TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 454

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Chapter 454

In the upper floor of the interrogation room where Raon is interrogating Blood Cloud Blade and White Wolf, the door of a shabby room used as a warehouse opened quietly.

Glenn, with his hair neatly combed, stepped in through the slightly opened crack in the door.

"You're here."

Roenn, who was leaning against the wall, smiled faintly and bowed his head.

"How is it going?"

Glenn sat down on the sofa in front of Roenn and pointed to the lower floor with his finger.


Roenn wiped the sweat from his forehead and lowered his gaze.

"I think my lord and I made a big mistake."

He glanced at the energy of Raon, who was downstairs, and twitched his eyebrows.


"Yes. Didn't we think that Raon would not be able to do the interrogation properly?"

"That's right."

Glenn nodded as he rubbed his chin.

"Interrogation is not an easy task."

Interrogation is not something that can be executed proficiently solely based on strength and mental fortitude. One must possess an absolute mindset, being prepared to endure resentment and curses from the torture subject for a lifetime.

Roan is still young. He has not experienced anything that would create that level of determination, so he thought that he would not be able to conduct a proper interrogation.

"That was our mistake."

Roenn looked at Glenn with a flustered gaze.

"Young master Raon not only has strength and mental fortitude but has already completed the absolute mindset. Honestly, I don't think I could do better than the young master even if I took the lead."

"Is that really the case? What did he do to...?"

Glenn, with a puzzled look, raised his eyes slightly, making them glow like a lantern

"He just sat there."


"The most important thing in interrogation is to show the interrogation subject that you are superior to them. If you let them know that you are eager for information, the situation may be reversed for the enemy."

"I know that."

"Young master Raon never created such a situation from the beginning. He revealed that he was in an absolute position from the start. Since yesterday..."

Roenn explained to Glenn what Raon had done.

"So, after using the torture method, he has been leaving them alone like that?"

"Yes. Honestly, I don't think I can do that kind of torture."

Even though he has the confidence to open the mouths of Blood Cloud Blade and White Wolf, it seemed that he couldn't act as leisurely as Raon.

Torturing someone without asking them a question is an unusual act. It's a terrifying method that seems unavoidable, as the subject of the torture is not given any attention.


Glenn let out a sigh of disbelief and closed his eyes. He seemed to be trying to confirm Raon's appearance for himself.

Roenn looked at Glenn like that and swept up the sleeves of his left arm with his right hand.

'He must be feeling strange..'

Glenn seemed to think that Raon hadn't fallen into the darkness of the world yet

He didn't anticipate such determination, so he didn't appear to be feeling very well.


Glenn slowly opened his eyes and turned his gaze to the right.

"Is Raon reading a book right now?"

"Yes. That's the martial arts book that my lord gave him."

"That crazy brat."

He smiled refreshingly, which he rarely shows.

"My lord?"

"It seems that that lazy guy was seeing Raon better than I was."

Glenn nodded with a smile on his face. He seemed to be more excited to see Raon's determination than he had expected.

"What do you mean...?"

"In the audience chamber, he stood up to protect the members manipulated by Ayad. Now, he is conducting torture so fearsome that even the devil would tremble in fear in this place."

Glenn stroked his beard while speaking of the stark contrast between the Raon he had seen in the audience chamber and the Raon in the interrogation room.

"The role of the head is to be a warm armor that cannot be penetrated by the enemy and a cold blade that can pierce the heart of the enemy. I couldn't achieve that, but I think that child can."

He smiled as if he was excited that Raon would be a good lord.


Roen laughed softly as he saw Glenn's smile.

'Is he really serious now?'

This was the first time Glenn had ever considered Raon as the head of house.

He himself thought that if Raon became the head of house, Zieghart would rise to a higher position.


Glenn narrowed his eyes as he looked down at the floor.

"It's starting, I see."

"Yes. The timing to extract information is just right."

If he had prolonged it a little more, White Wolf and Blood Cloud Blade would have become incapacitated or died, and if he had finished it a bit earlier, their morale wouldn't have been shattered.

It was a timely moment, as if he had done this more than once.


"Yes, really..."

Glenn and Roenn nodded in admiration as they confirmed that Raon was extracting information.

The two men, who were enjoying Raon's interrogation leisurely, stopped in their tracks as soon as they heard the information that came out of White Wolf's mouth.

"Dragon? No, if it's a dragon helmet, I wonder if...." Roenn trembled his jaw and showed a rare look of confusion.

“Heavenly Demon?”

Glenn nodded heavily.

“Or it could be that guy we saw before. No matter who it is….”

He sighed as he brushed his slightly disheveled hair up and frowned.

“It seems that a true chaotic era is about to begin.”

*   *   *

Raon glared at White Wolf and asked again.

"A dragon? Not a Drake?"

"I only saw its form because of the shadows, but it was a dragon, yes."

White Wolf shook his head, saying that the sense of oppression that emanated from it was incomparable to that of a drake.

'A dragon…'

While there's quite a bit of information about Eden, I haven't heard any stories about a monster of eden wearing a dragon helmet.

The thought crossed Raon's mind that it might not be Eden.

"Anything else?"

"I have never seen her meet with another Six Kings or Five Demons. I only saw the one wearing the dragon helmet by chance at night.."

"The color of the helmet? If it's really a dragon helmet, it should have a color, right?"

"Well, I said. I only saw the form because of the shadows," White Wolf replied, shaking his finger.


Raon clicked his tongue briefly. It was a vague situation, considering that White Wolf hadn't seen the color of the dragon helmet properly.

"Then the next question. The other Five Divine Rulers and..."

Until evening, Raon continued to question White Wolf and Blood Cloud Blade, but they didn't have much information to share

The information about the White Whale seemed to be monopolized by its leader, Heukgeumje.

"That's it for now."

Raon left the interrogation room after knocking out White Wolf and Blood Cloud Blade, who were gasping for breath.

Are we going back now?

Wrath raised his head with eyes that were even more exhausted than White Wolf or Blood Cloud Blade.

Come on, let's go already. There's a bead ice cream floating in the air!

He shouted that he was seeing things and asked him to keep his promise.

'Have you choosen the flavor?'


'Oh no.'

At least choose when we get to the store! Just go already!

'I need to report first.'

Those guys already know it!

Wrath said that Glenn and Roenn already knew and gestured to go to the store right away.

'Did the two of them come?'

It wouldn't be strange for Glenn and Roenn, both at a higher level than him, not to be noticed even if they came secretly.

'But I still have to report.'

Raon shook his head and left the underground prison. He asked the guards to take care of White Wolf and Blood Cloud Blade and headed to the audience chamber.

As Wrath said, Roenn opened the door immediately and he was able to stand in front of Glenn quickly.

"Greeting my lord..."


Glenn waved his hand and instructed him to report first.

"First of all, White Whale and Black Tower seem to have no connection. However..."

Raon reported all the information he had obtained from White Wolf and Blood Cloud Blade.

Glenn and Roenn did not seem surprised, but when he talked about the dragon helmet, the atmosphere became heavy as if a weight had been hung in the air.

"Do you know who is wearing the dragon helmet?"

"…I don't know right now."

Glenn shook his head slowly. However, he felt that Glenn knew who was wearing the dragon helmet.

"Let's stop here."

"You've worked hard."

Roenn said that the rest would be handled by the head of house, so he should go and rest.

"Yes. Then."

Raon bowed to Glenn and left the audience chamber.

Finally it's over!

Wrath pounded his shoulder and said that they should go to the bead ice cream shop instead of the annex building.


Raon tasted the air and looked at the sky again. It seemed like they could arrive just before closing time.


He nodded his head as he had promised.


Wrath made a strange noise and punched the air with his plump fist.

Raon smiled and left the lord's manor. When he turned the corner to the shopping district after passing through the garden, a small shadow popped out from under the dark tree roots.


When he turned his head, a white weasel with fur as white as snow was standing on two legs and waving his hand.


Wrath pointed to the weasel and trembled his fingers.

No, No! Please no, not today!

* * *

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Rimmer woke up, stretching his arms and legs in a pile of blankets and laundry that covered the entire large room.

"Is it morning already?"

He mumbled nonsense about morning while looking at the moonlit window.

“I heard that Raon was pestering Ayad, so I should go there sometime…”

"It's not morning, but evening!"

Rimmer's head turned to the sound of Burren's voice from outside the door.


"May I come in?"

Burren did not wait for Rimmer's answer, and opened the door and came in.

"I don't get it, why do everyone just come in without listening to my answer... uh?"

Rimmer smiled wryly, then closed his mouth.

Not only Burren, but also Runaan and Martha came into the room.

"What brings you here?"

He tilted his head, as it was the first time they had visited since they came to see him when he was sick.

"Are you here to report on Raon's behalf?"

"That's not it."

Burren shook his head firmly.

"Make us stronger."

Runaan approached Rimmer and nodded.

"Huh? Are you talking to me?"

Rimmer blinked his eyes wide, surprised by the sudden event.

"Then who else is here except the division leader?"

Martha frowned, folding her arms.

"No, you're all training hard, right? That's enough, isn't it? Why are you trying to get stronger..."

"I can't see Raon's back."

Runaan sat down in front of Rimmer and stuck out her tongue.


Rimmer shook his head and sighed.

"I told you this before. You have eight horses, but he has sixteen. No, thirty-two horses. How can you catch him when he's being dragged by thirty-two horses?"

He shook his head again, saying that it was impossible.

"You have your own…"

Martha interrupted Rimmer's words and narrowed her eyes.

"I know what you're saying."

"Then why?"

"This sleepyhead mentioned it, It's not about catching up; it's that we can't even see his back."

She pointed to Runaan, who was sitting cross-legged.

"We gave up on the idea of catching up to that guy a long time ago. We just don't want to lose sight of that monster's back."

Burren bowed his head as if begging.

“Haaa, then if it's about the sword field, It's not because I'm lazy but...”

Rimmer closed his eyes and leaned against the laundry pile.

"You haven't even become a master yet. For now, wouldn't it be better to focus on swordsmanship and aura training to reach the wall of master level?"

"We've already done that."

"You did?"

"We did!"

Rimmer opened his eyes slightly at the three people's shouts. Now that he sees it, Burren, Martha, and Runaan's training clothes were all messed up. It seemed like they had been training all day.

"So, you'll receive additional training from me on the sword field creation, after your regular training?"




Burren, Martha, and Runaan nodded at the same time.


Rimmer scratched his disheveled hair and licked his lips.

'The timing is a bit awkward.'

He was running out of time, not only due to gathering the power of the wind but also the power of lightning. However, when he encountered the sincere gazes of the three people, he couldn't bring himself to say no.

He also felt a little nostalgic when he thought of the kids who used to be under him.


Rimmer nodded with a faint smile.

"But it's going to be pretty tough. It will be different from your previous training. So let's start the first training right away."

Rimmer flicked his fingers and stood up.

Unlike a while ago, a majestic aura, almost like a lightning bolt, flickered in his eyes.


Burren, Runaan, and Martha swallowed their dry saliva and looked at Rimmer.

"Right now, go buy beer and snacks and..."


"Hey! Kill him! It's my fault for trusting that human. No, that elf!"


Martha started stepping on Rimmer, Burren stopped her, and Runaan yawned.

"Ah, let's fill our stomachs first! Bukmangsan Mountain is also a good sight after a meal!

* * *

Raon followed the weasel, or rather Merlin, to the corner of the garden.

Since the sky had darkened, it was not difficult to avoid people's gazes.

"It's been a while!"

The weasel put his hand on his waist and tilted his head. It was an amazing sight to see every time.

"What did you do this time?"

Raon sighed and sat down in front of Merlin.


Merlin tilted her head. It was a little cute, to be honest, in the form of a weasel.

"Why did you touch the White Lotus division?"

"They touched you first, didn't they?"

She blinked her black eyes as if to ask why she was asking a matter of course.


Raon sighed and covered his forehead with his palm.

'It was true.'

Since he heard that the White Lotus division had been attacked, his expected assumption came true.

The reason was so absurd that he couldn't help but let out a bitter laugh.

"Then what about plucking flower petals?"

"I did a flower petal reading between kill and spare. It came out as a tie, 2 to 2. If only 'kill' had come out, I would have killed them all. I'm sorry."

Merlin rubbed her beard with her small front paw as if she was disappointed.

"But it was refreshing, right?"

Raon turned his gaze towards the road, tasting the situation.

'Yes, It was refreshing'

He was surprised, but it was true that he felt good when he saw Ayad getting beaten up.

Especially, he was relieved that the innocent White Lotus division swordsmen were not killed.

"I'll handle that guy. Don't interfere.

"Yeah, I left him alone because I thought you'd handle it!"

Merlin tilted her head as if to say, "I did a good job."

It seemed like she wanted to be petted, but Raon ignored her.


Her overly cheerful personality made it hard for him to adapt. No one would think that dealing with Eden's monster would be this awkward.

"Catching two black cats and a loach, you're growing up bit by bit. I'm so happy to see that."

Merlin laughed happily. The black cats were Maryun and Binghyang, and the loach seemed to be Ayad.

It seems that she had been watching the Light Wind division from the beginning.


When he saw Merlin's mask, he remembered what White Wolf had said about the dragon helmet.

"Have you ever crafted another dragon helmet?"

Merlin had made a dragon helmet before, so she might know something about the 'dragon helmet' as well.

"Someone with a dragon helmet, not a drake?"


"...Where did you saw that?"

Merlin's mood changed abruptly. Her eyes, which had been as bright as a child's, took on a cold light like when they first met.

"I heard that he was seen with the head of the White Whale, Heukgeumje."


Merlin frowned without saying a word.

"He wouldn't be...'


"I'll tell you when I'm sure. I need to find out a little more."


"Have I ever lied to you?"

Come to think of it, she had never lied. Even during the kidnapping, she straightforwardly declared her intentions.

"Well, I'll be going now. And this child..."

Raon clenched his fists as he listened to Merlin's farewell.

'Come whenever you want. I'm ready this time.'

When he heard that Merlin had beaten Ayad, he had predicted a situation like this.

He had prepared all the food for the animals, from vegetables to meat to rotten meat, in his spatial pocket.

"Comb her fur. She said there's enough food"

"What? Wait a minute! Fur? How long do I have to do it?"

"Of course, until this child is satisfied. Make it sparkle."

As Merlin waved goodbye, the weasel trembled and approached him.


As if asking to be properly groomed, the chick tapped its ankle and then lay down on the bushes.


Raon closed his eyes as he looked at the weasel, who was stretched out and wagging her tail.

You Idiot...

Wrath shook his head in a pitiful way.

When are you going to eat ice cream!

*   *  *

Raon returned to his room after combing the weasel's fur from evening to late at night.


He was so tired that he couldn't even stand up, even more tired than when he was training or interrogating. He immediately lay down on the bed.

'I never knew combing a weasel's fur could be so tiring.'

The weasel was small, but its fur was very delicate, and it was as tiring as scratching the crocodile in the Arian family.


Wrath raised his head with blue flames in his eyes.

No matter what, tomorrow you must go to the bead ice cream shop as soon as you wake up!

'Okay, okay.'

Then go to sleep quickly. That way, you can wake up early and eat ice cream!

'I was already planning to do that.'

Don't get involved in anything else now! The promise with the King of Essence is the top priority! You remember the 2 sets, right?

'I got it...huh?'

As he lazily waved his hand due to annoyance, he heard a commotion from the window.

Glenn's red eyes, like ice crystals, shone, appeared on the window where the faint moonlight was falling.

"Lo-lord Glenn?"

Ah, really, this is driving me crazy.

Raon opened his mouth wide as he saw Glenn, and Wrath grabbed his own cheeks and stretched them out, screaming.

The world is unfair, trying to force the King of Essence down!


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