TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 472

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Chapter 472

“...A commotion?”

Raon blinked slowly.

“Did you say ‘commotion’?”

A word he never expected to hear from Glenn suddenly popped up, momentarily leaving him dazed.

Raon cleared his throat and looked up at Glenn.

“You’re asking if I can cause a commotion right now?”

“That’s right.”

Glenn shook the envelope in his hand with a dry look in his eyes.

“Do you remember what Heukgeumje said last year about a festival being held by the Five Divine Rulers?”


Heukgeumje had said that a festival would be held to commemorate the founding of the Five Divine Rulers, and that she would send an invitation.

“A formal invitation has arrived from White Whale.”


The envelope in Glenn’s hand seemed to be the invitation.

“They want a high-ranking executives from Zieghart to come and celebrate the founding of the Five Divine Rulers, they said.”

He looked like he was considering burning the invitation.


Raon looked at the White Whale emblem in the center of the envelope and frowned.

‘Heukgeumje again, huh?’

Her shameless desire to borrow the fame of others is still the same.

Heukgeumje had sent the invitation for a simple reason.

If Zieghart attended, she would use their fame to declare that she had been recognized by the Six Kings, and if they did not attend, she would quietly spread rumors that the Six Kings was afraid.

Whether Zieghart went or not, both White Whale and Five Divine Rulers stood to gain. The situation was advantageous for them.

Her schemes were still the same, simple and straightforward, designed to easily gain an advantage.

‘I think I can guess Heukgeumje’s personality by now.’

The King of Essence also thinks so.

Wrath approached from the side and scowled.

She is literally a rat. She has no intention of hunting on her own, but only eats what others have thrown away!

He also seemed to dislike Heukgeumje.

‘That’s true. But her bowl is a bit big.’

Heukgeumje had been humiliated in Zieghart, but she had taken action to prevent negative rumors about White Whale from spreading.

Raon had felt it even then, but her mental strength was truly amazing. She was not an opponent to be underestimated, even after being defeated once.

As Raon thought about Heukgeumje and frowned, Glenn tapped the armrest of the throne lightly.

“I was going to burn this invitation and ignore it, but then I thought of you.”

“If I think about it…”

"Didn't you crush Heukgeumje just with your mouth?"

Glenn removed his hand from his chin and curled his lips up. It was the first time he had smiled. He seemed to have enjoyed the commotion at the time.

“Can you go to the festival in the Five Divine Rulers and cause a commotion like you did here?”


Raon didn’t answer immediately and lowered her gaze.

‘The situation is different now.’

He had been able to mock Heukgeumje to his heart’s content because she had come to Zieghart.

Like the saying “Even a stray dog gets half a meal in its own yard,” he had been able to crush Heukgeumje because this was Zieghart and she was in front of Glenn.

However, if he left Zieghart and entered White Whale’s sphere of influence, he would not be able to act as freely as he had before.

‘I don’t think it will be possible.’

He was about to refuse when Heukgeumje’s confident-looking face flashed through his mind.

‘Come to think of it…’

Heukgeumje wanted the same thing as before.

She wanted the fame of Zieghart again. In other words, if he could dangle the bait and shake it well, he could use her plan to his advantage.

‘There won’t be much difference.’

My age is still young compared to my strength and position.

‘It's the second round of the showdown…’

Raon raised his eyes after making up his mind.

“It’s possible, but there’s one thing I need.”

“What is it?”

Glenn’s voice was softer than usual.

“I need the full authority of Zieghart on my back."

“You mean you’re not going as a simple guest, but as an executive with authority to participate in the founding ceremony (festival, urgh)?”

“That’s right.”

“I understand what you’re thinking.”

He nodded, stroking his chin.

“Can you handle the situation properly?"

“I’m at the end of my adolescence, so I’m confident that I can burn the last flame.”

“The last flame. I’m looking forward to it.”

Glenn snapped his fingers, and the space in front of him split open, revealing a sword emblem wrapped in golden flames.

“This is a symbol that your will becomes my will. Is this enough?”


Raon trembled as he received the sword emblem. He thought he would write a document or something, but he didn’t expect him to give him something that represented the will of the head of house.

“This is too precious....”

"It's okay. Return after stirring up the storm of adolescence properly."

Glenn waved his hand and smiled faintly.

“I won’t disappoint you.”

Raon nodded with a smile that resembled Glenn’s.

“As soon as we get back, I’ll hand this emblem over to the Light Wind division's leader and....”

“What are you talking about?”

Glenn’s voice for the first time sounded harsh.

“You really mean to give it to that guy?”


The thought of what Rimmer would do with this emblem came to his mind.

[How much will this sell for? Is it pure gold?]

[I’ve received full authority from Zieghart! A deal? Sure, I’ll do it! Then, how much will I get?]

[I can pay off my gambling debts with this? What do you mean, I can get full authority from Zieghart...]

In less than a second, he envisioned what Rimmer would do with this emblem.

The King of Essence also has it in his head.

Wrath frowned.

That pointy-eared guy might buy an entire ice cream shop and still have leftovers...

‘That’s you, not him.’

He sighed and shook his head. In any case, this could never fall into Rimmer's hands.

“I’ll take care of it.”

“Good judgment.”

He bowed to Glenn and put the emblem in his pocket.


At his gesture, Sheryl, who was standing behind the throne, stepped forward.

“The Heavenly Blade division will escort the Light Wind division from the shadows.”

“Thank you.”

Sheryl waved her hand lightly.


Raon’s mouth fell open.

‘Isn’t that too much?’

No matter how difficult it would be for him to cause a commotion in his position, sending her as an escort seemed like a waste.

“The area around Cameloon is no different from a magic circle about to explode.”

Glenn seemed to have noticed his thoughts as he narrowed his eyes.

"I acknowledge your strength, but compared to your age, there are many stronger individuals on the continent. Moving without a plan is not a wise action."

‘That's right.’

Raon nodded at Glenn and Sheryl.

‘It’s definitely possible that something will happen.’

After the establishment of the Five Divine Rulers, wars large and small had erupted in various places since it had filled the voids across the continent. It was indeed necessary to have a plan.

‘But it’s a very solid plan.’

Knowing that Sheryl, who was no different from Glenn’s escort, would be following him, he felt a sense of security.

“I understand.”

Raon bowed to Glenn and Sheryl.

"Since you've set the stage, I'll handle the mission properly."

* * *

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Glenn closed his eyes with a small smile on his lips.


Roenn looked up at Glenn with eyes full of warmth.

“You seem to be enjoying yourself.”

“It’s funny, isn’t it?”

Glenn pointed at the carpet where Raon had been standing.

“Calling it a mission, that kind of confidence is something no one else can display."

Raon left the audience chamber after declaring that he would go and play properly.

His back was so trustworthy that he felt like giving him a pat on the back.

“That’s right. He always surpass our expectations.”

Roenn nodded in agreement with Glenn’s words.

"It's a good opportunity to go there. Meeting the leaders and successors of the Five Divine Rulers will provide a lot of experience."

A faint blush rose on Sheryl’s cheeks. She looked like she was looking forward to what Raon would do there.

“That’s right.”

Glenn nodded.

“Actually, that’s the most important thing.”

It’s true that he didn’t like Heukgeumje, but he could just ignore her.

The reason he sent Raon to the founding ceremony was because he wanted him to gain experience while carrying the name of Zieghart.

‘Then he will have a little more interest in the successor.’

Raon still doesn’t have much thought about the successor. He just hoped that he would not become someone who is not qualified.

He hoped that he would understand the responsibility and importance of it by carrying the name of Zieghart on this occasion.

Glenn closed his eyes, leaning deeply against the throne.

‘I’m looking forward to seeing how he comes back.’

* * *

After leaving the audience chamber, Raon returned to the fifth training ground. After stopping the training, he called everyone to the stage.

“What’s the matter?”

Dorian rubbed his belly pocket, feeling uneasy.

"The timing isn't great."

"It was the perfect moment!"

"Too bad."

Burren, Martha, and Runaan frowned, saying that they were about to defeat Mark Gorton.

“I also had a hidden move.”

Mark Gorton shook his head, saying that would be difficult.


When Raon raised his hand, the Light Wind members, who were each talking to each other, closed their mouths and lined up in a standing position.

“A new mission has arrived.”

“A mission?”

“Well, it’s about time.”

“We’ve been training since the end of last year.”

The Light Wind  members smiled excitedly, welcoming the mission.

“What is the mission?”

Krein raised his hand first. He was the fastest to fall and ask questions.

“The Five Divine Rulers is holding a festival to celebrate the founding of the five organizations, and Heukgeumje of White Whale invited our house.”

Raon frowned and continued speaking.

“…That’s what it is on the surface, but in reality, they are trying to use the name of Zieghart once again.”

At that word, a chilling light appeared in the eyes of the Light Wind members.


Burren frowned and tapped his sword hilt.

"Why do those bastards keep using our name when they're powerless?"

Martha seemed like she wanted to run right away and gritted her teeth.

“Opportunistic sharks.".

Runaan shook her head disdainfully.

“They’re really pathetic.”

"Their reputation must be low. Can't they find anything else to exploit?"

“Dirty bastards.”

Other members also frowned as if they didn’t like the Five Divine Rulers’s event.

“So the mission is….”

“That’s right. The Light Wind members will participate in the festival as a representative of Zieghart.”



The Light Wind members’ eyes changed at the word “representative.”

Some had pride, while others felt burdened, but the memners’ eyes did not waver in the slightest.

“Our actions will represent Zieghart, so think about what we should do and what we should be careful of. We will depart in two days. Dismissed.”


At Raon’s shout, the Light Wind members bowed their heads and left the dojo.

Seeing the energetic membera filled with a spirit like a surging wave, there seemed to be no need to worry.

“A mission. It’s annoying.”

Raon turned his head at the thin voice he heard from behind. Rimmer, who had returned sometime ago, was crawling out of his sleeping bag.

“You have to go even if it’s annoying.”

Raon shook his head lightly, feeling Rimmer coming.

“It would be easier if it was just fighting, but it’s not.”

“That’s right.”


Rimmer narrowed his eyes.

“Did the lord give you anything?”

For someone who usually couldn't be found to have a sense in this regard, he seemed to be perceptive.

“What do you mean?”

To dispel Rimmer’s suspicion, Raon spoke in a composed tone.

“Given the lord's personality, if he’s sending you as a representative, he would’ve given you something.”

“There’s nothing like that.”

Raon shook his head without avoiding Limer’s gaze.

“Even so, he’s the kind of person who would give you some guarantee as a representative.”

He rubbed his fingers together.

“There’s nothing.”

“No, it must be….”

“There is nothing.”

When Raon frowned, Rimmer took a step back.

“Fine, then. Why are you getting angry?”

He turned his back and said that he was really becoming a scoundrel.

Raon lowered his head, feeling the warmth of the emblem tucked in his pocket.

'A ghost-like human.’

'No, an elf.

* * *

In the lord's office, which is located in the central of the Robert family.

Derus Robert finished signing the documents he was reviewing and put down his pen. His hand, which had been tapping on the desk, picked up the letter on the left.

Similar to the one Glenn had, this letter also bore the emblem of White Whale.

“The White Whale.”

Derus smiled faintly as he stroked the white whale drawn on the envelope.


At his call, a man in black armor emerged from the shadows of the bookcase.

“Did you call me?”

The young man named Siris, who had a pale expression, bowed his head.

“What is the status of the White Whale?”

“Neither good nor bad. The reputation that Heukgeumje originally wanted to gain has dissipated like smoke, but the reputation that was being damaged has been barely salvaged. Still, the name value and recognition have dropped, so it is fair to say that it is a loss.”

He clicked his tongue, muttering that Heukgeumje was stupid.


Derus licked his lips and put down the White Whale’s invitation.

“It won’t be that.”


“Heukgeumje's scheme was quite good. It’s easy to figure out, but it’s not easy to stop. But….”

He stroked his gloved hand.

"There was an unexpected variable: Raon Zieghart. She fell victim to a guy who was supposed to have a light conversation and end it, so it's right to give her praise for just maintaining her sanity."

"I find it hard to believe from that point onward. With Glenn and Zieghart's high-ranking executives present, what could a mere vice division leader have done?"

Siris shook his head in disbelief.

“I’ll admit that Raon Zieghart is a genius in swordsmanship, but he seems a bit lacking in the intellectual aspect. Aren’t you overestimating him?”

“Overestimating him? On the contrary, it’s because I underestimated him that he’s still alive.”

Derus shook his head firmly.

“Raon Zieghart is not a man to be judged by knowledge or intelligence. The key is his insight into chaotic situations and his ability to take action immediately once he learns the solution. He was born with that precious talent.”

Raon Zieghart, whom he had met in person, had amazing insight and actionability. He could have easily done what was rumored.

“Even without knowledge or intelligence, he is a monster by instinct.”


Siris swallowed his saliva.

“If Zieghart sends someone to this founding ceremony, Raon is likely to go.”

“If he goes, that would make sense. After showing a good performance, he’d probably want to showcase Zigheart's presence even more. However, it seems unlikely that he'll go in the first place."

“That’s right.”

Derus nodded.


He licked his lips as he looked at the letter, as if he was worried.

"Do you intend to go by any chance?"

"Eliminating him as quickly as possible is the right thing to do."

“No, killing him is simple.”

Siris shrugged his shoulders.

“I'm considering the method. Actually, as I mentioned before, it's the optimal condition for poisoning."

“But why.”

"If another poison gets involved, the situation will deteriorate."

Derus narrowed his eyes as he looked at the gloves on his hands.

“Or there could be two more poisons. It’s unpredictable.”

He frowned, expressing his uncertainty about which direction the situation might take among the Six Kings during the Five Divine Rulers ceremony.

“Then send me.”

Siris bowed his head.


"Yes. If, by any chance, the poison doesn't work, eventually, the only thing left to use is a blade. Since those kids are already completed, it would be a good opportunity to test them."


As Derus flicked his fingers, a blue-dimensional opening appeared in the air, and a box with a human face popped out.

When he tapped the box, a sound of something hard hitting from inside echoed.

"What should we do?”


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