TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 474

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Chapter 474

Raon walked towards the city gate of Barena, the city of the Five Divine Rulers, circulating his Glacier. He spread the cold very slowly so as not to show that he was operating the aura, he remarked "It's a little cold here, isn't it?"

"Well, it's the center. Compared to Zieghart, it's just child's play.”

"That's true. The gloves and boots are impenetrable.”

Moving aura cautiously, since it was winter, the Light Wind members standing nearby were unaware that he was manipulating the cold.

Raon wiped his sleeve and looked at the people standing in front of the gate.

The guards of the Five Divine Rulers stood with their spears in their hands in front of the city wall, and the entrance was filled with people who had come out to see famous individuals entering the city.

‘If it were me, I would start from here.’

When Heukgeumje came to Zieghart, she ordered the spectators to put pressure on them from the main gate.

If she was the kind of person Raon thought she was, she would have prepared to shake their nerves from the entrance in order to take revenge.


Wrath turned his head and his eyes widened.

So, you didn't suddenly release cold because you were crazy.

'...Of course not.'

The King of Essence thought you had a hole in your energy center.

'It's not that. I'm trying to find the guys who are up to something in there.'

The reason for releasing the cold in advance was to detect agitators hidden by Heukgeumje among the spectators.

You put some grease in your head or something! Why does your head roll so well!

Wrath shook his chin, starting to write on his palm. Although there was writing appearing, it was unclear where it was being recorded.

Raon looked away from Wrath and back at the main gate.

‘It's also possible that there won't be any, but if there is, it won't be just one.’

When conducting a public opinion, they often place a small number of agitators among the crowd.

There are almost 100 people in front of the entrance now, so those who have been instructed by Heukgeumje will be at least five or more.

'Then it's easier.'

Just find the signal.

Agitators don't move until the signal is given. After exchanging signals, they gradually raise their voices at the most crucial moment.

If he could find the signal when they moved, it wouldn't be difficult to identify who they were and where they were.


Raon quietly operated the Perception of the Snow Flower. With the enhanced Perception of the Snow Flower, which had reached 8 stars, the movements of the people in front of the gate felt vividly as if they were in his hands.

'First of all, not the guards.'

The guards' eyes were shining as if they had seen a strange animal, but they were only looking straight ahead and could not send any signal.

'Then among the spectators?'

Raon focused his senses on the spectators. He looked at their eye movements, facial muscles, gestures, and jaw movements, but he didn't feel anything unusual.

Are they not there?

'It's possible.'

He nodded slightly when he couldn't feel the signal even after looking at all the spectators.

'In that case, I need ro revise the plan... Hmm?'

When he thought he had to modify his prediction of Heukgeumje's personality, one of the spectators' shoulders shook on the right.

It was a normal reaction, but in addition to that, six other people in other places also lightly shook their right shoulders.

Raon focused his perception on the seven people who turned their shoulders. They all had a decent amount of power and were very young. They were perfect people to move as agitators.

'Found them.'

Raon pretended not to feel anything and, instead, suppressed his presence even more, walking towards the gate.

When he met the eyes of the guard captain in front of the gate, the seven people who had caught his attention a little earlier looked at him in turn.

It's not like killing intent. It's an uncomfortable gaze that observes and explores. There were also hostile glances mixed in among the other spectators, but the naturalness was different.

You really found them…

Wrath frowned.

What are you really up to?

Wrath blinked his eyes quickly, unable to understand.

‘Just a normal person.’

Raon replied lightly, moving the aura he had laid down beforehand to spread around the seven agitators.

That energy would become a thin, thin barrier that would trap them when he wanted it.

‘It's time to speak now.’

Usually, when agitators try to provoke someone, they give such a look before dropping a casual word. It wasn't quite an insult or blame, just enough to make the person being targeted seem petty.

If it were an insult, there was a high possibility that the person wasn't an agitator.

As Raon walked halfway through the path made by the onlookers, a young warrior on the right opened his mouth.

"Is that Raon Zieghart?"

"It seems so."

"Contrary to what I heard, he's thin and scrawny…”

It wasn't an insult, or even a criticism, and it was at a level that couldn't be argued with. It was just a way to get under someone's skin, so Raon was sure they were agitators sent by Heukgeumje.

When he turned his head, he saw the man sneering at him, as if daring him to say something.

Raon created a barrier in a moment.


It wasn't the usual barrier that surrounded the space, but a tiny barrier that surrounded only himself and the man who had said he was thin and scrawny.

It was a method used by the White Lotus division's leader, Ayad, but now he could make it cleaner than before.

"What are you looking at with your codfish eyes?”

He cursed him in a way that only he could hear in the barrier. The agitator who heard that looked like he couldn't hold back his laughter.

"What did you just say! Where do you dare to say such a thing!"

The agitator believed that Raon's words had been heard by everyone, so he shouted his reply loudly.

At that moment, he had released the barrier, so his voice spread to everyone.



Of course, the others looked at him like he was crazy.

“What, what is it! Why are you all looking at me like that! Didn't you hear what that kid said to me!”

The agitator was pointing his finger with his face flushed red.

He wouldn't have been fooled if he had sent it as an aura message, but he had no choice but to be mistaken because it was a tiny barrier.

However, it was still not enough. He needed a little stronger words to take the agitator away for questioning.

'Should I bring up Heukgeumje?'

Raon created a barrier again when the agitator closed his mouth in confusion.

"Hey, fish. Is your head also a fish? What do you do if  only you can hear it? Didn't your owner teach you that?"

He kept a serious expression, but his words were harsh.


Perhaps because he had already received a mental shock and then received an insult about his master, blood vessels bulged on the agitator's face. Raon then released the barrier.

"This bastard! Who the hell are you to say that kind of bullshit here!"

The agitator glared and looked like he was about to attack right away.


"Why, why is he like that?"

"I don't know. Is he crazy?"

Everyone who saw the agitator who had suddenly rushed in opened their mouths.

The other agitators only rolled their eyes, unable to make a judgment.

"What bullshit! Didn't you hear that bastard swear? Did you really put a worm in your ear!"

The agitator was still shaking his jaw with anger, not knowing what he had done.

Raon created a barrier again and frowned.

"Thanks. Thanks to you, I'll have a lot to gain from your master."

He wanted to laugh inside, but he couldn't show it because there were too many eyes watching.

"This, this bastard!"

The agitator, who had already lost his composure, was screaming without knowing what was happening to him.

...Are you really a demon?”

Wrath opened his mouth wide.

If there's even a bit of humanity left, this isn't something one should do.

He shook his shoulders, saying that he didn't know there could be such a wicked person among humans.

"Hey, Allen!"

Someone who had received a signal from the agitator earlier tried to stop him, but it was too late.


Martha rushed out first and stood in front of the agitator.

"What did that toad-looking guy say to our vice leader? Do you want to die?"

"Huff... huff..."

The agitators, intimidated by her aura, took a step back and fell to the ground.

"It was a misunderstanding! This friend sometimes sees things... Ack!"

Another agitator who tried to defend the agitator screamed when he felt a sword at his neck after waving his hand.

Runaan, who had moved in an instant, had a sword at the necks of the two men.

"Should we kill them?"

Runaan blinked her dull eyes as if to say, just say the word. In a sense, she was the scariest because she looked sleepy while saying she was going to kill.

"I am here to see the White Sword Dragon."

A man who looked like the captain of the guards approached and bowed his head.

"We will handle this one."


Raon shook his head. These people were clearly from White Whale or Five Divine Rulers. He couldn't be so foolish as to hand them over.

"He insulted me, raised hostility, so let me handle it."

"But such matters... Ugh!"

He released the suppressed aura. The guard captain, sweating, stepped back from the fierce aura.

"Does this mean that this person is related to the Five Divine Rulers?"

"That's not it."

"Then I can take him away, can't I?"


The captain of the guards turned his gaze away, chewing his lips.

The onlookers also nodded, thinking that it was right for the person who was insulted to handle it himself.

"Take them away."


Krein and the Light Wind members grabbed the man called Allen and the other agitator who tried to stop him, binding them and following behind.

"You're naive."

Raon raised his head as he crossed the gate. He thought of Heukgeumje that would be watching this place, and his lips curled up.

"Try a bit harder."

* * *

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Ariel's window frame crumpled like paper in her hand.

"Try harder?"

"That rat-like bastard…”

She gritted her teeth, watching Raon's back as he followed the guide towards Zigheart's lodging.

"W-What's happening?"

Meken approached Ariel, swallowing nervously.

"Why is Allen being detained backward...?"

"Raon Zigheart played a trick. A little while ago, he created a thin barrier that only confines himself and Allen."

“The barrier was so well-made that not only the other people, but even Allen, who was surrounded by the barrier, did not realize that he was inside.”

‘He’s a cunning bastard.’

No matter how great Raon's aura control ability is, it is impossible to grasp Allen's identity in that short moment and set up a barrier that no one can feel.

“He must have read our thoughts from the beginning.”

It was clear that he had foreseen and prepared for the fact that Allen and the agitators would be planted in Barena from the beginning.

‘But how?’

He had repeatedly told Allen and the agitators not to touch them directly, but only to scratch their nerves.

It was hard to understand what he saw and found, as the words and eyes that other spectators could also say.


Meken trembled when he understood the words of Heukgeumje.

It was a look that couldn't believe the mind of Raon, who made such a judgment in that short moment and devoured Allen.

“The bigger issue is…”

Ariel frowned deeply, caressing the purple book she had tucked in her thigh.

‘The fact that I couldn’t read this scene.’

After confirming that Raon was coming to Barena, she read the overall heavenly signs.

Various incidents would occur here, but this scene did not appear.

'Just like before.'

Even when she went to Zieghart directly, she was confident because she had read the heavenly signs beforehand, but all her plans and strategies were broken by Raon's unexpected movements.

Originally, reading the heavenly signs does not mean that you can know the situation perfectly, and the situation you read can also change.

However, this was the first time that a completely different situation had occurred.


Ariel lifted her left hand, which had been gripping the windowsill. The pieces of stone that were caught in her hand fell to the ground.

“Raon Zieghart…. What the hell are you doing?”

She would understand if it was Glenn or other Six Kings leaders, She couldn’t believe that a young man who was only a peak Master level could deviate from her predictions.

‘think I need to investigate.’

If this is the case, I had no choice but to use my head and body, even though it was annoying.

It was right to discard all the information I had so far and understand what kind of human Raon was with new information.

“Um, Master…”

Meken raised his eyes slightly.

“What if Allen and othes are caught? Will you be okay? If they come to find you and make a problem, then…”

“Anyway, those two are not registered as members of the White Whale.”

Ariel let out a low sigh.

“He must already know that I gave the order. The behavior he showed now is a warning to be careful in the future, right?”

Raon took Allen and others away, signaling not to touch him and the Light Wind division. She can’t use the same method anymore.

“Maybe after this is all over, he’ll send them back and make a subtle demand.”

Ariel bit her thin red lips.

“It seems like my stomach is upset again.’

Ariel felt her stomach churn, as if her internal injuries had relapsed. She took a deep breath and turned to her subordinate, Meken.


Ariel snapped his fingers at Meken.

"Let's skip the second stage and go straight to the third."


Meken bowed deeply and left the office.

However, he returned to the office within 30 minutes.

"Master, Master! Raon Zieghart is here!"

Ariel closed her eyes tightly.

"That damn brat!"


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