TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 458

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

Chapter 458

Ayad wiped the blood from his wound with his left hand. The scar that had been cut from his chest to his waist had begun to clot.

Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at Ayad's wounds, where the torn flesh seemed to have stuck back together

'I Couldn't cut deep enough, after all.'

He couldn't feel the satisfaction of crushing bones and cutting flesh.

Ayad had pulled back his body at the moment Heavenly Drive touched him, minimizing the damage. The saying that his practical combat experience was abundant was not just empty talk.


Raon smiled faintly as he looked at Ayad's distorted eyes.

'It looks like the mental shock is great.'

The anger in his eyes seemed palpable. Ayad's unshakable composure, which couldn't be broken with words, seemed to be starting to waver.


Ayad raised his bloody left hand and exhaled a hot breath.

"I didn't let my guard down, but your tenacity was beyond my expectations."

He wiped the blood from his cheek with the blood that had soaked his hand. His already sharp features looked even sharper.

"That's where your luck ends. There will be no more luck."

Ayad placed his sword in the middle. It seemed that his aura, which was filled with murderous intent, was about to surge.

"Luck? Chance?"

Raon looked Ayad in the eye and sneered.

"The moment you said those words, your already slim chances of winning completely disappeared."

"That's not up to you to decide!"

Ayad frowned and kicked the ground.


Raon held Heavenly Drive up and activated the Ring of Fire to its maximum.

'Ayad's swordsmanship is a martial art suited for the battlefield.'

You must never be careless.

Even before his personality had been corrupted, Ayad had carried out the most missions in Zieghart.

Countless battles gave birth to a practicality in his swordsmanship, different from refined sword techniques. If you let your guard down, you would be pierced through the vital points in an instant.


Ayad moved from the center to the left, swinging his sword as if bouncing a billiard ball. The blue blade coated with astral energy surged towards the chest


Raon struck down with Heavenly Drive. When he tried to push back Ayad's sword, the man's attack suddenly changed.

'His direction change is fast. However...'

It's within my prediction range.

The blade that had been aimed at his chest bent like a whip and turned towards his lower abdomen. It seemed that he had been aiming for his energy center from the beginning.


Raon took a step back with Heavenly Drive in his hand and twisted his wrist.

The red blade that fell in a semicircle struck down Ayad's sword.


The astral energy clashed at its peak, creating violet sparks that enveloped the arena.

Raon cut through the sparks and swung Heavenly Drive again, and Ayad also used his astral energy to disperse the sparks and unleashed his sword strokes.

Because they both had a wealth of combat experience, they knew that if they backed down, they would be in a more dangerous situation.


The terrifying sword duel continued, and a huge tremor shook the arena. No, the entire great training ground.


Raon parried Ayad's sword stroke, which had been aimed at his neck and then twisted towards his heart, and licked his lips.

'He's fierce.'

Ayad had incorporated lethality and sharpness into his swordsmanship, which was filled with the subtleties of strength, speed, and variable.

As a result, every time he blocked a sword stroke, a chill that felt like his bones were going to freeze sank into his shoulders.

"I'll see how much you can block!"

Ayad spat out a rough voice from behind the wall of sparks. The moment his senses were concentrated in the center, a sharp blade extended from the left.


As the blade wrapped in astral energy descended towards his right shoulder, Raon raised Heavenly Drive like a salmon defying the river's flow.


The heat of the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation cut through the blue astral energy and created a red trajectory like a dragon in the air.

'An opportunity.'

Ayad had spent a considerable amount of mental energy for his surprise attack just before. Now was the time to target his vital points.


After imbuing Glacier's coldness on his shoulder, Raon dashed towards Ayad, piercing through the storm of sparks.


Ayad's eyes narrowed. He was surprised, but his reaction was quick.

He retreated and struck down the sword that rose up like lightning.


It wasn't an attempt to block Heavenly Drive. A sharp counterattack. The blade that was bending was aimed at the wrist holding the sword.

This time, it didn't bend like a whip, but the blade fell with a sharp angle like a steel shield.

"No way."

Raon stepped forward with his right foot and stepped on the ground with Supreme Harmony steps. He moved forward like a red flash, carving deep footprints on the ground.


It was a subtle and close-range move, nullifying Ayad's sharp assault.

"This guy!"

Ayad widened his eyes, attempting to retract his sword, but Raon had already penetrated his space.

With just a reach of his hand, Raon stopped at an extremely close distance, swung his elbow, and the the black dragon coat, which was soaked in energy, cut sharply and became a dagger.


This time, Ayad swung his left hand as if he wouldn't be fooled.

A technique that emits astral energy from the palm. The condensed astral energy pressed forward like a rock.

'It's just a rock.'

Raon didn't retreat. Using his elbow to manipulate the sword technique of the Fangs of Insanity, he vertically cut through Ayad's technique.


He broke through the blue energy that was splitting in half and threw his fist that was holding Heavenly Drive.


Even in this situation, Ayad used his astral energy to create a shield of astral energy.

'As expected.'

But, he used the warrior's breath of the Beast Union on the energy concentrated in his fist. The heat that swirled like a storm struck Ayad's cheek, breaking through the shield of astral energy.


Ayad was thrown back as if his neck had been pulled out and rolled on the floor.

"When does that so-called practical combat experience come into play?


Raon twisted his jaw as he looked at Ayad, vomiting blood on the ground.

"Yoy target all the vital points, but nothing seems to work."

"Shut up!"

Ayad wiped the blood from his cheek with the back of his hand, struggling to rise

Even though he had put his full strength into the blow, the impact didn't seem as severe as expected.

'It wasn't a mistake after all.'

He's gotten stronger.

If it had been the previous Ayad, he should have suffered a deep internal injury from the previous punch.

It seemed that he had become so strong and deep, both externally and internally, as if he had taken some elixir.

"We haven't even started yet."

"That's right."

Raon smiled and nodded.

"Compared to the pain you've inflicted on others, this is nothing."

"I told you to shut up!"

Ayad charged at Raon with malicious intent in his eyes.

The aura surrounding him grew thicker, and a chilling wave of energy rose to the sky.

As if he had revealed his full power, his speed doubled, and the astral energy imbued in the sword became sharper.

"No, I said shut up!"

Raon mocked Ayad and infused his sword, Heavenly Drive, with the principles of the Fangs of Insanity.

The blade shook violently, and a savage roar like that of a predator hunting its prey erupted.


The two baldes, filled with astral energy, clashed, but neither one was pushed back. They began to compete for strength, crushing the ground.

Raon infused the Fangs of Insanity with the principles of strength, speed, and variable, but Ayad's sword strikes did not break. His swordsmanship was different from before.

"So you've been hiding your martial arts as well?"

Raon smiled as he looked into Ayad's eyes through the blades.

"Show me more."

I will extract everything you have.

* * *


Ayad exhaled a heavy breath as he parried Raon's sword, which was dropping down towards his shoulder.

'What the hell is this of guy?!'

Each sword strike was so sharp that it sent shivers down his spine. He felt like his body was being torn apart even though he hadn't been hit.

"Damn it…"

He felt embarrassed for having told Raon about the difference in their martial arts level and experience in real combat.

His swordsmanship was beyond what could be described as "real combat."

'I can't believe even the Condensed Demon Sword technique isn't working.'

The Condensed Demon Sword is a sword style that is perfected through experience in actual combat.

He never thought that his swordsmanship, which had grown by cutting down countless humans and monsters, would be blocked by this young kid.

'It's getting harder and harder.'

Every time Raon's eyes flashed with a chilling light, it became difficult to block his sword, and his own sword did not go in properly.

It was hard to believe, but it seemed like Raon was analyzing and understanding his own sword during their sword duel.


Ayad let out a shout and unleashed the White Cloud Green Peak (the literal translation)(백운청봉) sword technique, part of the Condensed Demon Sword swordsmanship.

The blade extended like the talons of a bird of prey reaching for its prey in the sky.

However, the true meaning of the White Cloud Green Peak is not just its rapid and powerful offensive.

The sword energy that was aimed at Raon's heart split into five pieces like sunlight pouring into a lake.


There was not a single fake. The strength that aimed at the heart, right arm, energy center, solar plexus, and neck were all real. If he missed even one, he would die instantly.

Just before the five blades reached him, Raon's eyes flashed. A wall of flames rose from the sword path he had drawn.

"That's not enough!"

He tore off the outer edge of the White Cloud Green Peak and penetrated into his space.

As he continued to thrust his sword towards Raon's throat, a dragon head sprouted from the blade Raon had held back.


A tremendous heat spewed out from the gaping mouth. It was a firepower that would not be inferior to the breath that a dragon is said to exhale.


Ayad gritted his teeth and raised the aura in his energy center, but the fire was too powerful to block completely.


The White Cloud Green Peak strike melted away entirely, and even the wall of astral energy raised behind shattered, leaving burns on arms and legs.

If he hadn't taken the Qingying Pill to strengthen his body, the sword duel would have ended here and now.

'That was pretty good.'

Raon nodded satisfactorily, with a small trickle of blood flowing from his shoulder. The gap between him and Ayad, who suffered burns on his arms and legs, was like heaven and earth.


Ayad bit his lip until it bled.

'I thought I could easily break him with my own strength.'

Even if he acknowledged the guy's strength, he believed that the Qingying pill's effect alone would overwhelm the sword duel, but it wasn't the case.

There was no way to stop him, who had grown stronger as they clashed.

"There's no choice..."

Now there was only one way. He had to use the White Flawless Immaculate (changed from white jade purity) Sword Technique to smash Raon's head as soon as Raon Zieghart let his guard down and came in.

"Sword marks, hits, burns. I'm not satisfied with just that."

Raon's lips twisted. A more intense aura than when he had created the fire dragon was burning and blazing.

"Fine. Come on."

Ayad straightened his back and held the sword with both hands.


Raon charged in from the right, accompanied by the sound of a harsh wind. The sword he was holding rose up like a volcano erupting.


He parried the sword that came out like a surprise attack, but Raon's assault didn't stop there. The sword that bent like lightning aimed at the left and right at the same time.


Every time Raon and his sword collided, his hands felt like they were being torn apart and his stomach was shaken. Internal injuries began to appear.

Although he was in a superior position, the swordsmanship situation favored Raon.

'Not yet. I have to wait!'

White Flawless Immaculate was a skill that imposed a tremendous burden on the body. He had to wait for the right moment and end it in one breath.


A powerful aura gathered in Raon's sword. As his swordsmanship flowed, a small gap appeared in his movement.


Ayad raised the White Flawless Immaculate Sword Technique. His energy center throbbed like it was going to explode, and a vast aura was drawn out, enough to tear his mana circuit.


His sword emitted a plaintive cry, igniting a massive sword beam that seemed to reach the sky. With power rivaling even that of a Grandmaster's astral energy, he brought it down upon Raon.


The red heat lines that had gathered on Raon's sword were torn out, and an enormous shock wave exploded out.

The arena collapsed, and even the mana barrier that protected the audiences seats was torn off.


Ayad clutched his chest. His stomach was churning, as if he had been injured internally, but the sword blow had hit its mark.

The sword duel was over. No matter how much of a monster he was, it was not a power that he could withstand.

'Not just his energy center or arm, but I killed him... huh?'

His mouth opened wide. A black shadow rose up from the rising mana storm.


Raon approached, cutting through the mana storm that had begun to subside.

Blood was dripping down his forehead and right shoulder, but it didn't seem like a serious injury.

"What, how...?"

"Your eyes were filled with annoyance and anticipation.”


“The annoyance of having to use this ability and the expectation that this will win you the duel were clearly visible. You talk about your experience in actual combat, but you can’t hide your eyes.”

Raon wiped the blood from his forehead and sneered. His bloodshot eyes felt like they were squeezing his heart

‘Th, there’s only one chance now.’

His injuries were worsening. If time was delayed, there would be no opportunity. With the small injury inflicted on the guy, he had to finish it now.

“This is the end!”

Ayad ignored the fear that was running down his spine and unleashed the White Flawless Immaculate and the Condensed Demon Sword at the same time.

This time, instead of two times, he amplified his mana three times and slashed at Raon.


Raon calmly lifted his gaze. Holding Heavenly Drive, he grasped it tightly while observing Ayad's astral energy, which covered the sky of the great training ground like a sword god.

“Do not block my sky.”

He stepped on his right foot and raised Heavenly Drive.

The target was not the sky but the space itself. The atmoenergy of the dueling ground responded to the heat of the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation, creating a massive flow.


Ayad’s sword strike, which was falling like lightning, slowed down like a snail.

No, it wasn’t slowing down, but the Sky Sword slowed it down.

“W, what!”

Ayad’s eyes widened in terror. He realized that he could not move his body properly and his lips trembled.

“This doesn’t make sense!”

As a peak master level, he seemed to have figured out what was happening.


Bloodshot appeared in Ayad’s eyes. He prepared for serious internal injuries and released more powerful mana to release the pressure of Sky Sword.

It was more than three times the amount of aura he usually used. It was a formidable aura that could make bones break just by standing in front of it.


Raon quietly lowered Heavenly Drive he had raised to the top.

The first form of the Sky Sword, Great Sky Descend from the Heavens. The sword strike that contained the weight of the sky collided with Ayad’s enormous astral energy.


The overwhelming presence of the sky wrapped around the blade, creating a grand wave of blue.

The sword technique, embodying the warrior's will alongside strength, aura, and swordsmanship, shattered the astral energy saturated solely with aura.

In the astral energy that collapsed like a sand castle, Ayad's astonished eyes could be seen.

“You’d better be prepared. As I said….”

Raon gritted his teeth.

“My sword is not as kind as this family.”

“W-wait a minute!”

Even in Ayad’s screams, he did not stop the sword. He crushed him with the weight of the sky, not the blade.


With a sound like bones turning to powder, the space where Ayad stood collapsed into the dark ground.


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