TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 457

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Chapter 457

Ayad sat in the center of the White Lotus training ground, eyes closed. He looked like he was meditating, and he didn't move even when a black shadow fell over him.

Ayad slowly opened his eyes. He wasn't surprised by the strange situation of a shadow without a person.

"So you've come."

"Your body looks fine."

A low voice came from the shadow. It was the voice of the masked figure who had visited him in the hospital before.

"They said it wouldn't be fair to have an unfair sword duel, so they gave me time to recover and swing my sword. It's no wonder this house is crazy about swordsmanship."

Ayad sneered, muttering the name of Zieghart.

"Do you have the confidence to defeat Raon Zieghart?"

"You're looking at me directly and asking that?"


The masked figure's sharp gaze pierced through the shadows, as if urging him to speak.

"Hmph. I've absorbed all of the Qingying Pill, and I've mastered the White Flawless Immaculate Technique. I'll do as you wish and cut off his arm and break his energy center."

"One of them will do."

"The other one is mine. I don't like him that much. I want to strangle him to death."

Ayad's voice was filled with killing intent, and his eyes narrowed.

"Do as you please. Just be careful not to make foolish mistakes and get caught off guard."

"Unnecessary nagging. Tell your master to wait comfortably."


The masked figure didn't answer. The shadow that contained him faded away like it had melted in the sun and completely disappeared.

"It looks like they're using me as a hunting dog, and they're going to kill me after the hunt is over...."

Ayad looked at the ground where the masked figure's shadow had fallen and smiled eerily.

"For now, accept it. However, it won't go as you wish."

* * *

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The great training ground of Zieghart.

This special training ground, which could only be entered with permission from the head of house and the division leaders, was unusually filled with people.

Of course, the reason for this was the sword duel between Raon and Ayad.

On the day of the sword duel, the entrance to the great training ground was freely accessible, so most of Zieghart's members occupied seats in the stands.

The managers of the great training ground were busy setting up the central arena for the sword duel, making sure the executives had their seats, their movements swift and hidden from view.

"A sword duel between the vice division leader of the Light Wind and the division leader of the White Lotus. It's been a while since I've seen such a feast for the eyes."

"Who do you think will win between the two of them?"

"They're the leader and the vice leader. Even if the White Lotus leader caused a big problem, the conclusion is already out there."

"Hmm, I guess so. The experience of holding a sword and fighting is different."

That's correct. No matter how much of a genius Raon Zigheart is, it's challenging to overcome the wall of time. The White Lotus leader wasn't just playing around either.

"I'd like the Light Wind vice division leader to win, but the chances are slim."

"I don't know why he even accepted the sword duel. He should just accept his punishment."

Most of the swordsmen sitting in the stands predicted that Ayad would win, as he has higher martial arts level and had much more experience.

Even though the popularity of Raon was high due to the reason for the sword duel, and Ayad's reputation was at rock bottom, the prediction of the outcome did not change.

"You don't know anything. Raon Zieghart is not a man who would come out without any plan."

"That's right. Do you remember when he defeated Raiden in this very place? Even then, everyone predicted Raiden's victory."

It's not just that. Raon Zigheart has never lost in a one-on-one sword duel. Do you remember when he defeated the master-level apostle of the White Blood religion when he was at the expert level?

However, unlike before, there was a growing number of people predicting Raon's victory based on his achievements.

"Is it the same now as it was then? Ayad is not Raiden. It's incomparable."

"Was Raon just sitting idly? He became a peak master level at the age of 21! Did you forget that he defeated both the floor masters and White Wolf this time?"

"So what? White Lotus division leader could easily do that too. I know Ayad is a bastard, but we have to think objectively about the outcome!"

"I judged it objectively, and it's Raon. If he wins this sword duel, his influence within the house will grow significantly. He didn't just go into it without thinking!"

"Then let's head to the gambling den. How about putting the entire month's salary on the side each of us supports?"

 "Get your salary and bet!!"

People who were arguing about who would win between Raon and Ayad ran to the gambling den set up outside the training ground, pulling out their gold pouches.

Burren smiled faintly as he watched the audience move in a hurry.

"I guess more people are starting to know about Raon."

In the past, when Raon fought in the grand training ground, most people bet on Raiden, but now there are quite a few people betting on Raon.

'It means they recognize Raon's skills.'

The sword duel between the vice division leader and the division leader, despite the age and experience difference, had attracted people to bet on Raon, indicating a growing recognition of his prowess.


He turned his head to the right at the sound of a yawn. Runaan was smacking her lips and nodding her head.

"Wake me up when it starts."

Runaan waved her hand weakly and started to sleep openly.

'She's not even nervous at all.'

Runaan seemed to think that Raon would win, so she started to sleep instead of getting nervous.

I don't know if I should say she has a strong heart or if her faith in Raon is firm.

"Anyway, there are a lot of idiots."

Martha snorted as she looked at the people who were flocking to the gambling den to bet on Ayad.

"That guy wouldn't challenge a losing fight."

She also seemed to think that Raon would win the sword duel without fail, and she let out a word of confidence.

"That's right. Our gentle vice division leader would never lose a fight."

Krein nodded in agreement with Martha and licked his lips.

"I can't imagine our vice division leader losing to anyone anymore."

Even Dorian, the most cowardly member of the Light Wind, was chewing on a cookie with a calm expression.

It wasn't just them. The entire Light Wind members was waiting for today's sword duel with eyes that believed in Raon's victory without a doubt.

Burren smiled faintly as he scanned the Light Wind members.

'It's amazing.'

Originally, the only people in the Light Wind members who had a good impression of Raon were Dorian and Runaan.

It was surprising and strange that they had become close enough to trust Raon with their lives, who they had once thought of as a thorn in their side.

"It must be because of many events..."

While Burren was thinking about the old days, the ragged saint Federick approached him from the side.

"Why are you the only ones here? Where is that guy?"

Federick tilted his head as he confirmed the number of Light Wind members.

"A fly stays close to dung. Where else would it be?"


"Over there."

Martha immediately realized who Federick was asking about and pointed down.

Her finger was pointed at a red-haired elf.

"I'll go first! I'll go first! Get out of the way, you bastards! Don't bet on Raon!"

Rimmer was shouting as he held a pouch of gold coins in his arms among the many gamblers.

"Hey, boss! I bet my entire fortune on Raon Zieghart!"


Federick and the Light Wind members shook their heads simultaneously as they took in Rimmer's pathetic appearance.

* * *

Behind the main gate of the grand training ground, a dignified footsteps can be heard.

Raon's brilliant smile is revealed under the dignity of the black dragon coat that seems to be covered in darkness.

In contrast to the golden hair that shines even brighter in the sunlight, the calm red eyes were out of place.


"That's Raon?"

"His aura is no joke for a vice division leader"

"It wouldn’t be strange to say that he is the division leader!”

The audience opened their mouths wide in amazement at Raon's presence, which was of a different level of weightiness and his handsome appearance that made them forget to speak.

"Wow! Raon Zighart!"

"I believe in you! Crush Ayad!"

"That trash is not even worth recycling!"

"I bet all my wealth on you!"

The audience, who had finally come to their senses, waved their hands and raised their voices.

Raon walked towards the arena in the center of the great training ground, listening to the cheers of the audience who filled the stands.

It's different from before.

Wrath frowned as he looked around the audience.

In the past, there were hardly any people who cheered for you.

'That's right.'

Raon nodded with a smile. When he came to fight Raiden before, there were only a handful of people who cheered for him.

But now, more than half of the swordsmen in the arena were shouting his name.

Even though Ayad had committed a crime, Raon had not expected this level of cheering.

'The head of house's words were right.'

Glenn had mentioned that this sword duel was not only about Ayad's downfall but also about a factor that would significantly increase Raon's influence within the house, surpassing anything seen before.

Based on the reaction of the audience now, it seemed that he was right.

Raon calmed his racing heart and stood in front of the arena.

Ayad had already arrived on the other side. He sat in the waiting area and looked at this side with cold eyes.

'He's not a complete idiot.'

He thought Ayad would get excited as soon as he saw him, but his eyes were cold.

He knew how to control his emotions, not for nothing that he took the position of division leader.

"You look good."

Ayad smiled faintly and nodded his chin.

"It's all thanks to someone."

Raon smiled back, waving his hand. Though learning Glenn's teachings had been extremely challenging, he pretended to be at ease.

"I understand why you're confident. With that power at your age, the world must seem low and shallow to you. But..."

A creepy red light flickered in Ayad's eyes.

"I have been wielding a sword long before you were born. Regardless of your training, the practical experience itself is different. You'll regret challenging me."

"Even if I didn't challenge you, someday you would have challenged me."

Raon tapped the hilt of Heavenly Drive, turning his chin slightly.

"I just wanted to get rid of the trash that was annoying to my eyes. I'm not interested in your experience or level."

"Your mouth is still amazing."

Ayad smirked without taking the bait. It seemed he had mastered his emotions during the past month.

'It's going to be more fun than I thought.'

Raon smiled with satisfaction and sat down in the waiting area.

After waiting for a while, people started to fill up the executive seats.

Following Serena, who he had met a little earlier, Karoon, Denier, and Balder also came in and sat in the upper seats.

While watching the executives and waiting for the sword duel to begin, two guards standing in front of the main gate of the great training ground slammed their greatswords into the ground.

"The lord has entered!"

Glenn, the head of house Zieghart, entered the grand training ground through the main gate. His imposing presence, like a divine sword, made it difficult to see Sheryl and Roenn behind him.

Without even raising his head, Glenn walked up to the highest seat on the stage. His aura was that of a true king. The man who had taught Raon swordplay and eaten sandwiches with him every night was nowhere to be found.

"We greet the lord!"

Everyone in the great training ground bowed their heads towards Glenn.

"Stand up, everyone."

Glenn waved his hand, and everyone in the great training ground was able to breathe again.


At his command, the announcer stepped forward.

"The two duelists for today's sword duel, White Lotus division leader Ayad and Light Wind division leader Raon Zieghart, please come up to the stage!"

At the announcer's proclamation, Ayad ascended the arena first, sending a gaze filled with cool determination as if he had completed his mental preparations.

Raon, however, did not step onto the arena immediately. He looked out at the stands.

Sylvia prayed while holding hands with her maids, the Light Wind members leisurely enjoyed Dorian's snacks, and Rimmer waved from the signboard above the gambling den.

Passing them, Raon looked at where the White Lotus members were. They gazed at him with desperate eyes, as if pleading to be rescued from Ayad's grip.

Their eyes reminded him of his past self, who had been unable to escape from Derus Robert's grasp.

Raon clenched his fists, and his heart turned cold.

After taking a deep breath, he finally stepped onto the arena.


At the announcer's command, Raon and Ayad faced each other in the center of the arena.

"I've waited for this moment more than you can imagine."

Ayad's lips curled up into a thin smile. Raon felt as if Ayad's body and aura had both become harder.

'It's not just my imagination. He's really gotten stronger.'

Raon's senses never lied to him. He had to believe his instincts and fight as if Ayad was even stronger than he appeared.

"Thank you."

Ayad flicked his fingers, as if he was about to draw his sword.

"Thanks to you, I think I'll only be given a light punishment and be able to lead the division again."

Ayad was planning to use the golden plate he would win in the sword duel to mitigate his punishment.

Combining two golden plates and the achievements he had accumulated so far made it a plausible scenario.

"Imagination is free."

Raon felt his heart freeze as he placed his hand on the hilt of Heavenly Drive.


"Your punishment will be settled here, by my hand."

Raon smirked and nodded at Ayad.

"It won't be as lenient as the head's punishment, so be prepared."

"You arrogant brat..."

Ayad frowned deeper, but his determination didn't seem to waver.

"Are you both ready?"



Both Ayad and Raon nodded simultaneously.

The announcer stepped back, raising his hand to the sky.

"So, let's begin the sword duel between the White Lotus division leader and the Light Wind vice division leader!"

With a thunderclap, the announcer stepped off the stage.

The sword duel had begun, but Raon and Ayad did not move. They simply held their swords in their hands and looked each other in the eye.


The auras of the two masters, who had reached the highest level of master rank, began to rise slowly like the sun, creating a huge pressure in the arena.


When the aura of Raon and Ayad collided, the well-groomed arena began to crumble and stone fragments rose into the air.

At the moment when the finger-sized stone fragments rose to the waist, Raon drew Heavenly Drive.

A dazzling light flashed before their eyes as Raon unleashed the ecstatic footwork of the Supreme Harmony steps. At the same moment, Ayad also executed his footwork.


Heavenly Drive and Ayad's sword clashed, causing a huge tremor that shook the great training ground.

The two swords were bent and pushed back by the tremendous impact.

Ayad tried to back away with his sword, but Raon's movements were different.


Raon stepped forward with his left foot. He reduced the impact of the shock by pressing down on the ground with the Supreme Harmony steps, and followed Ayad.

"Damn it!"

Ayad immediately realized his movements and slammed his left elbow down. It was a natural movement, as his right hand holding the sword had moved back.

Raon, who had grasped Ayad's movements in a moment, grabbed his sleeve with his left hand.


The wrist, wrapped in the principles of the flexible sword, smoothly turned and deflected Ayad's fierce attack.


Keeping the Supreme Harmony steps to reduce the impact, he swung down Heavenly Drive that had already minimized the shock.


Ayad groaned as Heavenly Drive, with flames infused in it, cut through his astral energy barrier.

The barrier more solid than an iron wall, the aura felt unyielding, but the flames on the Heavenly Drive were sharper.


The wall of astral energy created by Ayad cracked, and his chest was torn diagonally, spewing blood.


Ayad bit his lip as he looked at the wound on his chest.

"Combat experience? Higher martial arts mastery?"

Raon wiped away a drop of blood that had gathered on the tip of Heavenly Drive. He smirked as he aimed the red-hot blade at Ayad.

"I'll just chew that up."


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