Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 163


“Huu, huu.”

Amy, who had been watching this for a while, shouted as if she could no longer let it go.

"Hey! Can't you move aside? The criminal gets angry at the victim. Other people will think that we are the bullies and they are the victims.”

Marsha, turning her gaze towards Amy, pouted her lips as if igniting a fire in her chest and snuggled deeper into Sirone's embrace.

Amy felt like her patience snapped.

“I said let go of him, this woman!”

Freeman stepped in front of Marsha, pleading.

"Leave her alone. She must be exhausted from crying."

Amy looked at Freeman in bewilderment and pointed at him.

“Aren’t you mistaken about something? Do you know how much trouble we've had because of you? I’m glad that we won, but Shirone’s life almost ended!”

That's what really upset Amy. Was it just okay because things ended well? If Shirone had not been able to overcome today's crisis, what would happen afterward would have been terrible to even imagine.

Not only Shirone who had his magic deprived, but Amy, who had to witness it all, felt like she came back alive from hell.

"I'm sorry. The crimes committed while operating as the Parrot Thieves Band were all under my orders. Marsha merely confronted Magic Association's pursuers. But if even that is considered a crime..."

Amy crossed her arms and asked back.

"If what?"

“I will take responsibility for her life as well.”

Marsha, who was being held by Shirone, suddenly stood up. She then came up with a huff and kicked Freeman's ass.

“You’re joking! Is there anyone who wants to stop me from getting married? I don't need a man like you!"

It was Freeman, whose waist was wobbly, but he still stood there like an old tree. He had long grown accustomed to Marsha's tantrums since young.

“Marsha noona.”

Marsha's shoulders flinch at Shirone's voice. She didn't have the courage to look back. The reason she took out her anger on Freeman was because she was afraid of this very situation. In the end, she couldn't turn her body and spoke.

"That... I'm sorry about this. Of course, I don't expect to be forgiven."

That's right. I can't forgive noona."

Marsha turned around in surprise. Shirone's eyes were cold. The image of the man who had been caressing her wounds moments ago had disappeared without a trace.

“No matter what the reason, noona kidnapped the girl and used her. This is something noona should never do.”

Marsha bowed her head, unable to refute. In her entire life, she has never bullied the weak. She did, but she didn't want to make excuses. This was because Shirone was the one who suffered the most from Yuna's kidnapping.

“Yeah, I guess so. When I think about it, I am a world-class villain.”

"That's right. My noona is a world-class villain."

Shirone said without hesitation. If one think about it, she had that kind of personality. The reason there is no conflict while treating someone sincerely is because her nature itself is good, not because she likes to misrepresent the truth or falsify.

"I'll go. I hope noona overcome it well. And… I hope we never meet again."

Shirone turned and walked away without any hesitation. Understanding and empathizing with Marsha was all he could do.

"I was wrong!"

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