling dens are like that. Have you ever seen me lose?"

"I haven't seen that yet."

"Then, stop worrying and follow me."

Raon gestured, leading towards the casino operated by White Whale, As the door with a carved horned whale opened, numerous lights poured down like comets, and decorations on both sides emitted dazzling lights.

The horned whale, unlike Heukgeumje’s mansion, this place boasted the epitome of splendor.

'I wonder what her real personality is.'

Raon smiled faintly and looked around the casino hall. As Dorian said, the dealers' skills were incredibly good, and the stakes seemed to be higher than in a typical gambling dens.

The amount of chips moving was far beyond the normal range.

'It's perfect for a big hit.'

The higher the stakes, the heavier the weight of the gold coins he would take from here.

What kind of gambling will you do?

Wrath, lying on top of his head, wagged his tail.

'I have to play poker with a high stake.'

Poker? You can't play gambling other than dice, right?

'It's okay. I have a collaborator.'


While Raon was looking at the table without answering, a familiar scream came from inside.

"This is a scam! How can I get a 'Royal Flush'!"

A long-haired elf with red hair was being dragged out by security guards with his arm caught.

“And why are the stakes so high here! You cheaters! Do you know who my disciple is? If I say the word, I'll bring him right here!"

It seemed that Rimmer, who wasn't seen during mealtime, had arrived first.

Raon pretended not to see Rimmer and entered the poker table where he had just left.


Raon poured out the chips he had exchanged for 200 gold coins onto the table.


“Brother, you're generous with your face."

“It's different from the petty elf who was dragged out a little while ago.”

With gold chips already in place, the gamblers, who had occupied the seats first, eyed Raon with a different look.

'Of course they don't recognize me.'

The gamblers didn't recognize his identity, apparently thinking that the White Sword Dragon wouldn't come to a casino in broad daylight.

Raon put his hand on the table and nodded his head.

“Let's start without any nonsense.”

“Your personality is also cool. I like your type.”

“Right. Money makes the words.”

The gamblers nodded as well, and the dealer began to deal the cards.

Raon gestured to call a staff member when the gamblers were looking at their cards.

“I'm craving for sweets, can I order?”

“We can bring you anything you want.”

The staff member bowed his back as if to say just say the word after seeing the amount of chips.

“What do you recommend?”

“We have the 'cake parfait' that our pastry chef is proud of.”

“Then I'll have that one.”


Not long after, a staff member brought a dessert with a round-shaped cake topped with ice cream and fruits.

With alternating drizzles of chocolate syrup and strawberry syrup, it had a tempting appearance that naturally whetted the appetite.

“Thank you.”

Raon took the cake parfait and placed it right in front of the table.

What the hell are you doing? Ordering all this?

Wrath licked his lips as he looked at the cake parfait. Saliva dripped from his red tongue.

Hurry up and eat it! It's going to melt! The ice cream and cake are mixing together!

Raon didn't respond to Wrath and flipped his cards.


“Young man, your hand is pretty good as soon as you arrive. But....”

The middle-aged woman in an elegant dress turned over her cards and revealed a flush.

“I'm so sorry.”

She didn't look sorry at all as she took the chips from the table.

Raon didn't pay attention to the woman and instead caressed the long spoon stuck in the cake parfait.

What are you doing? It's melting! The ice cream and cake are mixing together!

'Now it's your turn. collaborator.'


Wrath opened his eyes wide, wondering what Raon was saying.

S, so you're thinking of….

'We've done it once before.'

He smiled faintly and pointed to the other people's cards.

'Look at them.'

I, I am, the King of Essence of the Devildom! I will never do such dirty things as a matter of honor!

'I'm planning to eat lobster buttered grilled and pork belly fried that you said you wanted to sing about for dlodginger tonight....'

Who should the King of Essence see first?

Wrath waved his hand invisibly. Raon always felt that his honor as a demon king was a cheap thing.

Hurry up and tell me!

* * *

Ariel sighed with her hand on her forehead.

'My head still hurts.'

The aftermath of Raon's reckless behavior yesterday still hadn't disappeared.

'He really got me.’

Raon understood the situation perfectly, but he pretended not to understand and kept repeating the same thing.

It was insane, as if gently scratching a nerve.

‘It's been a while since I had such a nightmare.’

Whether the mental shock was great, she dreamed of being chased by someone yesterday. It was the first nightmare since reaching her current Realm.

'But there was a harvest.'

At least I got to know what kind of person Raon Zieghart is.

'Although more information needed to be gathered to complete the picture of that guy, the outlines were roughly drawn.'It won't be easy now.'

As she was resolving not to be fooled by Raon any longer, Mekein rushed in in a hurry.


When she saw his flustered expression, she recalled yesterday's events.

“I hope that bastard didn't come again, did he?”

“No, that's not it. But...”

“Then take your time and tell me. There's nothing else to worry about.”

Ariel shook her head and took a sip of the cold tea.

“R, Raon didn't come, but it's something related to him.”

“Something related?”

The teacup she was holding shook violently.

"Raon Zieghart went to the Whale's Horn and managed to scoop up some money." Mekein said.

"Money? How much?"

"Uh, it's over 1,500 gold coins." Mekein replied.

At his words, the tea in the cup Ariel was holding began to bubble and evaporate.

Finally, the cup broke and Ariel's eyes twisted with rage.

"This crazy bastard is for real! Where is he now!"

"He went to another casino," 

"This damn scoundrel!"

As Ariel was about to scream, the door to her office opened with a bang. A middle-aged man with a fierce look and disheveled blue hair smiled at her.

"I heard you got beaten by a kid, so I came to see for myself. Is it true?"

The man scanned Ariel's condition and laughed.

"The world-famous Ariel making a scream? I'm starting to like that kid now."

"Demon Killing Spear (귀살창)(Gwisalchang)!"

"Ah, I'll go. I heard that you've even lost money now…” Demon Killing Spear said, shrugging his shoulders.

“If you need money, just say so. I had a good time. I'll give you a cheap interest rate.”

He waved his hand and left the office.


Ariel bit her lip and looked at Mekein.

"Where is the other casino that Raon went to?"

"The Western Lamb."

"The Western Lamb."

The Western Lamb was the casino owned by Demon Killing Spear, who had just left.

"You'll get robbed too."

A cold smile appeared on Ariel's lips.

"I can't be the only one."

* * *

Ding ding ding!

Raon gathered the gold chips on the table with both hands and brought them to him. As his big wins continued, a mountain of chips piled up on his right side.


"How can you win every big game?"

"I, it doesn't make sense..."

"How much is that? It looks like over a thousand gold coins?"

The dealer sweated as he looked at the overflowing chips, the gamblers sitting at the table bit their lips, and the many spectators swallowed their saliva.


Dorian opened his mouth wide as he looked at the overflowing chips. He had followed Raon to many gambling den, but this was the first time he had seen a game of this scale, and his fingertips trembled without his knowledge.

Raon rolled the chips with ease and smiled faintly.

"It's easy."

As Wrath continued revealing the opponent's hand, it felt no different than holding the answer sheet while gambling. Making money was easier than lying down and eating cookies.

In the morning, 

he had robbed 1,500 gold coins from the Whale's Horn, a casino owned by the White Whale, and now he was eating over 1,700 gold coins from the gambling hall operated by Demon Killing Spear.

‘Of course, it's a mutual benefit.’

He laughed and took a bite of the red macaron placed on the left side of the table.

The moist meringue cookie melted into the strawberry cream, exploding like a small firecracker in his mouth.


Wrath clenched his fist and let out a deep sigh.

All the snacks here are amazing!

Thanks to Raon for constantly feeding him snacks while gambling, Wrath's mouth was also filled with smiles.

"The, the cards are being dealt."

As the fifth dealer, who was trembling in his hand, was dealing the cards, a dull sound was heard from the right side.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

When he turned his head, Encia, who somehow knew, was taking pictures with the artifact she showed him yesterday.

"I'm crazy! Even when you're gambling, you're handsome!"

Encia tapped the button of the artifact so hard that her fingers were invisible. It was like seeing a master boxer.

"Excuse me, miss. If you do that here,..."

"Shut up!"

A casino security guard tried to stop Encia, but he couldn't say anything when she threw a gold coin from her pocket.


Raon put his hand on his forehead.

'I should get out of here soon.'

Since he had already won enough money, the owner of this casino, Demon Killing Spear, would be furius.

As he was about to pick up the card to get up after finishing this round, he felt a secret gaze from above.

'When did he come?'

He felt a chill run down his spine at the energy that the guards of the casino could never produce. He turned around immediately.

On the ceiling of the casino.

A middle-aged man with wild blue hair was sitting cross-legged with a smile on his face.

'That's it...'

As soon as he saw the middle-aged man's fierce appearance, he remembered the information he had received from the black market. It was Demon Killing Spear, one of the leaders of the Five Divine Rulers.

"Huh? You noticed?"

Demon Killing Spear smiled and jumped down from the chandelier.


The entire casino shook with the impact of his landing. He was in a state where he could descend without making a sound, but it seemed like he had intentionally made a loud noise.


As Demon Killing Spear displayed his imposing presence, gamblers around the table shivered, some even dropping to the floor in fear.

"Are you Raon Zieghart?"

In the silence, Demon Killing Spear laughed with a smirk.


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