TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 473

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Chapter 473

On the day of the mission, at dawn.

Raon stood on the surface of the lake behind the pavilion with his eyes closed.

The surface of the lake was not even slightly shaken, even though the biting cold wind of winter was blowing, because he was controlling the space.


Raon, who opened his eyes slowly, looked down at his hands and exhaled a heavy breath.

'Still no good.'

He wanted to finish it before he left, but he still failed to achieve the simultaneous operation of Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation's aura and Glacier's aura.

The pain in his energy center and mana circuit decreased, but it was still a distant dream to use fire and ice at the same time.


Wrath crawled out of the ice flower bracelet, stretching his limbs.

Did you think it would be easy to handle two attributes at once in your physical body? You’re not even a magician.

He muttered in disgust and clicked his tongue.

It's not too late yet. If you focus on Glacier now, you could turn this continent into an ice hell!

'Wouldn't it be better if it was a hell of fire instead of an ice hell?'

It will be difficult to get both for you at your level.

'I know, but I'm too greedy to let go of both.'

The flames of Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation were no less powerful than Glacier, the ability of the Demon King.

If he had learned only one from the beginning, he might have considered it. But now, he had no intention of giving up either one.

‘Still, it’s not a total loss.’

Although the simultaneous operation of heat and cold failed, proficiency in Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation and Glacier increased, and the energy center and mana circuit became stronger.

In particular, his ability to control aura improved, and he was able to perfectly control the art of sealing sound by creating a barrier in a very small space, as used by the White Lotus division leader, Ayad.

‘Let’s check before we leave.”

Raon raised his hand and called up his status window for the first time in a while.

Status window.

Name: Raon Zieghart.

Title: <The tongue that mocks the world>

Condition: None.

Traits: <Wrath>, <Sloth>, <Envy>, Ring of Fire (Seven-Stars), Water Resistance (Seven-Stars), Perception of the snow flower (Eight-Stars) Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation (Six-Stars), Glacier (Six-Stars), Fire Resistance (Five-Stars), Bleeding Curse (Four-Stars), Ambush (Six-Stars), Indestructible Will (Five-Stars), Ghastly Energy Adaptation (Six-Stars), Concentration (Seven-Stars), Poison Resistance (Five-Stars), Wrath's Eyes (Two-Stars), Spiral Force (Five-Stars), Water Attribute Affinity (Three-Stars), Formation Analysis (Two-Stars), Fire Attribute Affinity (Two-Stars), Perception of the Legend

 (Three-Stars), Divinity that Bloomed from the Darkness (Four-Stars), Deception Resistance (One-Star), Armor of Snow Flower (One-Star).

Strength: 475.

Agility: 469.

Stamina: 462.

Energy: 479.

Perception: 502.

Wrath: 145.

Sloth: 60.

Envy: 60.

As soon as he checked the status window, he opened his mouth in surprise without knowing it. The cool air of the morning flowed down his throat, bringing him back to his senses.


Wrath looked at the status window with his eyes wide open.

Why did it get so big.

He couldn’t see the contents of the status window, but he screamed when he saw how big it had become.

Why, of course. It's because he has grown.

It had been a long time since he checked it, right?

‘The increase in stars is beyond imagination.’

He had only glanced at them whenever a message popped up, and he had felt the changes in his actual body, but he had no idea they were this high.

‘It seems using more attributes increases the level rapidly.’ Raon reflected on the recent use of various abilities, noticing the significant increase in their levels.

The <Divine that Bloomed from the Darkness>, which he used the most recently, has already reached Four-Stars, and <Ghastly Energy Adaptation> has also reached Six-Stars thanks to the absorption ability of the Blade of Requiem.

‘The more surprising thing is the stats.’

Perception was at 502, and other stats were approaching the late 400s. It was a level that could compete with the Grandmaster's body after transformation.

‘Well worth the effort.’

While awake, he increased his stats by training, and while sleeping, <Sloth> filled up his stats on its own, making him like a factory running 24 hours a day.

Raon lightly patted his chest, which was pounding with excitement.

Why are you doing that! How much is your stats?

'Late 400s.'


'There are also 500s.'


As soon as Wrath heard the stat number, he collapsed like a deflated rubber ball.

Because of you, the King of Essence's body must have become quite lean! You darn thief!

He teared up, imagining the loss of the flesh on his original body.

‘You're the Monarch of the Devildom, right?’


'Does it affect you if you lose 500 stats? The great Monarch of the Devildom?'

Of course it's not that big! But it makes me angry that you're eating for free!

Wrath was fidgeting around, venting his anger.


Raon frowned as he watched Wrath getting angry.

'Come to think of it, his Wrath points is a bit too high.'

The number was quite high because he had been repeatedly used it when he went to the Arian family.

I think it was because of that my chest was pounding when Wrath erupted in a violent rage recently.

'I have to be careful.'

Wrath hadn't noticed yet, but it was clear that it had an impact on his body and mind.

I had to be careful not to let him know that he was shocked by his anger.

'Let's go.'

Raon lightly tapped Wrath on the head as if nothing had happened and went out of the lake.

He was about to leave for the fifth training ground with his luggage he had prepared in advance when the back door of the annex building opened and Judiel came out.

She bowed her head and approached him, handing him a basket of food in her hand.

"I've prepared food for you to eat on your way."

"Thank you."


As soon as he received the basket, Wrath, who was lying on his shoulder, sniffed the air and raised his head.

This smell! Pineapple sandwiches and beef jerky with soy sauce! That too, the best quality beef jerky!

'Are you a dog?'

What's with this guy?

The guy didn't have any nose but his ability to smell was impressive.

“Yua and Yulius are also awake and getting ready, won't you go with them?”

“I'm too old to take care of them now.”

"Then, what about the madam?"

"I said goodbye to her yesterday."

Raon waved his hand lightly and left the lakeside. He walked so quickly that he soon disappeared beyond the garden in the direction of the fifth training ground.


The back door opened again, and Sylvia came out. She walked to Judiel's side with a calm gait.

"He's gone?"


Judith stepped aside and bowed her head.

"Yesterday was enough? Sigh, If you go today, you should say goodbye today!"

Sylvia frowned as she looked in the direction Raon had left, as if she didn't like it.

“Anyway, ever since he started calling me 'Mother,' he seems to have lost affection. I wonder where my darling Sunshine has gone."

"Maybe because he feels embarrassed.

Judiel shook her head with a faint smile.

"I know. I know."

Sylvia sighed.

"He's never been a spoiled child since he was little, so I'm a little sorry."

"Even though he's not spoiled, he must care about his family more than anyone else."

"Why are you praising Raon so much all of a sudden?"

Sylvia smiled with a scarlet smile and approached Judiel.

"Go on. I never get tired of hearing compliments about myc son."



Advance chapters: 

For Indonesian: 

A neat office with sunlight pouring in through the window, making even the harsh rays seem refined.

The leader of the White Whale, Heukgeumje, raised a teacup while sitting on the sofa.

As she took a sip of her tea, there was a sharp knock at the door.

"Come in."

The door opened without a sound, and a middle-aged man with neatly combed blond hair entered.


The middle-aged man bowed to Heukgeumje and stepped forward to the table.

"A letter of participation has arrived from Zieghart. They did not reveal who is coming, but we have confirmed that the Light Wind division is heading towards Cameloon."

"As expected."

Heukgeumje put down her teacup without the slightest surprise.

"Since he defeated me, of course Raon Zieghart will come."

There was no need to read the stars. If Zieghart participated in the establishment ceremony, it was only natural for Raon and the Light Wind division to come.

"What should we do? The Light Wind division is on the move, so we can eliminate them now. We can't just let that scoundrel who humiliated you go, can we?"

The middle-aged man muttered that this was an opportunity, as Raon and the Light Wind division were still within Zieghart's sphere of influence.

“Just say the word and I will personally handle it and…”



The man called Meken, raised his head boldly.

"That would be the worst move. We invited them, so even if a small problem arises, we will be held responsible. No, that's if we're lucky. There's a possibility that Glenn Zieghart, with his swordsmen, might come directly to us."

Heukgeumje stroked the teacup with red lipstick marks.

"Besides, the Destructive King of the North I saw seemed to be quite fond of Raon Zieghart. It's clear that there will be escorts following them invisibly."

She knows this because she experienced it firsthand in the audience chamber. For some reason, Glenn dotes on Raon. There was no way he would send only the inexperienced Light Wind division.

If they were to attack and be defeated in return, and information were to leak out, that would be the end of the White Whale.


Meken bit his lip until blood flowed.

“I understand, It's just frustrating. Leaving that scoundrel who brought shame to you just like that is too much..."

He spat out Raon's name like an enemy and clenched his fist.

"It's okay."

Heukgeumje shook her hand gently.

"Thanks to him, we've gained and learned something."

Heukgeumje smiled faintly with the same ease as she had in the audience chamber.

"This time, Raon Zieghart will end up in a similar situation."

"If it's a similar situation...."

"We need to make sure he can't move freely even when he knows."

Raon Zieghart was not a fool who moved without thinking, but a wise man who moved carefully calculated.

In order to destroy him, she had to return it in the same way.

“This time, he will be representing Zieghart, so he won’t be able to move recklessly.”

In the audience chamber, Raon was free to act as he pleased because he was the youngest and was in front of Glenn, but here, he and Rimmer were responsible.

Since their words and actions were at stake Zieghart's reputation, they would never act recklessly.


At Heukgeumje’s call, the office door opened again, revealing a young man who hadn't quite shed his youthful appearance.

“Did you call me?”

He bowed his head with a serious look that was different from his innocent appearance.

“Are you ready?”

“Yes. Everyone is waiting.”

Allen nodded heavily.

“I’ll say it again, but you must never start a fight first. You have to gradually touch the nerves of the White Sword Dragon like clothes being wet by rain, so that he will be the first to move.”

“Yes. I will prepare for that.”

“I trust you.”

Heukgeumje smiled with satisfaction, and Allen bowed again and left the office.


Mekkin seemed to have finally realized Heukgeumje’s intentions, his mouth agape.

‘Raon Zieghart.’

Heukgeumje smiled coldly as she looked at the door closing quietly.

‘This time, it’s my turn.’

* * *

Raon turned his gaze to the back of the trading city Cameloon, which he had visited many times.

A huge city had been built on the land where golden fields had once spread. The exterior of the city was a grayish color like dried bread, as if it had not been completed for long.

‘Did they build that city in such a short time?’

It seemed that the Five Divine Rulers had more power than expected, as they had built a city of that scale in such a short time.

‘With the five of them, maybe they can handle three out of the Six Kings…’

Seeing the resources and manpower it took to create such a city while keeping their headquarters separate, it appeared that not only Heukgeumje but the entire Five Divine Rulers was dangerous.

“Was there a city like that here?”

“Wow, they built that in the meantime?”

“The Five Divine Rulers is crazy….”


The Light Wind members also opened their mouths wide, as if they were surprised to see the city.

Raon looked down the city and turned around.

“That’s the city of Barena, the city of Five Divine Rulers.”

He gave the members a brief introduction to Barena, as he had heard the information from Denning Rose before.

“As I said when we left, Zieghart's reputation is at our stake, so be careful in your words and actions.”


The members nodded heavily, as if they were determined to shut their mouths completely.

“Vice leader.”


Rimmer, who was lying on horseback, raised his head with a bored look.

“I’m going to be hanging around the gambling den. You guys can handle it on your own.”

He shook his hand to tell them not to mind him.

‘That might be better.’

It would be better to stay out of the way from the start than to cause trouble on the side. Of course, he would be needed when he mocked Heukgeumje.


Raon nodded and looked back at the Light Wind division members.

Hey, you.

Wrath came up and tapped Raon on the shoulder with his round hand.

Have you prepared for that woman?


That’s right. The fact that she maintained her sanity even after being ridiculed by you shows that she is not an ordinary human.

‘Of course. I just think I know what she’s up to.’

He narrowed his eyes as he looked at the people standing in front of the entrance to Barena.

You think you know?

‘Yes. She has a strong sense of pride. So, she endured it until the end in that situation. People like her usually want to retaliate in the same measure when they're mistreated. It's in their nature.’


Wrath nodded in agreement, saying that there are similar people in the Devildom.

‘She probably wants to give me the same humiliation I gave her.’

Based on Heukgeumje's moves so far, I could roughly predict how she would move.

Raon looked back at the Light Wind members and smiled.

“I might do some things that are a little out of the ordinary in Barena, so please understand and assist me.”

“Out of the ordinary?”

“You’re always out of the ordinary!.”

“That’s right.”

Burren, Martha, and Runaan frowned, saying that you’re already stand out even if you just stand still.

“That’s not what I meant.”

Raon looked at the city of Barena and smiled eerily.

"I want to have some fun like our leader."

* * *

Allen was hiding among the spectators welcoming people into Barena, rolling his eyes.

‘They’re finally coming.’

The Light Wind division, which displayed the Zieghart emblem, was approaching from the distance.

‘She said not to touch them too hard.’

Heukgeumje had said to start with a small stimulus, not a strong one, so that Raon would not be able to move at will.

‘I’m confident in that.’

The warriors of the White Whale are all trained in information warfare. Provoking the opponent was no different from eating bread lying down.

‘Especially that guy.’

For the members of the White Whale, Heukgeumje was a god. The thought of touching Raon, who had provoked and ridiculed her, made him feel energized.

‘I’ll return the humiliation she suffered a few times over.’

There were other colleagues here with him now. There would be no problem since they had already agreed.

Allen took a deep breath and waited for the Light Wind division to approach.


The Light Wind division, unlike others, approached the gates with a fierce aura like a sword.

At the front was a blond young man with an astonishing presence, but Allen didn't sense any special energy from him.

‘That’s Raon Zieghart?’

He was exuding a much softer aura than the other members, as if he was storing his energy. It looked like things would be much easier to handle than expected.

Allen matched signals with his other colleagues and put a fierce aura in his eyes.

It was not killing intent. It was the kind of observing gaze that made one feel uncomfortable as soon as they felt it.

“Is that Raon Zieghart?”

A colleague next to him spoke first.

“It seems so.”

Allen nodded and twisted his lips.

“Heard he's thin and scrawny…”

When he said that, Raon’s gaze turned back from the front.

“What are you looking at with your codfish eyes?”

He glared with his eyes wide open, muttering a vulgar word out loud.

‘That’s it!’

Allen cheered inwardly.

‘Stupid bastard!’

He did not expect him to fall for his trick so easily with just a glance. He was even more stupid than he thought.

“What did you just say! Where do you get off saying such a thing!”

Allen frowned as he recited the lines he had prepared beforehand. Now, others would join in and criticize Raon.

But no one around him moved. Instead, they were looking at him like he was crazy.



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