Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 167

 C167 - Risky Transaction (4)

Amy walked up to them. She covered the corner of her mouth, probably thinking the same thing as Shirone, and couldn't help but mock Canis.

“Hohoho! Did you guys really get eliminated? Well, figures."

Shirone might not have held a grudge since he won the battle, but Amy had a lot to settle with these two.

In keeping with the mindset of returning what she had received, she took this opportunity to land a good blow.

But Canis didn't take the bait.

"Hmph, aren't you two in the same boat? Now that I see it, being a senior student isn't much after all."

“You're funny! How would you know if I failed?"

"Knowing that I failed implies you also took the test. If you had succeeded, you wouldn’t be wandering here, would you? Are you an idiot?"

"You little brat! How dare you talk like that to your senior!"

"And who was it that got dragged around helplessly by such a junior? Besides, shouldn’t you be thankful? If I hadn't stopped Lucas, you might have died."

A murderous intent flashed in Amy's eyes. Recalling how she almost faced dire consequences when exposed to the Abyss Nova and singled out by Lucas, her anger surged.

“This bastard…!”

Before Shirone could intervene, Amy raised her fist towards Canis.

Just as she was about to strike with the power of Schema, a shadow behind Canis surged up, and a dark hand reached over his shoulder.

Amy reflexively backed away. Harvest, enveloping Canis protectively, grinned wickedly.

"Kekeke! Long time no see, sister. Still the same old temperament."

"Aaah! What is that!"

Tourists screamed and ran away upon seeing Harvest. From Shirone’s perspective, it was completely understandable reaction.

While the nobility might not be strangers to magical effects, seeing a human-shaped shadow suddenly appear was a completely different level of bizarreness.

Even Tess was taken aback upon seeing Harvest.

"Goodness. The shadow is talking, right? Rian, have you ever seen anything like this?"

Broad shoulders contrasting his small face, and a waist as thin as a leopard. Although it had a human shape, its arms were twice as thin and long as those of a human. His palms were as large as shields, and his nails sharp like swords.

"No, this is new to me too. But it seems Shirone is familiar with him."

Harvest was protecting most of Canis' torso with his palms wide open. Amy had no choice but to be cautious in front of Harvest, which specialized in shock absorption.

"Keke, let's both be careful about approaching each other. I'd rather not spill blood in such a place."

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