Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 171

 Eps 171 Kerugo Autonomous Region (3)

Outsiders trampled on Kerugo, making all kinds of excuses and justification. There were countless women who lost their purity in the name of inspections. Even though colleagues' resentment was palpable, it was difficult to side with the Outsiders.

“We will start the inspection now. You, come here and raise your arm."

Amy stood her ground, a mix of refusal and vigilance in her stance.

If the man hadn't been a master, she might have countered upon being insulted, but his kilkig intent was too potent. If a battle were to break out, one would have to be prepared for a commotion, and the location was not good for that.

“It’s too much to watch.”

Rian stepped in front of Amypath. Amy's ability to judge the situation might be better, but if the other person was going to touch a woman's shame, it was right for him to step up.

"Falkoa may be dead, but the Freeman Organization is still robust. If you treat us this way, you too won't escape unscathed."

Rian's strategy, leveraging Freeman's influence, was clever. Amy also thought it was a good approach.

But the people of Kerugo were more aggressive than anticipated.

Mahatu's face reddened as if his reverse scale had been touched.

"Is this a challenge? Come at us all you want. People of Kerugo don't run."

- Everyone step back. Mahatu's mind is focused.

Arin informed through Physic Channel.

By the time the words were finished, everyone felt it. Even the normally insensitive Rian could sense the intense aura.

Amy aimed her Spirit Zone. The method of battle will be determined depending on how high Mahatu's fighting spirit rises.


Then, from the other end of the cave, the sound of a trumpet echoed.

If the sound reached the winding tunnels, one could imagine its loudness.

As the trumpet sound spread throughout the cave, Mahatu looked towards the entrance with shocked eyes.

His colleague's reaction was even worse. They was shaking their shoulders in disbelief.

"Mahatu, this is the Trumpet of Sorrow (진곡의). What in the world has happened…?"

Before his colleague could finish speaking, Mahatu leaped into action.

"Damn it! Why the Trumpet of Sorrow! Has war broken out?"

The Trumpet of Sorrow was the highest level of alert set by the Kerugo Tribe. Upon hearing it, every tribe member must assemble at the source of the sound immediately. There were no exceptions for any class, and failure to participate would result in punishment.

As the natives disappeared, Amy and her group fell into disarray.

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