Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 168

 C168 - Risky Transaction (5)


Upon hearing Shirone's words, Amy also realized it. Why hadn't she thought of it? Harvest was a magical creature that had inherited all of Arcane's memories.

Viltor Arcane, the archmage who once commanded the world.

That person that might have known secrets about the Kerugo Ruins that others did not know.

Shirone and Amy looked at Canis with eyes full of certainty. However, Canis's attitude was still ambiguous.

"Hmm, if I were to share my thoughts, half is right, and half is wrong."

"Half and half? What does that mean?"

Canis was sparing with his words. The timing wasn't right yet. The secret tied to the Kerugo Ruins was a much more serious issue than Shirone had thought.

Amy said, pushing her face towards him.

"Are you going to keep being like this? If you have to tell us eventually, why not now?"

"I don't understand. Why should I? Surely you're not starting to talk about owing you a meal, are you?"

"Of course, that's part of it. But you may have no choice but to confess for other reasons as well. Because you need us. Otherwise, there would be no need to even try to negotiate like this, right?”

Canis closed his mouth and let out a long breath. Of course, he was expecting this to happen. However, timing was important.

"Alright. Honestly, I have something I want from you too. In that respect, we each have something the other needs."

"What do you want from us? Are you talking about a pass?"

“That can be resolved at any time. With mental magic, just handing over a piece of paper would do. Arin's psychic ability can dominate even the realm of language."

“Oh, there was a way like that too.”

Shirone realized why the two of them could enter the altar without even a translator.

"Still, the reason we didn't choose that route is because someone must pass the test of the gates. But as you know, we failed, which is why we're seeking your help. In that sense, I'd like to negotiate with you."

Amy analyzed Canis' words. Then her thoughts suddenly veered off in a different direction.

"But what score did you get?"

Canis blinked at the unexpected question. Then he quietly shifted his gaze away and avoided answering.

"I don't want to say."

"Oh my, why? How much was it? Huh?"

"Why should I tell you? If you're so curious, you start."

"No, you first. Then I'll tell you."

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