RDM (Novel) Chapter 567

Chapter 567

"I am grateful for your benevolence."

Oh Jin-eui bowed deeply to Pyo Wol.

Her face was swollen, showing how long she had cried.

Pyo Wol spoke to her.

"I did nothing. All was done by Sal-no.  If you want to thank someone, thank him."

"I have already expressed my gratitude to Master Sal-no. He said that all this was possible because the Supreme Leader moved himself.”

"Supreme Leader?"

"Master Sal-no said to call you by that name."

At Oh Jin-eui's words, Pyo Wol slightly furrowed his brow.

The title "Supreme Leader" was something used within the Assassins’ Guild, not a term outsiders would use.

On Pyo Wol's gaze, Sal-no responded.

"Oh Jin-eui has agreed to be our eyes and ears."

"Explain further."

"I plan to give her the foundation of the Blood Ant Chamber."

"Is there anything left in the Blood Ant Chamber?"

"Yes! Even while being chased by the Je-won merchant group, the main assets were smuggled out. I plan to entrust a part of that to Oh Jin-eui."

The assets smuggled by Deung Cheol-woong were astonishing.

The wealth wrung from the common folk as the Palm Pavilion was still scattered around Poyang Lake.

It was Sal-no's plan to entrust one of those to Oh Jin-eui.

Oh Jin-eui cautiously spoke.

“I have nothing left now. I don't even have the strength to live. If I have a remaining hope, it is to live for the Supreme Master and the Assassins’ Guild.”

"It's a dangerous task."

"I know."

"If you leave now, you can live comfortably for the rest of your life".

"That's a meaningless life. Since the Assassins’ Guild saved me, I will also live for the Assassins’ Guild."

Oh Jin-eui stated flatly.

Pyo Wol silently looked at Oh Jin-eui's face.

His gaze was heavy, but Oh Jin-eui didn’t look away.

"I am confident that I will not regret it. Please give me the chance to live for the Assassins' Guild.”

Sal-no, who was beside him, whispered in a low voice.

“Please allow it. If you don't accept her, she's likely to take her own life.”

It was not mere sentimentality that made Sal-no say this.

He was, above all, a pragmatic man.

However, he had judged that Oh Jin-eui could be extremely useful to the Assassin's Guild. If it was done well, it would be possible to become the eyes and ears of the Assassin's Guild group in Poyang Lake with minimal investment.

It was a worthwhile investment.

Pyo Wol nodded his head.

"Do so."

"Thank you for listening to my request."

"It won't be easy."

"I'm prepared."

Oh Jin-eui responded with a determined expression.

Pyo Wol stretched out his hand. Then Oh Jin-eui once again bowed deeply and left.

Sal-no spoke.

"She will certainly do well. It's what she wants."

"Keep an eye on her for the time being."

"I will."

A smile flickered at the corner of Sal-no's mouth.

Pyo Wol slightly furrowed his brow and asked,


"You seem warmer than you look."



Sal-no let out a mischievous smile.

Having served at Pyo Wol's side, he had come to understand his nature to some extent.

He was like a Grim Reaper to his enemies, but quite generous to his allies. As long as they didn't make any big mistakes, he didn't bother to criticize them.

Perhaps it was due to his laid-back nature, but from the perspective of his subordinates, he was an easy man to serve.

Then Pyo Wol asked.

"What's the situation with the Golden Heavenly Hall and the Silver Lotus Hall?"

"They decided to have a truce for three days in mourning for Noh Tae-tae."

"Three days?"

"Yes! The funny thing is that while making this public, they are each focusing their forces on the front lines. Once Noh Tae-Tae's mourning period is over, a battle will surely break out, unlike anything we've seen before."

"Poyang Lake will be stained with blood."

"Many people will die."

A dark shadow crossed Sal-no's face.

Sal-no was a man who made a living killing others.

He didn't openly act like the Ten-Blood Assassins, but many people still died at his hands. But now, as he aged and death drew near, compassion had begun to grow in him.

Ridiculously so.

Not that he regretted or denied his life, but he wanted the world to be as peaceful as possible while he was still alive.

Of course, he didn't think his wish would come true.

Kangho was a ruthless place, and there was no way to avoid the upcoming storm of bloodshed.

"Keep a close watch on their movements."


"How is the training of the assassins going?"

"It's going well."

"Any casualties?"

"None so far, but there might be some in the future."

"Are you trying to increase the intensity of their training?"

"Yes! There are many who lack basic training."

“You take care of that”


Sal-no bowed deeply.

At Pyo Wol's gesture, Sal-no quietly left his quarters.

Left alone, Pyo Wol opened a window. The view of the village plunged into darkness filled the room.

As the wind blew through the window, Pyo Wol reflected.

'I need to find Go Il-won and the Ghost Fleet.'

The war between the Golden Heavenly Hall and the Silver Lotus Hall was not an issue he could intervene in.

The flow of the era and Kangho was compelling the war, and the Golden Heavenly Hall and the Silver Lotus Hall stood at the forefront.

The entanglements of the myriad of sects and their political alliances were too complex to be resolved by the usual means.

In the end, there was nothing left but the war.

Knowing this, Pyo Wol tried to avoid getting involved in the war between the two forces.

It was impossible for him alone to change the course of Kangho.

Instead, he turned his attention to Go Il-won and the Ghost Fleet, who were fanning the flames of conflict.

After all, Go Il-won was targeting Pyo Wol.

Pyo Wol was his arch-enemy, a foe against whom he bore a grudge as deep as the sea.

Their war would not end until one of them died. And there was one more person he had to face.

"Dokgo Hwang!"


A massive stone statue shattered into pieces under Dokgo Hwang's punch.

Jang Mugak frowned as he watched the spectacle.

This statue had been painstakingly crafted by a craftsman.

Regardless of its value, it was so beautiful that Jang Mugak often visited just to see it.

Seeing such a statue shatter before his eyes disheartened him. But understanding Dokgo Hwang's feelings, he kept his mouth shut.

Dokgo Hwang then spoke.

"What did you say just now? He had come to the Je-won merchant group?"


"But why didn't you notify me?"

"There was no time. And it wasn't a situation where I could."

Jang Mugak replied, gazing at the shattered stone statue.

Restoring the finely shattered statue back to its original state was impossible.

Eventually, Jang Mugak gave up his regret and looked at Dokgo Hwang.

Dokgo Hwang's face was like a wild beast's.

Just by looking at his face, one could feel the malice and venom he was harboring.

After Eom Soso was killed by Pyo Wol, Dokgo Hwang had lost control of his emotions, displaying this rampage.

At any other time, this might have been overlooked, but at such a critical juncture, seeing Dokgo Heang unable to restrain himself filled Jang Mugak's chest with frustration.

Upon hearing that Pyo Wol had appeared at the Je-won merchant group, Dokgo Hwang hurried over. But by the time he arrived, Pyo Wol had already disappeared.

Unable to gain anything, Dokgo Hwang was venting his frustration by smashing an innocent stone statue.

His behavior saddened Jang Mugak.

What he expected from Dokgo Hwang was a rational judgment and a mature response. But Dokgo Hwang was swayed by trivial emotions and could not find reason.

Dokgo Hwang scoffed.

"So you let him go just like that?"

"Lee Geom-han was with him."

"Lee Geom-han? The head of the Silver Lotus Hall?"

"Yes. It wasn't a situation where I could act rashly."

"That's disappointing. You just let him go because of Lee Geom-han."

"Don't speak so lightly."

"Did I say something wrong?"

"There are lines that can be crossed, and lines that cannot. You seem to be trying to cross the latter. Be cautious."

Jang Mugak warned him respectfully.

Normally, Dokgo Hwang would have backed down at this point. But unfortunately, he was too agitated to make a rational judgment.

Dokgo Hwang roared in fury.

"What lines are you talking about? Even in this situation, you're trying to lecture me? Disappointing, Mugak!"

"Disappointing? You should know that I am greatly disappointed in you."

Jang Mugak's voice was as cold as a gale from the North Sea.

At the sound of his voice, Dokgo Hwang felt his blood run cold. It was the first time Jang Mugak had addressed him in such a way.

He felt a sense of alarm.

Because he knew Jang Mugak could be frightening at times like this.

But there was also a feeling of defiance.

He wasn't the same old Dokgo Hwang.

Yes, he had been able to become the ruler of the Martial Sword Alliance with Jang Mugak's help, but that didn't mean he was Jang Mugak's subordinate.

They were colleagues who looked at each other on an equal footing.

That's how Dokgo Hwang saw it.

That's why Jang Mugak's admonishing tone provoked such a strong defiance.

"If you're going to continue to lecture me like this, I won't help you anymore. Keep that in mind."


Jang Mugak let out a sigh.

His face showed a hint of disappointment.

Dokgo Hwang was one of the few young martial artists that he acknowledged. That's why he helped him when he was struggling in the Martial Sword Alliance, and treated him favorably thereafter.

And this was the result.

Jang Mugak's gaze darkened.

The atmosphere of the place changed for a moment.

Dokgo Hwang noticed the shift as well.


"I need you to put aside your personal grudges and concentrate on the matters of the Golden Heavenly Hall."

"I can't...... do that."

"Just so you know, this isn't a request. It's an order."


The color drained from Dokgo Hwang's face.

His pride was wounded by Jang Mugak's words.

The look in his eyes was not of a colleague, but of someone looking down on a subordinate.

"Did you just give me an order?"


"Weren't we equals?"

"I intended to treat you as such. but now, it seems it was a mistake."


A killing intent surged from Dokgo Hwang as he roared.

The objects in the room trembled as though an earthquake had struck but there was no change in Jang Mugak's expression as he faced Dokgo Hwang's killing intent head-on.

"My father always emphasized the need to make the hierarchy clear. He said that people tend to overstep their boundaries if they are treated too kindly, because that is human nature. At the time I thought he was wrong, but now I see that he was right. People must indeed have their rank clearly defined".

"So, you're picking a fight with me now?"

"I'm saying we need to clarify our ranks."

"Good! Mugak, I've also wanted to settle this for a while."

Dokgo Hwang heightened his internal energy as if he was pleased.

Jang Mugak looked at him and said,

"You better give it your all."

"Watch me!"

With a shout, Dokgo Hwang charged at Jang Mugak.

A sword materializing its sword aura was suddenly in his hand.


Jang Mugak walked towards the sword aura with his back arched.

His defenseless waist was engulfed by the sword aura.


A shockwave erupted with a deafening sound.

All the objects in the room were destroyed, but Jang Mugak, who had taken the brunt of the sword aura, remained unscathed.

A translucent barrier was formed around his waist.

He had focused his defensive aura, the "Anti-sword qi", on his waist.

Dokgo Hwang widened his eyes.

"You can focus the Anti-sword qi on a specific area? That's impossible."

"I'll show you from now on. The gap between you and me..."

Jang Mugak raised his fist.

All of a sudden, his fist was brimming with an awe-inspiring energy.

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