Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 164


“Haa, anyway, I never thought a day like today would come. Maybe now I can start living a slightly different life?"

Although her wounds hadn't completely healed, it was clear that she had broken out of her shell. What remained was to carve out a life while vividly experiencing the pain of the past.

“What are you going to do next? From what I heard, it sounds like you have a pursuer.”

Freeman said.

“We are leaving. We started as mercenaries, so we should live as mercenaries. Our men would want that too. Of course, in this country, we've been ridiculously labeled as a bandit group."

Marsha's eyes dimmed with sadness. Mercenaries is a being that fights. She was always ready to face death, which is why she could bury her comrades' deaths in her heart and still smile.

She had never fought for a grand cause or shallow justice. But she was always proud and never shied away from a challenge.

Marsha wanted to at least give them the honor of being vaRiant warriors. She thought they shouldn't be buried with the label of bandits.

Tess, who understood Marsha's feelings, offered words of comfort.

“In fact, there is only a slight difference between a bandit and a mercenary. In a sense, knights and mercenaries are also a small difference. They are beings who fight and perish for their beliefs. The politically culled side will be evil, but I think the tide may turn one day.”

Rian also had similar thoughts. He doesn't know about Shirone or Amy, who is scholars, but if one dreamed of becoming a knight, it was something they had to prepare for.

"Our family also faced threats once. We chose to remain neutral. Come to think of it, your father must have had a hard time too, Tess."

“Yeah, well. My father is a hero here, but in the colonies, he's treated as an invader. In the end, that's what it is. That's politics."

Marsha smiled. She knew that Rian and Tess were deliberately sharing these stories for her sake.

She is still skeptical of the world, but now she has come to believe the existence of sincere people.

‘They are Warm-hearted kids. They are really Shirone's friends.'

Marsha fell down with her chin on the table like a lazy cat. Enraptured by her long-awaited peace, she raised her index finger and pointed at Shirone.

"But what about you guys? What are you planning next? Are you going to continue sightseeing?"

"Ah, we’re going to the Kerugo Ruins.”

“Kerugo? What are young men and women doing there?"

"Well, actually..."

Shirone explained their reason for coming to the island. Marsha, who had been listening with interest, nodded her head in surprise.

“Wow, there was such a secret in the ruins. I didn't know that since I was away from the island. Freeman, did you know?"

“To some extent. I heard stories from the natives."

"Hmm, I see. So, you want to enter Kerugo autonomous region?"

"Yes. However, the difficulty level of the Room of Achievement and Sacrifice is so high that I don’t know if we can pass it.”

"If you can't get in, then it's just not possible?"

“Maybe so. I do have something in mind, but I'm not sure about it."

Freeman, who heard that far, spoke up.

“If that’s the case, we can help.”

"Yes? The Room of Achievement and Sacrifice?"

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