TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 177


Cale's expression hardened, then crinkled. What the heck did this guy just say?

"...Sobs~ You're mean...?"

Cale continued reading the message that had arrived to himself. It was an involuntary act.

"Hey, what are you...?"

Choi Jung Soo, who was about to enter the room, saw Cale saying "Sobs, you're mean!" while holding the mirror splendidly. Feeling like he had seen something he shouldn't have, Choi Jung Soo discreetly retreated.

A gesture that clearly expressed he had witnessed something unbearable. At any rate, Cale completely ignored Choi Jung Soo and continued staring at the mirror.

"Are you crazy?"

And then, Cale uttered a word.

The mirror fell silent. Cale's expression returned to calm.


"Yes, Young Master."

"I'm having a conversation here, so take care of things behind."

"I hope you have a pleasant conversation."

Ron carried the fainted Old Baek out of the room.

"Human, are you going to contact Jungwon?"

Raon, who suddenly appeared with a Buddhist Monk statue in his arms, looked at Cale.

"For now, I'll contact the God of Death."

After glancing at the statue for a moment, Cale responded emotionlessly.

"It seems like Jungwon did a good job."


Raon laughed while patting the statue with his thick front paw. Cale shifted his gaze uncomfortably.


Cale looked at the mirror.

"What do you mean by finding the King? Explain a bit more."

The response came promptly.

<That's literally it. The King of Roan is on the death list. The list of candidates to die appears six months before the subject's death, and it contains important information related to death matters.>

"Do they reveal the time and place of death?"

<Yes. Except that the place keeps changing, so I don't know where he is.>

"So, where is he now?"

The God of Death had clearly stated that the King was being dragged.


<Buy?> (가게?)

There was only one answer Cale could give to that question.

'That should be decided by the Crown Prince.'

However, there was no need to tell the God of Death.

It was then...


<I'll reveal the location if you do me a favor.>

As soon as he saw the message, the corner of Cale's mouth curved into a satisfied smirk. Cale already knew what the right answer was.

"Find Choi Jung Gun?"

The ancestor of Choi Han and Choi Jung Soo, the Orimer Dragon Hunter in Cale's world.

Also a wandering Solo, assisting the God of Death in his work.


<I really like talking to you and how easily you understand me.>
"I quite dislike being able to talk to you."


Cale looked at the message from the God of Death with expressionless eyes.

The God of Death.

Despite acting lightly at the moment, he was not someone to be underestimated.

'He was probably looking for the King's location to find Choi Jung Gun.'

As a means to communicate with Cale.

'Anyway, I'll have to go find Choi Jung Gun.'

He remembered Choi Han and Choi Jung Soo. He also glanced at Raon, who was looking at him curiously.

"So, what's up, human?"

"It's nothing big."


A world dominated by Purple Blood Dragons.

Also, a land that the world itself didn't respond to.

In that place, information about Choi Jung Gun was cut off.

And the Dragon who granted Cale the power to strengthen his Ancient Powers told him that Raon would save that world.

Cale had no intention of endangering Raon in the slightest.


A smile formed on his face.

"Don't you intend to give me information before finding Choi Jung Soo?"


The answer was firm.

<I'm also trying to avoid doing things I shouldn't from this position. I can't easily tell you. Besides, I'll need some time to prepare if I want to give you this information.>

While the God of Death was giving a detailed explanation in his messages, Cale remained silent for a moment before saying one thing.

"I'll keep my word."


The God of Death suddenly stopped sending messages. Then, he responded.

<I'll contact you again soon when you return to Roan.>

The corner of Cale's mouth lifted in a satisfied smirk.

"Oh, wait a moment."

He grabbed the God of Death.

This guy was slyly weak. Before reading the message he had left, Cale had a question he wanted to ask.

"Did you reach an agreement with the God of Balance and Worlds?"

And then, the response came.


This bastard?

"Why are you laughing so much, Human? Who are you going to stab again?"

Raon hurriedly spoke at that moment.

Ding! Ding!

<Why does it make me laugh to think of the God of Balance?

<It's not a laugh directed at you, Cale>

Cale stared at the mirror in silence.

And then, shortly after, strange messages began to appear along with an alert.

Ding ding ding ding.

<Actually, the God of Balance is not one to be bothered by a few strikes from the Worlds; he prefers to crush them all underfoot, hmm. Anyway, it could have been a real catastrophe>

<But a God appeared and saved the day.>
<That God has lately been traveling in search of a successor, and I didn't think he would just show up out of nowhere and resolve things like that.>

"Another God?"

When Cale spoke at the appearance of a new figure, the God of Death fell silent for a moment, then began to write slowly on the mirror.

<Hope can sometimes defy everything else: balance, order, good, evil... even those things are overshadowed by Hope, and sometimes Hope is the weakest of all. Light and fleeting. But terrifying. Because it has the potential to be anything.>

"... What do you mean?"

Cale was about to ask that question, but the God of Death quickly sent another message.

Ding! Ding!

<Anyway, it turned out well. The God of Balance has been informed of the events in the Apitoyu World, and he seems very concerned about the balance between the Hunters and you. You'll have a bit more freedom.>

<And don't bother about the matters of the Divine World.>


A shorter message followed.

<You don't need to know about the matters of the Divine World unless you intend to become a God.>

<You don't have the intention to become a God, do you?>

Although they were written words, Cale read a warning in them.

Don't try to know more.

The God of Death's warning seemed to contain a favor towards Cale. Cale closed his mouth.

'Yes, why bother knowing more?'

Being just a Hunter is already a big problem.

<I will contact you soon.>
So ended the conversation with the God of Death. Cale finally read the message that Jungwon had left behind. A face he hadn't seen in a long time appeared on the screen.


A screen appeared over the mirror, and a familiar face appeared.


Alberu Crossman.

Seeing his face, Cale frowned.

"What are you doing?"


Alberu Crossman put a finger to his lips, indicating to stay silent. He was dressed like a mercenary, wearing light combat gear and a hood that partially hid his face.

'What has this guy been doing all this time?'

While Cale had questions in his mind, Alberu spoke in a low voice.


Alberu whispered hastily.

-I found a peculiar space in Endable.


A place he hadn't heard of in a long time. Formerly ruled by the White Star, it was now a region jointly managed by Vampire Duke Fredo and the Kingdom of Roan. It was a place where those who were difficult to accept on the continent, like vampires and dark elves, sought to settle. It was also the place where Cale planned to open a mine.

-I found this space while looking for a place for the mine. Give me a moment.

Alberu didn't give Cale a chance to speak. Someone approached him.

-Are you Cale?


Not many people Alberu kept by his side.

"It's Grandpa Goldie!"

Raon's expression brightened. Cale also felt glad seeing the face of the Ancient Golden Dragon after a long time. But before they could speak further, Alberu suddenly silenced them.

-Shh, keep calm.

However, Eruhaben also told Raon to be quiet.

'What's going on?'

Eruhaben, who should be protecting the Kingdom of Roan and resisting the Forest of Darkness, had come to Endable. His behavior was unusual, and something was definitely happening.

Cale began to feel tense without even realizing it.

It was then that Eruhaben began to speak.

-We found a strange place in the underground depths of the White Star's Palace. It seems to be a place where traces of crossing to another dimension not belonging to this world remain. If I hadn't had experience crossing dimensions through the Church of the God of Death, I probably wouldn't have even noticed it.

Traces of crossing dimensions?

-And there is divine energy in those traces.

Eruhaben continued.

-Fredo and I have decided to investigate the details. It doesn't seem to be a dangerous place, just traces, so you have nothing to worry about.

He then handed the visual communication device to Alberu. After that, he disappeared into what seemed to be a dark underground tunnel along with Fredo. Cale could only notice some vampires who seemed to be Fredo's subordinates around him.

When they all also headed underground, leaving only silence, Alberu's voice became audible.

-I'm here secretly.

Alberu chuckled. Cale, who had been observing his relaxed form, spoke.

"Can I talk now?"


Alberu quickly looked around and climbed a tall tree, leaning against it.

.That way, no one else will be able to hear.

"I see. I think we're about to find His Majesty."


"I think I'm going to find your father."


Contrary to his bewildered response, Alberu's eyes suddenly shone with recognition. Seeing this, Cale lifted a corner of his lips to form a crooked smile. In response, Alberu spoke.

-Inform me.

Cale immediately explained the conversation he had with the God of Death. He also briefly summarized the events he had experienced so far, including Choi Jung Gun and Apitoyu.

-...There have been many things.

Alberu's expression changed subtly. It was an expression that seemed to have much to say but dared not say it.

Cale completely ignored this and continued with his point.

"I'll finish this as soon as I can and head to Roan, so please leave me the remaining traces in that Endable place. I also want to examine them."

Cale continued speaking directly in front of Alberu's gaze.

"I've seen a person related to the Gods in Endable."

Endable. According to what he had heard from Fredo, it was a place where the eyes of the Gods couldn't reach. So unless the gates of the Demon World were opened, there was no way for the Gods to know if a Demon appeared there.

'I thought the White Star was trying to become a Demon.'

While thinking about past memories, where they discussed the Demon World, the Celestial World, and the God World, Cale recalled the moment he had seen someone related to the Gods in Endable. There were believers who treated the White Star as if he were equal to the Demons. In the midst of them was the Deputy Chief Priest. She had said:

'Those who worship the God of War always sneak into the center of war, keeping silent.'

Cale spoke to Alberu.

"Deputy Chief Priest Cotton. We need to find her location."

Where could she be now that she had left with Mercenary King Bud?

He had a bad feeling.

Deputy Chief Priest Cotton. She was a worshiper of the God of War, and it was thanks to her that Cale could find a safe haven for him and Bud's group to escape from Endable when he was trapped in the Black Sphere, became Kim Rok-Soo, and met Lee Soo Hyuk.

She knew how to create a space to protect the weak during war and hid in the center of the war, no matter where it was happening.

'The God of War...'

Clopeh Sekka. The water sprayer he picked up from that guy's mansion belonged to this God. And...

"For now, I'll talk about the details little by little."

-All right. I'll try to find Deputy Chief Priest Cotton.

Cale stared at the visual communication screen once the call ended and opened his mouth.


There was no response.

"Don't you have anything to say?"

There was a moment of silence, but soon a voice echoed in Cale's mind.


A voice with subtle discomfort and caution. The owner of that voice had once been blessed with the name of the God of War. Her name was "Judgment Water." However, she had given up the title of the God of War and called herself "Retrogressive Water," and beyond that, she called herself "Sky Eating Water ."

-No... I'm not sure.

Sky Eating Water mentioned the God of War for the first time since she had come into Cale's mind.

-I thought he was a good person. But he was a bit cruel. A bit difficult to deal with, now that I think about it.

Although she made people worship her as God's Representative. At the same time, she made people feel jealous and oppressed.

Furthermore, although the God of War valued and appreciated her, he also prevented her from developing her own powers and living freely.

'It was different from what the God of Death did to Cage.'

The God of Death really cared about the Excommunicated Priestess Cage.

Cale could admit it. Cage was free to do her things, still possessing the power that the God of Death had given her.

Cage and Sky Eating Water.

Both favored by the Gods, but with very different outcomes.

Cale remembered how the Judgment Water was trapped in chains.

"Anyway, let's go back to Roan and check this out."

Cale spoke gently to Sky Eating Water.

"Can you help me, please?"

"Human, you scare me when you talk like that!"

Raon's voice chimed in.


Cale smiled satisfied at Sky Eating Water's thoughtful response.


Splash! The downpour continued for the second day. Jegal Miryeo, the General Commander of the Murim Alliance, lifted her head as the rain fell, even hiding the moonlight. In the black sky, nothing could be seen, not even the stars, making it impossible to read the signs in the sky.


At that moment, Jegal Miryeo turned her head in surprise. The sound of wheels was heard. A carriage was calmly entering the mansion of the Lord of Guangdong Province.


The carriage window opened slowly, and light shone from inside. In the dim light, a dark face that matched the darkness could be glimpsed. Without hesitation, Jegal Miryeo advanced in the rain.

But someone was faster than her.

"Master, welcome!"

It was Sima Pyeong, the Leader of the Evil Alliance. He smiled broadly as he opened the carriage door.

Looking down at Sima Pyeong, Cale spoke.

"It seems like the storm is quite intense. Can we sail by boat?"

Hainan. To reach the island, they would need a boat, so Cale asked the question as soon as they arrived at the Guangdong coast, where Hainan could be seen.


In the middle of the night, Cale's group arrived at their destination practically at the doorstep.



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