TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 475

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Chapter 475

Raon immediately conducted a brief interrogation of the two agitators as soon as he was led to his lodging.

The names of the agitators were Allen and Klopp. The two did not mention the name of Heukgeumje, as if they were quite loyal, but it did not matter.

Even without the agitators, it was clear that Heukgeumje was the one who ordered this childish act, given Allen's reaction at the city gates.

However, even if he questioned the agitator, he would gain nothing if she did not admit it..

Heukgeumje's mind was rational, and she would never have thought that he would come now.

'That's why I'm going.'

The reason he went to Heukgeumje immediately without even unpacking his luggage was to take advantage of this mistake.

'I don't want anything like profit or fame.'

He had accumulated too much money and fame. All he wanted was to get on Heukgeumje's nerves.

You're really...

Wrath frowned in disbelief.

What are you doing?


How do you think of that? You can't learn it by taking notes!

He said it was a problem of thinking, not memorization, and pulled on his cotton candy hair, which stuck out.

'I know.'

As Wrath said, he could get into Heukgeumje's scheme not because he was intelligent, but because of the experience he had learned through his past life.

He was a product of blood that had studied people in order to kill people.

"It's better to inform her to come out quickly,"

Raon swallowed a smile that was about to appear and gestured to the guard standing in front of Heukgeumje's mansion.

"Because I'm not very patient."

The guard swallowed his saliva at the cold aura that bloomed along with the annoyed voice.

"I'm sure the news has reached the master. Please wait a little longer."

The guard gripped the spear tightly and maintained a calm expression with difficulty. The firm gaze showed a loyalty stronger than force.

"What the hell?"

Martha approached the guard with her chin turned to the side.

“This shit city came in and started a fight, and that guy is from this side, so why are we waiting!”

She clenched her fist as if she was about to punch him.

"Oh, there must be a misunderstanding. We'll get a call soon, so please wait."

Even in the face of Martha's fierce aura, the guard did not move. He sweated even as he kept his ground.

"Shall we ring the bell?"

Runaan quietly approached and grabbed the spear of the guard next to her.

"…No. Please be patient."

Raon shook his head quickly. For some reason, since he started this mission, Runaan's personality seemed to have become twice as impatient as usual.

You're foolish in this area.


It's thanks to the ice cream party.

'That was a while ago?'

That's irrelevant. The fact that you threw it is what matters. Those like us remember the grace of ice cream.

Wrath looked at Runaan with a warm gaze, saying that he was indeed his subordinate.


Upon hearing that, Raon looked at Runaan. Indeed, there seemed to be a brightness in her eyes compared to before.

‘Because of ice cream, it's too simple, and you're getting dull.’

As Raon was shaking his head, the door of the mansion opened and a middle-aged man with hair combed neatly like Roenn walked out.

"I am Mekein, serving Lady Ariel. May I inquire about the purpose of your visit?"

The middle-aged man introduced himself as Mekein and bowed his head carefully.

"It seems that lady Ariel has caused an accident, so I came to talk to her."

"What kind of accident are you referring to?"

Mekein lowered his eyes as if he knew nothing.

"I don't mind, but can we talk here? There are a lot of eyes on us," Raon said, raising his hands and curling his lips.


Mekein narrowed his eyes and then stepped back inside the door.

"Please come in."

"Dorian, follow me."

Raon left the Light Wind division members and entered the mansion with Dorian.

Surprisingly, the interior was modest, lacking the ostentatious decorations, feeling more like a barracks than mansion.

After being guided to the top floor of the mansion, they saw a door made of cedar. It was not expensive wood, but it was well-maintained.


Mekein quietly approached the door and knocked, and Ariel's voice came from inside.

"Come in."

The door opened by itself, and Mekein gestured for them to come in.

Raon entered Ariel's office, where the sunlight shone through thinly.

The mansion's atmosphere was transferred without the extravagance. Items showed signs of neglect, and the precision was military-like.

"I was a little surprised to hear that Raon was coming," Ariel said, slowly standing up from the sofa and smiling.

"You said you never wanted to see me again, didn't you?"

"I don't have the power to do that. If I'm told to, I have to do it."

Raon approached Ariel and nodded. He sat down across from her with a twisted smile.

Ariel's expression did not change, even though a much younger junior had not greeted her properly. She was indeed a woman with a strong mental strength.

"I'm glad to see you again, but you could have loosened up a bit and come with proper greetings. Courtesy is essential."

Ariel poured red-colored tea into the teacup on the table with a faint smile.

"It wasn't a pleasant greeting."

Raon deliberately shook his hand as if he did not understand Ariel's sarcastic words.

"Oh, is it about what happened at the entrance? I'm sorry. However, it's challenging for us to control even those who come to watch..."

She shook her head, saying that she had already heard about it.

Raon narrowed his eyes as he listened to Ariel's calm voice.

'She's still not an easy opponent.'

If she pretended not to know anything, she would think she was a low-level person, but she said that she had heard about it but it had nothing to do with her.

Her peaceful eyes made him feel like she was really telling the truth.

"There's no way that's true."

Raon said, tapping his finger on the table and licking his lips.

"I've heard lady Ariel's name from the mouths of those I captured."

"What do you mean by that?"

Ariel looked surprised. As Raon expected, the truly frightening thing about her was not her strength or ability to read the future but her unwavering demeanor.

"Lady Ariel gave the order, they said. To agitate my nerves when I come to the entrance.”

In anticipation of Heukgeumje's reaction, Raon focused on her expression. It was a brief moment, but the Heukgeumje's pupils trembled.

"That couldn't be it. I don't know anything about it."

Ariel shook her head firmly.

"I wouldn't do anything to tarnish my face after inviting the people of Zieghart, would I?"

"I also don't want to think that lady Ariel, who is called Heukgeumje, used such a vulgar and sloppy trick, but what can I do? The people who were captured said so."


Heukgeumje seemed to be trying to grasp the truth of Raon's words, sending a silent and sharp gaze.

Raon met her gaze and calmly took a sip of tea.

"I heard that the agitators’ names are Allen and Klopp."

"I've never heard of them."

Heukgeumje shook her head with her eyes closed.

"Raon-nim," she said, raising her eyelids and letting out a low voice.

"I'm sorry, but what you're doing right now is incredibly rude. If the two of them are selling my name, what are you going to do?"

"I don't know, and I just came here because the two of them specifically mentioned lady Ariel."

"So, you're saying what they said might not be true? Coming here like this, it's a breach of etiquette."

"It might be true. Besides, wasn't the lack of control at the entrance the fault of your poorly managed guards? Are you trying to threaten me now?”

Raon leaned back on the sofa and folded his hands.

"Well, we probably made a mistake. But our relationship with them is..."

"Now you admit you made a mistake? Does that mean there is a connection?"

"That's not it! It's a matter of not being able to manage the visitors who came to see us..."

"Oh, so you ordered them to hide among the spectators and gently scratch my nerves?"

Raon interrupted Heukgeumje's words and spoke nonsense.


Heukgeumje's hand, which was holding the teacup, trembled. Her expression was still calm, but it seemed that her anger was beginning to boil over.

"I'll say it again. The people who insulted you, Raon-nim, have no connection to me."

Heukgeumje shook her head, saying that there was absolutely no such thing. From the way she spoke, it seemed that she was confident that there was no connection.

'Of course it is.'

I knew that much from the moment I first came here.

Then why did you come here?

‘Why, of course, to make her angry.’

"...If that's the goal, you've succeeded.”

Wrath nodded in a daze.

'That expression may look clean, but anger is boiling inside.'

He pointed to Heukgeumje and muttered that he had already achieved his goal.

It was certain, as he had received the approval of the anger expert.

"Your actions now could work against you in the future..."

"Oh! I don't understand complicated stuff. They mentioned lady Ariel, Allen, and Kepel! That's all!"

Raon repeated the same words over and over again, looking stupid enough.

"Then can I meet them directly?"

"That's not possible."

He shook her head back and forth, teasing her.

"I can't give prisoners to the enemy. What if you kill them?"

"That will never happen."

"Never? There is no such thing. I didn't even expect Heukgeumje-nim to order people to get on my nerves."


Heukgeumje's forehead creased. Her composure began to waver.

"Then what do you want?"

"I don't know."

Raon rubbed her thumb and forefinger together.


Heukgeumje sighed with her eyes closed.

"How much do you want?"

"How much? Are you trying to bribe me with money to cover this up right now?"

Raon feigned surprise and covered his mouth.

"No, you rubbed your hands a little while ago! That's clearly a sign that you want money..."

"I was scratching an itchy mosquito bite. What are you talking about?"

"There are no mosquitoes in winter!"

"In Zieghart, yes. Very potent ones.”

He blew on his perfectly fine finger and squinted his eyes.


Heukgeumje scratched her fingers on the table.

'What the hell is this guy...'

After reached her current realm, she could see what the other person wanted just by talking to them for a short while.

She could even see the emotions of stronger warriors, magicians, kings, and lords of a country, but she couldn't understand anything about this madman in front of her.

'No, this guy is definitely not a madman.'

Raon was a madman in action, but he was a smartass with a brain that was constantly working.

He must have come to this place with a clear purpose, but she didn't know what it was.

‘Allen and Klopp’s testimony cannot pressure me. My reputation will not be lowered either. And he doesn’t seem to want money either…’

No matter how much he looked into his eyes, talked to him, or observed his behavior, he couldn't read what he wanted.

Raon Zieghart was the strangest person she had ever met.

Raon smiled faintly as she watched Heukgeumje biting her lip.

'She must be wondering why I'm doing this right now.'

She seemed to be going crazy because she didn't know why he suddenly came and was being unreasonable.

'She has no choice but to not know.'

Because there is no purpose.

He has no intention of embarrassing Heukgeumje, extorting money, or getting an apology.

He just came here to cause trouble. It was only natural that she couldn't predict his purpose because he came here just to cause trouble.

'Come to think of it, the purpose is not entirely absent.'

From now on, Heukgeumje will get angry whenever she sees me.

Putting psychological pressure on her is one of the most important factors that will undoubtedly help in the future.

Raon tapped the table and frowned.

“So, what are you going to do about today? If they had attacked, even though I wouldn’t have, there could have been casualties among my people.”

"I will apologize for the safety issue... but..."

"It's not about safety. They said Ariel's name..."

"Still it has nothing to do with me..."

"I don't know, and I can't leave until you apologize."


Heukgeumje let out a heavy sigh. Her breath was so gray..

"I can't apologize for something I didn't do."

"They claim you did.".

“I don’t know.”

“Oh, then I can’t leave either.”

Raon muttered to himself that they should see who would win, then sank back into the sofa.

Heukgeumje closed her eyes for a moment, then opened them.

“Fine. I will apologize.”

Perhaps wanting to quickly resolve the matter, Heukgeumje nodded.

“For what?”


That cheerful remark caused Heukgeumje to close her eyes again.

“You told me to apologize, didn’t you?”

“But it didn’t seem sincere. And you didn’t say what you did wrong.”


Heukgeumje’s cheeks flushed red. She seemed to be contemplating whether to kill him right now.


Raon smiled as if daring her to try, but Dorian’s complexion behind him turned a sickly yellow.

In the Devildom, the strong rule.

Wrath shuddered and shook her head in fear.

Is the human realm a place where you have to be crazy to survive?

* * *

Advance chapters: 

For Indonesian: 

Raon finally left Heukgeumje’s office at dusk. Naturally, no agreement was reached, but the expressions on both sides were completely different.

Heukgeumje’s face was haggard, as if she had been exhausted, while Raon looked more lively than before he entered, as if he had gotten a good night’s sleep.


“Why are you taking so long to come out!”

Runaan and Martha rushed forward. The two quickly checked Raon’s entire body to make sure he was okay.

“The conversation took a while.”

Raon waved his hand lightly to indicate that everything was fine.

“Thanks for waiting. Let’s go.”

He waved his hand lightly and headed back to the inn where he had been taken when he first arrived in Barena.

“What did you do that took so long?”

Martha scowled as she stuck to his side.

“I was just being a hooligan.”

“That suits you.”

She laughed, saying that it was perfect for him.

“Martha is more suited to being a hooligan.”

Runaan looked at Martha with a blank expression.

“Why me!”

“Because you’re an untamed woman.”


Martha sprang out like lightning, and Runaan hopped away like a rabbit.

“Ugh, I thought I was going to die for real.”

Dorian shook his head in disbelief.

“Why are you so scared? She can’t do anything to us.”

“I know that, but still….”

He said that Heukgeumje’s expression, which looked like she was wearing a mask, was too scary.

“In any case, I'm not interested in doing something like today. I feel like my lifespan is going to shorten.”

“It won’t happen for a while.”

“Then what are you going to do?”

"Because Heukgeumje has lost her mind..."

Raon looked back briefly and continued speaking.

"This time, I need to make some money."


"Yeah. I'll rest today, and then I'll start tomorrow."

With a faint smile, he entered the small garden in front of the lodging. The accommodation was spacious and well-equipped, but its location in a corner of the city wasn't ideal.


"You're here!"

"Vice leader!"

“We need to eat dinner, why are you so late!

Burren and the members gathered in the small training ground next to the garden waved their hands.

"It's okay if you eat first."

When Raon shook his hand apologetically, he saw a redheaded woman next to Yua. She was not from the Light Wind division, but her back looked familiar.


The woman turned around like lightning and screamed, covering her cheeks.

"So handsome!"


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