Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 170

 C170 - Kerugo Autonomous Region (2)

- What on earth happened?

- The Galliant Government, which made a lot of money through tourism, became even more greedy. So they came up with a new business. It's human tourism.

Silence fell on the Psychic Channel.

Everyone expected this from the term human tourism.

In particular, Tess was not as expected. Having learned political science, she realized what was going on between the Galliant Government and the Kerugians.

- They made the worst choice a human could make.

- That’s right. The Galliant Government treated Kerugians as a tourist product, beyond the Kerugo ruins and culture. Of course, this fact only came to light much later. Initially, they just positioned the natives to be observed while tourists rode by in carriages. Then the possessiveness kicked in. It led to human hunting. Mercenaries captured boys and girls and sold them to nobles for a high price.

- It's a relief war didn't break out.

-It is the fate of those who fall behind civilization. Of course, Kerugo's military force isn't weak, at least not weaker than the Galliant Government. But they couldn't compete politically. Children were being taken, and the culprit was clearly the Galliant Government, but there was no evidence. They must have spent a lot of money to destroy the evidence, but human hunting was so rampant it was still profitable. They were helpless. They couldn't start a fight based on suspicion alone, as the natives dependent on tourist capital would end up on the streets in an instant. In the end, we had no choice but to make an agreement. In exchange of opening the historical ruins, they blocked access to the autonomous district. That's how they closed the path and that's how we got to this point.

Amy felt the anguish of the Kerugians, forced to open the ruins while knowing their children were being sold to nobles.

But regardless of their stance, the situation had become dangerous. That was the only important fact.

The reason why Canis spoke up was the same.

- But that's not the point. There are probably villains among the natives, and in fact there are such people, which is why there are the smuggling of Loops. In any case, the natives in the autonomous district won't view us favorably. There might not be physical conflict, but we mustn't let our guard down.

- Then isn't Shirone in danger too?

- No, that won't happen. Money is the first reason Kerugo opened the ruins, but not the only one. For them, the Room of Achievement and Sacrifice holds a different meaning. Kerugo has been waiting for someone for a long time.

- Who are they waiting for?

- Who knows. An angel... perhaps?

- Angel?

Amy asked again, but there was no answer from Canis.

Arin confirmed the time had come and announced it on the Physic Channel.

- Sorry. I want to conserve my mental energy, so I'm closing the channel. You won't panic if it reconnects later.

Telepathy, being magic, consumes mental power. Especially the method of exchanging information in real-time through a channel, it continuously drains the mind like a firewall.

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