Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 169

 C169 - Kerugo Autonomous Region (1)

After sending Shirone to the Room of Achievement and Sacrifice, Amy and her group arrived at the eastern altar.

When Jis showed his pass, the native opened the stone gate.

Jis interpreted that the ride had arrived.

Amy and the others nodded, but Canis and Arin seemed uninterested.

Amy's group nodded, but Canis and Arin seemed uninterested since Arin had understood the native's words through her telepathy, one of her psychic abilities.

The mine wasn't very deep due to the operation of the cart.

A railroad track was installed along the soil covered with volcanic ash, and the natives who had the minecart ready were chewing gum and welcomed them.

Although he had a gentle expression, Kerugo's characteristic intense gaze still remained. It was foreign, as if it had been transplanted from someone else's eyes.

Jis also felt an eerie feeling. However, like a professional tout, he approached with a smile on his face.

When he extended his hand for a handshake, the native obliged.

“The person in charge of Loop has changed. I'm Jis, the new contact."

"Jis? You don't seem like someone for this job."

The Kerugian judged his character at a glance. Loop smuggling was a serious crime, punishable even by death. But Jis looked too gentle for a contact.

"Where is Falkoa? He always came in person to pick it up."

"Oh, he's dead."

"Dead? Deceased?"

When the native gestured cutting his throat, Jis nodded.

The natives looked like they had a hard time believing it. Falkoa was strong. He was also a man who had some similarities to Kerugo's tendencies. He was suspicious that the contact person who came in on behalf of such a person was Jis.

"You have the pass, right?"

"Of course. Here, take a look."

The smile vanished from the native's face as he snatched the pass.

Amy's group tensed up. They thought having the pass would suffice, but the native was more cautious than expected.

Moreover, they hadn't come to buy Loops.

Falkoa is dead and there will be no more Loop transactions. It was obvious what would happen if the natives found out about this.

The pass was genuine.

The native's suspicion couldn't withstand the tangible evidence.

The natives guided the group to the minecart.

It was large enough to carry six people with room to spare. A seesaw mechanism for pushing the vehicle with leverage was installed.

The native operated the seesaw to move the vehicle.

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